Commission Hotshot Review [Is It a Scam or Not]

Can you really make $789.80 in 19 minutes just as Art Flair, the creator of this training in less than 24h? Find out if it’s all a big SCAM in this Commission Hotshot review now. Pretty bold claims, it seems like everything that you need in order to achieve financial success online can be yours for a measly $13 dollars.

Where have you been all my life, Commission Hotshot? All jokes aside, I’ve seen A LOT of online training courses that promise similar things and let me tell you right now, most of them have led to one thing and that is DISSAPOINTMENT. Is this product any different? Time to find out now.

Commission Hotshot Review Summary

Product Name: Commission Hotshot

Price: $10-$13 + Upsells ($400+)

Created By: Art Flair, Pallab Ghosal, and Ram Rawat

Overall Score: 45/100

Recommended: Yes and No

Commission Hotshot is an overhyped training course that promises to show you an untapped and completely new method of generating free traffic that no one is using at the moment (or so they say). Everything inside their sales page sounds a bit too perfect. Experience has taught me that if something sounds too good to be true, that’s because it is. Nevertheless, if you are a beginner and want to learn about video marketing, you will probably benefit from this training course.

What Is Commission Hotshot All About?

Commission Hotshot is all about teaching you what you need to do in order to make money online without spending any money on ads, without building an email list and with absolutely no SEO involved. This is a training program that’s been published inside WarriorPlus on 21/02/2020.

For those of you that don’t know, WarriorPlus is an online network were affiliates and product owners collaborate to make money together. One of Commission Hotshot’s founders Art Flair talks about showing you a completely different and FREE way for generating passive income. You don’t really learn what that method is until after you pay.

Is Commission Hotshot a Scam?

Even though the sales page is exaggerated, I do believe that Commission Hotshot is NOT a scam. If you are a beginner, surely you will learn valuable things that can help you but don’t expect to start making cash instantly because you will most likely end up being disappointed at the end. I have seen this too many times.

People get hyped up when they stumble upon a sales page that basically tells you how easy it will be for you to make an insane amount of money in no time at all only to realize that it cannot be further from the truth. This is a marketing tactic that some internet marketers use, but in my opinion, misleading people like that is not a great approach.

What's Inside Commission Hero?

Inside Commission Hero you will get access to the following:

1. Step by step training series that outline how to create high converting videos.

2. Real-Life Case Studies.

3. Customer Support that can assist with any queries that might occur.

4. Software that will automate the whole process for you.

You will also get 8 premium bonuses and they are:

Bonus #1 – Done For You Newsletter series. 20 of them to be exact.

Bonus #2 – Viral Article Publisher Software.

Bonus #3 – Guide To Creating Viral Traffic Campaigns.

Bonus #4 – Outsourcing Guide.

Bonus #5 – Viral Marketing Guide.

Bonus #6 – Viral Traffic Generation Guide. 

Bonus #7 – Targeted Traffic Simplified. 

Bonus #8 – FB Mastermind Group Access. 

Pricing Upsells & Additional Costs

commission hotshot review

The joining fee for Commission Hotshot is $10 for the Lite version and $12 for the Pro version. With the Pro package, you get additional things such as a commercial license, which allows you to resell this product.

This will probably change during the course of the next few months as the main goal right now for these guys is to popularize the product. Depending on when you read this article, it might still be there, or it may be gone. Once inside, you will be presented with a bunch of offers and they are:


1. Case Studies Pack for $25-$27. You can copy and paste them into your campaigns.


2. For $25-$37 you can get access to done for you e-mail, social media, affiliate campaigns and more (That’s a bit confusing because the sales page leaves you with the impression that you don’t need to create email campaigns).


3. Reseller Pack. For $197 you can get a license to sell and promote this course and keep 100% of the profits for yourself.


4. WSOTD Products. For $147 you can get access to all of the products that these guys have ever made.


5. Super Affiliate Training. For $47 you can get additional training that teaches you how to create your own product, run Google ads, get Instagram traffic.


6. For $27, you can get a hold of 3 additional software products that can help you in your venture. 

What I Like About Commission Hotshot

commission hotshot review

1. It’s not an expensive training. You get value for a low price and that is always something good in my book. Especially when there are so many high ticket courses that charge people hundreds of dollars for similar and sometimes lower quality training material. Keep in mind that by the time you go through this review the price may have gone up a bit.

2. Because they have just recently launched (21.02.2020) there are a lot of bonuses and the owners of Commission Hotshot are pouring their members with value. This might continue for a long time too.

3. I like the outsourcing guide. It can show you how to spread out your workload and give it to someone else. For a price, of course. No one want’s to work for free, right? 

What I Don't Like About Commission Hotshot

1. Too much exaggeration. The sales page makes it look like this is the best thing that you will ever get the chance to have. This will mislead a lot of people which can actually have a negative effect on the product itself.

2. they don’t really mention how exactly are you going to get that free targeted traffic until after you’ve paid the joining fee. All they tell you is what this training is NOT about. Why would you buy something if you don’t know what it is? 

3. Another thing that’s a bit confusing to me is why would they offer a newsletter if you won’t be building any lists of email subscribers?

4. The automated “viral” article publisher software will most likely not produce anything that will go viral at all. What happens with a very large number of these automated article creator software tools is that they put out low-quality content that can sometimes be classified as duplicate content. 

Final Verdict

This training is really all about generating free traffic and targeting your audience using specific techniques and methods. The sales page presents Commission Hotshot in an unrealistic way, making it seem way too easy to generate money online than it actually is.

This can disappoint a lot of unexperienced “newbies” that are starting out in this industry and it can also put off a lot of more experienced internet marketers who know better than to trust exaggerated claims. 

What I Recommend

Online passive income generation is REAL and so many people are making a full-time income from it. There is a way to generate completely free organic traffic but it does require hard work and dedication. If you’re up for it, check out how these people are banking profits using a simple 4 step blueprint that so many people neglect and tend to lose money because of that.

Disclaimer: Please note, I am not a member or an affiliate for Commission Hotshot. This review has been researched with information and/or testimonials that are available online in the public domain. Any recommendations and/or conclusions are only opinions and may not apply to, or agree with all persons or situations.

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