Magic Submitter Review [Made By Alexandr Krulik]

Can the Magic Submitter by Alexandr Krulik really help in bringing you a lot of traffic to your website? Find out the truth in this unbiased and transparent review today.

Unlike some reviews that I had the chance to check out while doing my research, this one is not trying to promote Magic Submitter by saying how great it is ONLY to earn commissions and make money. Within the next few minutes, you will find out what this product is REALLY all about.

Magic Submitter Review Summary

Product Name: Magic Submitter

Created By: Alexandr Krulik

Product Type: SEO Ranking Software

Price: $67/Month ($4.95 For The First Month) + hidden costs

Recommended: No

Overall Score: 25/100

Summary: Magic Submitter is a software that supposedly helps you by automatically making original content and publishing it on 500+ websites which gives you a lot of backlinks that help with boosting your domain and website authority. This results in higher Google and other search engine rankings.

These are black and grey hat SEO techniques that Google does not appreciate and when the search engines catch on to you, there’s a high risk of you losing all your work and rankings. That’s why, I strongly advise against using any of these methods, which is why I DON’T recommend this software to anyone.

What is Magic Submitter?

What Magic Submitter does is that it builds a lot of backlinks quickly by submitting premade articles to different directories online. This can add thousands of backlinks to your website in a matter of minutes.

If you are relying on organic search traffic, this approach can do more damage than you think. Backlinks should be acquired naturally by creating high quality and helpful content that people can link to.

There’s nothing natural about acquiring a ton of them in a matter of minutes. Search engines can quickly identify and spot when you’re using software tools like this one. This can lead to penalties and even manual action against your website. 

If these software backlink builders worked so great, everyone would be using them and no one would bother spending time to manually build backlinks, right?

Another thing that’s worth mentioning is that Google and the other search engines put more emphasis on the QUALITY of content being published than anything else.

When Magic Submitter gets your content spun and republished on all those different websites and article directories, it can be marked as duplicate. That is definitely NOT something good and can hurt your organic rankings a lot.

Is Magic Submitter a Scam?

magic submitter review
This software is focused on some shady techniques for getting high search engine rankings. The answer to the question is Magic Submitter a scam is no, it’s not a scam.

However, it is NOT a long term strategy for ranking, because even if you do manage to get ranked high on Google using black or grey hat SEO (that’s what Magic Submitter does) as soon as the search engines catch you, your sites will be demoted quickly.

Furthermore, in 2022, Google does not put as much weight on the number of backlinks as it used to, so this is quite an OUTDATED method of getting ranked higher on the search results. 

It’s way better to get a couple of good quality backlinks from websites that Google trusts, rather than a thousand from directories online or even PBN networks. It’s all about QUALITY over quantity.

The only way to do that is by providing tons of value for the users and adhering to Google’s rules and guidelines.

What’s Inside Magic Submitter?

Inside Magic Submitter you will get the following:

– Software that automatically generates 1000’s backlinks for your websites.

– Access to forums where you can engage with other members of Magic Submitter.

– Support Desk that allows you to communicate and get help from the support team if you get stuck with anything and need help.

– Regular software updates.

– Live monthly training sessions that discuss different strategies and give you the chance to ask questions and get answers.

– Training Materials. 60+ educational videos that teach you how to operate and work with the software. 

Who Is Alexandr Krulik?

Alexandr Krulik is the creator and founder of Magic Submitter. According to Magic Submitter’s sales page, he’s been involved with software creation for the past 15 years and has helped people make money by ranking them high on search engines such as Google. He’s been continuously working on this project for 7 years.

Price, Refunds & Hidden Costs

Magic Submitter comes with the option to pay $4.95 for the first month to test-drive how everything works. Every following monthly installment is being charged at $67. There’s a money-back guarantee for the first 30 days. In other words, if you decide within the first month that you don’t like the software, you can get your 5 bucks back.

The software is backed up by ClickBank which means that there will be no issues with you getting your money back should you choose to do so. There are a few things that you’d most likely end up paying for in order to get this whole thing to work for you.

The first one is a captcha solving service which can be purchased at roughly $15/month. Even though Magic Submitter has a free captcha solving in place, people tend to complain about it, because it does not work.

If you want to avoid getting duplicate content on your website, you would want to buy a rewriting software that can be found for $45/month.

These are extra costs and when you combine them with the monthly payment for Magic Submitter it can become overwhelming, especially if you’re not making any money online yet.

What I Like About Magic Submitter

magic submitter review
You Can Rank Fast Even With Newly Created Websites

 Google takes into consideration how mature your website is and that can affect the way your content gets indexed. With the Magic Submitter, you can speed up this process as you will get pings and signals from different websites to yours.

This will let Google and the other search engines notice that you have content on your new website faster.

Another way to avoid all that and get indexed organically and completely FREE faster, is to let the search engines know about your content by fetching it on the console. This will get your content crawled by the google spider bot, which will lead to indexation.

Automates A Lot of Things

 The truth is that SOME of what’s inside the Magic Submitter can prove to be useful for white hat SEO automation methods. But other things can be dangerous for your site, so you really need to know what you’re doing. If you have experience with SEO, you can take advantage of that.

What I Don’t Like About Magic Submitter

Some Things Are Left Untold

You don’t really get to learn about things such as the hidden prices discussed above until after you’ve bought Magic Submitter. That’s definitely something that I do not find appealing. 

Some people might argue with that, but the fact to the matter is that if there’s a backlink pointing to your site it has to come from a high domain authority website and from the same or similar niche.

It should also get a lot of organic search traffic. This is an indicator that the search engines trust this website.

Otherwise, it’s of no use to you. With that in mind, Magic Submitter is all about the number of backlinks rather than the QUALITY.

It Can Have a Negative Impact on Your Website

If you’re new to this kind of stuff and don’t really know how to set up everything, you run the risk of doing something very bad and irreversible to your site.

Imagine spending a lot of time and effort working on your website and then just ruining everything because you thought you could automate a lot of things to make it easier for you.

 Unless you’re really into black hat SEO and don’t care if your website gets ruined by the process, then I would not suggest buying into Magic Submitter. Especially when you take into consideration the fact that Google is all about quality over quantity. 

What I Recommend

Magic Submitter is all about gaming the search engines and makes them think that your websites are getting lots of attention from different users. When in reality all you do AT BEST is temporarily increasing your traffic by getting ranked high.

Even that is not guaranteed because the methods and techniques being used there are outdated and backlinks don’t have that big of an effect on your rankings anymore as they used to.

There is a better and cheaper way to do SEO and avoid getting penalized by Google. It’s called putting in the work.

If you’re ready to do that and forget all about the shiny object syndrome, then I invite you to check out how these people are banking profits with this incredibly simple yet effective 4 step blueprint.

So many people are neglecting this method and are losing money because of that. Find out more below.

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