Is ClickBetter a Scam?

If you want to know is ClickBetter a scam or not, then you’ve come to the right place.

By the time you go through this review, you will know everything about this platform, how it works, whether it is safe to use, and whether it is worth your time. 

Here’s what you need to know about ClickBetter.

It’s an affiliate network filled with product vendors that list their digital products, or services, and affiliate marketers who promote these products.

If the concept of affiliate marketing is not familiar to you, then I suggest that you see this here.

By joining the platform you can potentially unlock the doors for getting access to different products and services that you can promote, or you can list your own products on the marketplace for others to promote for you.

It’s that simple. In order to help you understand if this is a scam or not, I suggest that you go through this review.

It will expose everything that’s wrong with ClickBetter, but it will also focus on the good side of this affiliate network as well.

I’ve done the research so you don’t have to. Ready? Let’s get started…

ClickBetter Review Summary

Product Name: ClickBetter

Product Type: Affiliate Network

Product Owner: Sean Clark

Product Price: Free

Overall Score: 30/100

Recommended: Not Really!

Summary: ClickBetter is an affiliate network marketplace, where people can list different digital services and sell them online.

It’s also a place where affiliate marketers can find products to promote. There are many other similar platforms like WarriorPlus, ClickBank, JVzoo, and more.

The thing about this particular network is that as an affiliate, it can be difficult to spot the good products from the bad ones because most of them are not that great.

From a consumer point of view, this is a marketplace filled mostly with low-quality products that promise way too much compared to what they actually deliver. 

It is possible to make money online with ClickBetter as an affiliate, but it’s important to learn how to do it the RIGHT way.

Instead of promoting low-quality products that overpromise and underdeliver, you can focus your efforts on promoting things that are truly helpful to people.

By doing that you are ensuring a long-term and sustainable earnings potential for yourself.

When people trust you, and your judgment, they will be way more inclined to buy the things that you as an affiliate are promoting.

To learn how to do that, I suggest that you see my recommendation below.

What Is ClickBetter?

ClickBetter is an online platform that connects affiliates and product vendors, giving them the chance to work together and make money online. 

It’s not difficult to earn with them, but if you’re new to this, it will take some time to learn how it all works.

As a product promoter, you need an established audience and a high-quality traffic (web users) source. When you send that traffic to offers they may find interesting, some of them will purchase.

If the product is good, you get to keep your money. If it’s not, there’s a higher chance that people will ask for a refund, which means that you do NOT get paid.

In order to help you better understand the potential that you have with ClickBetter, let me show you how anyone can make money online using this or any other affiliate network for that matter.

How To Make Money With ClickBetter?

There are two ways that you can make money with Clickbetter. The first one is by promoting other vendors’ products and services and earning a percentage of the profits as a commission paid directly to you.

The other way is by creating your own digital product or service that you can list on the marketplace, and get affiliates to promote it for you. 

Let me break down the process that it takes to get everything ready to earn by promoting other people’s products.

To set up everything that you need in order to be ready to earn with ClickBetter as an affiliate, you need to follow these 3 simple steps.

Step #1 – Sign Up

The registration process is fairly simple, so it shouldn’t take long. Once you are done and have everything set up, you can move on to the next step.

Step #2 – Choose a Product To Promote

If you’ve never done this before, or if you’re new to this, then choosing the RIGHT products to promote can be tricky.

In order to take full advantage of the opportunity that you have here, you should do some form of research prior to choosing the product you will be promoting.

This is important so that you don’t waste your time trying to push something that no one wants or no one knows about.

The key here is to find a product that people want to learn more about, in a topic or niche that is popular and does not have too much competition.

Otherwise, it can be difficult to stand out from everyone else and generate sales. 

Step #3 – Get Your Affiliate Links

This is important if you don’t want your efforts to go to waste. Inside the ClickBetter platform, you can easily get your affiliate links from the product that you choose to promote.

getting your affilaite links from ClickBetter

Once you click on the “promote” button, you will be presented with a pop-up window that will display your affiliate link, plus all the additional details of the product that you will be promoting. You will see things like the amount that you can earn per sale and things like that.

affiliate link inside clickbetter


The product in these screenshots is NOT something that I would promote to others. It was only used as an example to see how easy it is to get everything up and ready.

In fact, I’ve done a review about Easy Retired Millionaire, where I expose this as a scam product. This leads me to the biggest problem that I have with this network. 

Easy Retired Millionaire USED to be ranked number #3 in the top 10 products list of ClickBetter for a long time.

top ten ranking products on ClickBetter with only the first 4 being visible

In other words, the users of this platform, are being encouraged to promote a low-quality product, that will do more harm to people than good. Since this is a product in the top 10, this means that it’s already being pushed, and sold to others. 

ClickBetter gets a small percentage of the sales generated from each product being listed on that platform. 

The product quality is irrelevant to them as long as they keep getting paid. It’s up to you, the affiliate to do quality checks.

The RIGHT way to do affiliate marketing is by making sure that you ONLY promote products and services that will SOLVE people’s problems, not create more problems for them.

You see the difference, right?

If you want to learn how to earn passive income online while helping others at the same time, then you need to take action on this.

Is ClickBetter a Scam?

is clickbetter a scam legit or not

ClickBetter is NOT a scam by itself, but it DOES let its vendors sell scam products. Not every product that is listed there is a scam.

There are over 500 products, and a big portion of them are low quality or even scammy, however, there is the occasional golden nugget that can truly help people.

There are many other affiliate networks, that have way higher requirements for their vendors to list products. It’s important to understand that platforms like ClickBank are ClickBetter’s main competitors, and they have way more products listed there. 

In a nutshell, ClickBetter is not a scam but you can fail to make money online with them if you don’t do it right. If you just go around promoting useless things, that won’t work.

If you really want to find decent, high-quality products to promote, then you should go to JVzoo, but over there it’s way more difficult to get accepted as an affiliate or vendor. 

Another thing that you should know about ClickBetter is that they are NOT accredited by the Better Business Bureau, and have an F rating, which is the lowest that you can get. That’s definitely not a good sign at all.

clickbetter bbb rating

What Can You Promote on ClickBetter?

There are many different types of products that you can promote on ClickBetter, and they vary a lot.

There s a fair number of niches or industries that you can tap into as an affiliate. Here’s a list of all the product categories that you can promote inside.

list of product categories to promote on clickbetter

As you can see, there’s a wide range of different product categories that you can choose, and each one has it’s own subcategory, so you can focus on specific niche markets, and really narrow things down.

What I Like About ClickBetter

is clickbetter a scam pros vs cons

1. It’s Free & Easy. You don’t have to pay anything upfront, and there are no fees for promoting products inside that platform.

It’s also really easy to promote whatever you want, and there are no restrictions or requirements that you need to fulfill in order to get accepted as an affiliate.

If you want to list your own product or service, you can do that easily, and ClickBetter will not manually check the quality.

2. There Are Many Products To Choose From
. If you wanted to promote products on specific topics like health and fitness, for example, you can do that.

You can segment your categories and when you adjust everything you can see only products of that specific industry that you’ve chosen.

What I Don’t Like About ClickBetter

1. There are a lot Of Low-Quality Products. The platform is filled with scammy, worthless products, which is not really ideal when you’re looking to build a reputation online and create a sustainable income stream.

It’s obvious that ClickBetter doesn’t care if their customers get scammed or lose a lot of money buying nothing but false dreams and hopes.

That’s definitely not a good sign, and it’s what’s causing many of the complaints against them.

2. ClickBetter Has a Bad Reputation Online.
Given the fact that this affiliate network is still relatively new compared to many of its competitors who’ve been around for longer, they started off with a bad rep due to the many worthless products that they’ve allowed on their marketplaces.

They’ve also done a pretty good job of keeping that reputation throughout the years.

Do I Recommend ClickBetter?

If you are someone who is interested in promoting other people’s products to earn a full-time income online, then I don’t recommend starting off with ClickBetter. 

The marketplace is full of junk, and if you started to promote these kinds of products, you would quickly realize that not a lot of people will be eager to listen to you or take you seriously.

With that in mind, I do believe that affiliate marketing is a LEGIT way of earning real money online, but you need to do it the RIGHT way.

That’s the only way to ensure long-term profits and online success for the foreseeable future.

If earning passive income online from the comforts of your home sounds interesting, then I suggest that you see how these people are banking profits using a simple yet incredibly effective blueprint that so many neglect and lose out on that opportunity forever.

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