Algo Online Retail Review

Welcome to my Algo Online Retail review. Can you really start an online business and build your Amazon empire with this program, or is it just another scam to avoid?

According to the sales page, you only need 45 minutes a day to keep growing your business, and you can do that by following a simple process that’s been proven to work over and over again.

The team behind this program will provide everything for you, including training, support, and all the tools you would need to succeed. It sounds like the opportunity of a lifetime, right? 

Here’s what you won’t find on the sales page. The Amazon FBA business model is one of the most expensive ways to start an online business.

It has a ton of potential, but you would need to invest a lot of resources into making sure you can keep afloat until you start seeing results.

Since Algo Online Retail is an expensive, high ticket program, you may come across promoters trying to sell it to you without offering any REAL VALUE you can use in the buy or not decision.

That’s why I’d like to point out that I’m not affiliated with this FBA training course in any way or form.

By the time you’re done here, you will know exactly what you’re getting into, what it will take to succeed, how much time on average it takes for a new Amazon e-commerce store to see ROI (return on investment), and more.

Ready? Let’s get started…

Algo Online Retail Review Summary

Product Name: Algo Online Retail

Product Owners: Bob Schneck & Tim Hellbusch

Product Price: $1,997

Product Type: Amazon FBA Training Program

Overall Score: 50/100

Recommended: Only if You Have a Solid Budget & You Don’t Mind Risking it

Summary: Algo Online Retail is one of the many training programs out there that teach people how to start, grow and scale an FBA business.

According to Bob, you would need a minimum of $500 to invest in this opportunity, but a budget of $2,000 is more realistic.

Based on my own experience, $2K can barely scratch the surface of all the costs that will accumulate as you build out your business.

If you want the odds to be in your favor, you would have to invest at least $5,000 for inventory, ads, additional tools, and other business expenses.

With Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA), you would have to buy your products wholesale to save on costs.

Then you will sell each one individually on Amazon via your online store at a higher price to make a profit.

In other words, it’s risky, and you will be sitting on a lot of inventory, hoping it will sell.

Also, you would have to deal with things like refunds, chargebacks, customer complaints, etc.

These things are inevitable, even if you sell the highest quality stuff. I’ve yet to see an Amazon seller that has a track record with zero customer issues.

If you want to avoid spending thousands of dollars to start your online business and you prefer NOT to deal with the aforementioned things, you should see this cost effective alternative below.

What is Algo Online Retail?

It’s a training program with over 20 hours of educational content covering everything you need to know to launch, grow, scale, and even sell your FBA business online.

The sales page explains the business model they teach in a very simple way. You buy brand name products in large quantities from trusted US suppliers and resell them on Amazon through your online store for profit.

There’s a bunch of positive reviews of Algo Online Retail all over the internet, but how legit they are, it’s up to you to decide. I will tell you this, though.

Despite platforms like Trustpilot and their best efforts to remove fake reviews, a lot of them like to slip through the cracks.

In fact, some courses, like AMZDFY, have been accused of paying their members to produce positive reviews in exchange for money.

I’m not accusing Algo Online Retail of doing this. I’m only stating that it’s possible as I’ve seen it happen on numerous occasions with other courses and training programs.

Judging by the company’s response rate on these review platforms, it seems that they try their best to appeal to their customers and right all wrongs in the eyes of any disappointed client, which is a good thing, in my opinion.

Is Algo Online Retail a Scam?

algo online retail review legit or not

No, the company is not a scam. They run a legit program designed to help people interested in starting a Fulfilled By Amazon online business.

It’s definitely not the cheapest course out there, but it comes with its own unique features that some people may find way more appealing than other competitors.

For example, Proven Amazon Course is a less expensive alternative to learning how to build an Amazon seller business online. It covers things like Merch By Amazon and how to buy wholesale from Alibaba and other companies based in China.

Algo Online Retail, on the other hand, is entirely focused on helping you find US suppliers, which comes with its own pros, like faster delivery times, and cons, such as more costly purchases.

If you’re a beginner just getting started with making money online, I think that there are better, cost effective alternatives to starting an online business that can yield the same or greater results minus the headaches that come along with FBA and selling your own products.

What’s Inside Algo Online Retail?

algo online retail inside

Inside this program, you will get access to a step by step training outlining exactly how to build your Amazon e-commerce business from scratch.

The course assumes you have zero prior experience. That’s why you will get the exact steps to laying a solid foundation and getting started the right way.

There are over 20 hours of video content inside, which is plenty for an FBA training program. Some competitor courses cover similar things in a shorter span of time, such as FBA Winners, where you can find 15 hours’ worth of high quality video content.

As part of your membership, you will get access to all future Algo Online Retail updates, unlimited email support, access to a library of resources, and a list of all the tools, applications, and software that you will need to increase your chances of success with this business model.

Lastly, you will get to leverage a training that goes over the vetting process for suppliers and how to qualify the good ones from the rest.

How Much Does Algo Online Retail Cost?

Currently, the price tag is exactly $1,997. There is an alternative option that allows you to pay in 5 monthly installments of $397.

There is some scarcity marketing on the checkout page, stating that the cost of Algo Online Retail could increase at any given moment.

Maybe it’s not scarcity marketing, and they truly do plan on increasing the price. It’s entirely possible to jack up the price tag for the sake of making more money.

No one truly knows if it’s all just a bluff to get people to act or a real thing. I’ve certainly seen more expensive courses that go up to as much as $5,000, such as FBA Masterclass.

Can You Get a Refund?

Yes, you can. As long as you do the following you can ask for a refund within 30 days of buying Algo Online Retail:

– Watch The Entire Course Content.

– Create an Amazon Seller Account.

– Set up a Business Entity.

– Research Inventory From at Least One Supplier.

As long as you complete all of the above mentioned things, you can get a refund.

What I Like About Algo Online Retail

algo online retail review pros vs cons

1. You Can Learn From Their Free Youtube Channel. They put out a lot of valuable content over there. Furthermore, you can get a good feeling of Bob & Tim’s teaching style and find out if you like it or not without having to pay anything.

2. Everything Seems to Add Up.
The entire organization looks legit and well versed in Amazon FBA. In other words, you can definitely learn a lot of useful stuff with Algo Online Retail, especially if you’re new.

3. Lot’s of Positive Reviews. Again, I don’t think you should blindly trust them, especially the overpraising ones. However, I couldn’t find any evidence that they are fake, which is definitely a good sign.

What I Don’t Like About Algo Online Retail

1. It’s Expensive. The course alone costs nearly $2K. Then you have to think about all the additional expenses that come along with running an FBA business online. All in all, you should have about $5K or more on top of the course cost.

2. It’s Risky.
Even if you invest enough and you don’t burn through your savings quickly, there is no guarantee of success, as it is with any other business model out there.

Depending on the competition and consumer demand of the products you’re selling, you could start earning income as soon as one month after you launch, or it could take you six months. It depends on a lot of things, and there is no straightforward answer.

3. Not The Best Online Venture.
The competitive nature of running an Amazon e-commerce store may further reduce your chances of success, or at least, make it more difficult.

Considering everything mentioned so far, and knowing what I know, I can honestly say that there are other ways to start a profitable online business that won’t cost as much but can yield similar or better results.

Is There a Better Alternative?

Yes, there is. The beauty of having an online business is that you can achieve a lot of things, without risking a lot of capital, without making risky moves that may make you broke if you fail, and without having to spend thousands on courses that can teach you how to achieve financial success online. 

Instead of trying to figure out what products are going to sell, buying them in bulk, listing them on your online store, and then trying to figure out how to get clients because they won’t come unless you pay money for ads, you can cut your work by 2/3rds. 

You can focus only on traffic (web user) generation and send it to products and services that are already proven to convert into sales.

It’s way less hassle to promote other people’s stuff and pocket in on the commissions than trying to do everything by yourself. 

The entry barrier is way lower, and the earning potential can be significantly higher considering the fact that you don’t have to invest thousands of dollars to get started.

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