Profit Tweet Review

Welcome to my Profit Tweet review. Can you really automate your Twitter outreach and unlock massive traffic opportunities, or is it another scam to avoid?

Here’s what you need to know. This is a software that does exactly what it claims. It sends out mass messaging campaigns to people in your niche.

However, this method of traffic generation may NOT be as effective as you would think. Some might even say that it’s an ineffective spam strategy that will NOT work.

On the upside, there are many ProfitTweet reviews out there that claim to have seen wild success with this software. Are they just affiliates trying to get that commission or REAL people that you can actually trust?

By the time you’re done here, you will know exactly what you’re getting into without any hype or exaggerated claims of income.

Ready? Let’s get started…

ProfitTweet Review Summary

Product Name: ProfitTweet

Product Type: Traffic Generation

Product Price: $17+ Upsells

Product Owner: Mike McKay

Overall Score: 65/100

Recommended: Not For Everyone!

Summary: ProfitTweet s a Twitter autoresponder that lets you send out messages in bulk. You can connect with millions of people and get them to click on your affiliate links so that you can make commissions.

The software comes with a commercial license, which means that you can manage other people’s Twitter accounts without violating any rules.

If you’re brand new to the scene and you don’t really know what products to promote as an affiliate, ProfitTweet’s founder has carefully picked top converting offers to make it even easier to start making money online.

You can schedule messages and set up for the future, or you can blast them instantly to your network. You don’t even have to think about what you’re going to write.

You can simply grab one of the many done for you messaging campaigns that go with the affiliate offers inside.

This software will work as long as you remember that there is a bit of work to be done upfront before you can start seeing these commissions roll in. Grab this offer before the next price increase and get all my custom bonuses below.

What is ProfitTweet?


Profit Tweet is a brand new software program that utilizes Twitter’s audience. It’s similar to another program called Tweeter Bucks, which is also hosted on the WarriorPlus marketplace.

The idea behind this software is to help you make money as a complete beginner. The easiest way to do that is by becoming an affiliate for top converting offers.

This means that you don’t have to create a product or deal with customer service, refunds, chargebacks, and negative reviews, allowing you to focus on ONE thing only.

Traffic generation.

By utilizing Twitter’s built in audience of people that are actively engaged with the platform, you can tap into one of the greatest free traffic sources out there.

With that said, you should know that there will be some manual work required from you. The process would usually involve you following other accounts and hoping you get a follow back. This can be very tedious and time consuming.

Is ProfitTweet a Scam?

ProfitTweet review legit or not

ProfitTweet is NOT a scam. It’s a legit software program that does exactly what it claims to do. It lets you tweet and blast your messages to millions of people. This is a method that can work, as long as you do the work.

Unfortunately, it’s not going to be as easy as pressing a few buttons to start making insane amounts of money. You will have to put in some work and grind until you have a decent sized following on Twitter.

You can, of course, think outside the box and find a way to leverage OTHER people’s accounts to blast your messages to them. ProfitTweet comes with a commercial license, which means that you can let others use it as well. 

With this software, you get access to automated messaging campaigns on Twitter, where the open rate of messages is over 98%, done for you campaigns, affiliate offers to promote, and a blueprint that shows you EXACTLY how to make money.

Here’s a demo that shows you how it all works.

How Much Does Profit Tweet Cost?

Profit Tweet costs $17. That’s only for the front end offer. There are multiple upsells as follows:

Upsell #1 – Pro Version ($32.93)

Upsell #2 – Enterprise ($42.93)

Upsell #3 – Done For You ($34.00)

Upsell #4 – Reseller ($197.00)

Upsell #5 – IMX Bundle ($32.00)

None of these upgrades are mandatory, but they are all designed to help you make money faster.

Can You Get a Refund?

Yes, you can get a refund. All products sold on WarriorPlus, including Profit Tweet, come with a 30 day mandatory money back guarantee. This gives you plenty of time to test things out, see if it’s a good fit, and get your money back if it’s not.

What I Like About Profit Tweet

ProfitTweet review pros vs cons

1. You Don’t Have to Pay For Traffic. The expenses that come with running paid ads to get traffic can add up quickly. The fact that you DO NOT have to pay for any exposure here is awesome.

2. You Can Sell Your Services.
This software allows you to sell your services as an account manager to grow and promote other people’s accounts. If you think outside the box, the potential to earn a lot of money is significant.

3. Refund Policy.
This is ALWAYS a good thing as it diminishes any risks attached to your purchase whatsoever.

4. Beginner Friendly. It’s suited for beginners and newbies that have NEVER made a dime online. It can serve as an eye opener to what’s truly possible online, even for complete beginners.

What I Don’t Like About Profit Tweet

1. Hyped Up Sales Page. The sales page can leave you with the wrong impression that you can make fast and easy money with a few simple clicks. It’s kind of annoying to see these unrealistic pages that promote fast and easy money.

But if you look past all the hype and exaggerations, you can see that there is a REAL potential to make money with ProfitTweet. By now you should know everything you need to make an educated decision.

If you think that this software is NOT for you, feel free to check out This Incredible Alternative Instead. It’s how I got started and went from $0 to full time online.

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