Peng Joon Review

Welcome to my Peng Joon review. Can he really help you make money online, or is he just another scammer to avoid?

Here’s what you need to know. He is well known online with a big following on platforms like Youtube and Facebook.

There’s a ton of reviews out there about his courses, and books saying how great they are, and how much value they bring to the world. 

The problem is you can’t know for sure if these positive mentions are from genuine people that have benefited from everything that Peng Joon has to offer or fabricated lies that are in place to make his image look good online.

It’s not uncommon for digital marketers, and product creators in the info business to bribe others into leaving good reviews all over the internet because it helps with sales.

Let me assure you that I’m not affiliated with Peng Joon or any of his products and services. I won’t be offering a thousand low-quality ebooks for joining his courses through my links as an ethical bribe because there arent any.

By the time you’re done here, you will know EXACTLY what he is all about. You will be able to make an educated decision about Peng Joon, his programs, and courses based on actual facts and thorough research.

This is the most brutally honest evaluation that you will come across online.

Ready? Let’s get started…

Peng Joon Review Summary

Website Name:

Products Price: $7.95 – $1,997

Products Type: Make Money Online Courses and Training Materials

Overall Score: 60/100

Recommended: Yes, But Not For Everyone!

Summary: Peng Joon is a legit internet market that offers books and courses about making money online.

He is mainly focused on building a personal brand, video marketing, sales copy, and talking live on stages.

If any of these topics are of interest to you, then you can benefit from what Peng Joon has to offer.

You should know that most of the things that he teaches, require that you spend extra money for running paid ads, and gaining exposure, on top of the costs for his courses, and books.

In other words, you should probably be ready to spend a decent amount of cash to get the chance of becoming successful online.

If you are looking for a more beginner-friendly approach, then you should see this cost-effective alternative for earning passive income online below. 

Who is Peng Joon?

He is an entrepreneur from Malaysia. It took Peng Joon about 7 years to build an 8 figure online business that revolves around selling products and services across the web. He is an international speaker, author, and course creator.

peng joon review youtube channel

Over the years, he has managed to create a subscriber base of over 116K on Youtube. His success and large growth on the platform is mostly due to the immense value, time, and effort that he puts into making sure that his content is useful to people.

According to his bio, Peng Joon was struggling financially for a while before he became successful online. His gaming addiction helped him earn his first $7 online by creating a 32-page guide on his favorite game.

He was seven months into creating that guide before he earned his first money online, and even though it was a measly 7 bucks, that was the pivotal moment when he realized that it’s actually possible to make money online.

Shortly after, Peng Joon repeated the exact same process with another game, but this time, he managed to generate over a million dollars in less than 8 months.

Nowadays, he spends his time helping others to make money online by following their passion.

Is Peng Joon a Scam Artist?

peng joon review legit or not

He is NOT a scam artist and neither are his products and services. Not everyone will benefit from his books or courses, which is why you should know exactly what they are all about before you decide to buy.

There is a lot of value in his free stuff on Youtube, that’s why many people that love watching Peng Joon may think that his training courses will be of higher quality or value than his free content.

That’s not necessarily true, because good marketers know that they should give out all of their best stuff free of charge.

This is a common technique used by many online marketers to sell their programs more effectively. A good example of that is Dan Lok and his High Ticket Closer course.

By giving immense value upfront, without asking for anything in return, internet marketers in the info business can reach more people, and convince them that their courses and programs are of high value. That tactic works extremely well with high ticket products and services.

What Products Does Peng Joon Offer?

Right now, Peng Joon offers 3 books, and 3 training courses, with numerous upsells, and one-off payments.

His books are on the low price end, but they come with their respective optional upgrades. His educational courses vary in price and can go as high as $1,997. Here’s a breakdown of everything that’s offered by Peng Joon.

Million Dollar Ads 

Peng Joon claims that he has spent a million dollars in ads, and he spills the beans in his brand new book called Million Dollar Ads.

It’s 15 chapters in total and goes through everything that you need to do to run ads successfully.

It covers everything from writing a great copy that people would want to read and share despite the fact that it’s an ad, to overcoming Facebook’s algorithms.

The content is straight to the point with no fluff and offers a step-by-step guide of what you should do.

You have to understand that this book does not GUARANTEE that you will be profitable with your ads.

There are many variables, and if you are okay with taking that risk, and don’t have a ton of experience in this field, you will probably benefit from Million Dollar Ads. The cost of the book is $7.95 for US citizens and $14.95 for international purchases. 

The checkout page offers a couple of upsells:

1. Peng Joon’s Proven Process to Scaling Any Ad Campaign ($37 – One Time Payment)

2. Access To Million Dollar Ads Live ($97 – One Time Payment). 

peng joon review million dollar ads price

Videos Challenge 

This is a 21-day challenge, where you will have to create one video per each day of the challenge and implement the tips and tricks that you will learn inside. The goal of the Videos Challenge is to teach you how to create marketing videos and how to take people through the 3 phases of generating sales. 

Phase One – Awareness
. This is where you should focus on a PROBLEM that your targeted audience encounters, and offer a solution that can be implemented to solve that problem. Phase one is designed to convert cold audiences.

Phase Two – Engagement
. Here, you learn how to talk about yourself, and show people that you are a regular person, just like them. If they RELATE to you in any way during the engagement phase, you increase the odds of making a sale. By now, your audience is warmed up.

Phase Three – Conversion. This is the part where your audience is now hot, and ready to be converted into sales. You will learn tips and tricks to kill objections. Each phase consists of 7 videos, and by the time you’re done, you should have a better understanding of video marketing.

The price of Videos Challenge is $47 for a digital copy or $97 + $7.95 for US shipping or $14.95 for international shipping. The latter will provide you with both a digital and physical copy of the Videos Challenge. 

peng joon review videos challenge price

Content Multiplier Formula

This book by Peng Joon will show you the 3 step formula that he used to generate 8 figures. Here’s how the process looks like.

Step One – Shoot a Video. According to Peng, you can either take 3 days and not worry about video content creation for the next 4 months, or spend 30 minutes for a week’s worth of videos.

Step Two – Automate. Here, you will learn how to multiply the content, and convert it into blog posts, quote cards, and images that go all over social media. The process is known as repurposing.

Step Three – Monetize
. Learn how to monetize your audience, and take advantage of the fact that you have a large following. 

The price for Content Multiplier Formula is $7.95 for US shipping and $14.95 for international. It comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.  

peng joon review content multiplier formula price

There’s an additional upsell at the checkout page that can show you the process of generating 100K followers on Facebook. Peng Joon loves order bumps, and for an additional $37 you can take advantage of it.

Platform Closing

This is another book that can show you how to close sales using different platforms, like Facebook, Youtube, or even live events.

Peng Joon is experienced in this field, so you can probably learn a thing or two from Platform Closing, especially if you are a beginner. The price of this one is $7.95 for US shipping or $14.95 for international.

Event Codex

According to Peng Joon if you are selling high ticket items and services, then you need to forget about webinars and virtual summits.

They are overused, and people no longer find them as attractive as they used to. Nowadays, it’s all about doing live events on stage, in front of a big audience.

If you are extroverted, and shy in nature, but realize the true power of doing live events on stage, then maybe you can benefit from Event Codex.

Keep in mind that this is a high ticket course. Event Codex costs a one-time fee of $1,997 and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

peng joon review event codex

Proven Presentations

Proven Presentations is another high ticket course by Peng Joon that can teach you how to produce a professional sales copy that converts, without being pushy or manipulative with your pitch.

Peng Joon has used the formula in Proven Presentations to generate 8 figures in sales. His free webinar reveals why speaking is the highest paying profession, how to become an expert at it, and how to ensure that your audience will want to buy from you at the end of each presentation.

The price of Proven Presentations is $997. 

What I Like About Peng Joon

peng joon review pros vs cons

1. He is Experienced. He doesn’t just talk about making money online, he actually knows what he is doing, and his years of experience and knowledge that he pours out on free platforms like Youtube prove that.

2. He Offers a Refund. On most of his stuff, you can get a refund, and by the looks of it, there are no strings attached or action based guarantees that require you to do a set number of tasks before you qualify to get your money back.

What I Don’t Like About Peng Joon

1. Not Everyone Can Benefit From Peng Joon’s Books and Courses. There are many different ways to make money online, and if you don’t want to film yourself on camera, and create video content that revolves around you as a brand, then what you can learn from Peng Joon is probably not for you.

My Recommendation

Peng Joon can help you establish a personal brand, and learn things like how to run ad campaigns on Facebook, and how to talk live on stage. His tactics and methods are more suited for those that already have an established online business, and are looking to grow.

If you are just getting starting, and don’t like the idea of spending a ton of money on expensive courses, then you can see how these people are banking profits, using a cost-effective alternative that so many neglect and lose out on that opportunity forever.

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