Blue Sky Amazon Review – Is Sophie Howard a Scam?

Welcome to my Blue Sky Amazon review. There’s a fair number of mixed opinions about this FBA (Fulfilled By Amazon) course, but the majority seems to agree that Sophie Howard is not a scam.

The real question here is, can all the positive reviews be trusted in the first place?

Here’s what you need to know. Sophie Howard has created an affiliate system that rewards people when they promote her products, and this includes Blue Sky Amazon.

Since this is a very expensive course, it’s entirely possible that you can come across biased and one-sided reviews that claim how great this program is, without providing you with any REAL VALUE that you can use in the buy or not decision. 

That’s why I want to let you know that I am NOT affiliated with Sophie Howard or any of her courses, so I won’t be offering you a thousand FREE BONUS products just to lure you into joining, for the sake of landing that commission.

This is the most BRUTALLY honest evaluation that you will come across online.

Ready? Let’s get started…

Blue Sky Amazon Review Summary

Product Name: Blue Sky Amazon

Product Owner: Sophie Howard

Product Type: Amazon FBA Course

Product Price: $3,495 or 4 Monthly Payments of $995

Overall Score: 40/100

Recommended: No!

Summary: Blue Sky Amazon is a course created by Sophie Howard. It’s all about teaching you how to create an online eCommerce business and leverage Amazon’s fulfillment centers to sell products.

The good thing about this business model is that Amazon takes care of all the shipping, handling, refunds, and all customer service issues that may arise.

It’s also good for credibility, because no one will question the legitimacy of an online store if they are selling through Amazon.

The not so good thing is that in order to kickstart everything that you need to be successful, you will have to spend A LOT of money.

Buying Sophie Howard’s course will only open the doors to this opportunity by showing you exactly what you need to do to make money with the FBA model.

In other words, if you want to ensure that you have a chance to become profitable, you should have at least $10K ready to give up, or you may just end up failing due to a lack of funding.

If that’s not for you, there are other ways to leverage Amazon to make money online, without having to spend that much upfront.

Learn how to take advantage of the millions of dollars being spent online every single minute, with this cost-effective alternative below.

What is Blue Sky Amazon About?

blue sky amazon review what is it about

It includes 14 modules of teaching that cover the entire Amazon FBA business model.

The main focus is on helping the mid-level seller create long-selling products and scale with the virtual assistants, sales funnels, and other online services such as Feedback Genius.

An entry-level seller can still learn from this course, but if you already know how the Amazon FBA model works, you will get the most benefit from it.

If the thought of having your own eCommerce business has ever crossed your mind, then you might want to check Blue Sky Amazon, because that’s exactly what you will be learning about. 

Who is Sophie Howard?

Sophie Howard started her own Amazon FBA business back in 2014 when things were much different than they are not in 2020.

After realizing that she can’t manage all of the workloads by herself, she decided to outsource a large portion of it, which is exactly what makes her qualified to show you how you can scale your online business by outsourcing it.

She has experience in the matter, In 2016, approximately 18 months after she started her venture, Sophie was already a 7 figure eCommerce earner.

Her entire business structure was based on selling tea products through Amazon, using virtual assistants to handle most of the work for her. Sophie’s brand is called Higher Tea, and it’s still operating to this day.

It’s safe to say that Sophie Howard knows what’s she is doing when it comes to running her own brand, and she is very good at marketing herself as well.

However, I can’t agree with some of the methods that she is using to get exposure and look credible.

Here’s what I mean by that. Are you familiar with the ad that’s running on Youtube right now, where Kevin O’Leary AKA Mr. Wonderfull is saying all these great things about Sophie, and Blue Sky Amazon?

blue sky amazon review kevin oleary ad on Youtube

You may not be aware of this, but he is not saying all that good stuff because he believes in her.

In fact, for $1,200 you can get Kevin O’Leary to do a business shout out for you and your brand, which is exactly what Sophie Howard did.

That’s right, the wedding guy from Shark Tank can proclaim anyone for a price, and you can find him on Cameo

If you haven’t seen the ad that I’m talking about, you can do so below.

I’m not saying that this is good or bad, but this is the kind of person that Sophie Howard is.

So far, I haven’t seen any other review about her out there, that even mentions this, but I think that people who want to buy her course have to know this kind of stuff.

Is Blue Sky Amazon a Scam?

is blue sky amazon a scam legit or not

Blue Sky Amazon is NOT a scam, but it’s also not for everyone. The fact that Sophie Howard pays for publicity, and for business shout outs just to gain more attention, and to look more credible is what a lot of business owners do.

This is marketing, and it’s what MOST marketers do, to increase their sales. Some people may find this practice unethical, or even misleading, while others don’t mind it at all.

Bottom line is that you as a potential client of Blue Sky Amazon should be aware of these things in order to make an educated decision.

Here’s something else that you should know, and it’s what many product owners do as well.

One of the external resources that you will be required to purchase in order to build out your sales funnels, is called ClickFunnels.

In case you don’t know, they are the world’s leading platform for funnel building, and they are also quite expensive.

Prices start from $97/Month and can go up to $297/Month. The reason why all these product owners like Sophie Howard like to recommend this platform is because ClickFunnels has a good affiliate commission structure that pays a 40% recurring fee for every client that gets sent their way. 

That’s just another stream of income for Sophie Howard. You can imagine how lucrative it is if she manages to recruit a lot of people to join ClickFunnels using her affiliate links.

Now that you are aware of all that, it’s time to learn what’s inside Blue Sky Amazon, and what you can REALLY get for your investment. 

What’s Inside Blue Sky Amazon?

Before we dive deep into Blue Sky Amazon, and Sophie Howard’s course, it’s important to understand that there many different ways that you can make money with Amazon, so your options are NOT limited to the FBA business model.

That doesn’t mean that it’s not worth at least consider getting involved with Blue Sky Amazon, but the only way to truly know whether it’s for you or not is by knowing what you are getting yourself into.

Sophie Howard’s course is divided into two main programs. Let’s find out what they cover, below.

Sophie Howard’s Amazon Navigator

The Amazon Navigator will cover 8 modules, with a total combined watch time of over 9 hours and 40 minutes.

Just like many of the digital courses and training programs, this one starts with developing your mindset the right way.

Module 1 – Starting Your Amazon Business

blue sky amazon review how to start an online business

This is a video-based module that’s 32 minutes and 46 seconds long. According to Sophie Howard, most people that start out with FBA are going to find that it’s a road filled with its ups and downs.

The first few months will be the hardest. It’s good that she is honest with that from the beginning, and that she has a whole module that’s about preparing your mind for the journey ahead.

It all comes down to your WHY. If you know why you started this in the first place, and if your drive is strong enough, then you can overcome all the hardships that you will face.

It all starts with setting up a goal. Sophie tells her students to keep their goals in front of them, and to follow a 3 step process:

Step #1 – Define Your Strategy
. What do you want to achieve, and how exactly do you plan to get there?

Step #2 – Establish a Timeline
. When do you want to achieve your goals, and how much time are you willing to give yourself?

Step #3 – Remain Accountable. When you set a goal and establish a timeline to achieve it, make sure to follow through, no matter what.

The last part of the module is all about setting up an Amazon seller’s account, calculating all the fees including your product costs, and creating a business license.

Module 2 – What You Don’t Know About Branding

blue sky amazon review what you dont know about branding

This module is 1 hour 35 minutes and 07 seconds long. Inside, you will learn how to position your product in the marketplace in a way that’s going to be best perceived by your potential buyers. Sophie Howard covers the 3 essential factors that define good product branding. 

1. Supply.

2. Demand.

3. Positioning.

You will learn the true importance of private labeling, which means the acquiring of an already existing product, and improving it by placing your own unique package on them, making it your own brand.

If done right, this will increase the overall value of the products that you are selling. Sophie will show you how you can do that, without infringing any of your competitor’s rights.

Amazon takes these things very seriously, that’s why you should do whatever it takes to avoid such a scenario. 

Module 3 – Finding Products That Sell Long Term

blue sky amazon review finding products that sell

This module is 21 minutes and 02 seconds long. The importance of finding the right kind of products to sell is significant, and if you want to get them to sell for a long time, then this part of the training course will show you how.

Finding high quality, and professional suppliers are difficult because they are used to people coming to them, not the other way around.

In most cases, locating the good ones is not as easy as doing a Google search and hoping for the best.

That’s why Sophie will uncover her secret of finding good suppliers, from countries such as Indonesia, Bali, Thailand, India, and even the United States.  

Module 4 – Listing Products and Optimization

blue sky amazon review product listing

This module is 1 hour 36 minutes and 25 seconds long. It all starts with an introduction to why listing products, optimizing for keywords and constructing the best-looking title matters.

That’s the best way to ensure higher rankings on Amazon, and when someone looks up a product that you are selling, they will find your results, instead of your competitors’.

You will also learn the importance of having high-quality, and eye-catching images, that will attract users, and get them to click on your products.

Lastly, you will get to know the true power of generating user reviews, and how to look professional when you are selling on Amazon.

Module 5 – Getting Your Products in Stock

blue sky amazon review getting your products in stock

This module is long 19 minutes and 19 seconds. It covers shipping, samples, and labeling. According to Sophie, the biggest problem with shipping is not having all the correct details.

If you mess this up, then it can be virtually impossible to track your shipment. There are 3 main ways to move products from a supplier to an Amazon warehouse and they are as follows:

– Air Express.
This is the fastest option, where all the paperwork and fees are taken care of for you. It’s best for small shipments.

– Air Freight
. This is the most expensive option, but it’s also the only one available for shipping larger products in a fast manner.

– Sea.
This is the slowest method of the bunch, but it’s also the cheapest option out there.

Module 6 – Launching & Promoting Your Product

blue sky amazon review launching and promoting your business

This module is 28 minutes and 02 seconds long. By this time, some of Sophie’s students are expected to have already landed one or two sales.

Your Seller Central Account should notify you every time that you get a sale, and it’s always good to see your hard work paying off.

Even if you haven’t reached that point yet, by the time you’re done with all the promotions, this should change. Here’s what you will learn inside this module:

– Advertising on Amazon.
It’s important that you know exactly how to approach that so that you can end up spending the least amount of money and getting the most in terms of results.

– How to Follow Amazon Seller Central’s Guidelines
. If you don’t do it right, then you can get your ads banned, and lose your money.

– Starting Small.
Sophie recommends that you start out with a budget of $10/day and grow from there. 

– Applying Coupon Codes.
Nothing beats the competition better than offering a discount on your products, in order to secure loyal clients for the long run.

You need to be very careful here because a small mistake such as making sure that the coupons are not posted on the listing, could cost you a lot of potential sales.

When you launch your products, it’s important to acquire reviews from happy customers, and adjust your offers, if they are not perceived well by the marketplace.

Module 7 – Managing Your Amazon Seller Account

blue sky amazon review managing your amazon seller account

This module is 40 minutes and 12 seconds long. This is the part where you have to do all the boring stuff, such as generating business reports, and things like that.

Luckily, your Amazon Sellers account gives you the ability to easily generate a bunch of different reports, with the click of a few buttons. Here’s everything else that you should expect to learn in this module:

– Customer Management Optimization
. You need to know how to take care of your customers in the most effective and not so time-consuming way there is. Sophie will introduce you to four practical tips to help you do that. Being prompt, courteous, generous and most importantly, don’t stress. 

– Money Handling
. More specifically, how to handle overseas payments, and transactions with different currencies.

– Staying in Control of Your Business. Since you are working with Amazon, there will some things that are out of your control, but you should do whatever you can to take control of the things that you can. 

Module 8 – Scaling Your Business

blue sky amazon review managing your amazon seller account

This module is 1 hour 9 minutes and 17 seconds long. Here’s what you will learn about:

– Outsourcing Your Work
. How to hire virtual assistants like a pro. The idea is to get someone else to do all the mundane and time-consuming work so that you can focus on scaling your business.

– Building a Team
. In order to achieve more, you will need more people on your side, and learning how to build and manage your team of experts, is the next logical for growing your online business.

– Communication is Key. Effective communication is key, and it can define what a great team looks like. 

– Expanding Your Business Beyond Amazon
. It’s no secret that Amazon is huge, but you can always look to expand beyond that, and reach even more people that way.

– Exit Strategy.
There may even come a day when you will want to sell your Amazon FBA business, and this part will show you how to get the most out of it.

Product University By Sophie Howard

Product University by Sophie Howard consists of 6 modules, 25 hours, 21 minutes, and 12 seconds of watch time. Here’s everything that you will learn inside.

Module 1 – Foundation

– Sophie Howards Qualifications. Learn the story of Sophie, and how she got to where she is now. This part of the foundation module will show you why Sophie is more than qualified to teach you how to run a successful Amazon FBA business.

– Mindset Mastery.
By learning how to control your own mindset, and push yourself to complete your everyday tasks, you can ensure that you will build a solid starting foundation.

– Overall Course Structure
. A walkthrough of what to expect to learn inside this course.

– Alternative Platforms
. Sophie will go through the different business opportunities that you can take advantage of, and show you that Amazon is not the only place where you can make money.

The first module is approximately 5 hours, 37 minutes, and 50 seconds long.

Module 2 – Product Selection Strategy

blue sky amazon review product selection

According to Sophie Howard, one of the main reasons why a lot of people go to her for coaching, and mentorship is because her product selection strategy is unique when you compare it to other similar training courses out there.

She is a strong believer that it’s way more important to ensure long term sales and success over a long period of time, rather than short term profits.

When you go through all 5 hours, 16 minutes, and 41 seconds of Product University’s second module, you will learn exactly how to spot products that are going to bring you revenue for a long period of time.

Module 3 – Basics of a Sales Funnel

blue sky amazon review basics of a sales funnel

This part is key to master because a great sales funnel can increase your revenue exponentially, as long as you know how to implement one the right way.

This module is 5 hours, 24 minutes, and 19 seconds long. In this part of the training program, Sophie Howard will encourage you to mix a digital product with a physical one.

The idea behind it is simple. You start your prospects off with an offer known as a tripwire that’s relatively cheaper than your main product.

If they decide to buy it, they will go through a series of well-crafted pages, designed to convert everyone inside into a loyal, buying customer.

That’s what a sales funnel is all about. If you want to learn how to create your own digital product, then you should take a look at ClickBank University.

Module 4 – Qualities Of a Good Virtual Assistant

blue sky amazon review good virtual assistant

In this 4 hour, 28 minute and 20-second module, Sophie Howard will go through the qualities of a virtual assistant, and how to go about finding the perfect match.

She will use her own experience as an example of what to look for, and how to set up a great deal for both you and your VA’s.

Here are a couple of the criteria that Sophie looks for when hiring a virtual assistant:

– Good Problem Solving Skills
. This should be in your main list of priorities, because if they can’t deal with the everyday problems that come with running an Amazon FBA business, then what good are they in the first place?

– Professional and Reliable
. When they say that they will do something, they should do it, without too much hassle.

Sophie will even go through showing you where to look for virtual assistants, and how to distinguish the quality applicants from the rest. It all starts by going to platforms like Upwork.

Module 5 – Selling On Amazon & Product Selection Strategies

blue sky amazon review selling online

This is where you will learn exactly how it all works, from a beginner’s point of view. In other words, if you are just getting started with Amazon FBA, then this module will explain everything that a beginner should know before they even think about starting. There is a total of 5 hours, 16 minutes, and 41 seconds o watch time to be seen here.

You will learn how selling on Amazon works behind the scenes and everything that you can expect to experience when you are selecting your products to sell, including some advanced strategies that will help kickstart everything faster.

Module 6 – Product Searching Ideas

blue sky amazon review product searching

This is a 42 minute and 08 seconds long video module that shows you exactly where to look for partners to supply you with products that you will sell through Amazon.

There many places to explore, but unless you know where they are, it’s going to be difficult finding them on your own. Luckily, you don’t have to because Sophie Howard will show you her sources.

She will also teach a few methods that you can implement to find great products on Amazon. Of course, she doesn’t forget to mention Alibaba as a source of finding wholesale suppliers.

How Much Does Sophie Howard Charge?

As of right now, Blue Sky Amazon comes with a price tag of $3,495 or 4 monthly payments of $995. If you decide to pay separately, you will end up paying $485 more in the long run.

As for any additional costs, that will come along after buying the course, you should expect to spend thousands more in order to get the chance to kickstart everything that you need.

Can You Get a Refund?

Sophie Howard’s Blue Sky Amazon courses are NON REFUNDABLE. Don’t expect to get your money back if you decide to make that initial investment, and if you decide to pay in separate installments, then you are obligated to pay the entire sum as per their term of service.

What I Like About Blue Sky Amazon

blue sky amazon review pros vs cons

1. The Business Model is Legit. What you are going to learn inside is a viable business model that currently works in today’s market.

In essence, you will be tapping into something that has been proven to work for a lot of people already, so there is no need to reinvent the wheel all over again.

2. Sophie Howard is Real. This may be an odd one for some, but I have reviewed my fair share of products and services that help people make money online, and some of these so-called digital marketers, are as fake as they come.

By the looks of it, Sophie is not one of them, and she has already created a successful business for herself, before teaching others how to do that.

What I Don’t Like About Blue Sky Amazon

1. It’s Too Expensive. For a course that can teach people how to start an online business, Blue Sky Amazon is very expensive.

A lot of people seem to think that just because they invest a ton of cash on a course that shows them how to make money online, they are all set.

This can’t be further from the truth, and the risk that comes along with spending so much money is way too big for my taste.

2. There Are a Ton of Additional Costs. Paying for Sophie’s course is just the beginning, and if you really want to have any chance of becoming profitable, and successful with this business model, then you should expect to spend up to $10,000 or more before you begin to see any significant results.

3. There’s No Refund.
For an expensive course such as this one, having a no refund policy increases the risks even more.

What if you realize halfway through, that Amazon’s FBA is not the thing you are looking for after all? If that’s the case, well too bad for you because there is no chance to get your money back.

So you would have to be 100% certain that you want to invest in this because there is no going back.

My Recommendation

There may be risk-takers out there that don’t mind investing that much money for a business opportunity that has zero guarantees of bringing in any profits in the first place, but it’s definitely not something that I would do.

Especially when I know that there are much less risky investments that you can make to kick start your online business.

Amazon is a place where many people make money, but it doesn’t have to be a place where people risk all their savings to achieve success.

You can promote other people’s products on Amazon and earn commissions from that, without having to spend a ton of cash upfront for something that may not even work in the first place.

If that sounds interesting then you should see how these people are banking profits using a simple yet incredibly effective blueprint that so many neglect, and lose as a result of that.

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