Rank N Bank Review – Luther Landro’s Next Project

Welcome to my Rank N Bank review. Can you really start making $500+ per referral with this program, or is it another scam to avoid?

Here’s what you need to know. Rank N Bank is hosted on the WarriorPlus marketplace. It was created by a serial product launcher called Luther Landro.

If you look at his last product launch, Connect N Cash, you will see many similarities between that program and Rank N Bank.

So, is this just a rehashed version of Luther’s old product, or a brand new system that can actually help you start making money online, even as a complete beginner?

Unlike other reviews out there, this one will NOT praise the program like it’s the best thing that ever happened on the internet. By the time you’re done here, you will know exactly what you’re getting into, without any hype or exaggerated claims of income.

Ready? Let’s get started…

Rank N Bank Review Summary

Product Name: Rank N Bank

Product Owner: Luther Landro

Product Type: Affiliate Marketing

Product Price: $17+ Upsells

Overall Score: 45/100

Recommended: Not For Everyone!

Summary: Rank N Bank is a program that will show you how to leverage the Google Guarantee program to get better organic rankings for clients all over the world.

The idea is simple. You contact a business and let them know that you can increase their exposure, sales, and profits.

When they agree, you hand them over to agencies that specialize in these services and they pay you commissions for bringing in clients.

It’s an affiliate marketing strategy, where all you have to do is get more traffic (web users) and clients to these agencies to make money.

This is a REAL method that can work. However, in my opinion, it will NOT be as easy as advertised on the sales page.

You will have to convince people that they need your services, and then you have to convince these agencies to pay you the asking price to make it worth your while.

This can be a long and tiresome process. Most people that enroll in this program will probably NOT make any money, simply because the sales page is misleading and gives you the impression that you can start earning a bunch of money without putting in any effort whatsoever.

I think that there are better, cost effective, and much more effective ways to start earning passive income by promoting other people’s products and services as an affiliate.

What is Rank N Bank?

rank n bank landing page

Rank N Bank is portrayed as this hands off system that you can use to identify businesses that are eligible for the Google Guarantee program.

When you find these programs, you will be pitching your services to them in a very subtle way. All you have to do is let them know about the Google Guarantee program and explain how it can help them get more exposure. 

The catch is that these businesses have to keep spending money on Google ads. This can make your job WAY more difficult simply because now you have to convince them to start spending thousands of dollars on paid ads online.

With all the automation in the world, I don’t think that you can fully automate the entire process.

What happens when these business owners start asking a bunch of questions and want reassurance that you ACTUALLY care for them and don’t just want to take their hard earned money? In my opinion, you NEED that personal touch to make this work.

Is Rank N Bank a Scam?

Rank N Bank review legit or not

Rank N Bank is NOT a scam. It’s a legit program that offers a way for you to start making money online, even as a complete beginner with no prior experience. You won’t be spending any money on paid ads to reach new clients and you can automate a lot of the manual work. 

However, you can’t automate everything and you will have to put a lot of hard work and effort into this. It can be very difficult to convince people to shed thousands of dollars, especially if they aren’t sure how legit are your services.

Since you will be completely transparent when you outreach to people, you won’t have to beat around the bush and waste time on business owners that have no interest in this. 

With that said, even if you have the most awesome offer or service, if you can’t present it in a way that people will understand and appreciate the value, you won’t be able to make any money. This means that you NEED to develop some form of selling skills.

This is something that can be taught, but it’s NOT easy. You will also have to keep contacting business owners on a large scale. When you’re doing COLD OUTREACH, most people won’t respond. You should also be ready to face rejection far more often than anything else.

The average newbie with ZERO online marketing experience will struggle. That’s why I think that there is a better way for beginners to start making money online and earn their first big paycheck from home.

Beginner’s Alternative: Compare This Business Model With Cold Outreach.

How Much Does Rank N Bank Cost?

Rank N Bank costs a one time fee of $17. It comes with a bunch of upsells that can increase the total price to over $500. They are not mandatory, but if you want to unlock the full version of this program, you will have to pay at least $37 more.

Upsell #1
– Unlimited ($37)

Upsell #2 – Copy, Connect, Close Funnel ($197)

Upsell #3 – Done For You ($297)

Upsell #4
– Inner Circle Gold Membership ($27 Trial, Then $97/Month)

As you can see, the costs add up and you could end up paying way more than $17 to get access to everything that’s offered here.

Can You Get a Refund?

Yes. Rank N Bank is sold on the WarriorPlus marketplace. All products over there come with a mandatory 30 day refund policy. In this case, Luther offers a 60 day money back guarantee.

However, on the Terms and Conditions page, it states that you shouldn’t wait until the last few days to ask for a refund, or you might NOT get it. Furthermore, all subscription based payments are non refundable, but you can cancel them at any time.

What I Like About Rank N Bank

Rank N Bank review pros vs cons

1. The Methods Taught Inside Are Legit. By the looks of it, the opportunity to make money online here is real, unique, and effective.

2. The Offer Comes With a Refund.
Even if the vendor does NOT respect the refund policy in place, WarriorPlus will issue one for you.

vendor score

3. The Vendor Has a Higher Than Average Score. As you can see, the vendor has a 3.5 out of 5 stars rating. Most vendors have way less than that.

What I Don’t Like About Rank N Bank

1. Too Hyped Up & Oversimplified. In my opinion, the Rank N Bank method is way oversimplified and most people will join with the wrong impression, thinking that all they have to do is press a few buttons and start making cash on demand.

2. It Won’t Be Updated.
It’s highly likely that this program will NEVER be updated, which means that over time, these methods will become ineffective. 

3. You Have to Do Cold Outreach.
Even with all the automation in place, this will still be a tedious, frustrating, and stressful job to do. It can take you a long time to get that first client if you don’t have any previous experience in internet marketing or selling stuff online.

4. Not The Best Alternative For Beginners.
I think that most beginners will struggle a lot with Rank N Bank, despite that, it’s marketed as this simple way to make money online, which I find very misleading.

On the next page, I will show you the four step system that I’m using to bank up to $1K per SINGLE affiliate sale, on top of monthly recurring revenue.

I will show you how to get other people to do all the selling for you, and how to NEVER pay for another make money online course again.

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