Copy Paste Income Review

In this Copy Paste Income review, you will find out everything that you need to know about this program. Can you really make +3,000 simply by copying and pasting? Before we start, you should give yourself a pat on the back for deciding to do a research about this program.

Online Success
 can come in many different forms, that’s why it’s important to do your research and find YOUR way before investing time or money into something.

According to the owner of Copy Paste Income Ewen Chia, just by duplicating what he’s done, you can make that much money in a single weekend.

Ask yourself, does it sound too good to be true? This is an UNREALISTIC claim that’s only purpose is to get newbies and the more inexperienced psyched, hop out of their pockets and spend some money on this product

I am 100% certain that anyone who buys it with the mindset that this will be the easiest way of making money online ever, will end up being extremely disappointed. Let’s find out EXACTLY what you will get inside. In fact, I will do you one better and grant you FREE access to this program, if you are still interested after going through my review.

Copy Paste Income Review Summary

Product Name: Copy Paste Income

Product Creator: Ewen Chia

Product Type: Affiliate Marketing Training

Price: $37 + Upsells

Recommended: No

Overall Score: 13/100

Summary: Copy Paste Income by Ewen Chia is just an outdated Affiliate Marketing training from a guy that uses his past glory days to his advantage. Don’t fall for the exaggerated sales page that just presents to you this super-easy way of making a lot of money online, because it’s not true and I will prove that to you in this review. 

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What is Copy Paste Income

Copy Paste Income is all about copying and pasting your way to financial success online. Directly from the desk of “wonderboy” as he called himself. Ewen Chia presents an Affiliate Marketing training course that is focused entirely on how easy it is to make money online.

According to the sales page, all the skills that you need is copy and paste, that’s it. He also states that this is the fastest way to achieve financial success and “make more money than you know what to do with” which to me, sounds way too good to be true.

If it was that easy, everyone would be doing this. Copy Paste Income is a product that is sold in the ClickBank marketplace. One of the world’s biggest websites where vendors can list their products and connect with people that can promote them AKA affiliates.

The thing about ClickBank is that virtually ANYONE can list a product for sale. The restriction isn’t that strict, so a low-quality product such as this one is not a rare occurrence when it comes to this platform.

The thing about Copy Paste Income is that this program is specifically targeted to attract newbies and inexperienced people in the make money online world. I say that because more experienced people can see through the hype and spot all the red flags that come up with this program.

Don’t fall for the puff, everyone want’s the easy way out, but that’s exactly what these kinds of people prey upon. Don’t get me wrong, it’s completely possible for digital marketers to make a couple thousand and even more over the course of a weekend, and I’ve seen people do it.

However, to get to a point where you can achieve that you WILL have to invest a lot of time, hard work, and dedication. I’ve seen many similar online courses with exaggerated claims such as this one, but at least they have some value in them.

The reason why it’s called Copy Paste Income is that Ewen Chia will present to you an OUTDATED method of doing Affiliate Marketing by promoting his very own products using ebooks. All you need to do is copy and paste what he shows you.

Is Copy Paste Income a Scam?

copy paste income review scam alert
I wouldn’t classify Copy Paste Income as a scam product because it teaches you a legit and straightforward way of making money online. However, it is overhyped, with ridiculous claims of fast wealth and riches.

If that was the only thing wrong with it, it wouldn’t be THAT bad. There are many high-quality training programs that have exaggerated sales letters and videos.

issue that I have with Copy Paste Income is that the training inside is OUTDATED and doesn’t work anymore. The fact that Ewen Chia has not bothered to update his course, means that he is neglecting it. Why would anyone want to pay for something that may have worked a while back but it doesn’t anymore? 

How Does Copy Paste Income Work?

The way that Copy Paste Income works is simple. Ewen Chia has some ready-made ebooks for you to give out to people for free. These ebooks are created in such a way that they promote this very product inside so that when people read them, they will develop an interest and a natural curiosity to learn more about it.

So, even if the readers of these free ebooks that you will be giving away decide not to click on your affiliate links, Ewen Chia still has a high chance of landing a sale, because all you do is promoting his product. Even this isn’t such a bad thing if the promotion strategies inside Copy Paste Income actually worked.

All you will learn inside is how to promote these ebooks on social media sites like Facebook, SlideShare, and forums. Not only are these kinds of online promotions not effective, but by doing what the training inside implies, you can easily be flagged as a spammer inside these platforms.

Once people start seeing your content as spam, that’s it. Forget about getting any kind of success. That’s not all, if you invest some time in researching, you will find out that there are a lot of absolutely FREE PLR websites, filled with content that you can use without paying a single penny.

Combine that with the search term “how to promote my content” on Google, and you can find all of the information that’s inside this program again, for FREE and of better quality too. There you go, you’ve just saved yourself $37 worth of disappointment. Don’t worry, I will still give you that free access as promised.

Who is Ewen Chia

Ewen Chia is a well known online entrepreneur. He started his first business back in 1997 and since then has created numerous online training courses that help people make money online.

Ewen Chia is the author of the best selling book “How I Made My First Million on The Internet” where he talks about his online journey over the years. He has a lot of accomplishments in the online world, and that is definitely something worth mentioning.

The thing is that, after taking a closer look at his other online products that he has for sale, I could find one distinguishing resemblance between all of them. They are all outdated and teach you methods that used to work once upon a time.

Things such as social media spamming, article spinning, and building a huge amount of backlinks by paying for them, are all things that he teaches in his courses. Nowadays, these tactics can lead to one thing only and that’s rapidly lost of time, money and will lead to disappointment.

He is clinging onto his old reputation of a credible and successful online product creator and that’s it. The online world is moving at an incredible speed and things change quickly. Things that used to work 2 years ago are ineffective now, not to mention tactics and strategies that are more than 5+ years old.

They’re utterly useless, and apparently, Ewen Chia is not aware of that or doesn’t care. Either way, his products have long last their quality and effectiveness.

What’s Inside Copy Paste Income

opy paste income review inside

Inside the member’s area, the first thing that you will see (even before you get access to the product) is an upsell promoting a different product that’s all about driving traffic (visitors) that has brought Ewen Chia millions of eyeballs on his website. The course itself is divided into 3 sections and they all revolve around teaching you how to use affiliate marketing to make money online. 

1. Coaching Videos. Inside the first section if his training course, you will find a series of 6 training videos that outline the basics of affiliate marketing, how to start, what niche market to focus on, etc. The video series includes the following:

– How to Chose a Profitable Niche. This is a 37-minute long video that explains how to conduct market research for the purpose of choosing a profitable path for your online promotions.

– Finding Relevant Affiliate Products. In this 17 minute video, you will learn how to identify potentially successful affiliate products that are connected with the niche that you have already chosen.

– Keyword Research. This is a 10-minute short video that outlines how to keyword research to distinguish successful search terms on Google and the other search engines. The goal here is to look for low competition keywords with a high search rate.

– Create a mini eBook. Here, you will get the change to learn how Ewen Chia created his ebooks, how to mitigate this, and implement it into your own way of creation. It’s a 43-minute video that outlines everything you need to do in-depth.

– Promoting Ebooks. You will learn how to promote either your own eBooks or the ones that Ewan Chia grants you access and you will monetize on these free promotions by putting your affiliate links inside. It’s a 46-minute video training.

– Email Marketing Strategies. This is a short 6-minute video, where you will learn how to promote another one of his products called Autopilot Profits and get pushed towards purchasing it for yourself. 

2. Copy Paste Ebooks. Here, you will get a copy of 10 pre-written eBooks that you can promote. Needless to say, that everyone else who buys this course will get access to the same eBooks as you. 

3. Community & Support. There’s a Facebook group that you can join that’s created by Ewan Chia and is for members of Copy Paste Income or those that are interested in it, but it doesn’t seem to be very active. It has roughly 400-page likes and the last post is from 2018. The only way that you can get support with anything is by sending an email or looking at the frequently asked questions section. 

Copy Paste Income Pricing, Upsells and Refund

This program comes with a price tag of $37 and there’s a 60-day money-back guarantee because it’s being sold at the ClickBank marketplace. All ClickBank products and services provide a two-month money-back guarantee period. This gives you the opportunity to test out and see what it’s like inside without any risks involved. However, the refund does not apply to all the massive upsells that I’m about to reveal to you now.

Upsell #1 – Copy-Paste Traffic at $67. You will learn his “secret” viral traffic metho.

Upsell #2 – Automated Social Cash. For an extra $197, you can learn how to use social media to make money. 

Upsell #3 – Instant Websites. You can get access to a bunch of done for you websites for $197. 

Upsell #4 – Free Traffic Software. This is supposedly a software that will get you free traffic on autopilot. It costs $297.

Upsell #5 – Complete Business Setup. You will get a done for you “business in a box” kind of deal for $297.

Upsell #6 – Super Affiliate Millionaire. Yet another outdated training with information that can be found for free on the internet. Save yourself a $297 dollar disappointment. 

Upsell #7 – Traffic Millionaire. This is a monthly membership platform that comes at a $17/month price tag.

Upsell # 8 – Cash Biz. Another done for you business for $29.97. 

Upsell # 9 – Monthly Viral eBooks. For $27/month, you will get monthly access to new eBooks.

So, when you add these up all together it comes at more than $1100 for you to take complete advantage of everything that Ewen Chia has to offer you. That’s quite a lot of money for some basic training, even if it was of high quality, I still wouldn’t recommend spending so much money on something that may or may not work for you.

What I Like About Copy Paste Income

copy paste income review pros and cons
1. There is a money-back guarantee. 60 days to be exact, and that’s only because ClickBank does this for every product that is sold on its marketplace. 

2. This program teaches you affiliate marketing. This is a real model that works IF you do it the right way and not the outdated way.

What I Don’t Like About Copy Paste Income

1. Way too hyped up. The sales page leaves you with the immediate impression that it will be extremely easy to make a lot of money just by copying and pasting.

That’s a blatant lie and anyone that’s promising you wealth and riches, fast and easy is not doing you any favors. A lot of people get caught up in the shiny object syndrome where they get easily deceived by similar claims online and always end up being a disappointment. Don’t be one of those people.

2. Dead Facebook community. There is zero activity on the Facebook group, which means that not that many people are using this program. Why do you think that is? Because they quickly realize how useless it is. 

3. The Website is Broken. Guess what, if you just get the link from an existing member and copy it into your browser, you will get instant access to this program WITHOUT paying anything. There’s no need to spend $37 because you can get Copy Paste Income for free, here.

Don’t get too excited as you can find all the info that’s inside for free online anyways and with more relevant and updated strategies too.

4. So many upsell that it’s ridiculous. I’ve seen upsells in a lot of making money online products before, but that’s just taking things to a whole new level. Not only is everything inside this platform so outdated and time-wasting, but if you fall for the hype, you can easily end up wasting $100+ just like that.

My Recommendation

My suggestion is to not waste your time on affiliate marketing training materials that worked 5+ years ago, because now they don’t. Just spamming your link and running around forums giving out free ebooks with your affiliate links in them, is not something that can bring you a lot of money.

You are being taught to promote low-quality ebooks filled with your affiliate promotions and people are not thick. Sooner than later, they will realize that your content is filled with self-promotions and low quality which will lead you to get banned and marked as a spammer.

Even if you create your own eBook and promote that instead, it still isn’t going to get you that far unless you build out a brand and direct these people to a website that is not just a sales offer that’s trying to get their money. These things don’t work anymore.

People need to trust you before they will start buying from you. The way you build trust is by providing value without asking anything in return. Check out how these people are banking profits using a simple 4 step blueprint that everyone is neglecting right now and lose out on money because of that.

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