Productized Profits Review – Is Lucas Lee Tyson a Scam?

Welcome to my Productized Profits review. Can you really start an online business and get your first high-paying client in less than a month or is Lucas Lee Tyson a scam?

Here’s what you need to know. First of all, this is a high ticket item, or in other words, it’s expensive.

That’s why it’s possible to come across biased and one-sided reviews that claim how great this training program is without providing you with any REAL VALUE that you can use in the buy or not decision.

I want you to know, that there are no affiliate links that point to Productized Profits or any of Lucas Lee Tyson’s products in this post, so don’t expect any “special gifts” for joining through my links because there arent any.

Ready? Let’s get started…

Productized Profits Review Summary

Product Name: Productized Profits

Product Owner: Lucas Lee Tyson

Product Type: Digital Marketing Agency Training Course

Product Price: $1,497 or 3x Payments of $597

Overall Score: 65/100

Recommended: Yes, But It’s Not For Everyone!

Summary: Productized Profits is a relatively new training program created by Lucas Lee Tyson, and it’s all about launching your own high ticket online business.

According to the sales page, even if you don’t have any prior experience with making money online, this program is just the thing you need.

What you need to know is that your initial investment of $1,497 is only the beginning because Lucas Lee Tyson will teach you how to run paid ads on Facebook to get more clients.

In other words, you need to have up to a few hundred dollars that you can spare each month on paid ads alone if you want faster results.

On the upside, Lucas will show you how to start with free methods, and scale from there, so it’s not mandatory that you spend money on ads from the get-go.

This business model requires that you do cold outreach regularly, which is NOT for everyone.

Since you are contacting people out of the blue, to pitch your services, odds are that you will face far more rejection, and in some cases, it can get pretty ugly. I know from experience.

These are some of the things that you need to be aware of before you even think about joining Productized Profits. If that’s not for you there are other, more cost-effective alternatives that you can explore.

What is Productized Profits?

Productized Profits is all about going through an extensive 6-week training and coaching program that can supposedly help you land your first client in 30 days or less.

The good thing about this course is that all the curriculum is laid out for you. That way, you know what you are getting yourself into before you invest anything.

Some people may be left with the wrong impression that they are guaranteed success with Productized Profits, and just because you will be learning from someone that is already having a ton of success in the industry, it does not guarantee anything.

productizer profits review no guarantee

If you haven’t read the small print at the end of the sales page, after all the success stories, then this is where you should pay close attention.

It specifically says that the AVERAGE person generates little to no results with similar training courses, and programs.

Unless you are willing to risk losing your investment, then this is NOT for you. 

Who Created Productized Profits?

productizer profits review who created it

Productized Profits was created by Lucas Lee Tyson. It all started in his college dorm room when Lucas realized that he has less than $50 to his name.

He discovered the true power of digital marketing and running paid ads online by discovering that the sales team inside the company he had worked for, generated up to $20,000 per month. 

Over the next couple of years, he dedicated his time and energy to building out his online business.

He is now a 6 figure earner and is striving to be the number one provider for digital services in the United States. His company Growth Cave is one of the most successful ones in the industry.

Productized Profits was created to help other aspiring entrepreneurs to achieve their goals, and bypassing all the hurdles that it took Lucas Lee Tyson to get to where he is right now. 

By being able to learn from experts in the field, people can avoid some of the mistakes that naturally come along with creating your own online business.

Is Lucas Lee Tyson Legit?

Yes, he is legit. Lucas Lee Tyson is an entrepreneur that has already build his successful online business, and he is now teaching others how to do that.

His specialties are growth marketing and paid advertising. Anyone interested in the industry can learn a thing or two from him.

Is Productized Profits a Scam?

is productized profits a scam legit or not

Productized Profits is NOT a scam, and anyone willing to put in the work, and effort, has a REAL chance of becoming successful. That’s because the business model being taught inside works.

It’s definitely not a cheap course, that’s why if you are interested in getting involved, you should know what it’s really all about. Productized Profits is focused on helping others build a profitable digital marketing agency.

This is a very competitive field, and there are many other similar programs such as The Modern Millionaires, IAG Media, and ROI Machines.

The competitive nature of the industry is a good thing because it forces companies like Growth Cave (the one behind Productized Profits) to raise their game, and provide even better services and products to its clients. If they don’t, the competition will swoop in and take all their clients.

What’s Inside Productized Profits?

Inside Productized profits, you will get access to 6 modules, the ClientBolt software, 1-on-1 coaching, Q&A calls, and more. Let’s breakdown everything that you will get so that you can be fully aware of what to expect as a member.

Module 1 – Fundamentals & Foundation

Module 1 – Fundamentals & Foundation

productizer profits review fundamentls and foundation

Laying out the foundation of your online business is one of the most important steps that you need to take. A big part of getting things done is having the right mindset.

If you’ve never done anything like this before, then you will have to think in a way that you have never thought before, right?

You may or may not realize it, but being successful requires a certain kind of mindset, and most likely a change of behavior.

Creating, growing, and maintaining an online business is hard work. It takes time, patience, and dedication.

If you can’t adjust your mindset to deal with the difficult situations that come along, then you will probably give up, as most people do. That’s why there is an entire module on mindset training.

Module 2 – Carving Out Your Niche & Irresistible Offer

It’s important to narrow down on a single niche market so that you can become an expert and authority in it. If you spread yourself too wide, it will be difficult to be taken seriously by your potential clients.

This module is all about identifying your strengths and weaknesses. By knowing what you are good at, or what you WANT to be good at, you can start working towards that goal.

Once you carve out your perfect niche, the next thing that you will learn is how to present your irresistible offer to your prospects. Lucas Lee Tyson doesn’t teach you how to sell a service.

He shows you how to promote a product that takes care of a common problem that people in your niche of choice are facing.

If you manage to convince your potential clients that they NEED your product, you can sell it to them for $2,000+ which according to Lucas, is the minimum amount that you should go for.

Module 3 – Automated Client Attraction Machine

This is where you will learn how to automate the process of reaching out to potential clients, without having to pay for ads.

You will be contacting leads using Facebook, LinkedIn, and sending out cold emails. Once, you weed out all the people that are NOT interested in your services, and get the contact details for those that MIGHT become your clients, they will have to go through an application process.

That way, you will know exactly what their wants and needs are before you even get to talk to them.

The last step is to do that strategy call. Since your prospects have already gone through the “qualification process” it significantly increases your chances that you will take them on as clients and that they will pay you.

Module 4 – The Science of Sales & Client Conversion

productizer profits review sales and client conversion

Following the strategies, funnels, and templates that you will get access to will increase your chances of landing clients with just a single phone call, without any follow-ups.

You will get the exact script, and techniques that you need to implement, to achieve just that. This means that even if you don’t have any experience, you will look like a professional to your first client.

Even with all the preparation for that initial phone call, there is still the possibility of getting rejected, that’s why Lucas will teach you how to handle them professionally.

You will also learn how to handle payments and he will provide you with a merchant that you can use. Lucas will give you access to LIVE call sessions, where you can see him closing sales, and landing new clients.

He will break down everything that he is doing in a step by step process so that you know what is going on every step of the way.

If you don’t want to be selling, then this is NOT for you. If, on the other hand, you don’t have the skills to close sales, but you are willing to learn, then maybe Productized Profits is what you need.

Module 5 – Autopilot Service Delivery

According to Lucas, by the time you reach module 5, you should have a few clients lined up. The hardest part of recruiting people and getting them to buy your services is now over, but you are nowhere near done.

Now, it’s time to deliver on your promises and do what you were paid to do. This is the part where you will get a step by step training on how to run targeted ads on Facebook, and Google.

If you’ve never dealt with running paid ad campaigns before, this module should give you a good understanding of how it all comes together.

You don’t need to worry about building sales funnels from nothing because you will get some done for you pages and automation sequences that you can implement into your strategy right away.

Module 6 – Automation, Systems & Scaling

productizer profits review automation and scaling

The last module will show you how to automate most parts of your online business. That’s the only way that you can scale your business.

You can manage only so many clients at the same time, and without automating whatever you can, there is no real chance that you can scale your business.

That’s why you will learn exactly how to outsource your work, by tapping into a list of recommended contractors, that can do some of the work for you.

Some of the workloads don’t even have to be outsourced by humans. There are software tools that can take care of some of the things for you.

Finally, you will get all the legal documents that you need to make every contract with a client official, and legit. 

Productized Profits – Can You Get a Refund?

productizer profits review can you get a refund

Yes, you can get a refund within 30 days of your purchase, as long as you show that you gave your best and did not get any results.

It’s called an action-based refund, and everything is disclosed on Productized Profit’s sales page.

Unlike many other similar programs, that try to hide their refund requirements, this one is as straightforward as it gets.

I have to appreciate that, because many online gurus and product owners have incredibly misleading refund guarantees, that only exist to make the customer feel safe, with no actual way of getting their money back due to one loophole or another.

As per the Productized Profits refund policy, below are the requirements that you need to adhere to qualify for a refund.

– You have to be a member of the Facebook group, and you have to attend at least 2 of the live weekly Q & A calls.

– You need to complete at least 60% of the course material inside, or you won’t qualify for a refund.

– You have to prove that you’ve done your market research by showing them documented proof and sent the links to the team behind Productized Profits.

– You have to show them proof that you’ve tried all four organic outreach methods, and after they give you constructive feedback, you need to show them that you have tried again, and if you have failed, you qualify for a refund.

If you can prove all of that, within the 30-day time frame, you will get your money back. Their refund policy will work for you only if you give your best to achieve results, and still fail.

What I Like About Productized Profits

productized profits review pros vs cons

1. You Get Access to Lucas. This is a good thing because it shows that he cares about the success of his students.

By being able to contact Lucas Lee Tyson, you can expedite the process that it takes to become successful.

You can get feedback almost on demand, and get help from the man himself, whenever you get stuck on anything.

2. There is a Unique Approach to This Training.
Unlike many of the competing training courses, this one does not promote joining an expensive sales funnel software, just so that they can squeeze more money from you through their affiliate based structure, and I respect that.

The unique approach involves free outreach methods so that you can save as much money as you possibly can before you start making any.

3. The Training Covers Everything From A to Z. This means that even if you are a beginner, you can still make this work for you because you get all the scripts, templates, and funnels that you need to look professional.

What I Don’t Like About Productized Profits

1. Cold Outreach Yields Little Results. This means that you will have to rely on contacting a lot of people every single day, and even with the automation processes that you get access to, it can still turn into a tedious task.

2. Not Everyone Can Close Deals
. At the end of the day, you will have to CONVINCE your potential clients that you have what it takes to help them, and if you are the type to freeze up under pressure, then maybe you should reconsider this business model, and look for something else.

Not everyone is made for that kind of stuff, and if you’re not, there are plenty of other ways to start an online business.

3. There is No True Formula For Facebook Ads
. What that means is that running paid ads, especially on Facebook is an ever-changing topic.

Competition over there is fierce, and there is never a guarantee that you will manage to make more than you end up spending.

Top that up with the fact that they always change their rules and regulations, and there’s always the potential that you will get your ad account shut down.

Do I Recommend Productized Profits?

Maybe, and here’s what I mean by that. Productized Profits is a REAL business opportunity for anyone willing to work hard to achieve financial success online, but it’s also an expensive course.

That’s why you need to know that you can handle what’s being required from you, and hopefully, now you know what that is.

Since this is still a relatively new coaching program, this means that Lucas Lee Tyson can actually take time out of his day to personally mentor, and show you what to do.

Usually, I don’t recommend that people spend so much money on any given training course, but in this case, it may be worth it because of the unique approach that Lucas has taken with this particular business model.

The risks are big, but the rewards can be even greater, and if you know that you can pick up that phone, and close a deal, (or willing to learn), then you have a real opportunity of making something for yourself here. 

If you are not up for investing that much, or you don’t feel that this is the right training program for you, then I can show you the way that I make money online, and how I started my own profitable online business.

FYI, I never get on the phone to close deals, and I don’t have to worry about customer service issues, refunds, or interacting with people. All my income is earned on a completely passive basis.

If that sounds interesting then you should see this blueprint that has helped so many people become financially free, using nothing but a laptop and an internet connection.

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