Grow Your Wealth Bootcamp Review (Noelle Randall)

Grow Your Wealth Bootcamp is a once in a year live event that you can watch from the comforts of your home.

It’s hosted by Noelle Randall, an expert in real estate investing, and a serial course creator. This review will go over everything you need to know about the event and who can benefit from it. 

In her own words, Noelle Randall says that this event is going to teach you about real estate investing from people that do it every single day. She and all the other guest speakers all do this for a living, they don’t just talk about it.

Here’s what you need to know. There’s no scarcity marketing here, and this even really is happening once. However, that doesn’t mean that everyone can benefit from it, and here’s what I mean by that.

Real estate investing, even if you do rent arbitrage, can be a risky and expensive business venture. You may end up investing a lot of money.

Grow Your Wealth Bootcamp Review Summary

Product Name: Grow Your Wealth Bootcamp

Product Owner: Noelle Randall

Product Type: Passive Income Generation With Real Estate Event

Product Price: $97 – $297

Overall Score: 60/100

Recommended: Not For Everyone!

Summary: The sales page promoting Grow Your Wealth Bootcamp talks about the immense opportunities that come along with this business model, and how this is your year to hit and surpass the 6 figure mark, but it fails to mention all the potential things that can go wrong.

For example, if you underestimate the expenses associated with running such a business, you will quickly go bust. In my opinion, you need at least $10K to get started in real estate investing, which means risking all that money, with zero guarantees of ever getting it back.

If you prefer to avoid spending that much money on a business venture, you can consider investing in digital real estate instead. It’s a cost effective alternative that you can explore.

What is Grow Your Wealth Bootcamp?

grow your wealth bootcamp

Grow Your Wealth BootCamp is a movement that first started in 2021 as a virtual event that people could watch from anywhere in the world.

This year, it’s set to launch on June 18th, 2022. In this year’s event, you will learn about real estate investing, building your business credit, and how to start from scratch.

According to Noelle Randall, you will also learn how to become a millionaire in this industry, just like her. This almost sounds like a promise, but it’s definitely not.

What Can You Expect?

The event will go over things like generational wealth, financial freedom, and multiple streams of income. This is not a purely educational event. It serves to inspire and motivate everyone that’s considering getting into real estate investing.

You can expect to see Noelle Randall on stage, as well as 3 other speakers. If you are already involved in this business, and you have some experience under your belt, don’t expect to learn a whole lot of stuff.

This event is focused mainly on the inexperienced and complete beginners that have shown an interest. 

However, you can get a boost in motivation and a renewed spark to keep things going, so if you’re in need of that, Noelle Randall’s live event can provide.

Is Grow Your Wealth Bootcamp a Scam?

Grow Your Wealth Bootcamp review legit or not

No, it’s not. Grow Your Wealth Bootcamp is a legit event that can bring a lot of value and motivate beginners interested in real estate investing.

The creator of this event is a successful businesswoman with years of experience in marketing, and digital course creation.

She is the owner of multiple programs such as Noelle’s Fast Track Program and BNB Riches, which is all about rental arbitrage.

I think that beginners can learn a lot of valuable information from her courses and live events, but I also think that you’re shown only one side of the coin. The bright, nothing can ever go wrong side of things.

This is somewhat unrealistic, in my opinion, and it may even mislead people into thinking that it’s EASY to get started and become successful when it’s not. The business model is legit and there are tons of people that succeed.

However, no one will talk about all the people that tried and failed, wasted away their savings, and even took out loans to cover some of the ongoing costs of running a failing operation.

I think that this venture is very risky and that people who aren’t willing to take on all the risks should avoid getting into real estate.

Especially when there are much safer, and more profitable ways to start making passive income from home.

Who Are The Speakers at Grow Your Wealth Bootcamp?

who are the speakers at Grow Your Wealth Bootcamp

There are 4 speakers that will entertain you throughout the event. Each one specializes in a particular field within the real estate investing business. Their combined skills include business startup, marketing, property acquisition, and more.

Let’s take a closer look at each guest speaker so that you know exactly what to expect from this live event.

Noelle Randall

Noelle Randall

Noelle Randall is a CEO and a very well known figure in the industry. She has over 20+ years of experience in running businesses, entrepreneurship, and real estate.

Her company is called Noelle Randall Coaching. It offers education and courses to everyone interested in running their own business.

KJ Steir

KJ Steir is one of Noelle’s trusted specialists. His area of expertise is at being a coaching manager, real estate investor, business startup, and Turo specialist. He is the lead instructor for Express Business Builder, which is all about registering your business and applying for credit.

Chanelle Yarber

Her specialty lies in real estate, marketing, and property acquisition. When it’s time to hear her speaking on stage, you should expect to learn marketing strategies that will help get your new property noticed, on top of techniques for acquiring a property in the most efficient and profitable way.

Kimone Campbell

She is an expert at real estate and Turo. The last of the guest speaker at this live event. Not really sure what her contribution here is but, you will definitely learn a whole lot of stuff if you’re a beginner with absolutely no clue of what’s going on.

How Much Does Grow Your Wealth Bootcamp Cost?

Grow Your Wealth Bootcamp costs $297. However, there is a special running right now that lowers the price of this course by $97.

Maybe it’s a marketing tactic designed to get you taking action fast. Either way, the real price is $97 and it doesn’t look like it’s going up any time soon.

Can You Get a Refund?

There are no refunds. All sales are final, meaning that you should spend your money wisely. Only invest in this if you’re ready to attend the live event knowing that there is no way to get your money back.

What I Like About Grow Your Wealth Bootcamp

Grow Your Wealth Bootcamp review pros vs cons

1. It’s Hosted By a Group of Experts. By attending this live event, you will get hyped up about the immense opportunities that real estate investing provides, and you will leave with a feeling of enthusiasm for the journey ahead.

2. Great Motivational Content.
The event is going to remove all doubts you have about this business and if you’re really serious about starting, you will have no excuse to do so.

What I Don’t Like About Grow Your Wealth Bootcamp

1. No Refunds. You can’t get your money back in the event that you change your mind about attending. 

2. No Replay.
By the looks of it, there won’t be a replay available to watch at your convenience, If you snooze, you lose.

Is There A Better Alternative?

Not really. If you’re looking for a way to get into real estate investing by now you should know that it will cost you a lot of money to get started. I would definitely recommend that you take a look at this event if you KNOW that this is what you want to do.

The value is there and by the time you’re done, you will be feeling fulfilled and grateful with a renewed sense of accomplishment.

If on the other hand, you know that a regular 9 to 5 is NOT for you, but you’re not sure HOW to go about achieving that financial and lifestyle freedom, there is another way. A much safer and cost effective way.

On the next page, you can see the blueprint that I’ve used to generate passive income and quit my job with NO expensive, or risky, investments.

Using this system, I’m able to earn up to $1K per SINGLE sale of a product or service I don’t even own, on top of residual monthly income.

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