Email Startup Incubator Review

Welcome to my Email Startup Incubator review. Can this email marketing course help you make money online, or is it just another scam?

Here’s what you need to know. This is a high ticket program, which means that it’s entirely possible to come across biased and one-sided reviews, claiming how great this course is without providing you with any REAL VALUE that you can use in the buy or not decision.

That’s why I want you to know up front, that I’m not affiliated with Email Startup Incubator in any way or form, so don’t expect a thousand low-quality eBooks for joining through my links.

By the time you’re done here, you will know EXACTLY what his course can really do for you without any fluff or exaggerations.

Ready? Let’s get started…

Email Startup Incubator Review Summary

Product Name: Email Startup Incubator

Product Owner: Anik Singal

Product Type: Email Marketing Course

Product Price: $997

Overall Score: 60/100

Recommended: Yes, But Not For Everyone!

Summary: Email marketing is a great way to make money online, but in my opinion, it should be used as a boost to complement your MAIN business model.

If you already have something in place and want to scale by creating your own list of subscribers, then Email Startup Incubator may be what you’re looking for.

What you need to understand is that Anik Singal is an internet marketer that makes his money by convincing others to buy from him.

Just because he says that Email Startup Incubator is great for EVERYONE, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s true.

There is no such thing as ”one size fits all” which is why you should know that buying this course comes with its own risks.

First off, there are no guarantees that you will be able to make any money with it, and if you do, it is going to take a lot of time, and hard work to get to a point where you are profitable.

The methods that you will be learning mostly involve running paid ads online to build your email list, which means that you have to spend roughly a few hundred bucks each month to get the chance of becoming profitable.

Second, Anik Singal will teach you how to promote other people’s products and services, which is a great business model on its own.

However, if that’s what you’re looking to learn, there are other cost-effective alternatives that are more suitable for beginners.

What is Email Startup Incubator?

It’s a course that can teach product and service creators, how to expand their reach by creating a dedicated list of email subscribers. It’s also a great way for affiliate marketers to promote other people’s products in a more effective way.

If your business is about any of these things, then Email Startup Incubator can be suitable for you.

Most people will NOT buy anything from you the first time around, so having a way to reach them again, and again, is a sure way to increase your overall sales and income.

In the world of marketing, there is something known as the rule of 7, which basically states that for a prospect to convert into a buyer they should come across your product at least seven times.

That’s why sending out a single email promoting your offer, is unlikely to result in any sales. When you possess your own list of subscribers, this allows you to send them multiple reminders of what you have to offer.

Email marketing can be a very effective way of making money online, but it’s NOT as easy as it may look at first glance.

That’s exactly why most email marketing courses are expensive, and Email Startup Incubator is no exception.

The demand for similar training programs is huge. That’s why there are many email marketing courses competing with one another, which means that you as a consumer have a wide range of choices. Jenna Kutcher’s program is just one of Anik Singal’s competitors when it comes to email marketing.

Is Email Startup Incubator a Scam?

email startup incubator review legit or not

No, it’s not a scam but it does come with its own flaws that you as a potential buyer have to be aware of.

The sales page of Email Startup Incubator will not reveal these things to you because it’s bad for business, but this review is not meant to promote the program, which is why you are about to learn everything about Anik Singal’s email marketing course.

Here’s the thing. Email Startup Incubator may look like an effortless way to generate income with a very profitable business model that successful entrepreneurs are implementing into their own strategy, but that’s not exactly true.

According to the sales page, if you dedicate just 60 days of your time, you can build a 5, 6, and even 7 figure business. Technically, it is possible but in reality, it’s highly unlikely. You have two choices when it comes to becoming successful with Email Startup Incubator.

You can either pay a bunch of money on top of your expenses that come with buying this curse to build your email list by running ads, or you can go with organic, free methods. 

The first way is riskier and more expensive, but it can generate results FASTER. The second way is SLOWER, safer, and can be more rewarding in the long term.

Both methods are covered inside Email Startup Incubator, but neither of them guarantees fast and easy ROI (return on investment).

If you are more interested in learning how to build an email list with organic, free methods, then you should see this alternative that can teach you how to leverage Google to get exposure without paying a dime for it.

Who Created Email Startup Incubator?

Anik Singal is behind this email marketing course. He is the founder of Lurn Nation, which is a platform that offers many different programs, and training courses about making money online. Email Startup Incubator is one of the many educational courses inside Lurn. 

anik singal youtube

Anik Singal has a Youtube channel with over 100K subscribers and more than 400+ videos that people can enjoy and watch for free. Some are educational in nature, while others are focused more on pitching Anik’s products and services.

Regardless, people can learn a thing or two by watching his free content, especially beginners. According to Anik Singal’s bio, he was a model student about to graduate from a world-renowned med program.

Something ”clicked” inside him, and he dropped everything to pursue his true passion, which was to run his own business.

Starting out, Anig Singal didn’t make a single penny for 18 months, and on the night that he was about to give up on his quest to make money online, he made his first money ever. A whopping $330, and he earned that money while asleep at his desk.

He finally discovered a formula that worked, and not too long after that he managed to scale his online business and earned his first $10 million ever thanks to digital publishing.

Then something happened, and his business took a downturn. He stopped following the system that got him to where he was, and quickly fell into debt, owing more than $1 million to banks, affiliates, and vendors.

This didn’t stop Anik Singal from trying to regain everything he lost, and after experiencing major health problems, he was forced to reinvent himself. 

Fast forward, his health improved, and so did his wealth. Nowadays he is focused on running his digital training platform Lurn, which has helped him generate $100 million in revenue. 

What’s Inside Email Startup Incubator

email startup incubator review inside

Email Startup Incubator offers over 804 hours of learning material, 179 lessons in total, and a community with like-minded individuals and students of this program.

Everything is presented in a comprehensive way, and there’s a progress meter that tracks your journey throughout the course, to ensure that you don’t get lost in the sea of content that’s inside.

The core of this training course can be broken down into 8 modules, and they are as follows:

Module 1 – Addiction Meter

Interesting name choice. This module is all about choosing your niche market. That’s where every online business starts, and it’s the first step towards building a foundation.

In short, you should focus on a single topic or interest and stick to it. Making sure that you focus on a narrow niche market, will increase the likelihood of generating revenue, and you shouldn’t deviate too much from your initial choice.

For example, if you decide to choose basketball as your niche market, then your email content should revolve around basketball topics.

There’s an entire lesson on the most profitable niches inside the first module, so if you are confused with what to pick, this should make it easier to decide.

At the end of this module, you will get two exercise lessons, that will help you even further with deciding on a topic for your email business.

Module 2 – The Bait

This module will teach you how to create web pages that provide people with a free gift in exchange for their email, also known as an opt-in page.

You will also learn how to create lead magnets, which is a term that refers to the free gift that is being offered in exchange for a person’s email.

For a live example of what an opt-in page with a lead magnet looks like, move your mouse towards the back button of your browser without pressing it, and see what happens.

Module 3 – TYP Method

email startup incubator reviews thank you page

When someone leaves their email, they are automatically added to your list. When that happens, they will be redirected to the next page of your sequence, also known as a funnel.

A good funnel should present an additional offer to the user which can be your own product or one that you are affiliated with.

Since this is the first point of contact, your best bet is to offer something relatively cheap and inexpensive, as it increases the likelihood of landing a sale.

If the user ends up buying, they can be redirected further down the sales funnel, which is where you can present them with another offer or service.

It can be more expensive than the initial offer or capped at the same price level. However, Anik Singal’s method is called the TYP (Thank You Page) Method, which redirects people to a thank you page first, instead of a product offer.

According to him, this can warm up your prospects, and help you earn their trust faster. After a user sees your thank you page, you should present them with an option to make a purchase.

Module 4 – Email Machine

email startup incubator reviews email machine

This module will introduce you to autoresponders and show you the different ways of structuring your emails, and their sequences.

There are different types of emails that you can send to your list and all sort of rules, or options that you can use to adjust how people in your list get emails from you.

For example, you can setup a sequence of events that trigger certain emails to be sent out to a specific group of people in your email list.

Let’s say for the sake of this example, that you adjust your autoresponder to send an email to your entire list, but you set a rule that triggers a bunch of additional emails to be sent only to those that open and/or click on the first email that they get from you.

In other words, if people are not interested in this particular message, they will not open or click on it, and they will not receive any more communications from you for that specific campaign.

There are many email autoresponders that you can use, but most of them will cost you, so be prepared to spend some extra cash on autoresponders.

Some of the more popular ones are Mailchimp, GetReponse, and Aweber. Anik Singal will push you towards purchasing Sendlane and there’s a good reason for that.

It’s because he is the co-founder of that autoresponder, alongside Zack Meftah, and Jimmy Kim.

The only way to use the Launch Pad software which you get access to when you buy Email Startup Incubator is by using Sendlane, which is a very clever way for Anik Singal to bind you into using all of his additional products. 

Module 5 – Emails & List Relationships

Long gone are the days where you can simply send out a bunch of overly promotional emails and make a ton of cash. Nowadays, it’s all about building a responsive list and creating trust with that email list.

The best way to ensure trust between you and them is by offering VALUE without asking for anything in return. If a fair portion of those subscribed to your email list, actually find your emails useful, then your chances of making sales are increased exponentially.

This module will teach you how to provide value and promote your product/services without being seen as spammy or overly promotional.

Module 6 – Payday Secrets

This module is all about the different ways that you can make money online. Anik Singal’s main focus here is affiliate marketing, which is all about promoting other people’s products and services and earning commission payments.

You will get introduced to a bunch of affiliate networks that connect product vendors with affiliates. ClickBank, WarriorPlus, and ClickBetter are a few of the networks that can help you find products to promote.

If you have your own products or services that you want to sell, then this module can help you with that as well. 

Anik Singal will go through some of the things that you can do to increase your profits by teaching you how to create custom bonuses and webinars for your audience.

Module 7 – Easy Traffic

This module will show you a few different ways to generate traffic (web users) to your opt-in page. You need visitors on your page if you want to build that list.

Even if you have the best landing page, with the perfect copy, if you don’t get any traffic to that page, there is no way that you can build an email list or make any money online.

Anik Singal will teach you how to run paid ads using platforms like Youtube, Google, and Facebook.

His main focus is showing you how to get instant traffic to your opt-in page by paying for it, but there are some free methods inside this module as well.

They cover things like forum marketing, video creation for organic traffic generation, and posting on social media. 

Module 8 – Unlimited Success

This module is all about ensuring that your email campaigns run as smoothly as possible. You will learn the importance of testing different sales copy, headlines, and text to find out what converts the most.

That way you will ensure that you achieve maximum success rate at all times. Testing your email campaigns on a regular basis is important because user behavior changes on a consistent basis and the best way to ensure your success is by staying on top of these changes.

Bonus Training & Resources

email startup incubator reviews bonus

Here’s a breakdown of all the bonuses that come along with Email Startup Incubator:

Bonus #1 – Niche Detective

This bonus will help you narrow down on a niche, and pick from the most profitable ones so that you can start off the right way.

Bonus #2 – List Academy

This is another email marketing course.

Bonus #3 – Six Week Fast Start Program

This is a case study where Anik Singal and one of his successful students show you how to run a profitable email marketing campaign by taking advantage of everything inside Email Startup Incubator.

Bonus #4 – Lurn Masters Club

This bonus will give you access to webinars that run from Monday to Friday done by coaches inside Lurn Nation.

You will also get access to bi-weekly questions and answers webinars with Anik Singal. In case you miss any of the live webinars, you can get access to all the webinar replays inside Lurn. 

Launch Pad

Launch Pad is software that all members of Email Startup Incubator get access to. The Launch Pad allows you to set up everything that you need to launch your online business without relying on external tools and resources. Here’s a breakdown of what you can do with this software.

Get access to a list of niche ideas that you can start working with. Once you pick one, you can choose a name for your campaign and a name for the URL page of your opt-in.

Email Campaign:
This part will show you how to integrate the Sendlane autoresponder with Launch Pad. The only way to unlock this software and everything that it can do for you is by paying for Sendlane.

Pick an Offer to Promote:
Based on your niche of choice, Launch Pad automatically shows you all relevant offers that you can promote as an affiliate, based on ClickBank’s marketplace listings.

Free eBook Creation:
This part will help you create your report or eBook that you will be giving away for free in exchange for people’s emails.

Funnel Builder:
Set up and design your entire sales funnel from A to Z. There are different types of opt-in pages that you can choose from.

Do You Get Additional Support inside Email Startup Incubator?

Yes, you get access to a forum where you can hang out with other members ask questions, ask for help from members, and provide assistance to others if you want to. The forum is not very active, so don’t expect to communicate with a lot of people over there.

How Much Does Email Startup Incubator Cost?

email startup incubator review price

You can buy Email Startup Incubator with a single payment of $997 or 3 monthly installments of $397.

There is an upsell at the checkout page, AKA order bump, that offers you 15 additional modules.

Inside you can get access to Anik Singal and other members of his team where they talk about different strategies they’ve used to create success within Lurn Nation.

The order bump upsell is called Marketing With Anik – Gold and it costs an additional $97.

order bump anik singal gold

Can You Get a Refund on Email Startup Incubator?

According to Lurn’s refund policy, there are no refunds available. However, you can cancel an order that’s over $25 as long as it’s within 3 days of buying.

What I Like About Email Startup Incubator

email startup incubator review pros vs cons

1. Email Marketing is a Legit Way to Earn Money Online. There are many business owners that implement email marketing into their overall strategy for increasing revenue and have seen immense success by doing so.

2. Extensive Content. You get many hours of training material, presented in an easy to follow way. Odds are that you will probably learn a thing or two inside Email Startup Incubator.

3. Anik Singal is Legit. He is an internet marketer that has been around for a while now, and by the looks of it, he cares about his good reputation, which means that he is considerate of his students and their needs.

What I Don’t Like About Email Startup Incubator

1. The Costs Can Add Up. Apart from paying $997 for the course itself, you will have to spend extra cash on an autoresponder, and paid ads. In other words, you should expect to spend a few hundred dollars a month on additional expenses.

2. Email Marketing is Not Enough by Itself. You can say that there are people that have created their entire online business around email marketing, but they do miss out on a lot of potential opportunities that can increase their revenue even more. In my opinion, email marketing should complement an existing online business, to ensure more profits. It should not be the MAIN source of income though.

My Recommendation

Email Startup Incubator is a legit email marketing course that can teach people how to get started with building their own list, and marketing products and services using that list.

If you can afford to spend thousands of dollars on a training course, and paid ads to drive traffic to your offers, then you have a chance of becoming profitable with Email Startup Incubator.

Anik Singal knows what he is doing when it comes to this stuff. However, if you are a beginner, or you simply prefer a more cost-effective way of creating your own online business, then you should see how these people are banking profits using a simple yet incredibly effective blueprint that most people neglect and lose out on that opportunity forever. Don’t be most people.

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