The 12 Minute Affiliate Review (Complete In Depth Guide)

The 12 minute affiliate review will show you if you can really make $460 per day with only 12 minutes of work.

Sounds too good to be true, right?

That’s because it is.

That does not necessarily make it a scam product, because the value for price is there.

Does that mean that this program can be suitable for you and what exactly is it all about?

There are a lot of scam products out there, that’s why it’s always best to read product reviews like this one.

It’s a great way to find out more about the product of your interest from a different point of view.

This can help with making the buy or no buy decision at the end.

The research and user experience has already been done and looked at so you don’t have to waste any time.

Find out everything there is to know about the 12 minute affiliate system in this in depth review.

In order to fully be able to grasp the concept of this product, you need to know what affiliate marketing is.

In short, that’s when you promote products or services that are not your own.

That’s how you get referrals.

When one of your referrals buy a product you get a percentage of the product’s price as a commission payment.

So, that’s out of the way let’s find out what exactly is the 12 minute affiliate system.

What Is The 12 Minute Affiliate System?

What is the 12 minute affiliate system

What is the 12 minute affiliate system?

In a few simple words, it’s an affiliate marketing sales funnel service that provides the use of funnels, email swipes, landing pages, and more.

You get “done for you” all of this plus everything else you might need to start generating traffic that’s going to convert into sales.

It’s a plug in type of system that lets you build your very own affiliate marketing “done for you” blueprint.

Once you set it up, you have the chance to start making money online with PAID traffic methods.

If paid traffic is not your thing, you can try affiliate marketing with free organic traffic generation HERE.

According to Davon Brown, the creator of this service, it takes only 12 minutes a day to set it up.

After that, you can watch those commission payment’s start rolling.

The pre built sales funnels inside are within 3 main niche categories:

– Weight Loss

– Personal Development

– Make Money From Home

In other words, the 12 minute affiliate system will provide you with everything that you need in order to find a product and market it successfully as long as it’s within those 3 niches.

Here’s the catch.

You can only use one niche when you start.

If you want access to all 3 of them, that’s at an extra cost.

Everything is already set up and pre-made for you.

The only thing that you have to do is put your affiliate links inside the landing pages and email swipes so that you can collect the commission payments.

When you get the system you will receive a checklist that shows you how to navigate around and operate it with a step by step process.

There are a few things they don’t mention like the fact that you would have to pay for your own traffic. they give you the tools and the system but you pay for your ad costs.

You will have to spend some more on an autoresponder.

One of the ways to gather traffic and convert it into sales inside the 12 minute affiliate system is through email marketing and generating email leads.

In order to generate email leads you need an autoresponder and they forget to mention that part on their sales page video.

Is The 12 Minute Affiliate System a Scam?

should i even bother

Although it’s quite overhyped in the sales video, this product is NOT a scam.

Here’s why.

Based on real user experience and lots of thorough research online, I have managed to capture all the relevant information that you should need in order to make an educated decision and find out if this program is right for you or not.

One of the main reasons that drives me to know that this product is not a scam, is the fact that Devon Brown is a know Online Marketer, which means that he also has a reputation to maintain.

We all know how important that is it the online world.

More on that will be discussed in this article.

So, I decided to find out more about Devon Brown, this is what I was able to find.

Who is Devon Brown, founder of the 12 minute affiliate system?

He has been an online entrepreneur since 2007 and has created numerous products that help people make money online.

In his website Devon states that everything he shares and talks about comes from experience.

He does live events and talks in front of an audience about various topics such as:

– Entrepreneurship

– Personal Development

– Health & Fitness

And motivational talks about personal development.

He is definitely out there, doing his thing.

Maintaining a good image and reputation online can only be achieved by delivering value to the mass audience.

In other words, people who scam others online for a living usually do not show their faces.

12 Minute Affiliate System Review Summary

12 minute affiliate system full guide

Let’s start by explaining what the 12 minute affiliate system is not, first.

It’s not an affiliate marketing training course.

It’s not training that will teach you new and valuable skills.

It’s not going to teach you affiliate marketing.

Instead, it will give you a well-prepared system that has already been tested and proven to work for creating landing pages and email lists that will convert your traffic into sales.

The way that you get traffic (visitors) to those pre-built pages is by running ads online.

This can be a good and a bad thing at the same time.

If you are just starting out with affiliate marketing or making money online, then jumping onto paid ads straight away, may not be the perfect thing for you.

It’s a potentially risky process and even with the most up to date high-quality training on paid ads, you are not guaranteed any results.

In other words, if you’re not really sure what you’re doing, then it would most likely be best starting off by learning about the FREE traffic generation methods that are out there, like THIS one instead.

On the other hand, if you are prepared for the risks and are willing to invest in money for ads, then the 12 minute affiliate system might just be the thing for you.

As long as you know that this system has pre built sales funnels only with the 3 compatible niches we already discussed.

In order to help you find out if the 12 minute affiliate system is for you or not, let’s dig a bit deeper. Everything that you will get inside revealed below.

What’s Inside?

inside the 12 minute affiliate system

The E Z Funnel Wizard

A built in tool that lets you create your own “on demand” funnels in minutes.

It’s an easy to use tool that can come in handy if you know how to build converting landing pages.

This can give you more broad opportunities to monetize your funnels in different niches.

For most of us who can’t build funnels, there are pre built ones in the make money online niche, weight loss and personal development.

Once someone opt-ins to or provides their details into one of your funnels, that’s when email marketing comes into play.

A sequence pre built with follow up messages come along with the 12 minute affiliate system.

It’s true that sometimes writing a well crafted follow up message that will convert into sales can be a hard thing to do on your own.

Hiring a copywriter can also turn out to be expensive in some cases.

All of that hassle is removed because everything is included in the 12 minute system.

Step by step instructions that are extremely easy to follow through.

Once you complete all the steps in the instructions guide, your 12 minute affiliate system setup is complete and you can start using it straight away.

Access to a private Facebook community that’s filled with like minded people.

This can help you in the make money online process or with any additional help that you might need along the way.

Inside this group are people who are more experienced with the system and can most likely help you with any beginner questions you might have.

Done for you traffic system that will help you generate high quality targeted traffic and turn it into sales.

Although it’s an incredible amount of support and help, It’s worth mentioning again that even with this traffic system, there is no guarantee that you will make any money.

So, keep an eye on those ad spends.

You need to know what you are doing when it comes to paid traffic sources, even when utilizing services like the 12 minute affiliate system.

If you want an alternative to paid traffic click here to find out more.

the 12 minute affiliate bonus

#Bonus 1

The success library. Instant access to a library of personal development training.

Over there you can find knowledge about different topics like,

– How to end procrastination

– Discover the secrets of living a balanced life

– Unlocking your true potential

And a lot more personal development info.

#Bonus 2

The free traffic guide. 16 ways of generating free traffic from platforms such as:

– Facebook

– Twitter

– How to get traffic from other people’s blogs

– How to get traffic by posting pictures online and more.

#Bonus 3

Hot Products Promo. Automatically promotes latest and hottest trending products in a specific niche for you.

You don’t really need to do anything additional, just use the software as normal.

Upsell One:

– 3x Your Results Blueprint (One payment of $39)

Upsell Two:

– Done for you setup (members area, one payment of $97)

Pro’s & Con’s

Pro: One of the good things about the 12 minute affiliate system is that the owner is a knowledgeable internet marketer that has made a lot of money over the years.

This gives the product some sense of credibility because if this product is a scam the owner risks his online reputation.

News spread quickly in the online world, and if you’re scamming people and just taking their money people will know and stop trusting you.

Who is going to buy from you if they do not have that initial trust?

No one. That’s one indicator that the product is legit.

Pro: You can get to test drive the product for $9.99 and see what it’s all about firsthand. If for some reason you decide that you do not like it anymore and would want your money back, they will give you a refund.

arrow pointing up

As long as it is within 60 days of purchasing.

In the 12 minute affiliate system’s official website, they clearly state, that if you are not happy with the results you get with this system you can claim your 60-day refund.

Pro: You get access to a facebook community. This is always a good thing.

With a community with people with the same goals as you, you can easily find help and get directions for things you do not understand.

If not that, you can always use other people’s experiences and learn from their mistakes.

These are just a couple of the benefits that you can get inside a similar community.

Con: It’s overhyped. If you haven’t figured it by now, no you will not work only 12 minutes a day and become wealthy overnight.

The setup itself may take you about 12 minutes to set up, but that does not mean instant money for you.

arrow pointing down

It will take a lot of work to figure out how everything works.

The 12 minute affiliate system will definitely help you along the way but it will not be as easy as they describe it.

Con: You have built in sales funnels for 3 niches only.

You also have some restriction on which affiliate providers to use.

This can limit your opportunities at some point.

Con: One of the things that I don’t really like about the program is their upsells.

There are two of them in this case.

Of course, they are not mentioned even once within the product page itself.

Con: Even though it says it’s perfect for complete beginners, you may find that it’s not exactly like that.

Especially if you’ve never dealt with PAID traffic before.

No matter how helpful this system can be.

There are things you need to learn for yourself and with paid ads that can cost a bunch of money upfront before you get the hang of it.

If you want to make money with this program, be prepared to invest some upfront not only for the product itself but for paid traffic as well.

If you want to learn how to generate organic free traffic and build an online affiliate marketing business for FREE, click below to find out more.

find out more about wealthy affiliate here

Is it Really Worth it?

Based on the 12 minute affiliate review so far, you know what to expect inside the platform.

My personal opinion is that if you are a complete beginner in the affiliate marketing world, and/or don’t really have that big of a budget right now, it would be better to direct yourself into something less expensive.

The perfect place to learn more about the free and not so expensive side of things for affiliate marketing is by taking a look at this review here.

If however, you already do have some general to an advanced form of knowledge and/or experience with affiliate marketing, as long as you don’t mind a couple upsells inside, you can definitely take advantage of the 12 minute affiliate system.

See if it can make you money and if within 60 days you don’t see any progress or satisfactory results, claim your refund!

There are people on the other end that are actually generating revenue with this system and it’s working for them.


The final verdict on the 12 minute affiliate review.

If you truly want to make money online with affiliate marketing, it’s a bit too unreal to expect to make money with this model.

Even with the help of the 12 minute affiliate system, you still need to have some knowledge and grasp of the affiliate marketing model.


Because if you use this platform you will be dealing with paid traffic generation methods.

The help and tools inside the program can make a difference and help you make money but not if you have absolutely no clue about affiliate marketing.

If you haven’t dealt with any form of traffic generation before, then it would be best suitable to start off by learning how to generate free organic traffic.

One of the bonuses from the 12 minute affiliate system offers 16 different ways to generate free traffic.

They can be a lot of help so it’s definitely worth checking out.

If you are NOT willing to spend money on paid traffic then you should forget about this platform.

That’s what is all about excluding the bonus part.

If you want to learn how to generate free organic traffic and create an online business with affiliate marketing then check this out here.

The overall price for this product can be a bit much for some if we include everything that is inside and the advertisement costs too.

Nevertheless, if you feel confident enough and have some knowledge about affiliate marketing and traffic generation, then the 12 minute affiliate system can help you to start making money online.

If for any reason you decide that you want your money back, you can claim your refund within 60 days of purchase.

There is also the option to test drive all the features inside for less than $10 for 14 days.

Keep in mind that some people start seeing results as soon as one week after they start using the 12 minute affiliate system.

Overall a decent but a bit overpriced and overhyped system, I would recommend it only to people who have some experience with affiliate marketing or paid traffic and those who are willing to lose some money before they get the hang of how everything works.

If you havent seen the Free Training, “How to Pocket Daily Internet Commissions Starting as Quickly as This Week” by Davon Brown, go ahead and check it out below!
test drive it the 12 minute affiliate system now

2 thoughts on “The 12 Minute Affiliate Review (Complete In Depth Guide)”

  1. This is such a thorough and detailed review. Personally I’ve never heard of this program and I wouldn’t hesitate to label it as a scam product, you simply don’t get rich by working 12 minutes a day. It sounds like a program that they teach you to cut corners instead of any real stuff.

    As a beginner of affiliate marketing myself, I’m still in the process of learning and understanding, there’s just so much stuff to learn. I would still prefer to take the time to learn and build my business from scratch, that gives me a sense of achievement.

    Thanks for sharing and keep up the great work!

    • The 12 minute affiliater system is quite exaggerated. Inside you get access to a done for you system that has brought results for others and it might make you money too.

      It’s not guaranteed and if for any reason nothing happens, there is nothing you can do really. It’s a risky situation. I do agree that it can be way better to learn how everything works yourself, rather than being dependant on platforms such as the 12-minute affiliate system.

      When you learn all those different skills that are required to start generating money online you can leverage them to earn even more money. Take SEO for example.

      So many online business owners know that they can reach a lot of targeted traffic if they rank on search engines like Google, but are too busy to bother with that as they have a business to operate.

      You would usually see these kinds of companies outsource services like SEO to people who have the skills to do it. See, where I’m going with this? Knowledge is power and learning the appropriate skills can turn out to be far more rewarding long term. 


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