is Paidleaf a Scam

Can you really make $500 today? Is it legit or is PaidLeaf a scam that everyone should be avoiding? Why don’t you ask yourself if getting $25 just for signing up sounds a bit too good to be true? If you already did, congratulations because it is and I will prove that in this review now.

According to PaidLeaf, you can also earn $10-$15 for each person that you invite. Everything on their page sounds UNREALISTIC, don’t get caught up in the “shiny object syndrome” that so many people fall prey to.

Let me show why I think that this is just another scam on the internet and why everyone should avoid PaidLeaf at all costs.

Online Success can come in many different forms, that’s why it’s important to do your research and find YOUR way before investing time or money into something. 

PaidLeaf Review Summary

Product Name: PaidLeaf

Product Creator: Unkown

Product Type: Make Money Online Program

Price: Free

Recommended: No!

Overall Score: 8/100

Summary: PaidLeaf is a company that supposedly rewards you with cash payments for each person that you invite to join and register for free. That’s all you do, register and start inviting your friends, family, and anyone that you can think of.

The rewards are quite impressive and they can go up to $15 for EACH individual that signs up for the free membership of PaidLeaf. If inviting and referring people is not your thing, you can always complete simple tasks and surveys by their sponsors.

Sound’s like easy money, right? Here comes the bad news…Not only do they not pay you, but they use fake testimonials on their website and on some of the major review websites out there. Don’t just take my word for it, I’ve got undeniable proof of that, you can easily check and see for yourself.

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What is PaidLeaf About?

PaidLeaf works extremely simple. You join for free, get a special link which you share with everyone you can think of, and get a rewarder between $10-15 per person that joins using your link. It’s also known as a referral program but they call it an influencer network.

The concept is extremely easy to grasp, and the rewards with this particular platform are way bigger than the industry’s average for similar work. It’s basically free money for you. According to them, PaidLeaf has generated well over $40 Million across their 300K membership base. People from across 150+ countries are a part of PaidLeaf.

Referring people to this network is not the only way to earn money. You can also test different products, take surveys, and complete assignments from their sponsors inside your member’s dashboard.

The thing about this platform is that there’s just so much stuff that is wrong with it. let’s start with the fact that the creators of PaidLeaf are a mystery to everyone.

Who Created PaidLeaf?

That’s what I’d like to know. Apparently, the person or people that founded this company are nowhere to be seen.

You can’t get any information about them on their website and their “about” page is all about how they were founded back in 2015 and how generous they’re payment system is compared to everyone else. Here’s the thing, if you can’t identify who made something and learn more about them, this can be considered as a red flag.

Most if not, all successful products and services that are of good quality have a name to associate it with. I’m not talking about their BRAND name, because obviously, that is there. I’m talking about the person behind the brand.

Like Elon Musk and Tesla, Jeff Bezos and Amazon, you get the point right? When it comes to the online world, having a digital presence is essential for the credibility of your brand, and if there’s no name behind it, this usually means that there is something fishy going on there. That’s strike #1

Is PaidLeaf a Scam?

Yes, PaidLeaf is a scam and will just waste your time. Here’s why you won’t get paid anything from them.

1. On their website, it’s clearly stated that they exist since 2015, right here.paidleaf about page

Did you know that you can see every domain’s age and when it was created using Whois? By doing a quick search on there, I found out that the website PaidLeaf has been created on the 6th of September 2019. 
who is data for PaidLeaf

So, they weren’t being truthful with their initial statement, and that’s strike #2 right there. Is there anything else that might be hinting towards the fact that PaidLeaf is a scam? Yes, there’s this one thing about their success story page, it’s full of fake testimonials.

2. Fake Testimonials. I’ve reviewed my fair share of digital products, that’s why I was able to immediately spot a bunch of the testimonials as fake ones. I’ve seen the same people talk about different products and praising them how great they are. You can even see them on Fiverr with their price rate for a 50-word review.
fake testimonies for paidleaf - proof

The same people that give out testimonials here can be seen saying similar things for a product called AZ Millionaire Method.

3. A lot of people are not being paid
. When people complete a task, they don’t get paid for completing them, according to Trustpilot many people are getting system messages that they have violated the website’s policy which terminates any payments the users could get.

In other words, Paidleaf is using ridiculous excuses to NOT pay its members and you can see that reflected in the many negative reviews for this website. The few numbers of positive ones are most likely paid for or done by people that have an interest in Paidleaf’s success rate. This is strike #3 for me which directly disqualifies this program and its services as legit.

How Does PaidLeaf Work?

The purpose of Piadleaf is to get you to sign up for their services. By doing that, you give out your personal details, such as name or email, and give them consent to give out your details (name, email, etc.) and agree for them to place a tracking cookie.

Paidleaf then gathers up all your personal data and gives it out to its sponsors, advertisers, and companies they work with. In return, you get absolutely no pay from them even if you complete everything that they’ve given you correctly and accurately.

There are so many users with negative opinions about this website on trustworthy review websites and all over the internet. They all have the same common issue with them which is the fact that they will never pay you for a single task that you complete with them.

All that they are after is your personal info just so that they can give it out to other companies. This is unethical especially when you take into consideration that it’s really easy to sign up for something that sounds and looks great.

All they want is your details, that’s it. Their goal is to gather as much data from different users as humanly possible. That’s incredibly bad because that’s how scammers work.

By using your personal details such as an email, they can hack into your system and see your passwords, and in some cases, credit card info. This can lead to different kinds of personal problems and headaches that no one want’s to be a part of.

What’s Inside PaidLeaf?

whats inside paidleaf

Inside PaidLeaf, you can see a dashboard that has different options for you to choose from. Each option gives you the chance to complete a specific task and get rewarded.

They range from inviting people to visiting certain webpages and giving out their emails. In some instances, you can get asked to give out more personal info such as your card details.

Below are the 5 MAIN tasks that you can complete on a daily basis to get rewarded. 

1. Refer Friends. By inviting your friends and getting them to register using your own personal links, you will get incentives between $10-15.

2. Get Clicks. Each time a person clicks on your link and lands on the PaidLeaf website, you will get paid $2.

3. Complete Surveys. Earn up to $30 just for completing simple surveys with PaidLeaf. Consider the following. There’s A TON of survey websites out there and the general AVERAGE earning potential that you can achieve with them is no more than a couple of $ per survey at most. it’s usually less than $1.

Compare that to what these guys here are promising you and think for a second. Does it sound too good to be true? 

4. Create YouTube Videos. By creating YouTube videos you can earn up to $50 per video. Apparently, PaidLeaf will reward you with $50 bucks if you create videos for people on their network. Sounds incredible, right? Too bad that you won’t be able to withdraw any of the money that you end up making inside PaidLeaf.

5. Download Apps. By downloading, installing, and using simple apps from their sponsors and companies they work with, you can get rewarded with up to $20. 

PaidLeaf Payouts and Rewards

PaidLeaf is free to join, they even go as far as to promise to give you $25 just for signing up with them. Realistically thinking, if hundreds if not thousands of people sing up every month, that all adds up to a lot of money being given out just for signing up.

Not only that, but you can earn more rewards and incentives by inviting people to the network and completing a different set of tasks that are incredibly simple to accomplish and reward you with a lot of money for the efforts. The reality is that it’s all big SCAM that’s out to get your email and personal info.

Think about it, their website is perfect for getting people to sign up and give out their emails. This means that they probably have a few thousand emails already and the market for selling and buying emails is really big.

Because of similar unethical companies and organizations, the GDPR law in the EU had to be put in place. To put everything in a nutshell, you get promised a lot, but get nothing.

What I Like About PaidLeaf

paidleaf pros vs cons

There is nothing good about this network and its services. The only decent thing that I can think of is the overall design of their website, I like it. Apart from that, there’s nothing good that can be said about this SCAM service that just steals your details by promising you fast and easy money.

What I Don’t Like About PaidLeaf

There is just so much that I dislike about PaidLeaf, it blows my mind. Let’s start with the obvious ones.

1. Fake Money Promises. They straight-up lie about so many things related to you being paid and come up with ridiculous excuses and leave every user unhappy and dissatisfied for wasting so much time and energy onto something that’s turned out to be a scam.

2. Fake Testimonials. Their website is full of fake success stories and video testimonials from hired actors and people are being paid to say good things about PaidLeaf. I’ve seen these actors on websites such as, where they offer to be a spokesperson for a price.

2. The Internet is Filled With Negative Reviews for PaidLeaf. If you take a look at Trustpilot, and what people have to say about this network, you will find that the majority is extremely dissatisfied with them simply because they never pay. Every single bad thing that people say about PaidLeaf revolves around the fact that they just don’t pay what they promise.

3. They Will Use Your Info. If you end up joining, don’t use your own email, make another one just for this purpose only so that they don’t sell your personal info to other third party organizations. Nothing good will come out of that, so it’s best to just avoid PaidLeaf in general. 

My Recommendation

Given the fact that his whole network and their promises for rewarding you with a lot of money for completing simple tasks and inviting other people to join is a complete hoax, I would not recommend PaidLeaf to anyone. They will never pay you. Instead, they will collect your email and thousands more just so that they can sell them to other third party organizations.

Then, who knows what they will do with your personal info and how it’s going to be used. Don’t be fooled by PaidLeaf by signing up with the expectations to make money from that.

It’s not that hard to find LEGIT opportunities for making money online and by following this simple advice, you can always know what to look for. A lot of people are trying to make money online and are looking for different ways to do that.

This is perfect for online scammers because they know exactly what you want and can promise you that, making it look really good and shiny just for you. Don’t fall for the shiny object syndrome, be smarter than all these scammers and low-quality product creators. Remember, if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Below, you can see a method that exists since the beginning of the digital era and is working to this day. People are banking profits using this simple 4 step blueprint that so many are neglecting right now and lose out on money because of that.

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