The Commission League Review (Full Detailed Guide)

The commission league review will show you if you can make $200 a day working only 20 minutes and answer every question that you might have about the program.

In order to better understand how this program works, we need to know more about affiliate marketing.

Assuming you’re familiar with all that, the commission league is an affiliate marketing training platform that teaches you how to make money online by removing all the complex elements of affiliate marketing such as:

– Email list building,

– Facebook ads,


– Growing a large following on social media channels,

– Dealing with customer queries, returns, and complaints.

3 Core Things You Should have:

1. A product. By having a product or service online, you know what you will be making money off.

You do not need to have your own product. Promote other people’s hard work and share a hard profit through commissions.

2. A problem. By that I mean, you need to find and utilize a problem that a certain group of people online have in common.

When you do that, you are distinguishing your target audience. In other words, that’s the group of people that you will promote to.

3. The solution to a problem. That would usually be a product or service that you have (or promote).

So, now we have the 3 core elements that are needed to make sales online.

A problem that a large number of people share in common, a solution to that problem with a product or service.

Even if you do not have your own product, it does not matter because there are lot’s of companies and people out there who let their affiliates promote their services and earn a commission.

Affiliate commissions can go as high as 80% of a product’s price, even more on some occasions.

This is the basics of affiliate marketing.

They are all included inside the commission league training.

A Commission League Review

a commission league review
This is a commission league review brief summary of what it’s all about.

Inside you will find a unique method of doing affiliate marketing and email marketing, and that is by finding a product that you like.

It has to be related to a specific topic if you want to be able to find a large audience that will actually need the product.

Once you establish that, next up is getting a fair deal from someone with that large audience and start promoting and putting your links out there.


Name: The Commission League


Creators: Mike, John, Justin & Steve

Price: $997 

Type of Product: Affiliate Marketing Business Training

Overall Score: 36/100

This is an affiliate marketing training that teaches you how to create a passive income utilizing solo ads and influencer promotions.

It can be quite expensive for some, there is a much cheaper alternative to the commission league that teaches you how to make money online with affiliate marketing and passive income. Find more HERE.

If you’re wondering if the commission league can help you make money online and you’re trying to make a decision, that’s good.

This article will help you with that.

Let’s start by finding out if this product is a scam or not below.

Is The Commission League a Scam?

a commission league review
Can you really work 20 minutes a day and generate a full-time passive income?

Here’s the deal.

Everything inside the commission league is about finding an influencer on specific niche markets, for example, health and fitness.

You contact the influencers negotiate a deal and pay them a fixed sum for them to promote a product that can offer a solution to some kind of a problem that his group of followers has.

This kind of online marketing can work but it will most likely take more than 20 minutes a day to start seeing any results if you are new to this.

If you are just getting started then it will take you more time to earn money, even though the commission league has a well-suited training system for beginners.

There is some value to the whole training so I would not rank it as a scam product but it is definitely more expensive than other services that teach you how to build an online business with affiliate marketing like THIS ONE!


A bit overpriced but if you don’t mind spending that much money on a course, you will get value and will learn a lot of new things about building an online business and how to use email influencer marketing. 

Another thing is that one of the affiliate commission’s founders, Mike Balmaceda has another product out there called the six figure success academy, Read Review Here.

This can be a good thing because if he is putting his name out there on all these different kinds of products then he must have a reputation to maintain.

This can add some credibility into this course.

There are a bunch of things that I don’t really like like about this program and It’s discussed more, in the “Pro’s and Con’s” Section Here.

What’s Inside The Commission League Training?

a commission league review
Inside this training you will get access to:

1. Commission League Blueprint.

– The “Exact 7-Figure System”

– Push Button Software.

– 20 Minute a Day Work System.

– How to Get 10k Per Month Quickly.

2. How to Find 1K Opportunities.

– How to find niche related problems worth $1K.

– 5 Most Profitable Topics That Have Generated Them over 6 figures.

– How to increase sales conversion rates.

3.How To Find Profitable Products.

– Websites they use to find profitable products.

– BURN Protocol.

– 11 Products that made them $10K a week.

– Ready to generate income in 3 clicks.

4. Push Button Influencer Solutions.

– Free traffic solutions that cost $0 to start.

– Never write emails, ad copies or anything like that.

– Done for you 1st influencer guide.

5. Done For You Setup.

– 24/h first-class support and access to a community group.

– Commission League done for you system.

– Put in the work and get help with the commission league’s guidance.

– Life time access to the training.

All of these things can be helpful and valuable and if you follow the step by step training inside you will be able to implement the tactics, training, tools and learn with the help of everything listed so far.

It will require some effort on your part, but if you do it right and invest enough in yourself, you can manage to find what you’re looking for.

The most important thing is having a clear goal, for example.

You want an online business, done the right way, with branding and authority building, or you would prefer to pay someone else to do everything else for you and MAYBE get some results.

Let’s find out if the commission league can benefit YOU in some way or not.

Can The Commission League Benefit You?

a commission league review
The commission league can benefit you only if you are willing to pay for something that you can find online for free, but it will probably take you some time.

On the other hand, if you want a done for you system and training materials that guide you step by step on how to do promotions using other people’s email list then you can make the commission league benefit you.

Fair warning, do not expect any magical results to happen overnight, just because you’ve paid a chunk of money.

You may find the process a lot simpler, but it will require some work from you.

The unique system that’s inside the commission league allows you to let someone else do most of the hard work.

You leverage influencers with big email lists to communicate with their audience and provide value to them from your product.

That’s the only way that this method can work because most “influencers” care more about their audience rather than being paid to promote things.

In other words, only those email lists that have loyal and “excited to read the next email” kind of audience are going to be utilized.

The only thing that you will do is get the product in front of an audience that already needs something like this to help them solve their problem.

The way that this whole thing works are by letting “influencers” send out a personal email to their subscriber’s lists which contain your email and have a solution to a problem that this particular target audience is experiencing right now.

The hard part is finding these type of “influencers” and actually being able to work out some sort of deal that is mutually beneficial.
the commission league review


Pro’s & Con’s

the commission league review
Pro: The training is concentrated and provides some sort of value.

Pro: You will learn how to do affiliate marketing and create an online business if you want.

Pro: You will learn about solo ads how to connect with influencers with a large email list and promote them a product with your affiliate link, that they will love.

Cons: The training course and the whole package itself is overpriced. Most of the information there can be acknowledged if you invest some hours into research. The value maybe there but the price is quite high in my opinion.

Cons: It’s overhyped. I sincerely doubt that anyone who decides to join will actually start making money almost on autopilot working 20 minutes a day.

Cons: The thing about this method that disturbs the most is the fact that it would be quite cheaper for you to build and grow your own email list, instead of just paying someone who already has one.


If they have a large following, they will ask for more money.

Even when you reach larger audiences, with email marketing the rate of opened emails is no more than 2% 3% and that’s not a lot.

They also mention that you don’t really need a website for this, which is true, but in reality, having your own website when it comes to affiliate marketing, email marketing, and traffic generation is a really big deal.

For a course worth almost $1K they prefer to disregard teaching you how to build a website even though nowadays is extremely easy and profitable to build yourself one.

There is a way to build your own affiliate marketing business and in fact, a completely free website that comes along when you join this platform for free, HERE.

What Are The Alternatives?

the commission league review
If you want to get access to free training on affiliate marketing and getting to know how the whole business works from inside and learn all about niche markets, traffic generation methods, creating online assets or digital “real estate” that can be converted into a big profit as it grows and develops.

Affiliate marketing has come a long way over the years and now there are lots of free ways to learn a lot of valuable information and save your money.

One source of learning about building an affiliate marketing business is through Youtube.

Sure some videos may be worthless, but if you spend enough time researching, you will end up learning about everything involving affiliate marketing and free ways of generating traffic.

There is a way to actually start your online business and learn lots of valuable things about affiliate marketing.

Learn how to create your very own website for free and design it in less than 10 minutes. Learn all about choosing your niche or your topic audience.

Then learn how to prepare for the massive traffic that is going to come along your way as you build up your online business.

Once you establish your target audience and your product to promote via affiliate marketing, the next logical step is to create some kind of content that will represent the product or service and finally, getting traffic (visitors) and indexing your content inside Google and other search engines, they are used by millions of people daily and can be an incredible source for FREE traffic.

 You can learn all of this for FREE and more below.


To summarise everything discussed today, the commission league review showed us everything inside this program.

The good thing about this platform is that you get taught some decent methods of affiliate marketing, but the bad thing is that most of the value that’s inside this program can be found for free if you manage to “look” hard enough.

Another thing worth mentioning is the fact that the commission league is an affiliate marketing training that’s priced ad $997.

You can easily find a lot less expensive affiliate marketing training materials out there.

In fact, you can even join some of them for free. For example, Wealthy Affiliate here has a free to join option and is focused on building a passive income business.

The commission league also emphasizes in passive income. Find out more below. 

On the other hand, if you are keen on giving this product a try, be wary that you will be unlikely to start making a lot of money and work only 20 minutes a day, even though the commission leagues is extremely newbie-friendly, that does not change the fact that affiliate marketing is a business after all and if you want to be good, you need to know the ins and outs.

Tools and training resources like this one here can be helpful but in no way can you expect that you will just spend some money and do absolutely nothing and make money. That’s a least likely scenario.

2 thoughts on “The Commission League Review (Full Detailed Guide)”

  1. Make money by working 20 minutes a day? I hardly doubt that! Even finding content ideas alone is taking as long as an hour for my brainstorming sesh and I haven’t even begun expediting them! Still, I was wondering if we need to spend money to pay influencers to promote our products, why do we need to pay $997 to join the program? We could be saving a lot, just my 2 cents.

    • It’s virtually impossible to work 20 minutes a day and expect to get huge results in terms of money that’s why this product is too overhyped. As I already mentioned, most of the training and materials that are covered inside can be found for free online, if you are willing to do the search. There are a lot less expensive platforms that can teach about affiliate marketing passive income, and traffic generation. In fact, you can join THIS one for FREE. Nevertheless, the commission league has SOME value, but it’s really overpriced overall.


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