The Prosperity Warrior Review – Is Marc Wilson Legit?

Welcome to the Prosperity Warrior review. Is Marc Wilson a scam artist or is this a legit opportunity to make money online?

Here’s what you need to know. Right now, two identical websites are roaming the web, so regardless of how you found this opportunity, you’re about to find out exactly what this program and the Warrior Blueprint are all about because they are the same thing.

The fact that there are copycat websites, indistinguishable from one another is a big red flag on its own. Instead of rushing things and labeling the platform as a scam from the get-go, I decided to dig a bit deeper to find out what all the fuss is about.

What I found out will catch you off guard for sure. Let me point out that I’m not affiliated with the Prosperity Warrior in any way or form, so I won’t be praising it like it’s the best thing that ever happened on the internet. 

Instead, I will show you everything that I found about Marc Wilson and the opportunity that he is referring to. I’ve spent countless hours researching, so you don’t have to.

Ready? Let’s get started…

The Prosperity Warrior Review Summary

Product Name: The Prosperity Warrior

Product Type: High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Program

Product Owner: Marc Wilson

Websites: &

Product Price: $3,247 – $21,000+

Overall Score: 15/100

Recommended: No!

Summary: These websites created by Marc Wilson are affiliate platforms that redirect users to a high ticket program called Matt’s Marketing Blueprint.

Before you get there, you will be taken through a series of videos, pages, and a webinar, designed to hook you up to the idea of achieving life-changing income online.

This process is known as a sales funnel. The point of the funnel is to warm up a cold audience and predispose it to the idea of purchasing the high ticket product that Marc Wilson is promoting as an affiliate via The Prosperity Warrior and Prosperity Blueprint platforms.

If you end up buying the program, you will unlock the opportunity to start referring others into the system and earn commissions.

You can waste hours going through the entire funnel until you get to the sales call, where you will be pitched Matt’s Marketing Blueprint and asked to pay a ton of money upfront for a program that may not even work for you.

There is little to no value, too much marketing hype, and risk involved in this investment, which is why I can’t recommend this opportunity to anyone.

I think that there are other, more suitable, and cost-effective alternatives for people that don’t feel comfortable spending that much money upfront.

What is The Prosperity Warrior About?

the prosperity warrior landing page

It’s a well-crafted platform focused on beginners and people that are just getting started with making money online.

To get you to sign up for his e-mail list, Marc Willson offers a gift also known as a lead magnet, called the Prosperity Warrior War Map. It’s an e-Book that covers what high ticket sales are and goes over Marc’s personal life story.

I won’t go into too many details about the lead magnet, but I will say that you are encouraged to share it by sending people to one of his websites,, to spread the word for his affiliate promotions, and in essence, bring in more leads to his business. 

What Does The Prosperity Warrior Offer?

It offers the opportunity to start promoting eLearning products, leverage a bunch of marketing tools and automation systems, generate leads, and earn commissions from high ticket sales.

This is somewhat similar to what’s being offered in another program called Big Ticket Commissions. Here are a couple of problems that need to be addressed:

1. The actual name of the program that you will be affiliated with is not disclosed anywhere
. Additionally, you’re promised a way to make easy money online, which is not a realistic way to become successful. It’s one of those programs that feed on your inner desires to get something without putting any effort in, or in other words, a get-rich-quick scheme. 

2. If you enroll in this program you will be promoting low-quality offers
. There are a bunch of PLR eBooks, videos, and software tools that you can buy from websites like Amazon for $30 or less. In general, most Private Label Rights products are outdated and definitely not worth thousands of dollars, even if it’s a bunch of them in a package.

On the upside, you will get a done for you website that will look similar to Marc Wilson’s affiliate sites, but for over $3K you can buy yourself something way better looking than that. 

Is The Prosperity Warrior a Scam?

the prosperity warrior legit or not

A scam is a deceptive tactic to get people to part way with their hard-earned money and get nothing in return.

You can definitely say that the sales page is misleading, and you’re offered the chance to join a low-quality program, but I won’t go as far as calling The Prosperity Warrior a scam. 

Even though I can’t recommend this opportunity to anyone, you are offered a REAL way to create an online business.

A good example of a scam program is My Commission Bootcamp, where just about everything inside is FAKE and a lie.

Do you remember when I mentioned the low-quality PLR products that you can get access to when you pay thousands of dollars?

Below I will list some of them and show you where you can get each one at a fraction of the price that you will be asked to pay through The Prosperity Warrior platform. 

proof that the prosperity warrior's gold package PLR products can be downloaded for free or much cheaper
proof that the prosperity warrior's platnimum package PLR products can be downloaded for free
backward funnel from idplr submitted in 2015

As you can see, this product can be downloaded for free over at IDPLR. It’s also worth mentioning that it was submitted in 2015 which means that it was probably created long before it was published.

Do you really want to pay thousands of dollars for OUTDATED PLR packages when you could probably get most of them for free or at a lower cost on various websites?

Here’s another one that can be bought on Amazon for $6.49.

proof two that the prosperity warrior's diamond package PLR products can be downloaded for free or much cheaper

As you can see the value for money clearly isn’t there. If you want to learn how to make money online, there are far less expensive alternatives with higher quality training.

Who Created The Prosperity Warrior?

Marc Wilson is behind this website. He’s also the creator of at least one more platform that is a replica of this one, called The Prosperity Blueprint.

In 2015 he retired from the army, and he didn’t know what to do next. Eventually, he decided to get into real estate, but he did not enjoy that career change.

That’s when Marc started looking for ways to make money online and in 2016 he stumbled on high ticket sales.

He joined the platform that he is currently promoting through The Prosperity Warrior website and his other digital assets. Apparently, he became really good at direct sales, and now he is earning a full-time income online.

What’s Inside The Prosperity Warrior?

At some point inside the platform, you will stumble on a page that explains everything that you can get when you become a member of the program that Marc Wilson is pushing through his websites.

You will be offered the opportunity to buy any one of four packages that will supposedly provide you with a full-blown business in a box. Here’s a breakdown of everything that you can get in complete detail.

Gold Level Products Package

This one comes with your own hosting and digital property that will look like Marcs’ websites. All you have to do is add your personal info and some details about who you are.

That way, people that visit your platform will be able to get to know and trust you. In this line of business, establishing trust is essential for landing sales, especially when there are high ticket items involved.

Your members’ area will include a tracking system to help identify new leads and sales. When someone ends up buying, thanks to your promotional efforts, you will be able to track their purchase. You will also get a bunch of pre-written sales letters to help with your email marketing campaigns.

Since you will be promoting very expensive products, most people will not buy anything when they are exposed to your website and landing pages for the first time.

In other words, they will need more convincing, which is why you will have to invest in an autoresponder, capture leads, and send out emails to your prospects.

As a bonus, you will get 9 PLR products on top of everything else. Buying this package will allow you to start promoting it to others, and when you make a sale, you will earn $1,500.

Platinum Level Products Package

The level 2 package includes everything from Gold alongside 15 PLR products. They cover all kinds of topics, from email marketing to setting up a WordPress website and marketing on Twitter.

Even though there is a lot of content inside this package, most products are not going to be of much value to you. Buying this package will unlock an earning potential of $3,500 per sale.

Diamond Level Products Package

The main focus with these PLR products here is on generating leads. However, there are lots of additional topics that are covered as well.

You will learn about writing sales copy, building a list, creating sales videos, and making money online from it. You can earn $7,000 in commissions for each sale that you make after you buy this package.

Royal Level Products Package

There are 9 items listed in this package. They cover topics such as how to sell high ticket products, how to run effective webinars, getting more conversions, more email marketing, and video promotions.

Each sale here rewards you with $10,500. If you buy the royal level package straightaway you will be able to earn even more commissions from each sale that you generate.

How Much Does it Cost?

– The gold package comes with a price tag of $3,247 ($3,000 for the product and an admin fee of $247).

– The platinum package is $7,447 ($7,000 plus an admin fee of $447)

– The diamond package is priced at $14,647 ($14,000 for the package and then an admin fee of $647)

– The royal level package is approximately $21,847 ($21,000 plus an admin fee of $847)

All products come with reseller rights.

What I Like About The Prosperity Warrior

the prosperity warrior pros vs cons

1. Marc Wilson is a Real Person. I’ve reviewed many programs and courses in the make money online niche. Many of these ”Gurus” prefer to hide under a fake alias and never show their faces. Marc is definitely not one of them, and that’s the only thing that I like about his platform.

What I Don’t Like About The Prosperity Warrior

1. Low-Quality Products. The entire business model revolves around promoting very expensive and low-quality PLR products to others and getting them to start doing the same.

2. It’s Too Expensive.
You’re asked to pay up to $21,000+ for something that, in my opinion, is not worth 1/3 of that amount. Not to mention all the extra money that you will end up spending on paid ads to get traffic (web users) to see your high ticket affiliate promotions.

3. No Transparency.
The name of the program that Marc Wilson is promoting cannot be found anywhere on his website. It’s very difficult to find out what you’re getting into without going through the sales call and listening to the entire product pitch. Here’s a review of the program that Marc is affiliated with.

4. Identical Testimonials. The video testimonials inside that program can be seen inside a completely different program called OPM Wealth. This begs the question, are they even real in the first place?

My Recommendation

Based on my thorough research, I can’t recommend The Prosperity Warrior to anyone. The business model is legit, but the methodology of promoting the products, and their overall low quality, lead me to believe that most people that end up investing in this opportunity will end up losing a lot of money.

Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn income online, and it doesn’t have to cost that much to get started.

On the contrary, this business model has one of the lowest startup costs. If you prefer to avoid promoting low-quality products and risking a lot in the process, then you should see this alternative below.

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