Freelancing Genius Review – Is Alicia Lyttle a Scam?

Welcome to my Freelancing Genius review. Is this just another scam or can Alicia Lyttle really teach you how to become a successful freelancer? In her course, Alicia claims to teach you how to kickstart your online business in as much as 3 days or less.

Here’s what you need to know about this training program. It has an affiliate commission structure in place, which means that it can be easy to come across biased reviews that praise Freelancing Genius like it’s the best thing that ever happened on the internet. 

I want to be completely transparent by letting you know that I’m affiliated with this Freelance training program.

However, I’m not going to pitch or sell anything to you. Instead, I will show you what’s really behind Freelancing Genius without all the fluff and exaggerations, so that you can make an educated decision if this is the right training program for you or not.

Ready? Let’s get started…

Freelancing Genius Review Summary

Product Name: Freelancing Genius

Product Owner: Alicia Lyttle

Product Price: $47/Month Or $359/Year

Overall Score: 45/100

Recommended: Not Really!

Summary: Freelancing Genius is a freelance training course that can teach people how to get started with the freelance model and identify all the high in demand job opportunities that are online right now.

Freelancing in general is a very competitive space, so in order to gain access to all the really good jobs, and learn how to turn that into a side income business, you would need to set up an authoritative presence online that will make employers WANT to hire you.

In order to do that, you need to learn the ropes of how it all works, and most importantly, you need to learn how to stand out from all your competitors online.

This opportunity can ensure that you make some decent side income online and as you go through the training inside Freelancing Genius you will learn what it takes to become a successful freelancer.

The thing that I don’t like about it is the fact that you will learn a ton of DIFFERENT methods and ways to make money online. This may sound like a good thing, but in some cases, it’s not, and here’s why.

By learning all these different things, you don’t really get to focus on ONE, which means that it becomes that much harder to become a master in that specific area.

Juggling multiple different things at once, and trying to master multiple different skills at the same can prove to be challenging, and way more difficult than it needs to be.

This can definitely get a lot of people to reconsider getting involved with Freelancing Genius in the first place, but that’s just my own personal opinion.

You can definitely learn some valuable things inside this membership program, however, I do believe that there are other, better alternatives to creating a full-time business online as a beginner.

What is Freelancing Genius?

Freelancing Genius is a monthly subscription-based digital training platform that can teach people the skills to becoming a freelancer, and get paid for that.

The course was created by Alicia Lyttle, and it provides a bunch of different skills that online business owners are looking to outsource such as Search Engine Optimization, Blogging, Graphics Design, and more.

There is a wide range of different things that you can learn and add to your portfolio of digital skills. A couple of other freelance training programs are My Freelance Paycheck, and Smart Crowd.

There’s definitely a lot of different things and skills that people are looking to outsource, and some can even be as simple as posting on social media for a consistent period of time, on behalf of someone.

This obviously means that you will not get paid as much for doing that as you would for writing blog posts on a daily basis for someone’s website.

In other words, the amount of money that you can realistically expect to earn varies a lot and is entirely dependant on the kind of special skills that you’re willing to learn and implement successfully. 

This is not a get rich quick scheme either, so don’t expect to just start making tons of money as soon as you join this program. In order to be successful you will have to put in lots of hard work, and effort, especially if you’re new to this.

Just like anything else that’s worth having, you will have to go through a learning curve of sorts, in order to learn how it all comes together. This applies to freelance and every other online business model that’s out there such as affiliate marketing, etc.

If you’re prepared for that, then you can dive straight into Alicia Lyttle’s training platform, and learn how to create your own successful online business and launch it in 3 days or less.

Is Freelancing Genius a Scam?

freelancing genius review legit or not

Freelancing Genius by Alicia Lyttle is definitely not a scam, and people can learn a lot of valuable information about making money online and creating a successful online business.

In her training platform, Alicia Lyttle can show you a lot of different skills that you can master in order to successfully earn money by completing jobs related to these skills in a professional manner. 

There are lots of different things that you can learn over there, which means that some of them you won’t ever use, for one reason or another.

This is where people would usually ask questions such as, “Why should I pay for something that I’m not even using” especially if you’re only interested in learning one or two SPECIFIC things.

In that case, you can always cancel your subscription, which removes your access from Freelancing Genius, and you won’t be charged from them anymore.

This platform is being promoted on the ClickBank marketplace, which means that it’s backed up by a big affiliate/vendor network that ensures your safety when it comes to purchasing stuff from them.

It’s important to understand that even though you will be completing jobs for other businesses, you will not be their employer or anything like that.

Freelancing Genius by Alicia Lyttle promotes a way of creating your own online business that includes different services for other online entities.

The whole idea behind this platform is for its members to work for themselves, and be their own boss, setting their own hours, workload, etc.

Is Alicia Lyttle a Scam?

freelancing genius review alicia lyttle

Alicia Lyttle is a legit business owner, not a scam. She is an international speaker, that has helped a lot of people in creating an online business for themselves and live the laptop lifestyle.

With over 20 years of experience in the digital world, she definitely knows a thing or two about making money online.

Does that mean that you can learn something from her training courses? Definitely, but it does not guarantee that you will be successful, and here’s why.

Alicia Lyttle is a successful freelancer, and throughout her digital career, she has generated millions of dollars online, and some of that revenue is due to her freelance business.

She also loves sharing her knowledge and information with others, which is why there are courses and platforms out there that teach people how to become successful freelancers created by Alicia.

The business model in itself is very particular, and specific, which means that it’s NOT for everyone.

With that said, it’s important to understand that even though Alicia Lyttle is not a scam, not everyone that joins her membership program is going to become profitable. 

The freelance business model is incredibly competitive, and if you’re not comfortable with chasing down potential clients that are willing to outsource their work to you, you may find it difficult to make something out of it.

This applies especially, if you are a beginner, with no digital presence, or no prior experience that you can potentially show to your clients.

Getting rejected is probably something that you will have to get used to, and if you’re not up for it, then maybe you should reconsider getting involved with Alicia Lyttle’s training courses in the first place.

What’s Inside Freelancing Genius

Freelancing Genius comes with a wide range of different things that you can explore inside the platform, like all the training series, monthly masterclasses, challenges, and more. Let’s do a full breakdown of everything that you can get within your membership.

Freelancing 101

This is a training that will cover all the basic essentials that you should know about Freelancing and how it all works. In order to become good at something, the first thing is to learn EVERYTHING about it.

Since you can’t really do that with one training video, especially if you don’t know anything about the topic, it’s important to take your time, and get familiar with the basics first.

This is what will help you build a successful foundation from the get-go, without going through a trial and error process, you can implement something that is already working.

Jump Start Training

This is an introduction video that will show you how to navigate inside the Freelancing Genius platform, and how to get started with each program.

You will learn what each different training program represents, and what will be covered there, explained in a brief manner.

By going through the jump start training tutorial, you can get an even better understanding of what you can learn inside, and how to take advantage of that.

Design Masterclass

Interested in Graphic Design? With this particular training, you will learn how to create great graphic designs for social media platforms, like Instagram or Facebook.

You will be introduced to a free tool called Canva. Over there you can get everything that you need to create beautiful graphic designs for ebook covers, posts, etc.

Canva is a really useful tool, that you can use completely free of charge, and even though it has some restrictions, it is entirely possible to create beautiful designs without paying anything for it.

It’s the one that I’m using for my own projects, and I’m using the free version, which has everything that I need.

Design Masterclass Advanced

Once you go through the Design Masterclass and cover all the basics of Graphic Design, it’s time to learn all the advanced stuff.

In this training, you will get familiar with all the advanced strategies and techniques, that you can implement to increase your profit potential.

By going through the Design Masterclass series, you can equip yourself with a new skill in graphic design that you can now use to make money online with your own online business.

Get Paid To Type

This is a training course that shows you how to convert audio files into transcripts and get paid for it.

It is a step by step tutorial that shows you exactly how you can take advantage of this in-demand skill, and use it to earn money online.

You will get introduced with all the tools, and resources that you need in order to successfully transcripts audio files.

There are many online companies that are willing to pay for this kind of work, however, the requirements are big, so you need to be a really good, and fast typer.

It’s definitely a skill that takes time, effort, and practice to master, so if you’re not that good at it in the beginning, don’t worry too much about it.

If you’re serious enough about becoming a successful freelancer then you should get to learn all of the necessary skills that are required in order to achieve that goal, right?

Get Paid To Make Calls

If typing is not your thing, and you would prefer to make phone calls and get paid for that instead, then this video training can help you learn how to do just that.

You can learn how to make phone calls on behalf of businesses, and get paid for it. This type of work is on demand right now, so if you learn how to successfully present yourself as a potential person who can do that kind of work, in an effective and professional way, then you can get a lot of clients.

The way that I see it, the most difficult part will be at the beginning. If you don’t have a proven track record of completing similar work before, then online businesses can be hesitant in getting you on board with them, which means that it’s probably not going to be easy at first.

Once you land your first few clients, then it becomes easier, especially if you do a really good job, and you get a recommendation from the businesses that you’ve done work within the past. 

SEO Blog Optimization

Knowing how to properly optimize a blog post for the search engines is a great skill to have. It’s something that can bring traffic (web visitors) to online businesses.

Learning how to do search engine optimization and ranking blog posts is something that many people are doing right now, and have turned that into a successful online business on its own.

There are tons of SEO agencies, and even if you’re not a 50 man team that can complete a ton of work at once, starting out by learning how to do SEO blog optimization can definitely be worth your time.

SEO Press Release & Article Writing

With this training, you will learn how to write blog articles, and SEO optimized content, in the most effective ways possible.

By learning how to write high-quality content, and implementing all the search engine optimization skills that you’ve acquired, you can create a successful online business with that.

There are many website owners looking for content writers, so the demand for this kind of skill is really big. 

Blogging, Website Building and Affiliate Marketing

Blogging, website building, and affiliate marketing are things that work really well together. By creating a website, you’re establishing an online presence, with a digital asset that you own.

This is the first step for this particular business model to work. The next step is to attract traffic (web visitors) to that website, which can be achieved by writing blog posts and getting them ranked on search engines like Google.

When people look up something on the search engines, if it’s related to the content of any of your blog posts, they will see it ranked within the first results.

That’s the ideal scenario, and when it happens, people will start clicking on your blog posts, and land on your website.

The next step is to monetize all that traffic that is coming to your website by implementing affiliate marketing.

That’s when you promote products and services that are not your own, and when people buy, you earn a percentage of the profits in the form of commissions.

It’s that simple, and you don’t need a product of your own, plus there’s no hard selling involved, so you don’t have to chase down people for their money.

If that sounds interesting, then you should see the platform that I used to create an online business, that’s focused only on generating passive income online using that particular business model.

Learn more, here.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is something that a lot of businesses are looking to outsource.

Many companies are searching far and wide for great social media managers, and are willing to pay good money for it.

By learning how to be a successful social media marketing manager, you can potentially get to work with lots of different companies that are looking for the exact skills that you have.

Voice Acting Online

This is one of the bonuses that you will get alongside everything else that comes with the Freelancing Genius membership.

It’s a step by step training that covers how to use your voice for user testimonials, videos, and more.

You will learn where to look for gigs, and how to find companies, and people that are looking to hire voiceover actors, and things of that nature.

Private Facebook Group Access

This is the second bonus that you will be getting with Freelancing Genius, and it’s pretty self-explanatory.

Once you become a member of this training platform, you will get instant access to the members-only private Facebook group.

Over there you can mingle with other members, network with them, and participate in discussions, or things like that. 

The Resource Room

The last bonus that you will get here is the resource room. This is a place where you can get access to all the resources, and tools that you will need.

There’s a variety of resources that you can use, and each one compliments different aspects or business models that the training inside Freelancing Genius covers. 

Monthly Q&A Sessions

Once a month, you will get to see Alicia Lyttle or her sister Lorette Lyttle. This is a live session, so if you have any questions that you want to personally ask them, this is the place to do it. 

Freelancing Genius Pricing and Refunds

The price tag for joining Freelancing Genius is $47/Month or $359/Year. The yearly price tag is considerably cheaper in the long run, but it’s only recommended for those that are serious about making money online, and find that this platform can help them achieve that, using any of the methods taught inside.

Just to be on the safe side, Alicia Lyttle has set up a 14-day refund policy in place. This means that you can ask for your money back, within two weeks of your first monthly payment for Freelancing Genius.

This means that you can safely try things out, and see if you can find anything that’s a good fit, without worrying too much about wasting your money.

That’s because if you end up not liking the platform, you can request a refund, and you will get your money back as long as it’s within the given time frame.

What I Like About Freelancing Genius

freelancing genius review pros vs cons

1. It Can Be a Good Starting Point. If you’ve never made any money online, and you’re looking for ways to change that, then Freelancing Genius may be what you’re looking for.

That’s because there’s a wide variety of different business models or digital skills that you can learn. By getting familiar with all these things, you can successfully create a decision on what path to choose, that you think is going to be most rewarding.

2. Alicia Lyttle is Not a Scam. She is a REAL digital business owner, that has helped many people change their lives, and make money from the comforts of their own home.

This is a good thing because it brings a lot of credibility to the product or service that’s being offered.

In this case, that’s Freelancing Genius, and when it’s being presented by a legit person with much success online, it’s definitely safe to say that many potential members of the platform, are going to feel way more comfortable in spending their money with someone that they know.

3. There’s a Refund Policy.
The money-back-guarantee ensures buyers that this is a platform designed to help people, not take their money and run away. This is why anyone can safely test drive Freelancing Genius, without worrying that if they don’t like it, they will lose their money. 

What I Don’t Like About Freelancing Genius

1. Freelancing is Competitive. Many of the skills that you will get to learn inside Freelancing Genius are of very high demand, but at the same, there are many others who are trying to land these gigs themselves.

Some have been around for years, and they have already established an authoritative presence. It can be really hard to compete against these people, but it’s not impossible. It only means that it can take you more time to become profitable.

2. It’s a Slow Process.
Most of these skills that you will be learning about require a lot of practice, time, and patience to master.

The only way of ever getting a chance to make something out of this is by becoming really good at any of these in-demand skills that I covered already.

Getting to that point will take time, so it’s reasonably normal to expect NOT to be profitable in the first few months (at least).

3. It’s Not Focused on One Thing. The training inside Freelancing Genius is spread out, showing you different business models, or skills that you can learn like, graphic design.

These are all different things, and covering each and every single one in detail, from A to Z requires a lot of content, and not everything is inside this program.

Yes, you will get familiarized with a lot of different ways to make money online that are currently in demand, and people pay good money for them, but you won’t go into the finer details for each one, and that’s because there are just too many things being covered here at once.

If it was a platform that teaches how to create an online business with affiliate marketing and blogging ONLY, then everything inside would be pretty specific and focused, right?

Success is hidden within the finer details, and if you only scratch the surface with some of these ways of generating revenue, you won’t be able to truly be considered as an expert in anything, which is not a good thing.

In my opinion, it’s better to be really great at ONE thing, than knowing all the basic stuff about ten different things, without being able to dive deep into any of them.

Do I Recommend Freelancing Genius?

Not really and here’s why. Freelancing Genius is a training platform created by Alicia Lyttle, and it’s also not a scam.

It’s important to understand this training platform has a lot of different things that you can learn inside, so if you’re new to all of this, this can give you different options that you can explore, and potentially choose on what you will implement into your own online business.

The problem is that when you find a particular business model or a skill that you want to master and go through all the basic training that shows you how to start, you will have to start looking at other, more in-depth training resources at some point, especially if you want to scale your online business. 

I think that it’s way better to find a platform that can teach you how to do ONE thing, but do it at an excellent performance level, so that you become an expert, and learn the ins and outs.

If you want to learn how to create a successful passive income business online, leveraging the search engines, and focusing solely on that, then I encourage you to see how these people are banking profits using a simple blueprint.

So many people neglect it, and lose out on that opportunity forever, just because they overestimate the power of affiliate marketing. 

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