The ClickBank Superstar Review [Hidden Truth Revealed]

So I just had the chance to read some of the ClickBank Superstar review posts that are out there and let me tell you straight away, most of them are simply promoting that product and praising it like it’s the holy grail.

I believe in a different approach, so my point of view is completely unbiased and transparent. In other words, here you will be able to find out what ClickBank superstar is REALLY all about.

The good, the bad, and all the hidden secrets of this product will be revealed to you now.

According to John Thornhill, the founder of this training, for only $19.95 you can get access to all his secrets and learn how to put your product in front of thousands of people in a few easy to follow steps.

While that may be the case, there are some things that are left untold on the sales page, and I will be focusing more on that below.

If for any reason, you haven’t realized this already, you may benefit from this training, only if you have a product or service that you want to sell.

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The ClickBank Superstar Review Summary

Product Name: ClickBank Superstar

Founder: John Thornhill

Product Type: ClickBank Product Marketing Training

Price: $19.95 Plus Hidden Upsells

Best For: People Who Have Their Own Product and Want To Make More Sales

Recommended: Yes, If You Have Your Own Ready To Go Product

Rating: 65/100

What Is The ClickBank Superstar About?

I have to give props to John Thornhill simply because his pitch is not an unrealistic claim that you will make thousands in no time fast and easy.

Unlike some other training courses such as The 1K Fast Track a Day or The Commission League, this training is not giving you false hope and promises that are virtually impossible to keep. That on its own is a very good sign. So, what is the Clickbank Superstar all about?

In short, it is a course designed by someone that has had great success as a product vendor on ClickBank and he is revealing all his secrets with a step by step video training series. Over there you will learn how to get listed on ClickBank and attract affiliates that will market your product FOR YOU.

In exchange, you will share a percentage of the profit with each affiliate that promotes and sells your products. You will get access to advanced training and techniques that show you how to take advantage of ClickBank to its fullest.

Why ClickBank?

The ClickBank Superstar Review

ClickBank is one of the biggest online networks that connect affiliate marketers and vendors alike. Vendors can list their products and services there while affiliates take care of the rest.

With over 6 million clients worldwide, ClickBank has managed to accumulate more than 1,500,00 affiliate marketers and more than 40,000 products listed on there, the platform generates around 30,000 transactions daily.

These numbers are there just so that you can get a better understanding of how popular and effective ClickBank actually is.

What’s Inside ClickBank Superstar?

Inside, you will get access to 7 modules that show you how to set up your ClickBank account, add your product and get that sales funnel going. You will learn how to use coupons and leverage the power of 100% commissions.

On top of that, you will get to know more about JV (Joint Venture) contracts, how to activate one-click upsells, and more. This is where it gets interesting.

If you don’t have your own product or want to market more than one (which is something that the ClickBank Superstar training is going to emphasize on) there is a special webinar-training and the end goal of that webinar is to get you to buy into an upsell called The Partnership To Success Program.

It comes with a hefty price tag at approximately $1,997 and it seems like it’s quite essential in order to take maximum advantage of ClickBank Superstar. I bet you didn’t expect that now did you? There are some other extra offers and they are as follows.

– The Niche Marketing Kit, Priced at $19.95

– Monster PLR Collection for $27

– ClickBank Affiliate Master, Priced at $47

These are all kept secret and are revealed to you only after you pay the initial $19,95 for access to the course. This may raise some suspicion in people and make them question the overall legitimacy of this training, which is what this next bit is all about.

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Is The ClickBank Superstar a Scam?

ClickBank Superstar is NOT a scam. If you end up paying $19,95 for the course, you will get value from it. Even if you do not buy into the upsells you will learn what it’s needed to sell your own products on ClickBank as a vendor.

On top of that, you will get extra tips and advice on how to get more affiliate marketers to fall in love with your product and promote it for you. That’s why this product is labeled as legit.

The whole idea behind not letting you know about all the additional upsells and costs that can occur is simply a marketing tactic and it’s not necessarily a bad one.

My belief is that if you are interested in buying a product or training, you should first learn everything that goes along with it so that you know EXACTLY what you’re getting yourself into.

Who Created ClickBank Superstar?

John Thornhill from the United Kingdom. He is the founder of ClickBank Superstar and a couple of other products, such as his Ambassador Program. He’s been involved in creating and selling digital courses on ClickBank for over 14 years now. 

John started his online journey selling products on eBay and has since then moved to one of the biggest affiliate marketing networks out there.

His experience with creating and selling digital products online makes this course a powerful resource for anyone that want’s to follow in his footsteps.

How Much Does ClickBank Superstar Cost?

Right now, ClickBank Superstar costs $19.95, but that’s just the front end price. When you purchase the product, you will be presented with an upsell called The Niche Marketing Kit, which costs $19.95.

After that, you will come across the Monster PLR Collection, which is priced at $27. The last upsell is The ClickBank Affiliate Master, which costs $47.

At some point, don’t be surprised if you get pitched John Thornhills flagship program, which costs four figures.

Does ClickBank Superstar Come With a Money Back Guarantee?

The Clickbank Superstar Review

The great thing about ClickBank Superstar and all other ClickBank products is that they all come with a 60-day money-back guarantee. ClickBank wants to make sure that everyone is satisfied with their purchase and in the event of a disappointment, you get the right of a refund.

After all, that’s one of the many reasons why this network is so popular and successful. Two months is more than enough time to realize if you’re investment was worth it or not.

What I Like About ClickBank Superstar

A few things come to mind that differentiate this product from similar ones in a good and positive way and they are:

1. The fact that there are absolutely no false promises of easily accumulated wealth and riches with little to no effort is something that’s worth mentioning.

So many of these self-proclaimed “Gurus” tend to overpromise and underdeliver because of unrealistic claims and that annoys the heck out of me.

They prey on newbies and people that have no experience with internet marketing who don’t know better than to trust such ridiculous claims.

2. Another commonly used tactic with similar products is that you never get to understand what the product is actually about.

All you hear is how great and easy it will be to change your life and financial position. Here’s a PRO tip for inexperienced people. If you are being sold a dream that sounds way too good to be true, odds are that you will be disappointed at the end.

3. Great quality training. You won’t learn EVERYTHING by paying the initial $19.95 but you will get a good understanding of what it takes to start making money leveraging your own products on ClickBank. Overall, it’s worth the investment.

What I Don’t Like About ClickBank Superstar

1. The fact that you won’t learn anything unique or THAT special with the small investment of $19.95 is kind of a downer. If you do the search and spend some time online, it’s likely that you will find most of the information for free.

2. Upsells. Not a fan of this stuff, although I get why some people implement them in their offers. Nevertheless, I still think that not revealing everything upfront and leaving people in the dark is wrong. Furthermore, going from $19.95 to almost $2,000 to get the full value of this product is a HUGE difference.

3. It’s only for people who already have a product that’s ready to be sold. Unless you’re willing to spend $2K to learn how to create one, I suggest that you find some other way to make money online.

What I Recommend

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