7 Figure Affiliate System Review – Scam or Legit?

Welcome to my 7 Figure Affiliate System review. Can you really generate 6 figures per month with Michael Cheney’s course, or is it another scam to avoid? Here’s what you need to know. 

The founder of this program is a successful internet marketer with years of experience and many satisfied students. However, that does NOT mean that 7 Figure Affiliate System is suited for everyone.

On the contrary, it’s designed for a SPECIFIC audience. That’s why it’s important to understand EXACTLY what you’re getting into without any hype or exaggerated claims of income.

By the time you’re done here, you will know what to expect inside this course, how much it will cost you, and what kind of effort is required on your end to achieve success.

Ready? Let’s get started…

7 Figure Affiliate System Review Summary

Product Name: 7 Figure Affiliate System

Product Type: Affiliate Marketing Training Program

Product Owner: Michael Cheney

Product Price: $9.95+

Overall Score: 80/100

Recommended: Yes!

Summary: The 7 Figure Affiliate System is a fresh training course that shows you the exact blueprint and step by step guide to achieving financial freedom with affiliate marketing and free traffic generation.

You can tap into Michael Cheney’s proven campaigns and secret traffic sources that very few people know about.

This can limit your competition and increase your results with the same amount of effort that you would otherwise put in without having access to this type of knowledge.

The owner of this program is a very successful affiliate with years of experience and a ton of information that he has shared in his flagship program. 

What is 7 Figure Affiliate System?

7 Figure Affiliate System is Michael Cheney’s flagship program. He’s been making affiliate commissions online for over 20 years.

This brand new course was launched in early 2022 to help aspiring affiliate marketers reach their financial goals and even surpass them.

The training program includes every strategy, method, and secret that Michael Cheney used over the years to make millions of dollars in commissions over the years.

He shares step by step everything you need to do to go from brand new newbie to generating daily sales. 

Unlike other affiliate marketing courses, this one teaches the business model without creating your own website, domain name, having any business experience, and running paid ads online.

You don’t need any of that to start making money online with 7 Figure Affiliate System. Inside the member’s area, you will access all of Michael’s successful campaigns and a step by step guide on how to use them.

In his own words, this program is more valuable than any other course he’s put out there. Michael and his team have been working closely with some of the best people in internet marketing to help deliver this high quality training program.

On top of all that, the team behind this course will build you a personalized custom affiliate roadmap for you and your business, even if you don’t have one yet.

Is 7 Figure Affiliate System a Scam?

7 Figure Affiliate System review legit or not

7 Figure Affiliate System is not a scam. It’s a legit training program that can help brand new internet marketers and affiliates to start making money online.

The program is sold via the WarriorPlus marketplace, which means that it AUTOMATICALLY comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. 

In other words, there is ZERO risk involved with your purchase, and the only way to lose out is if you don’t try at all. Remember, this is NOT a get rich quick scheme, which means that you will NEED to put in the effort to succeed.

If you’re actually serious about building, growing, and scaling your affiliate marketing business, then the 7 Figure Affiliate System is one of the best and EASIEST ways to get started.

Who is Michael Cheney?

Michael Cheney

Michael Cheney is the funder of 7 Figure Affiliate System and an internet marketer that’s earned over 7 figures in commissions.

This makes him a successful person that can ACTUALLY teach people a lot of valuable stuff. Before achieving a breakthrough, Michael spent years struggling and trying to earn his first money online.

In 2008 he had already begun making affiliate commissions that were more than enough to earn a full time income from home.

In 2022 he launched his brand new course that uncovers everything he had learned throughout the years, including the best ways to generate traffic (web users) to his offers WITHOUT paying for any ads online.

What’s Inside 7 Figure Affiliate System?

inside 7 figure affiliate system

This program comes in 8 easy to follow modules. Each one is focused to bring you one step closer to getting to where you want to be as an affiliate and are as follows:

Module #1 – Riches Are in The Niches.

Module #2 – Where The Money is & How to Get it.

Module #3 – The Golden Thread.

Module #4 – Secret Sales Triggers.

Module #5 – Win The Sale By Adding Value.

Module #6 – Produce The Perfect Promo. 

Module #7 – Turn on The Traffic. 

Module #8 – Secrets of a 7 Figure Super Affiliate.

When you go inside any of these modules, you will see a detailed video from Michael and you’re also going to be able to download the content in MP3 audio, transcript, slides, or video format.

There are 3 additional upgrades that you can purchase alongside your membership of 7 Figure Super Affiliate.

They are NOT mandatory and you can achieve vast success without them, however, if you want to fast track your journey and avoid many of the difficulties that you will face, you may want to consider getting them. 

10 Automatic Money Makers

7 figure affiliate system automatic money makers

This is the first OTO (one time offer) that you will be presented with. It comes with the following attributions:

Copy Click Commissions
– 15 done for you campaigns that you can use straight away. They have been personally written and tested by Michael Cheney. You’re also guaranteed affiliate approval for all of the products associated with these campaigns.

Copy Click Campaigns
– 10 pre made and customizable affiliate campaigns to promote any product in any niche plus training on how to do it. With these campaigns, you can easily leverage your passions, hobbies, or interests to find affiliate products that you can promote.

Bonus Vault
– 7 bonuses that will explore even more ways to earn commissions and full training on how to implement each one effectively.

7 Figure Affiliate Marketing Vault
– Case studies and walkthroughs of their best affiliate campaigns.

7 Figure Affiliate Marketing Masterclass
– 50 minutes of training content that goes over everything they teach to high ticket clients.

The Ultimate Traffic Machine

7 figure affiliate system the ultimate traffic machine

This OTO covers all the different traffic sources that Michael Cheney has used and mastered throughout the years. Here’s what to expect: 

Passive Driven Profits Case Study – How he made thousands outside the internet marketing niche market without using his name.

Fast Traffic Formula – How to get traffic in the fastest ways possible.

Automatic Authority – How to get featured on authority websites for free.

Rapid Traffic Activation
– How to get clicks and sales to your affiliate promotions. 

Scalable Traffic Secrets
– How to quickly scale your traffic volume.

Money Matrix Method – How to find buyers that are ready to purchase your offers without paying for any ads.

Consistent Customer Conversions
– The best ways to convert visitors into buyers.

Leveraged Traffic Growth
– How to scale your online business fast.

Unannounced Traffic Bonuses
– In dept traffic training.

Explode Your Income as a Reseller

7 figure affiliate system explode your income as a reseller

The last OTO will give you full reseller rights to the program. In other words, you can sell this product as your own and keep 100% of the profits on the entire funnel. Keep in mind that you will only see these upsells ONCE

How Much Does 7 Figure Affiliate System Cost?

7 Figure Affiliate System costs $9.95.

The 10 Automatic Money Makers One Time Offer Costs $197

The Ultimate Trafic Machine One Time Offer Costs $97

The Explode Your Income as a Reseller One Time Offer Costs $97

What I Like About 7 Figure Affiliate System

7 Figure Affiliate System review pros vs cons

1. The Cost. The price of this course is very low compared to other, similar training programs out there. 

2. Upsells Are Not Mandatory.
You can achieve success without them, but it will be more difficult and time consuming.

3. You Will Learn Free Traffic Generation Methods. This is way more sustainable than running paid ads online and your traffic flow does not stop cease when you stop spending money.

4. Michael Cheney Has Years of Experience.
He is more than qualified to help you reach your goals faster and avoid making the same mistakes as he did throughout the years.

What I Don’t Like About 7 Figure Affiliate System

1. Additional Costs. Some people may not like the idea of paying more money to access the one time offers. Apart from that, I don’t see any other con to this course. Unlike many of the other offers that are listed on WarriorPlus, this one comes with immense value and high quality content that can help anyone that’s serious enough about affiliate marketing and making money online. 

7 Figure Affiliate System Conclusion

In conclusion, the 7 Figure Affiliate System is all about showing you proven methods for choosing a product in any niche, becoming an affiliate of that product, and generating buyer traffic that converts into sales.

With 20+ years of experience in the field, Michael Cheney has decided to create this brand new training course with the intent of helping as many people as he possibly can to achieve financial freedom.

If you are interested in that, then you should definitely give 7 Figure Affiliate System a try. 

Is There a Better Alternative?

If for any reason, you don’t think that this particular program is for you, there are, of course, other alternatives you can try.

My favorite one is a proven system that teaches free traffic generation using Google and social media, affiliate marketing, and website building. 

Using this model and the 4 step blueprint that you can see on the next page, I’m able to earn consistent passive income and can generate up to $1K commissions from a SINGLE affiliate sale.

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