Social Bounty Review

Welcome to my Social Bounty review. I’m sure you’re wondering if you can really make money with this website that claims to give you a $25 bonus just for signing up.

Apparently, you can make $500 in a SINGLE day by completing online surveys, filling out forms, downloading apps, and more. If this sounds too good to be true, there is a reason for that.

Because it is, and there’s a good reason for that huge reward payout.

If you compare the potential earnings that you can accumulate with Social Bounty, and some of the more popular survey-based websites, like  Swagbucks or InboxDollars, you will see that there is a HUGE difference.

With the latter two, you can earn up to a couple hundred AT BEST, which means that you will be earning a few bucks daily. 

Why is the difference so big?

Well, that’s easy.

The reason why they are being so generous with their reward system is that no one will actually get access to that money.

In other words, Social Bounty is a big scam, and this review will expose everything that’s wrong with this platform, including some undeniable facts, that will prove that my accusations are true.

Social Bounty Review Summary

Product Name: Social Bounty 

Product Type: Make Money Online Platform

Product Owner: Unknown

Product Price: Free

Recommended: No!

Overall Score: 3/100

Summary: Social Bounty is nothing but yet another data harvesting scam that wants to get a hold of your sensitive information, like email, phone number, credit card info, etc.

Yes, it is free to join, and the reason for that big $25 signup bonus is because all they want is your email address, and that’s enough.

The other things are just an addition that can further increase their earning potential from unsuspecting people.

There are many similar scam websites out there that offer the same things, and they never pay their members.

That is why more people should know about these fraud companies that are all over the internet and social media so that they can avoid dealing with unnecessary problems. 

Social Bounty is one of many, well crafted online scams, that want to lure you into joining and exposing your information to them, which they will add to their massive databases, and then sell it on the market to make a profit. 

They will trick you into making you work towards your payout because there are some requirements that you need to consider in order to cash out, and most of them involve inviting others.

That’s because they will try to get you to invite as many people as you possibly can over the course of a few weeks because that’s how long it can take to realize that this is all just shenanigans. 

For that and many other reasons that I will go over in this review, I can’t recommend Social Bounty to anyone, because it’s not a real way of earning income online, and it will only waste your time.

What is Social Bounty?

Social Bounty is one of many website platforms, where people can supposedly make easy money fast, by doing very little work.

That by itself should trigger some inner self-preserving feelings that tell you that something is not right, which is probably how you came across this review in the first place, so congratulations on that.

According to their website, you can earn a lot of money for inviting others into the platform, and complete different tasks inside the main dashboard area.

The small, easy to do tasks, reward you with a considerable amount of money, for example, you will get $10 just for inviting others. This means that for every person that you refer, Social Bounty has to give out $25 for them, and $10 for you.

Multiply that by all the thousands of people who are using this platform right now, and you can come to the conclusion that this doesn’t look like a sustainable online business model. 

It looks more like a website promising free money to everyone who joins. Does that sound legit to you?

Not only will you not get paid a dime by them no matter how much time, and effort you invest in, but your inbox is going to start flooding with different promotional messages that you did not subscribe to.

These data harvesting scams will collect data from as many people as they can, only to sell that information to different advertisers, so if you stumble upon any of the following websites, Tap 2 Earn, InfluencerCash or PaidLeaf, then you should know that they are all part of the same network of scammers that are trying to get your data, and you should stay away.

Is Social Bounty a Scam?

social bounty review legit or not

If you’ve skimmed through the article, then you may not be sure yet what my stand on Social Bounty is, so let me give it to you straight.

This is a scam website, that will NEVER pay its members under any circumstances. The very worst thing that you can do is to devote some of your personal time to this useless platform, only to realize that it was a mistake weeks later.

Everything inside is fake including the “CEO” that is supposedly called Kya Kramaric, but I will go into that a bit later.

Before that, I want to show you exactly how I was able to realize that Social Bounty is a scam, and maybe it can help you to avoid more scams in the future. 

Let me start off with their payments proof page. When I go there, I can see some screenshots of people saying that they got paid, and showing off the amounts, like this one.

social bounty review fake payment proof

If you notice that the date of the payout is in February, the 20th, 2019, and ff you do a quick background check on their website, you can clearly see that it exists since December, the 28th, 2019.

social bounty review

It looks like they’ve been paying their members at least 10 months before they even launched in the first place. That’s only one of the many things that are just so wrong with this platform.

Let’s find out more about the so-called founders of this platform.

Who Created Social Bounty?

According to its website, Social Bounty was created by a team of four women, and the CEO is called Kya Kramaric. Let me show why that’s yet another lie coming from that website.

I went over to a website called Unsplash, over there you can take advantage of the many stock photo images and use them as your own. This is exactly what Social Bounty did, and Kya Kramaric is actually a stock photo image of a woman in a supermarket.

social bounty review fake owner proof

This is not surprising to me, because I’ve already dealt with many similar “get paid to” websites that use fake owners to bring more credibility or simply don’t disclose any information about who is behind the platform such as CashCrates, Viral Points or Referral Pay.

All of the above-mentioned websites including Social Bounty are part of a huge data harvesting scheme, many of these platforms get shut down, but new ones emerge all the time, so it can be difficult to stay on top of everything.

Bottom line is that the information that is inside that platform is not reliable, so if you stumble upon similar websites in the future, think about what you’ve learned here and ask yourself, does it sound too good to be true?

What’s Inside Social Bounty

Inside the Social Bounty’s member dashboard, you will get access to your unique invite link, and a range number of different things that you can do to earn money. Here’s a breakdown of them, so that you know what to expect inside this platform.

1. Invite Others
. You need to refer a set number of people.

2. Get Clicks
. When someone clicks on your unique link and lands on the Social Bounty’s home page, you will get money into your member’s account. 

3. Download Apps.
Some of the apps that you will download may request additional details such as asking for your phone number or credit card details. Whatever you do, DO NOT give out your details.

Members of similar scams, have reported that in some cases, you can get automatic promotional phone messages. All of these messages are at your expense, so if you don’t cancel your subscription on time, the costs can add up.

I don’t think that there is a need to explain why you shouldn’t give out your credit card details, given everything mentioned so far.

If you need help with unsubscribing from unwanted premium rate texts, then you should see more here.

4. Complete Surveys
. By completing different surveys and answering questionnaires, you can get paid a ridiculous amount of money.

5. Create Youtube Videos
. You will get rewarded for each Youtube video that you create and upload that promotes Social Bounty.

Social Bounty Payouts

I already mentioned that Social Bounty is free to use and it pays you $25 just for signing up, Apart from that, you can earn $50 per Youtube video, $30 per survey, $10 for each person that you refer, and $2 for each click that you generate. 

They are being extremely misleading with their payout reward schemes, and offer really big money for the work that you’re supposed to do. 

The online world is filled with different scam websites and Social Bounty is no different. That’s why there hasn’t been a single REAL member of this or any of the other data-harvesting schemes that have been paid.

You will be misled into thinking that you’re gathering up money into your member’s account, only to realize that you’ve just wasted weeks, and waited months to get paid, when they never actually intended to do that in the first place.

It can be extremely dissatisfying to lose all that time to such a thing, not to mention the potential spam danger that can occur when your email is being sold over and over again to different advertisers.

What I Like About Social Bounty

social bounty review pros vs cons

1. There’s absolutely nothing that I like about Social Bounty, and anyone claiming otherwise is either part of this whole scam, or is an unaware victim that hasn’t yet realized that they never pay out any of your earnings.

What I Don’t Like About Social Bounty

1. Everything Inside is Fake. The owner and his team are just stock photo images that can be found and used as your own for free, all the earning proofs are fake, and they even lie about their date of creation. 

2. The Payout Is Unusually High
. For the things that you will be doing inside, the pay seems a little too much. If you’ve dealt with similar survey type websites before, then you know that they pay way less than that.

There are many places where you can get paid for watching ads, or videos as well as downloading different apps but again, the ones that ACTUALLY pay are going to offer you way less than that.

3. Your Personal Information Will Be Sold
. Everything that they can gather about you, will be sold for a profit, then sold again.

This can result in a lot of bad things happening to your email inbox, and you will most likely start getting clickbaity offers that will try to take your money by promising you incredible wealth fast and easy, much like Social Bounty.

4. It Has The Potential To Go Viral
. Usually, this shouldn’t be in the CONS part of the article, but in this case, it fits perfectly, and here’s why.

As I mentioned earlier, this platform is very good at getting you to engage with it, and once you see that money rolling in, you will most likely keep going until you’re able to cash out.

This can take weeks of your time, and by then who knows how many other people will have joined this platform due to your promotional efforts.

Do I Recommend Social Bounty?

I don’t recommend Social Bounty to anyone, and neither should you unless you really dislike that person.

All jokes aside, I do consider this website as one of the many, well-crafted scam platforms that are all over the internet, and it seems that more of them keep emerging at a faster rate than ever.

The only way to stop them is by not getting involved in the first place. This is why more people should be AWARE of all these scam websites that are lurking around.

Even though there are many scammers out there, there are also the legit, and REAL ways of making money online. Most of them will offer easy, simple tasks that you can do, but won’t pay you that much.

The other alternative is to put some hard work in creating something that can be truly sustainable, and profitable for a long term period. Earning a full-time income online is entirely possible if done the RIGHT way.

If that sounds interesting then you should check out how these people are banking profits using a simple yet incredibly effective blueprint that so many neglect and lose out on that opportunity forever. 

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