How to Learn About SEO

How To Learn About SEO - Top 9 Things You Must Know

Today you are going to learn all about Search Engine Optimization and how to implement it within your content for optimal results.

This is how to learn about SEO and become a master in generating organic quality traffic.

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Before we get further into things I want to make one thing clear.

You cant learn everything in one short article, but you can definitely get help with the basics and how to start the right way.

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Let’s start with establishing the ground rules of becoming a Master SEO Specialist

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How To Master SEO

Search Engine Optimization is an ever-changing topic, so you need to always be aware of the new updates and all the latest changes.

This is an ongoing learning process, but once you get the fundamentals, you are basically set for great success.

There is so much information about SEO out there that it may be a bit confusing deciding which approach would be best for you.

I’m here to help you with that. Here are the top 9 things that you MUST know in order to master SEO.

At the end of this post, I will be showing you WHERE you can learn how to do all of these things.

1.  Producing Quality Content.

2. Correct implementation of meta titles, meta descriptions, and meta keywords.

3. Keyword research.

4. Using internal and external links.

5. Adding keywords within your content.

6. Images and videos.

Alt tags for images and videos.

Where to get engagement and comments on DEMAND for your articles.

Request indexing and getting Google to crawl your post.

New Website vs Old Website

When you are looking to get your content ranked in Google and all the other search engines, your website’s age plays a role.

That’s why you should know that it will probably take some time to see any kind of progress when you first start implementing SEO within your content.
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Google needs to know that you are putting out quality content, and if your domain has been there for quite some time now, then they will naturally assume that your posts are high quality.

It’s not the biggest factor that will determine whether you will get ranked high or not, but it definitely helps.

Here’s a PRO tip for you.

Try and post as much content as you can.

This will definitely boost your SEO ranking’s and you may see yourself up on that first page of Google way sooner then you would expect.


Another big piece of the puzzle is keyword implementation.

Keywords are used to tell Google and the other search engines what you’re content is all about.

 As soon as you create an article or any type of content, you should request Google to crawl your page.

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When you do that, Google sends a bot to your article and depending on where and how your keywords are structured it then knows what you are writing about.

 Here’s another HINT for you.

Try and focus on ONE quality keyword per post.

I have made an entire article dedicated to teaching you more about SEO, keywords and content writing, you can go ahead and check it out HERE.

Social Media & Links Within Your Content

Getting shares from social media will BOOST your SEO ranking extremely well.

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When people talk about your post’s and articles on Instagram, Facebook and everywhere else, Google LOVES that.


Because it’s all about the people and when they are sharing your content this means that they like it.

This will immediately let Google know that your content is of high quality and value.

This can compensate really well if your website is seemingly new and can speed up your first-page rankings a lot.

Putting up internal and external links in your content is another great way of showing the Links

search engines that your content is filled with value.

Google loves it when there is a lot of info within your posts and what better way to actually do that than by putting a link to the actual source of information.

This is also a great way to show your audience that you really did your research and are not just making things up along the way.

Trust me, this will help you a lot.

Are You Ready To Take The Next Step?

So, we’ve covered the basics of mastering SEO.

What should be your next step?

Hopefully, you have learned something new today and if you enjoyed reading through my article and know of someone who might find it useful, share it with them.

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