Is Oriflame a Scam?

Is Oriflame a scam that we should be avoiding or a legit opportunity to make money online?

This is a multi level marketing company with their own cosmetics product line.

The business opportunity that you arre presented with here is that you can freely promote, and sell these products and earn a percentage of the profits in the form of commissions.

Simple enough, right? 

Well, all of that does come with its attachments, and it takes certain kinds of people to be successful at promoting and selling MLM products. 

Let me point out that I’m not affiliated with Oriflame in any way whatsoever, so I won’t be trying to sell you on the idea of how great of a company this is. 

Instead, I’m here to show you exactly what you will be getting, how much can you realistically earn, and more.

I’ve done the research so you don’t have to.

Ready? Let’s get started…

Oriflame Review Summary

Product Name: Oriflame

Product Type: Multi Level Marketing Company

Product Founders: Jonas Jochnick and Robert Jochnick

Product Price: $20 – $50+

Overall Score: 50/100

Recommended: Not For Everyone!

Summary: Oriflame is a multi-level marketing company that sells beauty products. It’s a well-known company and people from across the world are familiar with it.

It’s been around for a long time so the credibility is there, and it’s clear that Oriflame has passed the test of time, which means that they are here to stay.

Does that mean that you can benefit from this MLM company?

The business model is fairly simple, you will get a done for you digital store, where you can get people to buy products from Oriflame’s product line, and earn commissions from that.

You can also invite others into the system, and increase your downline, which can unlock even more earning opportunities from your referrals.

The truth is that the majority of Oriflame partners end up losing more money than they earn, which can be a bummer.

If you’re not experienced with recruiting others or making money online in general, then maybe you should consider taking a different approach that is less risky, and more rewarding.

What is Oriflame?

Oriflame is a global multi-level marketing company that does business all over the world.

There are members, and brand partners from everywhere, which means that it’s perfectly normal if you’ve heard of Oriflame before.

The company originates from Sweden, and it was founded way back in 1976 by Jonas and Robert Jochnik.

According to them, Oriflame launched their first website in 1997, and over the years they have proven to dominate the beauty space with their high product quality and customer satisfaction rates. 

There are millions of people promoting this MLM business opportunity as a recruiter or a product distributor in over 60 different countries.

Ever since day one, Oriflame is operating with the idea to present something truly unique, and unmatched in the beauty industry. Over the years, they have managed to do just that, which is a lot of hard work by itself.

Their first breakthrough achievement was with a product called NovAge. After it’s launched, it became quickly recognized as a really great product, and many people were left incredibly happy with their purchase.

This made the product even more popular as word of mouth can sometimes be an extremely great form of getting new customers, and the only way to do that is by providing an exceptional product.

A few years after that, Oriflame came out with their very own world class-leading lab facility for research, development, and perfection.

In a nutshell, this is a legit business opportunity with great product quality that most people love.

This is a really good thing because if you’re promoting a brand that’s already been proven over the years it can be way easier to generate sales. If that’s the case, then why is it that most people end up NOT making any real money with this MLM?

This can be easily accredited to the fact that most MLM’s are really hard to break into, and become profitable unless you get some “help from the inside”.

Many recruiters present these kinds of opportunities as something they’re not, and they often end up misleading potential clients into buying into the idea that making money with MLM is easy, and that even newbies can do it.

While this may be true to an extent, the thing is that it can be way harder for beginners, which is why almost all of the new members that are first-timers in the industry, end up failing, and not making any money.

Is Oriflame a Scam?

is oriflame a scam legit or not

No, Oriflame is NOT a scam, and many people have created a sustainable income with this particular online business model.

Does that mean that anyone can be profitable? Not really, and the reason is because the REAL money lies in the recruitment of others into the system.

This means that even if you’re good at distributing, and selling beauty products, your earnings potential will be limited.

The only way to take full advantage of this business model is if you started to create your downline of referrals.

Each person that joins the program through your referral link, will be treated as someone in your downline. This means that you can earn from their efforts, and the more people you end up inviting, the more money you will be making.

That’s why you can see a lot of recruiters that try to push Oriflame or any other MLM company, like Amway By presenting this as the most incredible thing that ever happened on the internet.

Even if you were negatively affected by some of this MLM’s promoters, then you should know that some of them have no sense of what’s ethical, and they can do whatever they can do land that sale.

I’m not saying that everyone is like that, but there is a tendency that these kinds of “recruiters” emerge from MLM companies.

With that said, if you’re just getting started with making money online, and have no clue how to sell things to others online, then you should take action on this alternative below.

Oriflame Product Line

is oriflame a scam product line

Given the fact that Oriflame is a beauty and skincare company, it’s only natural to expect products of that nature being created by that company. Their moisturizers and cleansing products are amongst the most commonly purchased by consumers and clients.

That’s not the only product that you can see within Oriflame’s product line. You can expect to come across things like shower products, makeup products, beauty accessories, and more.

Since they have a research facility at their disposal, this has allowed them to diversify their product range to appeal to a broader audience. They even have men products in order to attract more male customers.

This in turn has proven to be beneficial for the company as their overall net revenue keeps increasing year after year. Let’s take a closer look at some of their product categories.

Skin Care

Some of their most popular items that are being actively sold to customers in the skin care section include Revitalizing Body Cleanser, and their bath & body tools like the Walnut Exfoliating Sponge.

Some additional Oriflame’s skin care products include eye creams, eye treatments, and eye make up removal kits.

There’s also sun protection creams, men’s shaving, and grooming tools. All of these products come from brands like NovAge, Love Nature, Royal Velvet, and more.


Oriflame’s makeup product line consists of face makeup, eye makeup, lips products like lipstick, lip gloss, and more.

You can see some nail care products like nail polish, polish remover, makeup tools, and more.

All of these products come from well-known brands like The One, Giordani Gold, OnColour, and more.


These include women’s perfume, body moisturizers, deodorants, and antiperspirants.

Also included are men’s body moisturizers, deodorants, and perfumes. They all come from brands like Eclat, Giordani Gold, Giordani Man, and more.

Hair Care

Oriflame’s hair care products include a wide range of items such as man and women shampoo, conditioner, styling products, hair treatments, hairbrushes, and combs. They come from brands like HairX, Love Nature, Milk & Honey Gold, Eleo, and more.


Amongst the many things that you can get from Oriflame, are a bunch of products like, earrings, rings, bracelets, and all sorts of other jewelry. Apart from that, there’s also bags, purses, sunglasses, scarves, and more.


There’s a range of wellness products being offered by Oriflame, and they include things like supplements, foods, daily routines for kids and grownups alike. 

As you can see there’s a strong variety of the products that you can potentially sell to customers, which means that you can appeal to a lot more people that way.

Oriflame Compensation Plan

Think about the fact that most Oriflame products that are being sold and distributed are not really that expensive compared to some of the traditional products within the beauty niche.

This can definitely be considered an advantage because making sales will be that much easier to do (in theory at least).

As a distributor, you will get between 20% – 30% for each product that you manage to sell, which is not that bad all things considered.

Since Oriflame is an MLM company, this means that the compensation plan comes with a lot of variety, and there are many different ways that you can earn from them.

It’s important to understand that most include inviting others into the program and getting others to do the same, which makes you able to earn a percentage of the net profit of your referrals and the ones that they invite.

This process keeps going down levels deep until you get up to 25 people in your downline.

I mentioned earlier that the real money lies within the recruitment part of Oriflame, hence the strong emphasis on it.

You will be encouraged to recruit 5 others and get them to start inviting others into the program.

You can recruit a set number of people in your downline, and everyone will be earning from each other’s efforts, while you will be earning the most because your profits come from all 25 people.

When you start off with Oriflame, you will be inside someone’s downline, which means that they will be earning a bit from your efforts as well.

This is how most multi-level marketing companies operate, which is why it’s called that way. It operates on multiple levels.

How Much Can You Make With Oriflame?

While no one can tell you with certainty the exact amount of money that you will be able to make with Oriflame, I can let you know what the average payout for registered, active users of this company was in 2018.

It was between €406 & €419.

Statistics show that most people will end up losing more money than they make. The multi-level marketing field is extremely competitive, and most people that profit out of similar programs are the ones that jump in early on or those that actually know how to recruit more people. 

If you’re not good at that or selling Oriflame’s product line, then you should expect to operate at a loss initially, because you will have to keep a monthly membership fee to keep your active status.

Alongside that fee, you will get product packs, associated with the kit that you decide to buy. 

What I Like About Oriflame

is oriflame a scam pros vs cons

1. Oriflame is Reliable. Not only has Oriflame been around for decades, but it’s also a proven company that sells high-quality products to its customers.

This is definitely a good thing because as a distributor or promoter of this company, it’s way more beneficial, rewarding, and helpful for others to get offered something truly valuable. 

2. State Of The Art Technology
. Oriflame has research labs all over the world, and hundreds of people and scientists that contribute to the creation of innovative, new products that will preserve the quality of all the rest. 

3. Wide Range Of Products
. This is beneficial both for vendors, and customers because they can choose multiple products.

This can give distributors the opportunity to make even more money by making sure that the customer knows about all the additional products that Oriflame has to offer.

3. Normal Product Prices.
This is something that can be rarely seen with MLM companies. Usually, the products that they offer will be more expensive than what’s considered average pricing in the respective niche.

In this case, there is no rise in pricing. Some people may think that this is a lost opportunity to make more money from each sale, but I think that this levels the fields a bit, making these products more appealing to potential customers.

4. Occasional Training Resources. By occasional, I mean that from time to time, Oriflame will organize some meetups, social events, and the training that’s available for all distributors and consultants.

There’s a training academy that shows you how to operate within your own digital Oriflame store. There are a few modules available, and they can get you familiarized with all the products that this MLM company has to offer.

5. You Are Going To Get Your Own Ecommerce Store.
It’s completed and ready for you to send customers. You don’t need to worry about additionally setting up a website or anything like that.

All you have to worry about is getting more people into your new online digital store.

What I Don’t Like About Oriflame

1. Most People Don’t Make Money With MLM. Since Oriflame has adopted the traditional multi-level marketing approach, this means that most people involved don’t make enough money to be considered a full-time income.

The majority of the money goes to the first bunch of people that have been a part of Oriflame for a long time now.

The only way to earn a decent amount of money with Oriflame is by building your own network of recruiters, and ensure that they’re getting others to join as well.

So, not only do you have to be good at recruiting others, but it’s also a good bonus to be able to properly TEACH others how to successfully recruit more people.

2. There’s A Lot Of Competition.
Oriflame has about 3.5 million consultants from across the world, which means that you will be competing for customers with each one of them.

I’m not saying that the beauty niche market is saturated, but there are a lot of well-established consultants that take a lot of the profit, and leave crumbs for people just starting out.

In order to have a chance in this competitive field, you should make sure that you present your own unique approach of promoting Oriflame products or the business opportunity itself.

You can do that by creating a personal brand around these products, and people will naturally start to recognize you as an authority in that space, with due time.

3. It’s Not For Everyone. There’s a lot of things that need to be considered in order to find out if you’re a good fit or not, but one of the things that you need to know is what kind of unique approach you can utilize to get more people to buy your products.

Some consultants that are just starting out might be considering to present this offer to their friends and family. While this is not a bad idea, in my opinion, there are some things that you should think about first.

For example, if you’re too pushy, this can result in a negative experience between you and the people you’re close with.

4. It’s Not For Beginners.
If you’re a beginner with no experience with recruiting others, it can be difficult to see a breakthrough. There’s a lot of things that you need to be good at before you become profitable with Oriflame or any other type of MLM out there, and the costs of your expensive membership can keep pilling up.

Do I Recommend Oriflame?

For some people yes. If you’ve no problem with getting others on board and getting more members familiar Oriflame and having them join your downline network, then this can be a good way of earning money online.

The product quality is high, the price is normal, which means that people that join under you can proudly say that they work with Oriflame without being ridiculed as scammers.

On the other hand, if you’re not familiar with how this thing works, and don’t know how to recruit others into a paid membership network, then you might be better off finding some alternative to Oriflame.

If you’re a beginner then you should see this alternative for earning passive income online without selling anything to anyone.

If that sounds interesting then you should see how these people are banking profits using a simple yet incredibly effective blueprint that so many neglect and lose out on that opportunity forever.

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