What is ClickBank University About? [What They Don’t Tell You]

Clickbank has been around for a while now and is a platform made for affiliate marketers and vendors alike.

The new and upgraded version of their university has been around since 2016 and a lot of students have already enrolled and are making a considerable amount of money online.

But here’s the catch.

There are a lot of things that they don’t really mention to you on their sales page.

That’s why this article was made.

To reveal everything that is left untold and to make sure that you know what you’re getting yourself into ahead of time.

In this, in-depth review you will find out what is Clickbank university about (read until the end, you will be surprised at what they don’t tell you).

ClickBank Review 2.0 Review Summary

 ClickBank University 2.0 

 Adam Horwitz & Justin Atlan 

Product type: Digital Marketing Course, Create Your Digital Product

Bonus: 8 Week Affiliate Marketing Training Course

Price: $47/month & Upsells that add up to +$500

Best Suited For: Those who want to create their digital product and make a profit by selling it online

Overall Score: 80/100

Brief Statement: Although they have an 8-week affiliate marketing training course, the EMPHASIS is more on their 12-week vendor course which is focused mostly on how to create your own digital product and make profits by selling it online.

Another thing that is very much worth mentioning is their upsells.They only ever talk about them once you’ve paid for your membership. I will be focusing more on that below.

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Is ClickBank University Scam Or Legit? Find Out Everything Now

In 2013 the co-founders decided to create a better version of a product they had.

That’s how ClickBank University 2.0 came to life in 2016 and, no, it’s not a scam.

On the contrary, it is quite legit.

Since it’s release, CBU has helped a number of people to make money online.

ClickBank University 2.0 Is being taught by REAL professionals in the field of digital marketing.

They are all experienced people who give genuine and valuable resources and training materials.

If you want to create your own digital products and learn how to market them online then this platform would be perfect for you.

As long as you are prepared to spend a decent amount of money on various things that will help you along the way like:

– Facebook ads.

– Influencer Marketing and various sources for gathering paid traffic.

– Some upsell within CBU.

On the other hand, If you are more interested in learning how to sell products that are not your own through Affiliate Marketing,then there is a better alternative for you out there that can teach you Affiliate Marketing and will show you how to get organic (free) traffic to your website by implementing SEO techniques.

Find more about that by clicking here.

Let’s find out more about the founders of Clickbank University 2.0

Who are Adam Horwitz and Justin Atlan, Can We Learn From Them?

Let’s start with Adam Horwitz.

According to CNN After many unsuccessful attempts at making money online, he launched a platform called online monopoly.

Over there he taught people how to make money online using mobile marketing leads.

That’s how he made his first six-figure online.

Throughout the years he has launched a few different online products and was able to hit the million-dollar mark for the first time at the age of 18.

Justin Atlan 

He is one of the most successful ClickBank users.

He made his first million using this platform and over the years he has become an expert in selling his own products on ClickBank.

When he was 18 he was already making a consistent income online from ClickBank and now he has created an online training where he shows you all his secrets along with his friend,

I think it’s safe to assume that we can definitely learn something about making money online from these two.


They also host a live Q and A session every week withing ClickBank university and give guidance and answers to related questions.

Moving on. 

A Review of Clickbank University 2.0  (In Depth)

Anyone familiar with Affiliate Marketing has probably heard about Clickbank and it’s large Affiliate Marketplace at some point.

Well, ClickBank University is MOSTLY about creating your own digital product or service and promoting it on their platform.

This is a review of Clickbank university that will answer all of the questions you might have about this platform.

Before we get further into CBU’s Training and Tools, I would like to add something that’s worth mentioning here.

A lot of people would like to know if CBU has an affiliate program and can you promote it to earn commissions using their affiliate training?

Yes, you can! 

If you want to skip this bit and go straight to the Tools and Training part where we discuss more on what’s inside CBU do so by clicking below

Does Clickbank Unviersity 2.0 Have an Affiliate Program?

I will start by saying that, yes I do get paid a commission if someone joins CBU 2.0 through my links.

It’s at no extra cost to the customer and it helps keep this website up and running. 

Nevertheless, this is a review that will answer all your questions about Clickbank university and you will be able to make an informed decision if CBU 2.0 is what you really need.

ClickBank University has opened up its doors for affiliates.

Since it’s a platform for affiliates, CB should have a pretty decent Affiliate Program that will let you promote the University, right?

Yep, they sure do.

Because platforms such as ClickBank give so much value to its affiliates it’s no wonder that everyone wants to become one or at least is curious about the affiliate partnership.

On top of that, they provide you with lots of helpful tools to promote them with, like email swipes and cool banners.

Their commission rate is:

– 75% Initial of The Monthly Price (Your Commission = $35.25) For each FIRST payment of any new person that enrolls in CBU through your referral link.

– 25% Recurring of The Monthly Price ($11.75 commission for you, every month after the first one in which a member from your referral list makes its monthly payment).

We didn’t even mention all the upsells that ClickBank University has like the Advanced Training Upsell. 

With the Advanced Training upsell and down-sell you can either:

– Get a one-time commission based payment of $48.50 Per User.


– 2x Comission Payments of $22.50 Per User.

Another Option to Get Commissions is with The Built-In Tool of CBU.

2x Comission Payments of $148.50 Per User.


7xCommission Payments of $48.50 Per User Under Your Referral Links.

Now when that’s out of the way, let’s take a closer look at the Tools and Training within CBU below.


CBU Tools And Training

As we already specified, the training itself is divided into two main modules. The Vendor Training Course, and the 8 Week Affiliate Marketing Training Course.

(What I like to call “the bonus training inside the platform”)

Over there you will get an 8-week training on Affiliate Marketing.

You will learn how to promote other peoples product’s and services on Clickbank as an affiliate with PAID promotions and earn a commission from it.

If this sounds interesting and you prefer to get traffic for FREE,

You can try this instead (ClickHere).

You also get:


– Access to interviews with industry experts.



– Support from CBU’s Private Facebook Group.

The 8 Week ClickBank Affilaite Training Course

Inside the 8 week ClickBank affiliate training course, you will get access to a series of training videos that will teach you things like:

– The Perfect Way to Start Affiliate Marketing leveraging Clickbank.

Where better to learn about selling at Clickbank than from the source itself?

– Making funnels for your Affiliate Marketing campaign.

– Writing The Perfect Pitch Swipe.

– Earning more money with newsletters and sign up forms.

– Different Affiliate Marketing Strategies that help your business grow.

12 Week ClickBank Vendor Training

This is where the real deal is.

It’s quite impressive that a lot more effort has been put in the Clickbank Vendor training.

Inside you will learn how to create your digital product or service and how to market it online in such a way that will bring conversions and revenue.

They cover a lot of important things like:

– How to Find and target the best niche to go with that will make you the MOST amount of money.

– What is A Customer Avatar and how to create one?

–  How to create an online product.

– Building the best landing page.

– Generating traffic for your landing page using PAID TRAFFIC methods.

– learning about sales funnels and creating one.

– Getting your affiliates to promote your product to maximize your profits.

– Scaling your business and earning more revenue.

That’s only part of the 12-week vendor training course and as you can see the value is already there.

I recommend this training to anyone who wants’s to create their own digital product online and learn how to sell it in the most efficient and rewarding way. 

Let’s find out more about the embedded Clickbank builder within the CBU platform.

ClickBank Builder 2.0 Review (Upsell)

This is one of the things that they don’t talk about in their sales page.CBU’s first upsell. Let’s take a closer look at this brief click bank builder 2.0 review and find out more about the tool.

It’s basically a sales funnel builder that can help you create your own high converting funnels landing pages, membership websites, opt-in pages, etc.

All with drag and drop features.

This can truly be game-changing in terms of achieving your online goals.

The thing is that some of the training material within CBU is focused on Clickbank builder, which kind of makes you want to buy it (Upsell) if you want to experience Clickbank university to it’s fullest potential.

You can find out more about upsells and my intake on them further along with this article It can cost:

– 2x Payments of $297 



– 7x Payments of $97

CB Builder Features Include the following:


– Pre Built High Converting Funnel Themes (with new ones being added on a regular basis).

– Access to unlimited opt-in pages, all of them are extremely easy to create with the embedded drag and drop feature.

– Hosting for all your funnels and websites (In fact, according to the Clickbank builder’s creators, this is a “lightning-fast” and reliable hosting provider).

– Professional PRE built pages by industry experts that convert traffic into sales.

A platform with similar features is the famous $360 million dollar company ClickFunnels (See Review Here).

What I Liked About Clickbank University 2.0

If you really want to learn about making money online on Clickbank, then CBU is definitely the training that you need.It’s created by Clickbank for Clickbank users.

In other words, Adam Horwitz, Justin Atlan, and Matt Hulett are working directly with Clickbank to create the ultimate guide that teaches you how to make money on Clickbank.It sure beats most of the other products out there that teach about CB.

Instead of paying every month or week, you will have full lifetime access to ClickBank builder 2.0 with no recurring payments. 

3. They also provide you with free hosting for life.

4. There’s a 30-day money-back guarantee, so if for any reason you decide to return the product you can do that and get your full payment back.

I talk more about that below.

What I Disliked About ClickBank University 2.0

You will deal with paid traffic sources for the most part. This means that you will pay extra to get people to see your offers.

The Clickbank builder is much needed in order to utilize the training itself. Which leads me to…

3. All The Upsells


Clickbank builder can come with a hefty price tag for some and they don’t really mention this until after you pay for your monthly membership. 

There are also a couple other “advanced training” courses that come with a one-time payment option.

So, yeah, be prepared to invest more than $47/month, if you want to make money online with Clickbank University.

You don’t really get all the training at once.They gradually put out video after video to make sure that you follow through with the training (or so they say).

5. There’s no free traffic generation training.I already mentioned this but I will do it again here.CBU is for you if you are interested in the 12 Week Vendor Training and want to create your own product to market online.

That’s where you will find the most success with CBU anyway.Like I said the 8-week affiliate marketing course is like a bonus dish for the main course.

It CAN be useful, but there is a better and quite honestly cheaper alternative to the 8-week affiliate training in CBU.

Especially if you are seemingly new to Affiliate Marketing or want to generate organic free traffic.

What About a ClickBank University 2.0 Refund, Do you need one?

One of the things that’s pretty decent is the Clickbank university 2.0 refund policy.

It guarantees to give all your money back if you claim a refund within 30 days.

Now, if you are worried about the product’s quality, rest assured it’s definitely the real deal and you can benefit a lot from this training.

If you’ve read my review so far by now you should know what to expect from Clickbank University 2.0 

If you have made up your mind and really want to get a refund from Clickbank then you can go to CB customer service page, HEREFrom there you need to look up your order.Follow these 9 steps and get your money back:

 Once inside the Customer Service page,

 Underneath the “How can we help?” question, Click on the button below that says Look Up Your Order,

 Then enter your Email address and order number, you can find your order number HERE.

– If for any reason you can’t find your number order you can, type the last four digits of your credit card which you used on your order.

– Or simply enter your zip or postcode which you used for your order.

One of the above should be enough to find your order.

 After you click go, you will probably have to prove that you’re not a robot (to an actual robot) and you should be able to see your order information.

 Press the button where it says “Tech Results, Order Details & Refunds” or something similar.

 Then when you see all the relevant details, click on Get Support.

 Then choose refund request on the type sector, select Refund Request.

 Add your reason for the refund (you can say anything you want there, this will not determine if you qualify for a refund or not).

 Click send.As long as it is within the 30 day trial period you will get your money back.

The transaction process happens within one or two business days.That’s it. this is how you can get a Clickbank university 2.0 refund. 


To summarize everything we just discussed, Clickbank 2.0 is for everyone that want’s to learn how to promote their very own digital product on their platform.

Although it has an 8-week affiliate marketing training as well, it’s kind of for people who already know how to get traffic and already have some online presence.Unless of course, you are willing to spend additional cash on PAID traffic.

There is an alternative to paid traffic and it’s called SEO. That’s when you learn how to generate high quality targeted traffic for FREE. The so-called organic traffic.

Learn more about generating organic traffic and creating a strong online presence on the internet HERE.

There are a couple of upsells like the Clickbank builder 2.0 which is almost mandatory to get if you want to utilize all of the training inside CBU.

Overall it’s a good program where you can learn a lot of stuff and I do believe that if people stick to the training and do exactly what is being taught there, they will start seeing results.

The only downside is that you would have to spend a good amount of start-up money and not everyone can afford this.

As long as you are willing to invest, you will learn how to create your own digital product. You will also learn how to market that product successfully on Clickbank.

A lot of people are already seeing so much success using CBU and all its features.  

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