The DreamHost Hosting Review

DreamHost is one of the WordPress recommended hosting providers and there is a good reason for that.

One of the unique features are that DreamHost offers 100% uptime guarantee. In other words, they are absolutely sure about their uptime performance. They have a large pressence online and host well over 1.5 million websites from all over the world.

If you are starting a small website and want it to integrate with WordPress then you should definitely consider DreamHost as your hosting solution. There are a lot of dreamhost hosting reviews out there, but not everyone will point out the bad side of this  provider.

There is no one solution for your website’s hosting needs. It varies from website to website.

In order to find out if DreamHost is right for you, I recommend that you go through this in depth review and you will find out everything that you would need to know in order to make an educated decision based on facts, performance, pricing plans and people’s expressed opinion online about DreamHost and their services.

Another thing that’s well worth mentioning is that for every hour that your website experiences downtime they will credit you a days worth of hosting service for free.

They really do put a strong emphasis on their 100% guaranteed uptime. Let’s find out more about DreamHost’s hosting plans.

DreamHost Happy Hosting Plan

the dreamhost review

The DreamHost happy hosting plan is the cheapest hosting solution and it’s the best option for any new and small website.

All shared hosting plans are called happy hosting plans simply because they will make their users happy with the cheapest prices and the highest quality.

If your online property receives a small amount of traffic then it’s most likely that you would want to start off with a shared hosting solution. As the name suggests, you will be sharing a server with other small websites.

All shared hosting plans come with unlimited bandwidth, you will get one FREE domain name and can host an unlimited amount of domains.

The cool thing about all of DreamHost’s hosting plans is that they come with a 97-day money-back guarantee.

This gives you more then enough time to test out all the features that DreamHost provides, including your website’s overall performance and if for any reason you end up being disappointed, you can always get your money back.

97 days is more than enough time to find out if they will uphold their uptime and web performance guarantee.

Shared or Happy Hosting plans offer a wide range of services and their prices start from as low as $2.59/Month and one-click WordPress installer.


VPS Hosting Plan

The VPS Hosting Plan is for eCommerce oriented websites or those that generate a significant amount of traffic online.

A Virtual Private Server can offer the same speed and efficiency as a dedicated server but for a lower price.

It’s an ideal solution if you operate a heavy website with an emphasis on generating a lot of user data and receiving large amounts of traffic.

With a customizable control panel, unlimited bandwidth and between 30 and 240 GB of SSD storage, you can be sure that DreamHost’s primary focus will be to ensure that your website is running at an optimal performance level even when you experience large surges of traffic all at once.

This ensures your customer’s satisfaction level.

Dedicated Hosting Plans

A Dedicated Hosting Plan is for extremely large websites and mobile apps that process a lot of data and require more of the servers than your average VPS plan.

In other words, if your online property gets an incredible amount of traffic on a regular basis and it processes a lot of people’s data, you can be sure that your overall speed and performance will be at high levels at all times or DreamHost will compensate you.

It’s worth mentioning that a dedicated hosting plan is the most expensive one and is made for bigger websites that require a lot of recourses to operate.

As the name suggests it you will have a dedicated server that is focused entirely on the smooth running of your site.

They all come with unlimited bandwidth, from 4GB up to 64GB of RAM. Up to 2TB of storage or up to 240GB SSD storage. Complete root and shell access and a web-based control panel created by DreamHost. This brings us to our next question.


DreamHost Login – Is cPanel Available?

For those of you who do not know, a control panel or cPanel is widely used from a lot of hosting providers out there to ensure that you can easily gain control over your website and manage it in the easiest and efficient way.

DreamHost does NOT have a cPanel. There is a custom build DreamHost login panel that makes it extremely easy to navigate and operate your websites within the DreamHost dashboard.

DreamHost have created their very own control panel to make it even EASIER to have complete control over your online property. It’s very beginner-friendly and super easy to navigate.

A lot of people tend to find that it’s way easier to use the embedded DreamHost panel and gain full control over your websites.

Managed WordPress Hosting

This is for all WordPress based websites that want to use DreamHost as their hosting provider.

You can fully optimize your site for WordPress with a few simple clicks of the mouse button. This plan includes features such as VPS hosting, automated daily backups, and 1 click staging.

Free site migration with 48 hours max waiting time for migration services. Up to 120GB SSD a free pre-installed SSL Certificate and of course, automatic installation of WordPress updates and features, making sure that your website is always kept up to date.


DreamCloud Hosting Plan

The DreamCloud Hosting Plan is a cloud-based hosting service that is an entire entity that is completely online. In other words, the servers do not exist physically anywhere.

dreamhost cloud hosting review

Your website is hosted online on a “cloud” based platform.

DreamCloud consists of a public cloud computing service called DreamCompute and a scalable storage solution called DreamObjects.

DreamCompute – This gives you the opportunity to design your Cloud-based server based on your specific website needs.

With accelerated networks and next-generation processors, the servers could be ready for SSH in less than half a minute.

It’s especially good for those who want to run their own MySQL servers, PLEX media servers and running web applications that require a lot of data and resources.

DreamObject – This is a storage system with limitless capacity. It can be used to store files, photos, music, media files, documents, scripts, backups, etc. With the latest and most innovative Cloud Storage features, you can be sure that all your data and files will be kept safe from online threats.

All DreamCloud hosting plans come with a scalable solution that can enable you to adjust and customize your website and hosting servers based on what it’s best for your online property.

In other words, all code is Open Source, and you will even get help with moving to a private cloud hosting when your website reaches a certain level of performance.

Customer Support at DreamHost

How well does the customer support team at DreamHost performs compared to other hosting competitors?

According to consumer review websites like Trustpilot, a lot of people are extremely satisfied with DreamHost and is rated excellent by 72% of its users.

One more thing that’s worth mentioning is that the access to a live chat customer support person might be possible only during working business hours (PT).

There is a way to get permanent access to live chat if you pay for a monthly call back by DreamCloud’s Team.

the dreamhost review customer support

In other words, if you want to have better access to support, you need to pay an additional fee.

Of course, you could always call their customer support line and you might be able to find a quick solution for any queries or issues.

DreamHost Support Phone Number Does Not Exist

DreamHost does not provide a customer support phone number for the public and its users that you can call.

The best bet to try and get in touch with them (out of business hours) fast is by sending a ticket, message via live chat or an email requesting a callback.

Here’s a PRO TIP for you. Use GetHuman for a better chance to fix your problems faster. This works not only for hosting platforms such as DreamHost but for lots of other stuff too. It can look up all the relevant information for any business online.

WordPress Support

DreamHost is one of the recommended hosting providers by and this comes along with some perks.

The two platforms work together to deliver with all the latest updates and features.the dreamhost review wordpress support

It’s now easier than ever to manage a WordPress website with all the support you’d need at DreamHost.

Introducing DreamPress. This is a unique DreamHost managed WordPress Hosting. This is a scalable solution that can let users manage their WordPress sites at the cheapest prices.

Plus there are some extra features that increase efficiency at caching content and increased memory.

It’s the best solution for shared hosting users who need to upgrade and scale to high levels of traffic but aren’t ready to pay for a VPS server just yet.

DreamHost Free Hosting

DreamHost has a unique free shared hosting plan which includes email hosting to all non-profit and charitable organizations within the US.

This applies to a single account per non-profit organization. In other words, you can only have one FREE shared hosting plan for every non-profit or charitable account at DreamHost.

There is no time limit on this discount. DreamHost will also give a 35% discount on DreamPress plans.

You won’t be needing a credit card for your nonprofit organization but you will have to prove your eligibility. Find out everything about non-profit and charity hosting HERE.

eCommerce Features at DreamHost

This bit here is for every eCommerce oriented website. DreamHost has got you covered here by providing everything that you would need for your eCommerce site in terms of server speed and performance and additional tools that can help with your business such as a FREE SSL Certificate from Let’s Encrypt.

the dreamhost review ecommerce setup

It’s automatically installed with every eCommerce hosting plan at DreamHost.

They know how important a premium SSL Certificate is to any online shop owner.

You are collecting sensitive personal data and information and if your connection is not secure, no one will trust your website with their private info such as their credit card details.

Woocommerce integration for every WordPress user, making it extremely easy to turn even a WP site into an eCommerce store.

On top of that, WP users will get a free storefront (pre-installed). With a built-in Web Application Firewall that detects and prevents all kinds of malware and cyber-attacks. it’s security features are updated automatically.

Instant access to the Remixer – a website building tool that makes it extremely easy to create and structure your online property the way YOU want it to look.

DreamHost WebMail Login

It’s easy to log in to DreamHost webmail. If you already have an account, then you can log in HERE.

Email hosting is included for FREE on most hosting plans at DreamHost but there usually is a 2GB limit to email space.

However, for a small monthly fee ($1.67) you can upgrade your DreamHost webmail login info and get additional features such as 25GB of storage space per email account mobile and desktop synchronization.

the dreamhost review webmail login

It goes without saying that they provide a top-notch smart Anti-Spam feature that ensures your email account is spam-free at all times.

Pro’s and Con’s of DreamHost

the dreamhost review
: Really great average website speed and performance levels. The thing that makes DreamHost unique compared to other hosting providers out there is their 100% uptime guarantee. If they fail to keep their servers up and running at all times, you will get compensated days worth of money for every hour that your site is down because of server downtime issues.

Pro: DreamHost comes with a 97-day money-back guarantee which gives you more than enough time to test around and see how everything works at DreamHost and by doing so you can easily find out if this is the right hosting solution for you or not. If not, just get your money back. You can even get help with migrating your site to a different provider.

Pro: A lot of different hosting plans and features that can suit every kind of web site’s needs and goals. From blogging websites to eCommerce stores, startups to high traffic websites they have the perfect hosting solution for everything.

Con: There are additional fees for things such as migrating from a SHARED hosting provider. The Remixer website builder is free only for shared hosting. It has to be bought separately from a plan. Callbacks from the support team could also be at an extra cost depending on your hosting plan as not all of them have this feature for free.

Con: Supports response time might not be immediate, even though they claim to have a 24/7 support team, not every plan has the feature of being able to contact them after US (PT) working hours.


DreamHost is a great hosting solution for all kind of websites. With various hosting options including, shared, VPS, dedicated and cloud hosting servers.

They have all kinds of different plans for different websites such as eCommerce stores, WooCommerce, Blogging, WordPress Websites and more.

What hosting provider you decide to choose is entirely dependent on your goals and the amount of traffic and data your website/s are using.

There are a ton of hosting providers out there which means that it can be difficult to choose the right one. The thing that makes DreamHost unique compared to all the other providers is their 100% uptime guarantee.

If they don’t follow up on their guarantee, you get a day’s worth of compensation for each hour that your website is down.

In other words, they do take their uptime guarantee seriously and to whatever it takes to achieve that.

Another thing that’s worth mentioning is their 97-day money-back guarantee. This gives you plenty of time to try out how everything works inside, test your site’s performance and stuff like that risk-free.

If for any reason you decide that this is NOT the right hosting solution for you, just ask for a refund and get your money back.

Some additional features that distinguish this hosting provider are their very own custom build DreamHost panel dashboard.

Inside you can easily manage and control your websites. Overall, it’s a decent hosting solution that offers a lot for the right people. Try it out risk-free now!


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