What Is Digital Worth Academy All About?

First of all, congratulations for taking the time to do your research. It’s important to know what you’re getting yourself into beforehand. Otherwise, you risk being disappointed and you can end up wasting a lot of money.

So, what is digital worth academy all about? Before we get started, I’d like to point out that I am not affiliated with this program in no way whatsoever. Unlike some reviews out there, this one is entirely unbiased and transparent.

In the next few minutes, you will know everything that you need to in order to make an educated decision. You will find out everything that’s inside Digital Worth Academy including some things that get revealed to you only after you buy this training program. Let’s dig right into things.

Digital Worth Academy Review Summary

Product Name: Digital Worth Academy

Product Type: Internet Marketing Training

Price: $997

Best For: People Who Are Willing To Invest A lot Of Money to Make Money

Recommended: Not Really, You Can Find Similar Programs For Much Cheaper Than this

Overall Score: 45/100

What Is Digital Worth Academy?

Digital Worth Academy was created by Andrew Hansen and Sara Young. It’s a system that teaches you how to create online assets using SEO strategies. By creating high authority websites and ranking them on search engines like Google, you can reach a lot of potential customers.

The 3 MAIN things that this program helps you with is the following:

1. How to find low competition products and services in big niches that have a high demand for supply.

2. How to create small blogs that grow into huge traffic channels.

3. How to implement effective SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies to get your blogs noticed by a lot of people who are interested in what you have to offer them. This results in long term traffic and big opportunities for monetization.

Once you build up a high authority website that brings in some money, you can then sell that online property for 30-40 times its monthly revenue (they show you how to do that). For example, if your site is already making you $500 a month, you can easily flip it for $15K.

This is a lucrative business model because people always want to buy something that can bring them cashflow on a consistent basis. With that in mind, the digital worth academy is divided into 3 sections and they are:

1. Education and Learning

2. Software and Tools

3. Private Coaching/Mentorship

One thing that’s worth mentioning is that SEO is a long term strategy. Once you build up your websites and it’s content everything starts to snowball and your work can keep bringing profits for a long time.

That’s why instead of selling their high authority websites (which is what Digital Worth Academy is focusing on), many people prefer to keep them for themselves as they keep bringing passive income.

If that sounds more like you, then you should check out my 
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Is Digital Worth Academy a Scam?

what is digital worth about
As with any other online service, a question such as this one come naturally to people. This is why in this section I will explain to you why Digital Worth academy is 
NOT a scam.

This product teaches you a LEGIT way of making money online. SEO is something that many online marketers take advantage of and selling SEO built and profit-generating websites is completely doable. Overall this is a good business model. 

What's Inside Digital Worth Academy?

Digital Asset Blueprint: Inside this part of the program you can expect to find 7 sections, 30 different modules and approximately 150 “over the shoulder” style videos that show you how to create everything starting from scratch.

You will learn how to create profitable web assets and sell them at a much higher rate than their monthly income. The first section is unlocked immediately after making the purchase and the rest open as you go along and complete all the necessary tasks inside. Below is a description of all the 7 sections.


Section 1 – Markets, Niches, Angles, Passions: Choose your market by distinguishing the profitable ones from the rest. Finding something that you’re passionate about can be a good way to make content creation easier for you.


Section 2 – Digital Asset Construction: Establish your foundation by following a step by step procedure. Learn all about the immense power of high authority web assets.


Section 3 – Your Site’s First Content: Exposing your content in front of people who are interested in your website and it’s entities. Earning commission payments due to your efforts.


Section 4 – How To Grow Traffic and Authority With Outreach: Generating links, traffic, more exposure and establishing a foundation for your new brand.


Section 5 – How To Scale Content For Long Term Success: By now, you will know how to create valuable content. In this section, you will learn how to duplicate that valuable content and 10x your profits.


Section 6 – High Impact Link Building and Promotions: Advanced strategies and techniques to further increase your earnings and get more visitors.


Section 7 – Your Site’s Future: Analyzing, Planning, and Strategy: Comprehending the power of progression, scaling profits and creating bulletproof systems that will generate your revenue on a consistent basis.

Business Coaching Program

10 weeks of coaching and mentorship from Sarah Young, Andrew Hansen, and their team. You can get help for everything that you might be struggling with as you go along the training. They will guide you every step of the way via live webinars, one on one chats, forum chats and more. You can get feedback and answers to all your questions. Webinar replays are kept for your convenience.

Software Tools

Here, you will get access to 3 high-end software tools that will help in your online venture. In order to better understand what they all do, here are quick descriptions of these tools.



Tool #1 – Commission Wizard V2.0 Software: With this tool, you will easily find profitable products in all sorts of niche markets. 



Tool #2 – Diamond Keyword Miner Plus Software: Find different paths and corners of your market where easy traffic and revenue are available on complete automation. 



Tool #3 – Profit Calculator Software: An easy and comprehensive way to visualize your monthly profit potential if you decide to tap into these “corners” of the market. This will help you determine whether going after it is worth it or not and how much potential revenue it can bring you.

Private Community Access

Digital Worth Academy has a private Facebook group that you can get access to once you become a member. It’s an active group where people help each other grow and develop in their online journey.

 Not only that but the member’s area inside Digital Worth Academy offers forum access for each course where you can easily interact with other members. You can also create your own mastermind group or become part of an existing one.

 There’s a member’s directory where you can see everyone who joins, sends a message, etc. If you decide you can always opt-out from the member’s directory.


If you find it too time-consuming to do everything on your own, you can take advantage of the outsourcing element at Digital Worth Academy. You can get access to a list of verified staff members that can do some or all the work for you, in exchange for payment of course.

What I Like About Digital Worth Academy

what is digital worth about1. The training course revolves around SEO, which is a great long term opportunity that can bring you money on a completely passive basis for years to come. SEO is the safest method of making a lot of money online as you are not dealing with paid ads, thus you are not risking to lose any money.

2. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee. This removes the risk factor and gives you the chance to get your money back in case you ever want to do so.

3. You get access to a private community that helps you every step of the way.

What I Dislike About Digital Worth Academy

1. $997 is a lot of money for an online course. Not everyone has that kind of money and even if they do, not everyone would be willing to invest that much.

2. Because SEO is a long term strategy, 30 days isn’t really enough time to figure out if it will work for you or not. In other words, one month is may not be enough time for you to decide if this is the right approach for you. In that case, you will NOT get your money back and will end up wasting almost a thousand bucks. Not ideal.

3. There is nothing new to this method, SEO has been around for a while now and there’s a ton of FREE information out there that can teach you all about it if you’re willing to invest the time to look for it. Even with the extra tools and software that help you along the way, this does not justify charging so much for an online training course. That’s my personal opinion of course.

What I Recommend

Search Engine Optimization is my favorite method for creating an online business and generating revenue online. Nevertheless, this hefty price tag can turn off some people.

Especially when there are platforms out there who offer similar or even better services, training material, and tools for a MUCH CHEAPER price than $997. If giving away that much money at once is not an issue for you and you’re happy with that, then, by all means, go for it.

If on the other hand, that’s not ideal and you would like to get access to a state of the art training, incredible keyword research tool, website builder and other software tools that will help you in your online journey, there is another solution. You can get all of that plus a great community of successful entrepreneurs and like-minded people. That’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Find out how these people are banking profits online, using a simple 4-step blueprint. It’s the most incredibly effective yet simple blueprint that so many people neglect and lose money because of that.

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