Cole Gordon Review – Legit Sales Expert or Not?

Cole Gordon has four sales principles that he uses to close any sale and this review will touch base on all of them. In his own words, he has used these methods in thousands of calls and made millions of dollars.

He also thinks that most experts are wrong when they preach business models like Amazon FBA, Dropshipping, Consulting, or going into real estate.

Apparently, there’s a better way to make money, and that’s by becoming a remote closer. Your entire profits are calculated based on your performance. In other words, it’s all up to you.

You could potentially earn six figures while working part time, and if that’s not enough, he will show you how to do that. How legit is this guy, and can you really trust him?

You’re about to find out…

Is Cole Gordon a Scam Artist?

Cole Gordon sales

No, he’s not a scammer. He is a legit sales expert with background in remote closing and a high success rate.

He is also the founder of and Remote Closing Academy, where he teaches people how to acquire relevant skills that many companies are actively looking for.

However, it’s safe to say that he makes a lot of money selling informational courses, which means that he DOES NOT make all of his money doing remote closing.

I’ll go out on a limb here and say that he probably earns more selling his training courses on sales and closing than anything else he does.

On the upside, he does teach a legit way to get a job that requires you to cope well under pressure and have strong problem solving skills.

You should consider the fact that you will be spending most of your time on the phone and there will be ZERO passive income generation. In other words, when the calls stop, so does your money.

If you want an alternative to remote closing and you prefer to avoid spending thousands of dollars just to get started, click below.

What Are Cole Gordon’s Four Steps to Closing Sales?

Cole Gordon has four simple steps he uses every time he makes a sale.  Broken down, each one covers essential things in marketing and sales that any aspiring remote closer has to know.

An important rule of thumb is that, according to Cole, if your pitch is terrible, it doesn’t really matter if you implement the rest of his sales steps perfectly. Odds are that you will NOT close the deal, and you will not earn any money.

A call usually starts with an introduction. That’s where you build rapport and set the tone for the rest of the conversation.

Then you have information gathering, which is the process of asking all of your questions, gathering data, and trying to figure out if and how you can help your prospect.

This is also where you will have to eliminate all objections before you close the sale. After that, you go into transition, which is the connection between the information gathering phase and your pitch.

It should all feel as natural as possible so that you don’t put off your prospects and make them think that you only care about making money.

During the pitch phase, you should explain what you’re selling in a very compelling, unique way and then get them to commit.

The committing phase is where you get them invested in the idea that what you’re pitching is EXACTLY what will solve their problems.

To make sure that you’re both on the same page, you should ask your prospects how they feel about everything you’ve talked about so far.

Here’s what you need to remember about your pitch. It’s imperative that you follow along with the following things, otherwise implementing the 4 steps will be pointless.

Committing Phase

After you’ve asked your prospects how they feel about your conversation so far, the way you approach the committing phase depends entirely on their answer.

If it’s certain and direct in showing that what you’re presenting is exactly what they want, it means that they are already committed, and you should move on to the next phase.

If the answer is not what you’re looking for and the person on the other side of the call is uncertain, you should always assume that they are giving you a “no”, which means that you should do the following to turn things around:

– Acknowledge their concern and emphasize how important alignment is to you. 

– Make sure that you’re both on the same page. Ensure your prospects that you and your team are all in and ready to make this thing work for them. 

– Ask them how likely it is that this product or service that you’re representing today will help your prospects solve their problems. If they answer that it’s highly likely, or something similar, you can safely move on to the next phase.

If they are not completely sure and are still on the fence, you should ask them what’s stopping them. That’s when you will get the REAL objection, which will get you one step closer to solving it for them and closing the sale.

To sum it all up, the 4 steps to closing a sale are, Temperature Check, where you feel out your prospects and find out how interested they are in your offer, Transition Language, which is the phase where you let them know that now is the time to ask questions, Onboarding, and Investment.

What Does Cole Gordon Teach?

Cole Gordon

Cole Gordon teaches remote closing, which is when you close sales over the phone on behalf of prestige companies and organizations.

You get paid commissions that are in the form of a percentage for each sale you close, and your payment is strictly based on your performance.

Since the only time a closer is actually needed, is when the prospect is expected to pay a lot of money, most of the time, people just need that extra push to commit.

That’s where a remote closer comes in. As such, your job is to secure that high ticket sale and earn a hefty commission in the process. 

This is a very pressure focused role, where you need good problem solving skills, alongside good communication, and listening skills.

If you’re not a people person, or if you can’t handle situations under pressure, you should consider an alternative way to start making money from home.

My top recommended program involves promoting other people’s stuff and earning commissions too, but in a stress free environment, where you don’t have to communicate with potential clients directly, and you don’t have to sell anything to anyone.

Using the 4 step system that you will see on the next page, I’m able to earn consistent $1K commissions per SINGLE sale of a product I don’t even own myself.

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