Matt’s Marketing Blueprint Review – Is The Done For You System Legit?

Welcome to Matt’s Marketing Blueprint review. Can you really make money online with this done for you system, or is it all just a big scam?

Here’s what you need to know. This is a very expensive program created by two guys called Matt and Orlando. Their entire business model revolves around the idea of promoting it to others and earning commissions as an affiliate.

That’s why you will probably come across biased reviews and platforms that promote this opportunity without offering any REAL VALUE that you can use in the buy or not decision. 

I want to point out that I’m not connected with Matt, Orlando, or their done for you business in any way or form, so don’t expect a thousand low-quality bonuses as an ethical bribe for joining through my links because there aren’t any.

By the time you’re done here, you will know exactly what this opportunity is all about, without any hype or exaggeration.

Ready? Let’s get started…

Matt’s Marketing Blueprint Review Summary

Product Name: Matt’s Marketing Blueprint

Product Type: High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Training

Product Owners: Matt and Orlando

Product Price: $3,247 – $21,000+

Overall Score: 15/100

Recommended: No!

Summary: By becoming a member of Matt and Orlando’s done for you system, you will get access to a business in a box with your own live website, domain, and hosting.

It also comes with several packages filled with low-quality PLR products on different topics related to making money online and personal development.

In essence, you will be paying for eBooks and video training material that can be found for free or for much cheaper online.

The biggest problem that I have with Matt’s Marketing Blueprint is that you will be taught how to promote OUTDATED private label rights products and sell them to people for way more than they’re actually worth.

You’re basically paying thousands of dollars for the opportunity to rip off others in the hopes of making a few bucks. In my opinion, this is an incredibly unethical and risky investment.

There are other, more ETHICAL, and cost-effective alternatives for people that don’t feel comfortable spending that much money upfront on low-quality products wrapped in a pretty package.

What is Matt’s Marketing Blueprint?

It’s a done for you system designed to create affiliates and teach them how to promote this opportunity to others. Matt and Orlando have done most of the work for you.

All you have to do is pay for ads to get people to see your offers and add all relevant details to your pre-built affiliate websites. For an example of how that looks like you can take a look at The Prosperity Warrior review.

Over there you will find out more about Marc Wilson, one of the active promoters of Matt’s Marketing Blueprint. You will also find undeniable proof about the low quality of the products that you will be promoting and their outdatedness.

Matt and Orlando’s Done For You Business Explained

According to the founders of this system, all you have to do is pay for leads, and they will take care of everything else.

That is true for the most part, but you will end up doing a lot of work yourself. Otherwise, your chances of making money are reduced significantly. Matt and Orlando’s done for you business in a package includes the following things:

– Pre Designed Website
. The layout, call to action, and all relevant forms are included in the design.

– Lead Generation
. All you have to do is pay a fixed fee once a month, and they will send leads to your affiliate website.

– Sales Calls and Closing
. Matt and Orlando have a team of experts that handle the sales calls and prospect closing.

If you rely solely on the done for you features, you have relatively low chances of success. You’re led on to believe that you can make easy money with this system.

That’s why MOST people that end up investing in this business opportunity will end up losing their money, especially if they are new to internet marketing and digital entrepreneurship.

Is Matt’s Marketing Blueprint Legit?

matts marketing blueprint legit or not

The business model is legit. Matt and Orlando teach you how to become profitable with affiliate marketing by promoting their high ticket program.

However, I can’t recommend this as a viable opportunity because the risks are far greater than the potential monetary rewards. 

If the products and services that you were promoting were any good, then maybe I wouldn’t advise against becoming a member of this platform.

The fact that you’re paying for a bunch of PLR products that were created years ago and can be bought for $5 – $30 each is enough on its own not to recommend Matt’s Marketing Blueprint. 

The whole point of doing affiliate marketing is to help connect people with a product or service that they will find useful.

Where’s the value in overpaying for outdated information that can be easily found for much cheaper or even for free by doing a few Google searches or watching a couple of Youtube videos?

Don’t just take my word for it. Here’s a screenshot of Matt and Orlando’s video, where they give a sneak peek into the products that you will get when you buy one of their expensive packages.

matts marketing blueprint suerfire surfing PLR

I did a quick image search on Google and found out that the same exact PLR product, called Surefire Surfing Security is currently being sold on another website for $5.00.

matts marketing blueprint surefire surfing plr product

That’s why I think that investing in this program is a waste of resources. If you want to learn how to start an online business by promoting high-quality products or services and leverage the affiliate marketing business model to actually help people, then you should see this alternative below.

Who Created Matt’s Marketing Blueprint?

matt graham and orlando diaz

Orlando Diaz and Matt Graham are the founders of this program. Throughout the years, they have managed to build a big network of websites that lead people to their main done for you system.

Some of these websites are,, and, which is one of their affiliates promoting the system.

They portray themselves as business coaches that supposedly help people start an online business.

In reality, they just take people’s money and use it to recruit more people into their done for you system by running ads all over the internet and creating more websites to drive traffic to them. 

It’s a win-win for them and a risk for people like you, that are interested in buying Matt’s Marketing Blueprint.

Most of their websites don’t even reveal the program’s name. They all take you through a series of pages, and video content, using every marketing trick in the book to keep you engaged until you finally get to a point where you can schedule a call with a member of their sales team.

That’s when you will be offered to join, but not before they pitch you the idea of getting rich quickly and easily.

What’s Inside Matt’s Marketing Blueprint?

matts marketing blueprint review inside

The content inside the membership area of this program can be broken down into 4 packages. Matt and Orlando refer to them as levels. Let’s breakdown each one to help you understand exactly what is covered inside the PLR product packages inside.

Level 1 – Gold 

Here you will learn about finding the right products to promote, and how to promote anything online.

The owners of this program have done a very good job at collecting eBooks and training videos from all over the internet and wrapping them up into shiny-looking packages only to sell them for large sums.

Level 2 – Platinum

The Platinum membership offers everything from Gold plus some additional PLR products. It costs $7,447 to get access to this package and everything that’s inside.

If you really want to get your hands on the content inside, you can just go to websites like IDPLR and you will be able to find a ton of material that’s of the same quality but much cheaper than what you’d pay over at Matt’s Marketing Blueprint.

Level 3 – Diamond 

You will get everything mentioned so far, including some training on list building, creating sales letters, videos and you will learn about various marketing tactics that no longer work as well as they used to years ago.

The real advantage of this program is the ability to promote it to others, which will allow you to earn high ticket commissions as an affiliate.

If you don’t mind spending thousands of dollars for buying this membership and even more on traffic (web users), then you may benefit from your purchase.

You only need to convince a handful of people to buy these overpriced packages to make a decent profit from your investment.

Level 4 – Royal

This package costs more than $20K. You will be strongly encouraged to get it because it’s the most expensive of them all. It has about 43 PLR products in total and allows you to earn 75% for each membership that you manage to sell.

How Much Does Matt’s Marketing Blueprint Cost?

The most amount of money that you can end up spending is on the Royal membership. It costs a whopping $21,847. The Diamond membership is priced at $14,647, Platinum comes with a price tag of $7,447, and Gold is $3,247.

That’s excluding all the extra cash that you will have to spend on paid ads every month ($1,000 – $3,000 or more). 

What I Like About Matt’s Marketing Blueprint

matts marketing blueprint pros vs cons

1. Done For You Features. That’s the only thing that I like about this program. If you don’t have any free time whatsoever and prefer to pay a bunch of money to get someone else to run your online business for you, this is as close as it gets.

You have to remember that the risk is HUGE, and if you end up losing your investments, you shouldn’t be surprised. These types of services are not new to the online world. Done For You by Just One Dime is one of the many programs that offer complete automation of your business.

What I Don’t Like About Matt’s Marketing Blueprint

1. You Take On All The Risk. You will have to invest each month and let the sales team inside this program do all the work for you. In other words, if they manage to make any sales with your money, you all share the profits, but if they don’t get a positive ROI (return on investment) ONLY you lose.

2. You Are Promoting Low-Quality Products. I took a really good look at the products that come with each membership level, and in all honesty, I would hesitate to give some of them away for free, let alone charge people for getting access to them.

3. They Make It Look Way Easier Than It is. The entire program is presented in a way that makes it seem like all you have to do is keep pouring money into it, and you will be successful.

4. The Only Way to Make Money is By Promoting Matt and Orlando’s Done For You System. If the program had any REAL VALUE whatsoever, I would not classify this trait as a bad thing.

My Recommendation

You should look at this opportunity realistically. We all want to make a lot of money without putting in any effort or work into it, which is exactly why programs like this one get people hooked up.

They tell you what you want to hear so that you can give away your hard-earned money without thinking too much about it.

In reality, some of those that buy into Matt’s Marketing Blueprint will probably end up being profitable, but the majority of people won’t. The owners of this system don’t care if you succeed or not because they win either way. If you pay and fail, you can’t get a refund.

The only reason why Matt and Orlando have products that they sell with their done for you business in a box is because it’s illegal to promote any opportunity that pays people solely for recruiting others, without offering products in return for people’s money.

In this case, the products are a bunch of low-quality, outdated PLR eBooks and training videos gathered from all over the internet.

Affiliate marketing is a great way to create a profitable online business, and it doesn’t have to cost thousands of dollars to get started. In fact, this model has one of the lowest start-up costs, which makes it ideal for beginners and people with no experience online. 

You can learn how to do it ethically and without the risks that come along with getting involved in Matt and Orlando’s done for you business.

If that sounds interesting, then you should see how people are banking profits using a simple yet incredibly effective blueprint that most ignore and lose out on that opportunity forever. 

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