What Is Rich Dad Summit About?

So, you’re wondering what is Rich Dad Summit About? Within the next few minutes, you will find out everything there is to know about it. Let me save you 16 hours of your time by explaining exactly what to expect inside.

The summit is a pre-recorded webinar that outlines how to create your own passive income stream and achieve financial freedom. It’s all about changing your way of thinking and instead of working for money, making money work for you AKA passive income.

If you know that there is more in life than what you’re experiencing right now and you want to learn all about the different business opportunities that are right there for the taking, then Rich Dad Summit may be what you’re looking for.

Inspired by his book Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert Kyosaki has partnered with 
Anik Singal from Lurn and created this 2-day summit for you. In case you’re wondering if this is all a BIG SCAM, we should dig a bit deeper into the book itself.

If you’ve already read the book and know what it’s all about then, by all means, feel free to skip this part and if not, be prepared to change the way you think about money.

Is Rich Dad Poor Dad a Scam?

In order to answer the question is rich dad poor dad a scam, you need to realize that this is a self-help book created by Robert Kyosaki and it’s all about his two dads. One is his poor (real) dad and the other is his best friend’s (rich) dad.

It shows how the two different dads approach finances, money-making decisions and their thoughts on investing. The concept of this book is to make you realize that wealthy people don’t work for money, they make money work for them. It shows you how wealthy people think and rationalize and
 with a total net worth of over $80 million, Robert Kyosaki should know.

I would have to say that rich dad poor dad is definitely NOT a scam and neither is the Rich Dad Summit. With that in mind, let’s find out what the summit is all about.

Rich Dad Summit Review Summary

Product Name: Rich Dad Summit

Created By: Robert Kyosaki and Anik Singal

Price: $1 Joining Fee and a Couple of Upsells ($69/Month and $97)

Best For: Those Who are Just Starting Out and Want To Learn About The Different Opportunities That Are Out There for Creating Passive Income.

Overall Score: 75/100

Summary: The Rich Dad Summit is a 16 hour long, pre-recorded webinar that went on live on 9 December 2017 and was spread out through the course of 2 days. The creators of this summit have been kind enough to leave a recorded version of this live session for all of us to enjoy.

 If the whole concept of passive income is something that intrigues you but hasn’t started working on your own business and/or don’t know which direction to focus on, then this webinar will most likely be useful to you.

What Is Rich Dad Summit?

Even though the LIVE summit was held way back in 2017, the recording is still available inside ClickBank, one of the biggest affiliate – vendor market places on the internet. Let me explain exactly what is Rich Dad Summit all about.

Even if the summit was held a few years ago, it still holds power, because the knowledge that people can learn there is what a lot of successful people implement in their lives to become what they are.

In other words, it’s an evergreen topic with no expiry date, it cannot be outdated. Inside, you can get familiar with a few different ways for a passive generation. let’s find out more about that in detail.

What's Inside Rich Dad Summit?

Let’s breakdown the 2-day summit into sections that show you what to expect. There are 9 speakers inside and everyone introduces you to a different way of creating passive income. The topics being covered are as follows:

– Building Long Term Wealth.

– Investing in Stocks.

– The Future of Bitcoin.

– The Difference Between Being an Entrepreneur and Creating a Job.

– Why the Rich Get Richer and The Poor Stay Poor.

– How To Use Money to Make Even More Money.

– How to Build a Side Business That Pays You on Complete Automation.

– Creating Multiple Streams of Income and Why Is it So Important.

Robert Kiyosaki is the keynote speaker in this event, and with the help of Rich Dad Summit’s co-founder Anik Signal and seven more speakers, they all show you a wide range of different ways to generate passive income and start your own business. The other speakers are as follows:

– Kotton Grammer, SEO and Marketing Guru.

– Andy Tanner, Investor.

– Tom Wheelwright, Author of a Book Called Tax-Free Wealth.

– Max Wright, Bitcoin Expert.

– Fred Lam, eCommerce self-made millionaire.

All these people are experts in their own fields, and they can give you a good understanding of what it takes to be successful. As you can see, there is a lot of variety in terms of business models, this definitely gives you something to think about.

Day 1: Different Ways To Create a Passive Income

1. Day one starts off with Robert Kyosaki and his speech about the only two secrets that you need to know in order to build long-lasting and sustainable wealth.

2. Andy Tanner talks about the cashflow quadrant. What is that and how can it make you money.

3. Why creating a job is different than being an entrepreneur and which one should you tackle, with Jerremy Belloti as a speaker for this topic.

4. The best and most profitable business opportunities on the internet and outside the world wide web with Andrew Lantz.

5. Anik Singal and Jeremy Belloti talk about the fastest way for starting a business or as they like to call it, The X Factor.

6. Andrew Lantz talks about the difference between assets and liabilities and how this can be the difference between wealth and poverty.

7. Demystifying the stock market with Andy Tanner, what is it and how to invest in it the right way.

8. Anik Singal talks about why having an E-mail list is an asset and how it can make you money.

9. Jeremy Bellotti on building a successful team.

To summarize, day 1 revolves around the different ways of generating passive income. It also covers key concepts such as assets and liabilities and their direct correlation with your financial position. By the way, this is a big part of the book Rich Dad Poor Dad.

Day 2: How To Make Your Money Work For You, Not The Other Way Around.

The second part of the summit basically covers how to invest your money, so that you can start passively making more money. Here’s what to expect:


1. Jeremy Bellotti talks about how not to overthink being successful and why most people do exactly that.

2. Assets and Liabilities part two. How to obtain assets leveraging real estate and the Rich Dad way of doing things. The speakers here are Robert Kyosaky’s real estate investing coaches.

3. Max Wright dives deep into Bitcoin and why it’s such a HUGE opportunity right now and for years to come.

4. Fred Lam talks about eCommerce and how to use the global economy to your advantage.

5. Investing in yourself and the power of soft assets, with Andrew Lantz.

6. Tom Wheelright on the tax loophole. How to leverage the tax system by becoming an entrepreneur and investing.

7. Garret Sutton talks about the legal side of things and how to protect your assets by setting up LLC.

8. Anik Singal talks about how being wealthy can give you the opportunity to make an impact on your family, friends and the world.

These are all really interesting topics, but take my advice and stick to doing ONE thing at a time. Pick a business venture and stick to it. The Rich Dad Summit can serve as a guide to you, but it will not do the work for you. 

Upsells and Aditional Costs

As you already know, the entry fee to see The Rich Dad Summit cost’s only $1 but in reality, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. These additional prices and upsells are in no way mandatory and if you decide NOT to pay for anything, I’m sure that you can even find the webinar reply on youtube. Anyway, here are all the upsells and different products that you can BUY inside The Rich Dad Summit.

Rich Dad Insider - Upsell One

Once you sign up, you will instantly be offered to become part of the advanced course by Robert Kyosaki that shows you how to fast track your way to success by building multiple streams of income. It goes into detail on topics such as entrepreneurship, passive income, lowering your taxes and overall self-development.

There’s a free 14-day trial and after that, it costs $67 a month. 15 modules are waiting for you there with monthly updates and new insider secrets being added on a regular basis.  

5 Money Secrets - Upsell Two

This is a one-time payment offer for $97 that teaches you how wealthy people think. This is a course, where Robert Kyosaki dives deep into the mindset that made him and a lot of other people rich. The 5 Money Secrets of Wealth are as follows:

Rule #1 – Protecting your money and assets.

Rule #2 – How to leverage your money.

Rule #3 – Creating and managing money.

Rule #4 – Multiplying your money.

Rule #5 – Behind the scenes of your perfect team.

I don’t know why, but the co-founder of The Rich Dad summit, Anik Singal has the same (or very similar) course and he charges only $7 for it. Maybe it’s a “diluted” version of the original one. 

5 Money Secrets Lite - Downsell

If paying $97 sounds like too much, you can buy the lightened version of this course for half the price at $47. As you would expect, not everything that’s inside Money Secrets will be there in the Lite version.

Who Can Benefit From The Rich Dad Summit?

In short, people who have a general interest in starting their own business and escaping the 9 to 5 regular job cycle can benefit from the Rich Dad Summit. However, if you already have a business model set up then this will probably not be of much use to you.

 There’s a lot of focus on changing your mindset inside the summit towards an entrepreneurial mind which is definitely a good thing and everyone that want’s to get into this game has to undergo a certain mental shift if they want to succeed. 
what is rich dad summit about

What I Like About Rich Dad Summit

1.Great Content Suitable For Beginners

The content is of really high quality and will surely help a lot of beginners in finding their path to passive income. It’s also made in an easily comprehensible way, just like it should be if your targeting newbies and people with no experience.

2. It Covers a Wide Variety of Topics

The core concept of Rich Dad Summit is to show you what kind of mindset you need to have in order to become successful. You also get to learn about all the different types of business ventures that you can tap into, and the great thing is that you get to learn about all these stuff by experts in their respective industries, which means that you will definitely learn something valuable.

3. It Never Get's Old

All the stuff being taught inside are topics that will be valuable years after their release date, even if they’re not updated. This makes the training timeless which adds even more value to it.

What I Don't Like About Rich Dad Summit

1. It's Not For Those That Have a Clear Idea of What They Want to Do

The training is quite basic and only covers the surface of a bunch of different ways to create passive income. This means that if you are someone who already knows what direction they want to take, Rich Dad Summit won’t be of much use to you. In fact, it can serve as a distraction from your already set up goal which is definitely not a good thing.

2. It's Way Too Long

Nowadays, most people can’t really maintain focus for a long period of time without being distracted by something. Given the fact that the whole webinar is about 16 hours long, it will probably take some people way more than 2 days to complete it (if they don’t forget about it in the first place).

Even if you manage to finish everything within a couple of days time, the material that gets covered inside is a lot and this can leave people overwhelmed. Especially those that have no idea about these kinds of things and that’s the Summit’s target audience after all. 

3. It's Basically Free

I know what you’re thinking. How can this be something bad, right? Hear me out here. First of all, nowadays the internet is packed with free stuff, nothing new here. Second, this can turn off some people as they make think that it’s some kind of scam to take their money.

 I mean, just $1 for the course? Why not make it completely free, what’s the catch here, right? Not only that but when you pay for something, you tend to commit yourself to it (not always, of course, but it helps a lot).

By committing to something, you are more likely to follow it through until the end. When that’s not the case, you can easily forget about it and leave it, without any consequences. Commitment is key, when you want to start your own business, be it leveraging passive income or not. That should be your first and most important lesson of them all.

What I Recommend

If you’re looking for the BEST way to start your own online business and utilize passive income, then you should check out how these people are banking profits using a simple yet incredibly effective 4 – step blueprint that so many people neglect and tend to lose money because of that. Find out what it’s all about below.

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