Million Dollar Matrix Review

Welcome to my Million Dollar Matrix review. Can you really achieve financial freedom with this program, or is it just another scam to avoid?

Here’s what you need to know. This system has two MAIN ways you can earn from it.

The first one is by referring others and pocketing commissions whenever someone upgrades and becomes a paying member. That’s why you may find promoters trying to recruit you in their downline.

Let me point out that I’m not affiliated with Million Dollar Matrix in any way or form, so don’t expect me to praise it like it’s the best thing that ever happened on the internet because I won’t. 

Instead, I will break down exactly what you’re getting here, the earnings potential, and everything else you should know before making that buy or not decision.

Ready? Let’s get started…

Million Dollar Matrix Review Summary

Product Name: Million Dollar Matrix

Product Type: MLM & Advertising Platform

Product Owner: John Dierksmeier

Product Price: $25/Month Plus Advertising Fees

Overall Score: 30/100

Recommended: No!

Summary: This is an opportunity that presents itself as a system that allows you to make money online by either recruiting others and expanding your matrix, hence the name, or by leveraging the platform to advertise your other offers.

If you’re interested in the latter, then MAYBE you can find some use of Million Dollar Matrix through its Networker Ads feature within the platform.

However, if you’re interested in starting an online business from scratch, which in my opinion, is what this system is mostly focused on, then you’re better off exploring other alternatives, and here’s why.

You have to be really good at onboarding others and developing a team of leaders that will keep on growing your downline, otherwise, you won’t be able to make any decent money online.

You are somewhat dependant on all the other members of the Million Dollar Matrix that are focused on recruiting others.

If it just so happens that those at the bottom of the matrix stop getting more paying members, they will start losing money, which in turn means that they will cancel their membership.

This process will lead to a chain of reactions because the members above them will stop making money as well, and so on until eventually, the entire system crumbles.

I’ve seen this happen with other, similar MLM programs. That’s why I think that there are better ways to start a sustainable online business that can bring in passive income, not reliant on recruiting others and hoping they can do the same.

What is Million Dollar Matrix?

million dollar matrix about page

According to the Million Dollar Matrix’s About page, they are a division of HealthyNUliving called NetworkersAds.

Apparently, they focus on connecting traffic (web user) sources to businesses that need them.

They offer a wide range of traffic networks including, solo ads, banner ads, and text ads. You can use them to promote your own stuff and find offers that may be of interest to you.

The other part of the business opportunity is geared towards building your downline and expanding your matrix by inviting as many people into the Milion Dollar Matrix as you can.

Similar to Automatic Builder, you can access a series of emails that will be sent out to your prospects on your behalf and a bunch of other tools that can help you with your recruitment efforts.

Is Million Dollar Matrix a Scam?

No, it’s not a scam. This is a legit multi level marketing program that can help people start, build, or grow their online business. The specifics of this model may not appeal to everyone, and that’s completely normal.

Million Dollar Matrix also comes with its own set of potential drawbacks you need to be aware of before you decide if this is for you or not. 

One of them comes with the fact that you will be strongly encouraged to build your online business by onboarding others, much like most other MLM’s such as 1 Dollar Roger.

This will unlock numerous earning opportunities, such as direct matrix commissions and forced matrix earnings.

More importantly, if you’re a beginner with no experience and no online business that you can advertise on the platform, your only way of earning with this company is by becoming an active promoter and creating a team of people that focus on promoting the platform alongside you.

If that doesn’t sound like something you’re interested in, and if you prefer to avoid spending money on paid ads to kickstart and maintain your online business, you should see this alternative that can teach you how to make money online by leveraging your passions, hobbies, and interests instead.

What’s Inside Million Dollar Matrix?

Inside this platform, you have two membership options, free and paid. You can try things out without having to invest anything and you will get some complimentary advertising credits.

With a starter account, you won’t be eligible to earn commissions for referring others. If you do decide to become a paying member, it will cost you $25 per month.

It used to be less than that, but they’ve changed their pricing structure, so don’t get misled if you find some parts of the website claiming you can get started for $12.50 because you can’t. Not anymore. 

Let’s take a closer look at everything else you can get access to inside Million Dollar Matrix.

Advertise Your Own Products or Services

You can promote your own online business within the platform itself. The way I see it, you have multiple ways to list your products or services within the platform.

You can leverage banner ads, solo ads, and text ads to send people directly to your offer. You can also take advantage of the classified ads option.

Regardless of the offer type, you can list it in the classified ads section. So far, I’ve seen promotions from users that sell their businesses, computers, vehicles, property, and various other services in different niche markets

Some companies, organizations, or solopreneurs post jobs. In other words, you can find all kinds of offers inside.

Pro Membership Option

If you decide to become a pro member, you will get access to additional perks, including the ability to earn commissions when you invite others into the Million Dollar Matrix. The more your team grows, the higher your earnings get.

million dollar matrix how does it work

When you recruit two paying members into this system, you earn an entry into the 2×20 matrix, which means that you can potentially get rewarded when your referrals get more paying members under them.

If your upline decides to place a new customer under you, it’s called a spillover, and you will still get accredited for that referrals, even if you haven’t made the sale directly. 

FYI, you cannot get a refund. All sales are final.

What I Like About Million Dollar Matrix

million dollar matrix review pros vs cons

1. You Can Advertise Your Business. You may be able to reach new audiences if you’re willing to pay for exposure, but there’s no guarantee how interested that audience will be in your offers.

2. It’s Not Expensive
. You don’t have to pay thousands of dollars to get started with this business opportunity.

3. It Has Potential.
If you don’t mind promoting the program, and you’re okay with creating a team of people that will look up to you to teach them how to effectively promote this opportunity to others, then you can earn a decent income.

However, you need to have or obtain good management skills, and you would have to be patient enough with your downline. 

What I Don’t Like About Million Dollar Matrix

1. You Will Probably End up Paying For Traffic. Most similar MLM’s teach you how to promote them by running paid ads all over the internet. If you use the platform itself, you will be feeding the ecosystem, which is all the more reason why I believe you won’t be learning any organic traffic generation methods.

2. All Sorts of Products & Services are Promoted.
There is no niche targeting, which means that a big chunk of the users inside Million Dollar Matrix will likely NOT be interested in your offer unless it’s related to network marketing and making money online.

3. If You Don’t Promote The Program, You Won’t Be Able to Take Full Advantage of Everything
. When you promote it, you get your own set of marketing messages that get sent out to your prospects. Whenever someone makes a purchase via email, you get rewarded accordingly. 

4. It’s Not For Everyone. I
f you’re not good at convincing others, selling stuff, and teaching people, you will probably NOT make any real money with Million Dollar Matrix.

Is There a Better Alternative?

If you’re looking for network marketing AKA MLM opportunities to promote, and you’re fully aware of exactly what’s needed for you to succeed, then this program may be suitable for you.

However, if you’re not experienced in the field, there are better ways to get started with making money online.

I still think that promoting other people’s products and services is the best way to begin your online business, but it doesn’t have to be focused on recruiting others and expanding your downline.  

What you can do instead, is focus on building a sustainable stream of income online while you’re exploring your passions, interests, and hobbies.

The internet is used by over 4 BILLION people. All you have to do is find that small corner of it that shares your interests, and you can capitalize on that by following a proven formula for success. 

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