Digital Prosperity Movement Review – Is DPM Legit?


Welcome to my Digital Prosperity Movement review. Have you been approached by a representative of this MLM, saying how it can change your life?

Apparently, you can create an online business and live the laptop lifestyle by becoming your own boss. Is all of this even legit, or are they trying to scam you out of your hard-earned money?

Here’s what you need to know. In its essence, Digital Prosperity Movement (DPM) is all about teaching people how to promote this business model to others, which means that you will definitely come across biased and one-sided reviews, ads, and videos.

Let me point out that I’m not affiliated with this company in any way or form, so I won’t be praising it like it’s the best thing that ever happened on the internet. Instead, I’m here to tell you my UNBIASED and transparent opinion about this ”business opportunity”.

After spending countless hours researching and trying to figure what’s really behind this offer that sounds and looks way too good to be true, here’s what I was able to dig up.

It’s definitely NOT what it appears to be. By the time you’re done here, you will have a better understanding of this business model and what it can really do for you, without all the fluff and exaggerations.

Ready? Let’s get started…

Digital Prosperity Movement Review

Product Name: Digital Prosperity Movement

Product Owner: Nate Wells & Many Others

Product Type: MLM

Product Price: £77 – £6,000 (UK) Or $97 – $8,000 (US)

Overall Score: 30/100

Recommended: No!

Summary: Digital Prosperity Movement is a Multi-Level Marketing company that offers a series of educational and training materials that can teach you about running paid traffic (web users) and sales funnels.

The front end price starts at £77. This will give you access to the training, and the community inside DPM.

Then, you can start promoting the Digital Prosperity Movement to others by running paid ads on Facebook and other social media platforms, which means that you have to spend money on a regular basis.

The catch here is that in order to do that, you need to have a distributor’s license which starts at £600.

In the meantime, you will be encouraged to upgrade by paying up to £6,000+ to get access to more perks, and bonuses.

If you are already good at selling things online and don’t mind being constantly ”reminded” that you can pay more money into the platform, then maybe you can benefit from Digital Prosperity Movement.

However, in my opinion, there are other, cost-effective alternatives that won’t try to squeeze you dry like a lemon, way more suitable for beginners and those that don’t want to risk losing a lot of money.

What is Digital Prosperity Movement?

DPM is a multi-level marketing company that’s designed to help you create a sales page or a funnel that siphons its visitors onto the business opportunity, which sounds to me a lot like a pyramid scheme.

By the looks of it, Digital Prosperity Movement is heavily focused on getting its members to recruit other people into the program.

There is a way to sell actual products, but it’s going to cost you thousands to get started. This means that the majority of people are making their money by simply promoting this business to others, which requires that you unlock your license and that costs hundreds.

Digital Prosperity Movement is affiliated with another MLM called Enagic, but most people that are promoting it don’t even realize that because the entire structure of this business model is done in a very shady way.

The only way for members of DPM to access the opportunity to sell physical products in the form of water ionizing machines is by purchasing the so-called ”trifecta” which includes the water machine, and a few other additional things.

These water purifying machines can also be sold through a very similar company to DPM called Affiliate Institute.

If you think that you can get people to buy water machines for upwards of £6,000, then you are probably one of the very few people that will actually make any money online with Digital Prosperity Movement by selling physical products.

Is Digital Prosperity Movement a Scam?

is digital prosperity movement legit or not

Technically no, it’s not a scam, because you will get something in exchange for your money, which is a digital training course teaching you how to run paid ads and things like that.

The problem is that the training academy inside is focused on getting you to recruit more people into the program, which makes the legitimacy of the entire program questionable.

The multi-level marketing aspect of it comes in the form of two levels. In other words, you can earn more from the efforts of those that you recruit, but that’s it.

Most MLM’s go deeper than that, by letting you earn from the efforts of the people that your people recruit and so on. Oriflame is one of the many examples. Over there, you can get up to 25 people in your downline.

It’s important to understand that most people that get involved with this or any other ”how to” information course and training program will get little to no results, and that’s especially true for MLM’s.

That’s not me saying it, it’s a disclaimer on one of the MANY websites that are promoting this business opportunity.

While doing my research, I managed to find a bunch of different websites, with different domain names, and almost identical sales pages, promoting Digital Prosperity Movement, which only proves my point that the majority of people that get involved with this MLM program end up promoting it.

digital prosperity movement copy

As you can see, these websites aren’t 100% alike, but there are some subtle similarities between them that clearly outline a connection. Here’s a screenshot of a couple more websites that are promoting DPM, as an opportunity to make money online with social media.

digital prosperity movement loookalike

Who Created Digital Prosperity Movement?

Some time ago, a large group of people that were previously part of an MLM company called CEO Movement, decided to create their own company that’s a lookalike of their previous involvement.

That’s when Digital Prosperity Movement and other companies emerged under different names like Digital Freedom Movement or Level Up Your Life in Lockdown. 

There are conflicting opinions that they are all rebranded versions of one another, but whether it’s true or not remains undetermined.

One thing is obvious, which is the fact that there is an obvious connection between all of these MLM companies.

They are very similar to each other, and by the looks of it, they may have been created by the same group of people. Nate Wells is one of the many founding members, but he is definitely NOT the only one.

What’s Inside Digital Prosperity Movement?

Inside DPM you can get access to a number of things. Here’s a breakdown of everything that’s available for you, as soon as you pay the initial front end price.

Digital Marketing and Sales Training Academy

This is a training program that’s focused on teaching you all about sales funnels, and how to set up Facebook ad campaigns. You will be learning how to drive traffic through social media, including Instagram.

The Sales Training Academy will cover how to build your own website, and get it to look like all the other ones that are promoting this product.

Automated Online Sales System

You will learn how to create and automate your entire sales system in a set it and forget it kind of manner. The training goes in-depth into showing you everything that you need to take care of the automation for you.

Of course, not everything can be fully automated, which means that you will still have to spend some time every day to make this work for you.

Global Facebook Community

This is a private group, where all other members of Digital Prosperity Movement hang out, discuss ideas, and get help if they can. It’s also the place where people publish their success stories.

Weekly Live Training Sessions

Every week, the members of DPM can get together in a virtual event. Over there, they will get to listen to more experienced people talk about their success with this MLM program, and how to get to where they are. This event gives people the chance to ask questions and get answers to them.

30 Minute One on One Coaching Call

It’s important to attend this call, and even though it’s not mandatory, it can serve you well in a few different ways.

One of them is that the business expert that will talk to you can give you a clear path of what’s needed to succeed, and the other one has to do with getting your refund if you were to request one.

Since you will be talking with a salesperson that has an agenda to get you excited and hyped up about joining, it’s important to understand that not everything that they will say to you will be exactly as it is.

1 On 1 Mentorship

You will be able to get access to the person that has recruited you into the system. They will be your personal mentor, and if they are willing to spend time to show you the ropes, they will do it.

Since they will want to retain you as a customer, odds are that you will get into contact with your mentor frequently.

How Much Does Digital Prosperity Movement Cost?

The price of DPM’s training is £77. However, you will be restricted with what you can do. You only have access to the training, and the private Facebook group, which means that if you want to make money with Digital Prosperity Movement, you need to pay for a distributor’s license.

There are a few levels of membership that will allow you to promote this program as your own, and the lowest cost starts at £600. It is possible to go as high as £6,000 or more, but that is if you want to sell the water machines. In order to be able to do that, you need to buy at least one of these for yourself, and they cost a lot.

Can You Get a Digital Prosperity Movement Refund?

Yes, you can as long as it’s within 14 days of your initial purchase, and as long as you have gone through the 1 on 1 coaching call with one of the sales representatives.

Everything is outlined in their refund policy. You also have to go through all the training videos in module one of Digital Prosperity Movement’s training and complete a questionnaire.

Once you’ve done all of that, then you should send proof by replying to one of the emails that you should have received from your personal coach.

If you don’t see it anywhere do not fret. According to ex-members of DPM, it’s entirely possible to get the virtual receipt of your payment in the spam folder, so remember to check if it’s there.

What I Like About Digital Prosperity Movement

digital prosperity movement review pros vs cons

1. You Will Learn Traffic Generation Skills. If you are a newbie, then you will probably learn a thing or two about running paid ads on Facebook and Instagram with the training that’s provided.

2. You Can Get a Refund. Remember that it’s an ”action based” money-back guarantee, which means that you need to complete a few things prior to you getting that refund.

What I Don’t Like About Digital Prosperity Movement

1. You Don’t Find Out About The Additional Expenses Until You Buy. Many people can be left with the wrong impression that paying the initial front end fee is everything that you have to spend money on, but that’s definitely not the case.

2. It’s Focused On Promoting This Business To Others. This is something that I don’t really like about Digital Prosperity Movement. It’s okay to have an aspect of the training that is focused on promoting the program, but if this is the main thing that you will be learning, it doesn’t look credible to me.

3. It Cost’s Way Too Much
. If you want to become an active distributor, you need to spend thousands of pounds in order to have the chance to make any money with DPM. 

4. It’s Not For Beginners. The shady practices inside and all the coaches can easily mislead a beginner into thinking that they are almost guaranteed success as long as they spend a ton of money upfront. That’s definitely not the case with this or any other MLM that’s out there.

My Recommendation

The only people that I can recommend Digital Prosperity Movement to are those that are already good at selling things online, or offline.

If you have these skills, then you can probably earn a decent amount of money with this company.

The training inside can teach beginners some useful things about running paid ads, but the recruitment marketing is too much, and they can easily be misled into making big investments without thinking too much about it. In my opinion, that’s the last thing that a beginner should do. 

There are other ways to start a profitable online business, without the risk of losing a lot of money upfront. My recommendation involves a simple blueprint that so many people are neglecting right now and they lose out because of that. Don’t be most people.

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