Market Pro Secrets Review

Welcome to my Market Pro Secrets review. Can you really make thousands a month with the BTS method by Marc and Julie, or is this just another scam to avoid?

Here’s what you need to know. Over the last few weeks, I’ve been researching a bunch of websites and programs with the same headline, ”If your not making at least 3 – 5 high ticket sales a month, you need to stick around”.

They are all connected to another system. You never get to learn what it’s called, who is the actual owner, etc. Market Pro Secrets is one of the many websites that promote this unknown program and let me tell you right now, it is NOT what you expect. 

Behind the ruse of this easy to implement done for you system lies a low-quality program that will try to take as much of your money as humanly possible.

If you don’t have any to give away, they will strongly encourage you to go into debt in order to finance your online business venture.

I am not a financial advisor, however, I do think that the only thing you will get out of this program is a burning hole in your wallet.

By the time you’re done with this review, you will know exactly what you’re getting into, why I’m so critical about Market Pro Secrets, what are the risk factors that hide behind the promises of wealth and riches, and I’m going to show you an alternative to the program that Marc and Julie promote.

Market Pro Secrets Review Summary

Product Name: Market Pro Secrets

Product Type: High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Program

Product Owners: Marc and Julie

Product Price: $3,247 – $21,000+

Overall Score: 15/100

Recommended: No!

Summary: This is a business venture where you pay a large sum of money for the opportunity to enroll others into the system and promise them a ton of money if they enroll and manage to convince others to do the same.

The entire business model is based on selling ”the dream lifestyle” rather than anything valuable. There are 4 membership options in total.

The cheapest one is $3,247, and the most expensive one is $21,847. To take full advantage of everything that’s offered, you will have to buy the highest membership.

That way, you will be able to earn commissions on all levels. Once you become a member, you won’t be required to anything else except keep pouring money into the system and let the team handle all the advertising for you.

Since they will be playing around with your money if the campaign fails, only you are at risk. The owners of this program profit either way.

To make it all seem more legit, with each membership, people get access to a bunch of low-quality, outdated PLR products that have little to no value in them.

If you’re okay with risking tens of thousands of dollars only to get the chance to sell dreams and possibly make a profit from that, then Market Pro Secrets is a great fit.

However, if you prefer to avoid spending that much money for the opportunity to rip off others, and you want to create a legit online business that’s focused on helping people instead, you should see this cost-effective alternative below.

What is Market Pro Secrets?

It’s a website that grabs people’s emails in exchange for a free ebook, also known as a lead magnet, called Side Hustle Millionaire Secrets. Then, you’re redirected to a landing page where Marc warms you up by giving a brief explanation of the system that he is promoting.

He brags about the million dollars he made with just 93 sales and how you can replicate that success, even if you’re not tech-savvy, experienced with internet marketing and you’ve never run paid ads online

When you’re done with that video, you have the option to either leave the website or continue to the next page. Over there, you’re greeted with a long webinar that starts with a bunch of people opening envelopes with a ton of money in them.

By now, you should be somewhat excited about this opportunity, thinking how you could potentially have similar results, and you can. Obviously, it works for some people, so why not you, right?

Here’s what you won’t see on the sales page. Out of all the hundreds or probably thousands of people that buy into this program, only a handful manage to earn something. In other words, the odds are against you. 

Think about it. Why else would they want you to spend YOUR money on paid ads? If it worked every time, they wouldn’t need you to risk your money.

You’re only shown one side of the coin. What about all the other people that have gone into debt or lost a ton of money, believing that this bulletproof done for you system can’t fail? You won’t be hearing their stories inside the sales page.

Don’t think for a second that you’re not risking A LOT by investing in this program.

Is Market Pro Secrets a Scam?

market pro secrets review legit or not

No, it’s not a scam. However, I can’t recommend this to anyone, especially newbies that are just starting out in the world of making money online.

Unless you have a healthy budget of at least $30K – $45K, then you’re more likely to burn through your savings before you manage to earn any money, let alone get even on your spendings.

It’s borderline legit, at best. Here’s something to ponder on. Why is it that you’re NEVER told the name of the actual program that Marc promotes through his website, Market Pro Secrets?

That alone is a HUGE red flag. All of the other websites that I’ve reviewed so far never mention the actual program’s name, such as Flip The Career Switch, The Prosperity Warrior, Checks On Repeat, and Simple System Access.

They all focus on selling you the dream lifestyle of doing nothing and making a lot of money online, but neglect to reveal the company you will be working with.

It’s Called Matt’s Marketing Blueprint, and it’s created by a couple of guys called Matt and Orlando. They’re the ones that started the entire thing.

However, their reputation is not that great, which is part of the reason for not revealing themselves early on in the onboarding process.

Instead of filling their pockets with your own money, and recruiting others to do the same, you can learn how to promote other people’s products or services around topics your passionate about and turn that into a profitable online business without spending up to $21K to get started.

What’s Inside Market Pro Secrets?

Inside the program that Market Pro Secrets promotes, you can get a website, hosting, email marketing swipes, and a bunch of PLR products that date back to as far as 2013.

Here’s everything else that you will get access to and the amount of money you could potentially make for each person you refer under you:

market pro secrets cost

Gold – $3,247. Your commission per onboarded member is $1,500. If you can make 3 sales, you could earn more than you’ve invested.

Platinum – $7,447
. You make $3,500 on every sale.

Diamond – $14,647
. You earn $7K per sale.

Royal – $21,847. You get $10,500 for each sale.

If you’ve got yourself a Gold membership, for example, and you onboard someone that decides to buy the Roayl package, you will lose out on that commission because your referral has decided to upgrade to a higher level than your own.

In other words, you’re highly encouraged to cough up the $21,847 to get full access to everything inside this program.

What I Like About Market Pro Secrets

1. If You’re Lazy and You Don’t Mind Risking to Lose a Ton of Cash This May Be For You. It comes with done for you (DFY) features, sales closing, and they run your ads as long as you keep investing money into the system. FYI, some affiliate programs do all of that for free especially in the make money online niche.

It’s not 100% DFY, though. You will have to spend some time creating your own lead magnet, just like Marc did with his Side Hustle Millionaire Secrets book, and you would probably have to shoot a video of yourself promoting the dream lifestyle.

What I Don’t Like About Market Pro Secrets

1. It’s Too Risky. You’re asked to spend over $20K and then keep spending each month. 

2. Low-Quality Offer
. You’re promoting a low-quality program wrapped around in a good looking package to make it all seem better than what it actually is.

3. The Owners of This Program Have a Bad Reputation
. That’s probably because of their shady background and the way they like to do business.

Is There a Better Alternative?

Yes, there is. Affiliate marketing can be an awesome business venture, and it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money either. Most people get started with it because of the low barrier entry and high earnings potential.

I don’t see the value that comes with the program that Market Pro Secrets promotes, especially when you consider the fact that most of the things offered inside can be accessed for free with any other affiliate program

Most companies that onboard affiliates have a ton of promo tools they gladly give away for free to make their life easier. If you promote a program and you end up making a sale, the company makes money as well.

That’s why it’s in their best interest to help you as much as they can without charging you anything for it. Recently, I had my first $1K day with affiliate marketing, and guess what.

I did not have to spend any money on paid ads, and I definitely didn’t waste thousands of dollars on a program that promises easy money, fast. 

Instead, I implemented a simple system that has been working for a long time and will keep on bringing in profits for years to come.

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