Is a Waste of Time & Here’s Why [Review] is a scam that will not pay you anything.

It’s part of a large network of similar websites that are out there.

You may be wondering, if it’s free to join, how can you get scammed?

Let’s start with the fact that you get offered a $50 sing up bonus. That sounds a bit too much just for joining, doesn’t it?

Not only will you NOT get paid by them, but you will waste your time trying to fulfill all the requirements that are needed in order to cash out your earnings. 

The process involves getting to a certain threshold, that can be reached by inviting others into joining, which is why we can see this viral effect that brings thousands of people every month to this website.

It can take up to a few weeks for the average member of to realize that it’s a big scam.

Don’t waste your time with fake websites that promise fast and easy money online.

What you can do instead is to get familiar with the different online scams, so that you can avoid getting involved with them in the first place. 

By the time you go through this review, you will be presented with undeniable proof about my claims, and you will be introduced to a REAL way of earning money online without all the fluff and exaggerations. Review Summary

Product Name: Cashcrates

Product Type: Make Money Online Platform

Product Owner: Unknown

Product Price: Free

Recommended: No!

Overall Score: 2/100

Summary: is a big data harvesting scam that is out to take your personal information and store it somewhere.

They gather as many email addresses, phone numbers, etcetera, just to sell that data later on to interested advertisers.

If you’ve given out your email to become a part of Cashcrates, then you should expect to start getting some weird promotional messages that you never subscribed to in the first place.

The worst thing is that even if you try to unsubscribe, that won’t help a lot because your personal data be will sold not once, but as many times as they possibly can.

This means that many different advertisers can get a hold of your data, and shoot up your inbox with spam, and worthless junk.

Even if Cashcrates gets shut down (which is bound to happen at some point) they will emerge again with a different name, website design, and maybe with a different offer overall just like they have done in the past.  

What is is one of many online scams that are trying to get a hold of your private, confidential data.

It’s being presented to the world as an online platform where people can get paid to complete different tasks such as filling out surveys, inviting others to join using your special invite link, downloading apps, watching ads, and more.

The general idea is that you can make a lot of money fast by completing simple basic tasks online that require very little to no effort whatsoever.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some LEGIT websites where you can actually get paid for doing similar work such as 20Cogs (UK ONLY!) InboxDollars, and Swagbucks, but Cashcrates is NOT one of them

Usually, the highest payout for survey-based websites is up to a couple of dollars at best. Anything more than that should have you questioning the legitimacy of what you’re being presented with. 

In the online world, there are far more scams, and frauds, which is why I highly recommend that you always double-check everything that you get involved with in terms of making money online, especially if it sounds too good to be true.

They will lure you in with false promises of easy money such as the $50 sign up bonus, that will never get paid to you. 

Is a Scam?

cashcrates co legit or not

Yes, is a huge scam that is part of an even bigger network of websites across the internet that are just like this one.

Everything inside is fake, starting from the earnings proof page, and all the way to their founding date. 

Don’t just take my word for it, take a look at the following image. about us

According to their “About Us” page, they have been around since 2015, right? Well, that’s simply not true. Did you know that you can manually check the date of creation on each website that exists on the internet? Guess when was created? 

cashcrates date of creation checked with whois

As you can see, there’s a 5-year difference between what the “About Us” page says and the data that you’ve just seen. 

Still not convinced? I wonder what will happen if I tried to contact them using the email that they’ve provided.

cashcrates co email contanct us

Absolutely nothing happened and the reason for that is because this email does not even exist in the first place.

cashcrates emal legitimacy checked and the results were bad

What about all the payment proofs inside? That’s actually my favorite part because it outlines exactly why they’re all FAKE and not real. Why am I saying this? Because it’s true, and here’s why.

fake payment proof cashcrates co

As you can see, there are two identical messages with regards to two different websites that look very similar to one another. Looks like these scammers were a bit lazy when creating ShareToEarn because it’s almost identical to 

There are many other data harvesting scam websites, that look alike, and offer very big sing up bonuses, use fake payment proof messages, and in some cases, they even pay for video testimonials on websites like Fiverr.

Some of them that you should avoid at all costs include Tap2Earn, InfluencersEarn, and Viral Points.

They do all of that just so that they can seem like a credible source of earning income online. Otherwise, no one would get involved with them. 

Avoid This At All Costs!!!

Some of the tasks that you can do inside are going to involve you giving out your phone number in order to complete them.

You should avoid giving out your phone number to them at all costs because they will start sending you promotional messages.

If you’re thinking “Well that’s not too bad” wait until you find out that YOU will be charged for every message that you receive from them, and if you’re not quick to unsubscribe, you can lose money.

It’s best to just avoid this in the first place by NOT giving out your number. The funny thing is that they won’t stop there.

In some instances, they can go as far as to request your credit card info in order to qualify for a payout.

Whatever you do DO NOT give them your card’s details because there is a HIGH POSSIBILITY that you will get your money sucked dry.

Who Created

According to its website, is an affiliate marketing company based in South London. Apparently they work with social media influencers, which is why their payout is so big. 

Unfortunately, there is no additional info about who is behind this website, there’s no name attached to it. That’s normal for scam websites such as this one.

All the other data harvesting scams including the ones mentioned in this article have unknown owners, which in most cases is a big red flag indicating that something is not right. 

Every digital product or service owner is going to reveal his/her online identity especially if their products are good and useful to people because it adds a lot of credibility to the service itself.

Think about it this way. It’s kind of weird making your money online, and NOT having a digital presence, isn’t it?

If you take a look at all the successful online businesses, you will notice that they can all be associated with a REAL person. 

Who owns Amazon? Just Google that stuff and you will instantly see Jeff Bezos and a picture of him somewhere within the first results. 

What’s Inside

Inside CashCrates you will get access to a few things.

1. Your Invite Link. This the link that you should be using to invite others into joining, and when you do that you get rewarded.

2. Complete Tasks
. You can complete different tasks online that involve filling out surveys, downloading applications, or even watching videos, and ads.

3.Getting Clicks
. You are also being rewarded for every click on your invite link, even if they don’t end up joining in the first place. 

The payout for such simple tasks is incredibly big, and nowhere near comparable to anything else online. The wild claims that you can earn $500 a day with this are outrageous.

Here’s the catch. In order to qualify for a payout, you have to adhere to the following rules:

1. Refer At Least 5 Other People to The Program

2. Complete at least 6 Tasks On The Taskwall

3. Generate At Least 20 Link Clicks

4. Publish 10 Posts On Social Media That Promote This Platform

As you can imagine, doing all of the above can take some time, and it’s more than clear that they’re trying to push the promotion of their website, and get as many people to share their links online, as they possibly can.

cashout cashcrates co

What Happens When You Meet all The Requirements?

If you get to that point and try to cash out your earnings, you will face a system message saying that you’ve beached the rules or something like that which is why you’re not eligible for a payout.

This is what happens to EVERY SINGLE person that joins or any of these other data harvesting scams that are out there.

They all have a long and proven history of NOT delivering on their compensation promises, and as soon as one website gets shut down, a few more, new ones pop up, and so on with this cycle of scam networks that are all around the world wide web.

Why Does Scam People?

Because it can be very profitable for them to create all these fraudulent websites, and gather as much personal data from people as they possibly can.

The more exposure these websites get, the more they evolve and make more money. There’s a bunch of different reasons for these types of scam to exists, here’s a couple of them.

Reason #1 – They Will Sell Your Data

If you give them your email, phone number, or something else, they will do whatever they can to try and sell it to advertisers so that they can make money.

The thing is that there are many interested parties who are willing to pay good money for big email lists, especially targeted ones.

Given the fact that CashCrates provides a make money online opportunity, then the people who are using this website fall in that category.

This is the most expensive category to be in, and people are willing to pay good money for the kind of data that these guys have managed to accumulate over the years.

Reason #2 – Ad Companies Will Pay Them

Every task that you complete inside is basically a CPA (Cost Per Action) offer that will pay CashCrates every time that someone completes a certain task.

It can be anything from clicking on a specific link to registering for certain things. This is just another reason for them to keep going.

This is why as soon as people stop going to these websites, they will cease to exist. Price, Payouts & Rewards

The price for joining is free, you even get a $25 signup bonus. This is what you will earn for each of the things that you can do inside.

1. Link Clicks
. For every click, you earn $2.

2. Invites
. For each person that joins this platform through your link, you will earn $10.

3. TaskWall. Each task on the task wall will bring you $50.

4. Publish Posts On Social Media. You will earn between $15 – $30 for each promotional post that you put on social media that talks about how great this program is.

These are really high payouts, If only it were real. Unfortunately, there are NO ACTUAL PAYOUTS, and the rewards that you can get are imaginary.

You will be lured in with an irresistible signup bonus, and then tricked into working for free inside CashCrates, promoting it to others, and helping it go viral.

By the time you realize you’ve been tricked, think about all the time and effort that you’ve just wasted. This can be easily avoided by not getting involved with this platform in the first place.

What I Like About

cashcrates co pros vs cons

1. The only thing that I like about this program is that it’s free to join. This means that even if you do end up signing up to check it all out, you still have the chance to avoid wasting your time on this scam by researching a bit more.

I’m only saying this because there are programs and services out there that charge you a lot of money upfront, and then run for the hills.

If you don’t leave your phone number or credit card details inside then you won’t have any money taken from you.

What I Don’t Like About

1. You Will Never Cash Out With Them. I’ve mentioned this multiple times already, but it’s important that you understand this.

No matter what you try to do, even if you end up inviting hundreds of people, complete every task that’s available on the TaskWall, and do a thousand promotional posts on social media, you WILL NOT get paid.

This by itself should be enough to keep you away from and if you’re not yet convinced, then just go ahead and take a look at InfluencersCash, which is yet another data harvesting scam, that has the same structure, with similar reward benefits that just don’t pay you.

2. Your Personal Information Is Being Exposed. The reason for this big sing up bonus is because all that these websites want is your email.

That alone can make the whole thing worth it for them in terms of money because they will sell your data alongside with many other people’s to interested 3rd parties.

When people see similar claims online, oftentimes they can join without even thinking about any potential consequences which is exactly what scam websites like are hoping for. 

3. Fake Payment Proof Messages. has a payment proof page that’s filled with fake payout messages. This is exactly what all the other data harvesting scams are doing as well.

For that and many other reasons I strongly believe that these deceitful websites come from the same place, and are being created by more or less the same people. 

4. There is a Potential Danger of Malware. If you don’t have the right basic protection on your device such as an antivirus program, then this is another big reason to steer away from these websites.

The reason for that is because these sites are not trustworthy and some of them can be infected with different malware that’s designed to steal your information. 

5. is Part of a Huge Scam Network. There’s a lot of websites out there that are incredibly alike to this one, and they all share the same faults.

They promise a lot but deliver nothing and get you to work for them for free with the hopes that you find out what is really going out later rather than sooner.

Do I Recommend

If you’ve read through my review, then you probably know by now that I cannot recommend to absolutely anyone because it’s just a scam. The only useful thing that you can get out of such a website is a valuable lesson that if something sounds too good to be true, then it most likely is.

Apart from that, I think that is a waste of time, that can potentially lead to more unnecessary headaches that you will have to deal with such as spam to your email, or even potential hacking danger.

The real websites that offer basic simple tasks to be completed pay way less than that. The most that you can get out of the LEGIT survey-based websites Is a couple of hundred a month. Anything more than that should trigger your inner scam alert senses.

If you’re looking for REAL ways of earning a full-time online income, then I suggest that you check out how these people are banking profits using a simple, yet incredibly effective blueprint that so many neglect and lose out on that opportunity forever.

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