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Get Paid up to 25£ for Completing a Task or “Cog”.

Receive a 1£ bonus just for Signing up. Cash out when you complete all 20 Cogs (usually around 200£) 

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earn money online

This is how to make money fast.

So, How does it work exactly?

Within each cog there are a number of tasks, you need to choose one and complete it in order to progress to the next Cog and earn money online. When you complete an offer, the advertisers who are running that offer, pay 20 Cogs and they share their profit with you. A simple way to make money fast isn’t it?

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Most of the Cogs will require that you register to different websites, complete surveys, subscribe for free trials or you can deposit small amounts into different casinos to play with. 20Cogs usually pays you a double amount of your initial investment, here is an example…

In this task, you are required to make a 10£ deposit into Starspins and play around with their website until you wager all of the money that you deposit. When this offer is completed, 20Cogs will pay you 20£, that’s your investment doubled right there. When you really think about it, you have an opportunity to win even more money by playing in these online casinos. In this particular task, you have about 30 chances to strike even more gold.

20Cogs Pro’s and Con’s


  • You can make easy money fast.
  • Each task provided for you takes no more than a few minutes to complete.
  • The earning potential is quite big for a website such as this one.
  • Lots of positive reviews on websites such as Trustpilot so you know that they are legit and trustworthy and will actually deliver what they promise.


  • You can cash out your money and get paid only when you have completed all 20 Cogs.
  • The waiting time for your first payment can vary between 30 and 60 days.
  • The most rewarding offers (15£ and up) usually require that you make an initial deposit into websites such as Starspins, Example: Deposit 10£ and play around, receive a 20£ payment from 20Cogs.

Is it really worth your time?

You should keep in mind that while the earning potential is quite big for such a website that requires almost no effort whatsoever from you, You will not become a millionaire with this one.

There are some individuals on 20Cogs who earn up to a thousand pounds per month. This is for anyone who wants to earn some extra income on the side.

One more thing that is worth mentioning is that you should consider the deposits that you make within 20cogs.

Although you get paid double for what you invest, remember that the time it takes for 20Cogs to actually put some money into your bank or PayPal account usually varies between 30 to 60 days and you can cash out only after you have completed all 20Cogs in your earnings tab


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