Remote Closing Academy Review

Welcome to my Remote Closing Academy review. According to Cole Gordon, the founder of this program, he became a millionaire in the most boring way possible.

With all the different ways to make money online nowadays, it can be easy to get lured into the next loophole or super secret underground method that looks way too easy and good to be true.

That’s the opposite of what he did to achieve his wealth. He decided to put all his focus into old but proven concepts that exist since the dawn of selling and marketing.

In no more than twelve months, he managed to go from a broke bartender to making thirty thousand per month and more.

Here’s how he did it.

Remote Closing Academy Review Summary

Product Name: Remote Closing Academy

Product Owner: Cole Gordon

Product Type: Remote Closer Make Money Online Course

Product Price: $8,400

Overall Score: 45/100

Recommended: Not Really!

Summary: This is a high ticket training course that will teach you basic to advanced sales tactics and techniques to close prospects and turn them into paying clients.

You will learn how to earn money by becoming a remote closer, which basically means getting into contact with people that have shown some interest in a particular product or service and convincing them to buy it.

When you do that, you would usually get compensated in the form of commission payments.

In most cases, you will be working with high end clients that are considering shedding out thousands of dollars on something.

Closers usually aren’t needed when it comes to lower, even mid tier offers. This is a high pressure job that requires you to go through long and tiresome phone calls.

If that does NOT sound like something you would enjoy doing, and you prefer to learn a more laid back, and passive approach to making thousands of dollars online each month, you should see this cost effective alternative below.

What is Remote Closing Academy?

what is remote closing academy

Remote Closing Academy is a course that shows you how to equip yourself with a high income skill called closing. It basically means taking phone calls on behalf of companies and organizations that sell high ticket products and services.

In most cases, the potential client is already familiar with the offer and they need further convincing that this is the right choice for them. That’s where you come in. 

The business model has been around for a long time and there are people closing deals in almost any industry that you can think of. In recent times, the demand for this type of job has increased even more.

Companies and organizations are always looking for new closers, especially when they sell high ticket offers. If done right, you can bring yourself a ton of work, calls, and potential sales

If you don’t know what telemarketing is, that’s when you start getting random calls from unknown and sometimes hidden numbers and people start asking you questions and pitching their products like it’s the best thing that ever. They are usually very aggressive and intimidating.

In many ways, social media ads have replaced cold calling strangers out of the blue, but telemarketers are still at it to this day. Most advertisers and companies are fully aware of the fact that online ads work better in most cases.

According to Cole Gordon, most business models like Amazon FBA, dropshipping, or real estate will not help you make money online. Most people that get involved in these things usually end up losing money.

While I fully agree with this, I also think that MOST people who end up investing in Cole’s program will end up the same way. That’s just how it is when it comes to most LEGIT offers out there.

What is Remote Closing?

Remote closing is a form of telemarketing. The main difference here is that you’re not doing cold calls, which means that people on the other side of the conversion will not treat you like a sleazy, annoying salesman.

Your job as a remote closer is to convince people that are already interested in the offer you are representing to make a purchase. In other words, people already have a clue as to what they can expect to happen, and they are ready to be pitched an offer.

To be good at your job, you need to possess qualities like critical thinking, problem solving, and negotiation.

You need to have good people skills and be talkative in general. Otherwise, you may struggle a lot in closing sales.

Is Remote Closing Academy a Scam?

remote closing academy review legit or not

No, it’s a legit training course and a program that will show you become a remote closer and earn commissions from each sale you close. Basically, it’s a job that has the potential to pay well.

It also has the potential to leave you broke, especially when you consider the HUGE price tag of Remote Closing Academy. The entire job is performance based, which means that the more sales you close, the higher your earnings get. However, NOT everything is up to you.

Most of your scheduled calls will not even happen as 8 out of 10 people who book a discovery call or agree to talk with a representative of the company you’re working for won’t even show up.

This means that you have to work with a small number of people and get them to convert, otherwise you won’t be earning anything.

In other words, to make a lot of money as a closer, you need to be able to close 40% – 50% of your calls, which NOT a lot of people can do. There are way more struggling remote closers than successful ones.

Another thing to consider is that this kind of work is very inconsistent. There will be months where you manage to earn some, but there will also be months where you don’t make anything. It’s just the nature of this job. 

Also, you will likely be held accountable by the organization that gets to hire you, which means that if you don’t close enough people that you get on the phone with, you could end up getting replaced by someone that does your job better.

That’s why I think that there are far better alternatives that can help you make money online and start a profitable online business.

Who is Cole Gordon?

cole gordon

Cole Gordon is the founder of Remote Closing Academy. Before creating this course, he used to work as a bartender doing late shifts and not getting paid enough.

When he found out about making money online, his options were to start creating sophisticated sales funnels, hiring a staff of people that will help him run his operation, or running paid ads online.

Since he did not have a lot of money to invest, those options had to be disregarded. That’s when Cole Gordon discovered remote closing.

He realized that he could learn this high valued skill and get a job that pays well and allows for the flexibility he needed. Soon, he became very good at closing sales, and his income increased to upwards of $10K per month with this.

Is Cole Gordon Legit?

Cole Gordon is legit with years of experience as a remote closer. He has also made millions with this high paying skill alone.

Now, he wants to teach others how to achieve success and what it really takes to get there. He is more than qualified to teach beginners the ways of remote closing.

However, there are a few things that need to be considered, such as the fact that his course costs over $8,000. That’s a lot of money for anyone that’s looking to quit their job and achieve financial freedom.

Furthermore, according to some forum discussions from people that have bought the course, Cole Gordon teaches basic tactics that can be acquired from free sources like Google and Youtube. 

For a training program worth that much, there’s has to be more inside of it than that, right?

How Can You Make Money With Remote Closing Academy?

how can you make money with remote closing academy

Remote Closing Academy will teach you what it takes to be a good remote closer and how to find a job where your skills will shine.

Since most similar positions pay strictly based on performance, you either make a lot of money or don’t earn anything. It’s entirely up to you. This can be both good and bad.

If you’re good at your job and you know that the product you’re selling is of high quality, you’re likely to accumulate a small fortune in record time.

However, it’s way easier said than done. Most people that get involved in this struggle a lot, especially at the beginning of their careers.

If you’re not good at handling and dealing with rejection on a regular basis, this is definitely NOT for you. See this alternative instead.

What Does it Take to be a Remote Closer?

You don’t need to have any education or degrees to qualify as a potential remote closer. All it takes is a willingness to learn and to be able to apply the things you’ve learned on the spot in real life situations.

However, most companies prefer to onboard people that can prove their qualifications, which in most cases means having a degree in marketing, sales, and business. If you don’t have any of these, it will likely be harder for you to get someone to hire you.

When you actually do manage to get that job, it’s imperative that you perform very well, not only for your pocket’s sake but for the sake of keeping the job as well.

As long as you can handle yourself well under pressure, and you possess great problem solving skills, you will be okay.

Who Can Benefit From Remote Closing Academy?

Anyone that doesn’t mind spending over $8K on a training program that is NOT guaranteed to bring in any financial results. As long as you’re aware of that risk, you are one step closer to benefiting from Remote Closing Academy.

The next thing that you need to think about is how good you actually are at talking to and convincing people of things? If you’re a natural, then you’re likely to succeed as a remote closer. Ask yourself the following additional questions:

Are you resourceful? Can you problem solve on the spot? Are you a likable person in general? Can you influence people? If you answered yes to all of the above, you’re probably going to be good at your job.

If not, it’s probably better to seek other alternatives like my favorite way of making money online. It’s perfect for introverts that prefer to avoid talking to people.

How Much Does Remote Closing Academy Cost?

The cost of Remote Closing Academy is $8,400. The price is not disclosed anywhere and the only way to get a quote is to go through a discovery call and talk with an actual remote closer.

That’s a huge price for an online educational course. In my opinion, when you don’t even know EXACTLY what you will be learning, paying that much money is NOT worth it in the long run.

Can You Get a Refund?

No. There’s no refund policy with this course. It’s clearly laid out in their terms and conditions. This makes the entire process of buying the course even riskier and something I would definitely avoid doing myself.

What I Like About Remote Closing Academy

remote closing academy review pros vs cons

1. It’s Created By Someone That Knows What It Takes to Succeed as a Remote Closer. Cole Gordon has experience in the field and has seen his fair share of success as a remote closer.

2. You Can Learn a Lot of Useful Things.
Especially if you are a beginner with no prior experience in sales and closing.

What I Don’t Like About Remote Closing Academy

1. It’s Way Too Expensive. The price is $8,400 which is a lot for any kind of online course. Furthermore, some people complain that they only got to learn the basics of selling and closing deals.

2. It’s Risky.
You’re not guaranteed success when you enroll, and there is a no refunds policy. In other words, all sales are final, which adds an extra layer of risk attached to your purchase. 

3. It’s a Performance Based Career.
That’s not that bad in itself, but when you don’t have control over the quality of the product, you could end up hurting yourself and your career by selling very low quality stuff without even knowing it yourself.

4. It’s Not Suitable For Beginners.
I don’t think that anyone looking for ways to make money online should have to spend that much on a course.

Is There a Better Alternative?

Remote Closing Academy is for anyone that wants to have a career as a remote closer. After going through this review, you already know what you will get as a member of this program, how much it costs, the no refunds policy, and what it takes to succeed with this.

Now, here’s why I still think that promoting other people’s products and services is way better than being a remote closer.

You don’t have to feel like a sleazy salesman that’s trying to shove something down the prospects’ throat, you don’t have to be good at convincing people to buy, and you don’t have to worry about getting laid off due to lack of quality performance or anything else.

On top of that, you don’t need to stress yourself with high pressure situations, and you don’t have to spend over $8K to get started.

Using the simple 4 step system that you can see on the next page, I’m generating up to $1K per SINGLE sale of a product or service that I don’t even own myself, on top of monthly recurring revenue, and I didn’t do any of the selling myself.

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