Jeff Baxter Review – Is He Legit or a Scam?

Jeff Baxter is the founder of Agency Master Academy. He’s been helping people succeed in the online world for nearly a decade.

In his own words, there are 3 essential key strategies to scaling your business and earning over $600,000 in a year. One of his students did just that and he’s about to spill the beans on how you can too.

The first key thing is to have a great offer. It sounds simple enough, but many people THINK they have a great offer without having the data to prove it.

So, what qualifies as a great offer? When you think about your particular skill set, what you’re good at, and how you can transfer that into a money making opportunity, what’s the first thing that comes to mind?

As an example, Jeff Baxter says he is good at credit repair. If he wanted to do a pivot and go into that industry, he could do that without struggling too much.

He could easily start teaching people the basics of this topic and he would help a ton of people and make a lot of money at the same time.

Just dig deep and ask yourself, what are the things I’m good at? When you have an answer to that question, you’re one step closer to creating a great offer.

Or you could do something completely different and learn how to make money online without a product, service, or offer while helping people at the same time.

This can save you a lot of time and frustration as you will be tapping into PROVEN programs and services that are KNOWN to convert and have the data to back it up.

Beginner’s Alternative:
Compare This With Creating Your Own Offer

How Does Jeff Baxter Validate His Offers?

The second step is to validate your offer and Jeff Baxter says you should do that before you even create it.

It may sound sketchy, weird, or even absurd, but you don’t want to spend 6 months creating something that people hate and won’t buy. You risk wasting your time.

You want to create it in black and white first, put the idea out there, see how people will react to it, and then decide if it’s worth pursuing or not.

If people like it and are willing to pay what you’re asking, ONLY then should you start working on creating the offer.

As long as you keep your word, you will find out that people don’t mind this approach. Keeping your clients satisfied throughout the process is NOT as hard as you would think.

Jeff Baxter On Systemizing, Automating & Scaling

Key strategy number 3 is to systemize, automate and scale your offer. When the second key thing is in place and you know that people will love your offer and will pay the asking price, it’s time to execute and deliver on your promise.

The most important thing about the whole process is to understand that to do this fast, you will have to spend money on paid ads.

This means that you need a solid budget to test things out, create a bunch of different campaigns, see which ones work better, and go from there. That’s exactly how one of his students made over $600K in a year.

Naturally, most people will NOT get to that point in a year and that’s normal. Having unrealistic expectations is what get’s most people discouraged. Eventually, they quit and do not achieve anything.

The entire process that I just broke down is incredibly advanced and costly. That’s why, if you don’t have any experience with marketing, making money online, or selling stuff, you will probably have a hard time achieving success.

It will take you way longer that anyone else that has done any of the above mentioned things.

That’s why I will present you with a different approach. A way to bypass the product creation and paid ads for traffic (web users) generation.

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