Virtual Entrepreneur Association – VEA Review (2019)

What’s with all the hype about this thing called VEA?

Everyone seems to go crazy about it but is it really worth your time?

Find out if virtual entrepreneur association is right for you with this in-depth review.

Today you will find out everything you need to know about this digital platform.

Let me start by pointing out that some of the reviews that you will stumble upon may say things like VEA is the greatest thing ever created and stuff like that.

This is because VEA has a unique offer that helps people to start their own passive income business by promoting their platform.

Don’t get me wrong, this kind of promotion is definitely not a bad thing, as long as the reviews you are reading are HONEST and show you what you’re really getting.

After all, there’s always two sides of a coin.

I figured it’s worth mentioning before we continue.

Without further ado, I present to you the full in-depth review of VEA.

Upon reading it you will know whether this platform is right for you or not.

What Is The Virtual Entrepreneur Association and Is It Worth It? 

virtual entrepreneur association - VEA review
Brief Summary
: VEA was created for entrepreneurs, business owners and people who want to learn how to generate online revenue.

Inside the platform, you will be able to get access to a like-minded community plus a whole bunch of business resources and tools on a much lower price than they usually sell on the market.

On top of that, you also have a section of completely FREE courses and training videos from professionals that cover all aspects of digital marketing and making money online.

When you register, you have an option to take an assessment.

Based on what you’re goals are and how you want to achieve financial success online, they will give you a personally customized 52-week training series.

In other words, they build training sessions that are relevant to your online experience (If you don’t have any, that’s fine too) and help you build a thriving online business.

They also have weekly sessions where they interview thought leaders, self-made millionaires, and CEOs.

The creator of VEA is the one doing the interviews and because they are done live, you get the chance to ask questions, participate and gain valuable insights that can help you in your online journey.

You get access to all of that plus a lot more when you register and create a FREE (trial) account.

This gives you the opportunity to experience first hand what’s inside the platform without the risk of losing any money.

The worst thing that can happen is that you will learn something new. 

free trial for virtual entrepreneur association - VEA

To me, this sounded like an extremely good platform.

I could get so much value for such a low price “less than a cup of coffe per week” as the founder of VEA Daven Michaels expressed himself in the presentation video.

That’s why I decided to make a little research on him to find out if he’s the real deal or not.

This is what I was able to find.

Who Is Daven Michaels – Founder of VEA?

According to numerous high authority websites such as Prweb, Daven Michaels is New York Times best selling author, CEO of 123Employee, a company found back in 2006 to helpDevan Michaels - VEA

outsource jobs and task for small and big businesses.

His first entrepreneurship venture was when he was 15 years old with a company that designed clothes for established brands in 1980.

He has been an entrepreneur for more than 35 years now and his main goal today is to help other people succeed online.

Now that we know who Daven Michaels is, let’s dig a bit deeper into the virtual entrepreneur association.

VEA – Insider’s Look 

Vea has about 8 MAIN categories inside the platform.

They cover a wide range of things such as discounts for your everyday life activities, business resources that can help you with your online ventures, training series,

FREE courses that cover a range of topics in the make money online industry and a lot more.

Lets start with the first category inside the platform:

1. Discount Resources

It’s basically split between Business Resources and Everything Else.

The Everything Else Category consists of thousands of discounts, coupons, and deals to choose from for your everyday life.

Giving you the opportunity to save a lot of money on the things you use and do in your day to day life such as:

– Dining and Shopping

– Entertainment and Recreation

– Movies

– Services

– Shopping

You can get discounts on big brands like Lyft, Omaha Stakes, Shari’s Berries Disney Land, etc.

New deals are being added every single day.

The Business Resources Category includes discounts that can save you hundreds of dollars a month from digital marketing tools and pieces of training such as Email Marketing, SEO, PPC Analysis Page Builders and so much more.

Next up is

2. VEA Training Series

virtual entrepreneur association - vea training series
Every week Davon and his team create new training content such as this one, where he explains how to generate 10 high quality leads from LinkedIn 

The cool thing about these training series is that they are done live which gives you a chance to ask questions and interact inside the platform.

It is a community where you can get knowledge and experience from people who are already where you want to be.

If there is one thing that every self-made millionaire (online or offline) agrees upon, it’s that they all had help getting there.

3. Free Courses Section

This is where you can get access to a ton of valuable courses that can help you in your online journey.

You can get to learn new things such as:

– How to manage your time better

– The Botcamp. Using chatbot in messenger to gain more leads and build a powerful list to which you can then market different products for optimal results.

It is a well know fact that messenger has 80% open rate while emails have between 8% to 35% the most.

– How to write 6000 words in 50 minutes.

This one grabbed my attention the most because as a content writer I’m always looking for ways to improve my quality and efficiency of creating articles.

– Side Business With Amazon

– Process Power

– Online Arbitrage Profits

– Social Media Accelerator

– Fool-Proof Sales Conversion

– How to become an Influencer on autopilot

– Act Now 90 Day Challenge

4. VEA Expert Interview Series

Expert Interview series at virtual entrepreneur association - vea review

Every week, Daven Michaels interviews CEO’s, self-made millionaires and influential people.

Over there you have the chance to “pick their brains” because these interviews are also LIVE and each and every one of the interviewees is more than happy to answers questions and provide value.

Doing these interactive interviews is one of the ways to create a community within VEA.

5. VEA Events

Those are events created for people within the VEA community and they are done all over the world.

Europe, Asia, the USA, New Zealand.


These meetings are made with the main focus of helping people in creating, designing and setting up a business suited for their lifestyles. 
VEA events at virtual entrepreneur association - review

6. VEA Black Card

With the VEA Black Card,

You have the option to upgrade and get access to some bonus features including VIP meetings, private parties hosted by Daven Michaels with cocktails food and overall enjoyable experiences.

7. Capital For Your Business and VEA Accelerator for Startups

Money can solve a lot of problems, right?

In your everyday life and in your business.

If you have enough money almost any kind of roadblock that you hit within your business can be bypassed.

There is a “money” section where you will gain access to VEA’s partners where you can fill a form and request capital for your venture.

That’s right, you can opt-in for an investment in your business and get paid MONEY into your bank account (as long as you manage to get a deal with these investors).

These people will work with you in figuring out what the best financial option for you can be and you get charged only if you get your capital.

angel funds, start up investments in business with virtual entrepreneur association - VEA
And then there’s the VEA accelerator for startups.

This is for every startup business that needs a “boost”.

VEA gives you the opportunity to partner with “angel investors“.

If you haven’t heard of them before, they are also known as business angles.

They are influential people and business owners that can provide you with start-up capital to help kick start your business.

In exchange for that, they would usually ask that you either

a) Pay them back with interested (similar to a bank loan)


b) They will take a percentage of your business as their own (most angel investors prefer this option, but everyone is different).

The good thing about them is that Angel investors usually are ready to back up your business in its early stages and help you with whatever they can.

They want to make sure that their investment pays off in the end.

VEA Accelerator has partnered with a company called expert dojo that provides “Angel money” to start-up businesses.

8. Health Section and 24/5 Resource Desk

Inside the benefits section, you have access to discounted medical insurance, discounted health, benefits and they will soon add life insurance (this is for USA residents ONLY).

The 24/5 Resource Desk is in the event that you are looking for a discount on a specific product or service and you are not able to find it.

You can go ahead and contact them Monday to Friday at any hour of the day (or night) to discuss with them what you’re looking for.

They usually provide within 48 hours.

Who Can Benefit From VEA?

– Digital Marketers of all levels.

– Online business owners.

– Investment seekers.

– People who want to start their own online business.

– People who have already built an online business and are looking to scale it even further.

– Those who want to expand their knowledge.

– Those who like to learn new stuff for FREE.

– People who want to learn from self-made millionaires and find out their secrets.

Pro’s and Con’s Of VEA

Pro: It’s a unique community filled with lots of interactive sessions and like-minded people.

This presents an opportunity to learn a lot about the online business world and get the help you need to become successful.

Pro: It has a FREE trial.

It’s always good to TRY before you actually BUY something in order to make an educated and informed decision and find out for sure if it’s right for you.

Even with the free trial, you can learn so many things, because this platform is packed with value.

: The monthly membership price is extremely cheap for the features that you get inside.

: Thousands of discounts that you can use in your everyday life and in your business ventures.

You have the opportunity to save hundreds of dollars.


Con: Some of the discounts for everyday life activities are only for USA residents.

Con: This is a new platform and the FREE trial won’t be there forever.

There is always the possibility that it will be removed once a certain number of people become part of the community.

Conclusion – Final Thoughts on VEA

So there you have it.

Now you know what to expect inside the platform.

Overall I think that it’s well worth checking out mainly because of the FREE trial option.

There is no risk involved whatsoever and there are tons of valuable courses, educational materials and much more that you can take advantage of without having to pay anything.

It’s made for entrepreneurs, business owners, digital marketers, people who want to start their own online business.

The thing I love most about VEA is that they WILL take the time to build a personal training for you based on your goals and what you want to achieve business-wise.

10 thoughts on “Virtual Entrepreneur Association – VEA Review (2019)”

  1. It looks like a good business model with multifaceted operations from being a training site to being a place to get capital. That part of VEA has got me so interested in the sense that it aroused my interest in becoming an investor rather than the borrower of capital. Is that possible for me and how do I join the investors’ club that lend money to people needing capital?

    • That would be a question that you have to ask within the platform itself. If you go to the resource and support section, you can write a query with all of your questions including if you can become an investor in the VEA platform. You should gen an answer fairly quickly as long as it’s not during the weekend. 

  2. Thank you very much for your post. I started my online business this year and work in front of my computer 15 hours a day. I feel that I need to have interaction with real people. The virtual entrepreneur association sounds a good idea. I will have the opportunities for meeting a lot of like-minded people.

    I just started my own online business and would like to have a mentor guiding me so that I could avoid mistakes you may make during the process. Is it possible to find a mentor from the association?

    It is kind of you sharing this useful information with us. I am going to do some more research on this and may join if I find it benefit my case.

    • It is possible to get a mentor within VEA. You will always have access to highly successful entrepreneurs who are eager to share their thoughts and experiences with you so that you can avoid doing some of the mistakes that they did. You can find mentorship within the community, at their events, local meetups or through mentorship calls.

  3. Thanks for this great post about VEA.This is the first time I heard about this platform but it has blown my mind. They have a free access option and I love that part most. Because at least there will be no fear to lose anything. I will definitely try VEA.

    • Yes, you can join VEA for free, and completely eliminate the fear of wasting your money. That’s the thing I like about this platform the most. It has a TRY before you BUY option. This is always a good sign in my book

  4. This gentleman seems to know his way around in the business world and what is so amazing is that he started so early at a young age. Thanks so much for sharing the success story of this gentleman which we can all learn from.


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