The Greengeeks Hosting Review

There are a lot of hosting providers out there, we know how important it is to choose the right one. There is no such thing as a perfect hosting provider and anyone telling you otherwise is simply full of hot air.

It all depends on your online goals and website needs. The GreenGeeks Hosting Review will show you everything you need to know about this provider. Let’s start off by saying that GreenGeeks guarantee you two things from the get-go:

1. 100% Customer Satisfaction Rate.

2. 99.99% Uptime.

Bold claims, especially with the complete customer satisfaction level. Considering the fact that most hosting providers lack in customer support or take their time when dealing with people’s queries which of course leads to people feeling neglected and dissatisfied.

Is GreenGeeks really that different? Let’s find out now.

Best Web Hosting Review

GreenGeeks was founded back in 2016 and they are in our Top 10 list of best environmentally friendly web hosting providers check out the review now. In other words, GreenGeeks makes sure to replace all the energy they use to power up their services by buying wind energy that is 3 times more than what they use.

They replace more than 615,000 kWh a year. GreenGeeks are also a dedicated Green Power Partner with the United States Environmental Protection Agency. Usually what we see with green hosting providers is that their pricing plans tend to be higher.

Although this is NOT the case here, there are some misleading prices and hidden fees along the way which in all honesty is nothing new to this industry. We will be focusing more on that in the Con’s section.

In terms of website speed and uptime performance, they really do provide exceptional service. Unless you are in Asia, there is no datacenter there which can lead to slower website performance.

On top of that their customer support satisfaction rate is rated excellent by 90% of the reviews at Trustpilot. When you compare that with some other hosting providers, you can truly realize the difference in terms of quality support between the different providers.

the greengeeks hosting review

This review will show you everything you need to know about GreenGeeks including hosting services, pricing, features and overall user experience overview.

By the time you go through this review, you will know for sure if this is the right hosting solution for your website or not.

A lot of people want to know if their providers have managed WordPress hosting and that is what we will be covering in the next section below.

What is Website Speed and Why is it Important?

Website speed is the amount of time it takes for your site or pages to load. In general, people aren’t really that patient and if your site takes too long to load, it will result in them clicking away and you losing traffic.

Not to mention that if you’re into blogging and SEO, it can really impact your organic rankings. Website loading time directly influences your conversion and engagement rates.

GreenGeeks put a lot of emphasis on that and with various tools and software, they make sure that your websites have an optimal uptime and loading speed performance at all times.

the greengeeks hosting review

A Ton of Managed WordPress Hosting Reviews Are Out There

With so many Managed WordPress hosting reviews out there, sometimes it can be difficult to choose the right one.

Given the fact that most experienced WordPress users prefer to use WordPress to manage and control their websites, some people may NOT like the fact that GreenGeeks come with their very own unique website builder.

If you are seemingly new to WordPress then this should not bother you in any way because the embedded website builder is extremely easy to use and navigate. Of course, you can always choose not to use it.

Now that’s out of the way, let’s find out more about the managed WordPress hosting within GreenGeeks and what it has to offer. There is a total of 3 WordPress hosting plans and they all use shared servers.

They do however have some additional features that all other shared hosting plans lack such as 1 click WordPress Install with automated updates. You will also get support for advanced development tools like WP staging and the command line tools WP-CLI and Git.

For additional performance speed, there are a bunch of high-performance technologies that ensure your site’s optimal loading speed and they include:

– Ultra-optimized LiteSpeed Web Server

– MariaDB Database Servers

– PHP 7

– HTTP/2

– Custom PowerCacher

– Cloudflare


It’s extremely easy to set up WordPress with GreenGeeks. It can take up to a few minutes and all it requires is a few clicks of the mouse button.

Everything is done automatically for you. Even if you don’t know anything about WordPress, there are a ton of short tutorial videos at GreenGeeks that can teach you all about it.

Another thing that’s worth mentioning is that they do offer FREE website migration with all their plans.

Shared Hosting Plans at GreenGeeks

the greengeeks hosting review

A shared hosting plan is the cheapest solution and is often used by small websites and startups to medium websites.

This is a scalable hosting solution and as your site matures and gains more traffic, it will require more recourses to run smoothly. This means that at some point you will want to move onto a more advanced plan.

Below you will see everything that’s included within GreenGeeks shared hosting plans.

– Unlimited amount of sub and parked domains.

– cPanel Dashboard that’s extremely easy to use.

– Softacoulous that can let you download more than 200+ apps and scripts that can help you shape your website the way YOU want it to look.

– Scalable Solutions.

– Free Domain Registration.

– Support for SSH access.

– Unlimited Bandwith, Storage, and Emails.

VPS Hosting at GreenGeeks

When your website grows an reaches a certain level, you might want to consider switching to a VPS hosting. The great thing about it is that is extremely easy to do so. 

All you need to do is contact GreenGeeks customer support and they will take care of everything for you. VPS Hosting is also a great option for those that want complete root access to servers or to have bigger control over computing recourses.

Here is what you can expect:

– Maximum loading speed with the tier 1 bandwidth combined with SSD storage.

– Your VPS container will be connected to the Internet at 1Gb/sec on a premium Multi-Gigabit network.

– Free Daily Backups.

– Less than 60 seconds to deliver your VPS Server.

– From 25GB of SSD and up to 200GB SSD Raid – 10 Storage.

– From 1TB of Premium Bandwidth up to 8TB.

Dedicated Hosting

the greengeeks hosting review

The dedicated hosting plans are ideal for people who have a high traffic website and process a lot of data.

It’s also a great solution for web apps that require a large number of recourses to operate smoothly.

Unlike shared hosting, this is an entire server that’s focused entirely on ensuring your presence online is at an optimal speed even if you get an extreme amount of traffic on a regular basis.

Features included inside the dedicated hosting at GreenGeeks are:

– From 2GB DDR 3 Memory up to 16GB DDR 3 Memory.

– Up to 2x500GB SATA Drive.

– 5 IP Addresses on all Dedicated Hosting Plans.

– 10K GB Transfer.

All of GreenGeeks’ dedicated servers use Server-grade intel processors, memory hard drives and various other tools. There are 4 Subscription Plans for a dedicated server.

The cheapest one of the bunch is Entry Level with the Intel Atom 330 Dual-Core Processor. Then there’s the Standart Server with Xeon E3-1220 3.1Ghz and it’s also the most frequently purchased dedicated hosting plan.

For the more advanced users, there’s the Elite and Pro Server Plans with a Xeon E3-1230 3.2Ghz w/HT and Xeon E5-2620 2.0Ghz w/HT processors.

GreenGeeks Domains

GreenGeeks domains offer a FREE domain for the entire duration of your account. You can even transfer an existing one to a GreenGeeks domain with no extra charges.

Some hosting providers offer free domain registration for only a year, unlike GreenGeeks. They will continuously renew your domain as long as your account is active.

Another cool thing is their free migration service which allows you to transfer all your websites onto a GreenGeeks domain for free.

This leaves all the technical stuff out of the way as the customer support team takes care of everything.

GreenGeeks Pro’s and Con’s

the greengeeks hosting review
: 4 Server locations that are spread out which allows you to choose the one that’s closest to you. This can have a significant impact on your site’s loading speed and that’s why it’s important to choose the right location for your servers to be hosted on and they are:

– Chicago, US

– Phoenix, US

– Toronto, CA

– Amsterdam, NL

If you are someone from the Netherlands, EU or somewhere close to that geographic location it should go without saying that your best bet is with hosting your servers at the Amsterdam Datacenter for optimal speed and uptime performance.

The great thing about GreenGeeks is that their data centers are spread out everywhere, which gives you the opportunity to take advantage of this hosting provider without ever worrying about any performance issues or slow loading time issues.

Pro: GreenGeeks guarantee their customers that they will keep their servers up to date in terms of:

– Gigabit Connectivity.

– RAID 10 SSD Storage for maximizing performance and redundancy.

– SSD Acceleration.

– At least 64 GB DDR3 ECC-Registered Memory.

Pro: Free CDN with Cloudflare. This is an additional feature that ensures your website visitors will have a faster loading speed by connecting users with the server closest to them. This in turns makes your website a lot faster for anyone that’s interacting with it from all over the world.

Pro: GreenGeeks offer better support than most hosting providers. Their response rate is within minutes and they can almost instantly provide help and answers to your questions.

If you do so happen to experience any technical difficulties, the support team responds fast, accurate and keeps you updated as they go along and fix the source of your queries.

Con: Their 30-day money-back guarantee comes with some unexpected attachments. No one will tell you this but if you end up wanting a refund, they will provide it for you minus the expenses of using their free domain option.

In other words, they will cut your refund to compensate for their extra charges on your initially free domain.

Con: Higher renewal price rates. This is not something new and most hosting providers tend to use this tactic to make more people sign up in the first place.

You may start off paying $3.00 for your first month but over time you may experience a gradual increase in their prices. Keep that in mind. The only hosting provider that i know of and does not increase their prices ever is SiteRubix, Check them out!

GreenGeeks Hosting Security

the greengeeks hosting review

We live in a digital age and every business owner should have their own website or risk leaving out a lot of potential customers.

With more than 4 billion people using the internet, it’s never been more important to have a great set of security features that prevent your website to be penetrated by malicious software or cyber threats.

This is especially important for large websites that process a lot of sensitive data such as credit card information. This is yet another feature that can distinguish this hosting provider from some of the other ones out there.

While most hosting providers have some security features and firewalls inlined, if your online property ends up being infected with malware, the general advice is to outsource someone to clean your site for you.

GreenGeeks operate differently and do whatever they can to clear out your website from any harmful threats.

With a 99% success rate in resolving malware issues for customers, this does show that GreenGeeks take their security seriously and strive to create a safe environment by constantly updating and staying in touch with all the latest cyber threats out there.


GreenGeeks is an eco-friendly hosting solution powered by 300% wind energy. They come with a 99% uptime guarantee and provide better customer support than most hosting providers out there.

With fast response rates and extra features such as ensuring that your site stays protected from online threats at all times. If any breaches do so happen to occur they will make sure to take care of it for you.

This removes all the hassle and extra costs that can occur with problems like this because most other providers do not clean your websites.

GreenGeeks has data centers spread out through the US, Canada and EU region, which gives you the opportunity to choose the closest data center for you to ensure maximum performance and loading speed at all times.

With free CDN that offers users access connection with your website via servers that are closest to them to ensure optimum website speed from all over the world.

Overall this is a great hosting provider and offers different hosting solutions for all sorts of websites, from eCommerce to WordPress blogging sites.

You can choose from, shared, VPS, Dedicated or a Managed WordPress Hosting service. Shared hosting is the cheapest and is recommended for startup and low traffic websites.
the greengeeks hosting review

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