How To Get Google To Crawl Your Site

Get Indexed Fast!

It’s really easy. All you gotta do is go to the google search console here.

Sign in with your google account.

You must have one in order to access the search console.

After that, you need to add a property (your website).

You can do that by clicking the button on the top left part of your screen where it says add property.

Then you click on where it says “inspect any URL”. It’s next to where it reads Google Search Console.

Do that with every page of your website and continue to do it for each and every new page or post that you create from now on.

And that is how to get Google to crawl your website.

But is that enough to get on the first page of Google?

Here’s what you NEED to know.

What Happens When Google Crawls Your Site

Just because google crawls your website that doesn’t guarantee that you will get indexed really fast.

By submitting your content you are basically sending a request for Google to send a spiderbot to crawl your webpage and index it.

If your content is good enough and created using the correct methods and keywords, then you will definitely get indexed faster.

Google is looking for websites that bring value to its users and tries to put the most relevant content in front of the right audience.

That is why you need to prove that your website brings value in the eyes of Google if you want to achieve that first page ranking for your website.

Odds are that you want to do that since your looking for ways to get your website crawled.

How To Show Google That Your Site Brings Value

There are a number of components that play a big role here.

Basically, it all goes down to your SEO. If you dont know what that is, Search Engine Optimization is how you present your website in Google’s eyes in a way that shows how valuable you actually are.

Of course, you could always
PAY to be on the first page, but we are not going to be focusing on that today.

We want to get ranked for
FREE here.

it’s better long term.

The main thing about
SEO is your content.

Providing Provide value in your contetvaluable and resourceful information will help you get on the first page of google.

After all, Google wants its users experience to be great and what better way to do that than being sure that each and every visitor you get is glad that came to your website.

But how exactly are you going to do that?

Let me explain.

Let’s say that for the sake of this example that someone is looking for ways to lose belly fat.

They go to Google and type in something like “How to lose belly fat”.

On the first page, they find a website that answers exactly that query.

Inside that website is a detailed description of a bunch of exercises that not only promise to get rid of that stubborn belly fat but also promise to do it in a matter of weeks spending only a few minutes a day exercising.

Now the user knows how to solve their problem and on top of that, they know how to do quick and efficient.

See where I’m going with this?

That’s how to bring value to your audience or traffic.

Making sure that your content is valuable is only the first step of ensuring that you end up on the first page of Google.

Next thing you need to do is make sure that you are implementing your keywords the right way.

Are You Using Keywords The Right Way?

Keywords basically are search terms that you get ranked for.

If someone types in “How to make money online“.

And you have a website that is 
Implement Keywordsfocused on that topic.

Then your keywords should be “how to make money online”, “ways to make money online” and so on.

PRO TIP, you should make sure that you implement your main keywords somewhere within the first few paragraphs of your post’s.

Before you go there, you should do your keyword research.

That’s done by examining your keywords of choice.

You need to make sure that the competing websites ranked for that exact keyword are not that much and that the keyword itself gets enough searches so that your efforts are worth your time.

There are lots of keyword research tools out there that can really help you with that and make your life easier.


Sometimes, when a certain keyword gets
TON’S OF traffic it can be difficult to get ranked for it.

Especially if you’re website is new and Google doesn’t know if you bring value or not.

That way certain variations of that keyword can be used where you target that same kind of audience but will not get as much competition.

In other words, it would be much easier to get on the first page.

Those are called
Long Tail Keywords.

You can find my article with the
Top 5 Long Tail Keyword Research Tools By Clicking Here.

The Best Keyword Research Tool Out There

So now you know that keywords are an important part of ensuring you get that much needed traffic to your website.

But how do you find the proper keywords for your content and how do you know if they are going to be profitable for you or not.

Luckily there are a lot of keyword research tools out there that can help you with that.

You don’t have to do it alone. Save time and energy by doing things the RIGHT way.

I’ve tried a few research tools myself and the one I like the most is called Jaaxy.

Over there you can find the most important and ACCURATE metrics that will surely help boost your content on the first page of google.

The great thing is that you can try it for FREE. I have an in depth review of Jaaxy that you can take a look at as Im sure it will help you the same way it helped me.

Are Images Important?

man holding sign that says images can be an important part of the seo process
Image’s within your articles and post are going to bring life to your website.

I have to say that they are quite important not only because of that.

If implemented the right way, images can bring traffic to your website.

When you add them into your website you need to make sure that you use their alt tags.

Basically what that means is that you explain what the image contains using words and by doing that your images can be indexed within google’s image section, thus giving you an extra way to generate traffic to your website.

Decent, right?

Images should be relevant to your content and should visually explain what your articles are all about.

Keep in mind that this is also part of the SEO process.

I have an entire article that’s focused on how to do Content Writing in SEO, ensuring that your website is going to rank on that first page.

Have a look at it below as I’m sure that it will bring a ton of value for you.

Click Here To Find Out More About SEO In Content Writing

Today you learned how to get google to crawl your site and the importance of SEO and keywords.

Now you also know how much value do images provide within your content and how to use them to get even more visitors to your website.

Everything that I explained today will help you get indexed and ranked on the first page of Google.

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  1. Wow what a resource this post about how to get google to crawl your post is.  I found your site because I have been writing my own posts about horse training but I have not seen any get indexed yet and need answers to why they weren’t.  So on your post I found out why AND so much more.  You have so many tips for newbies, like me, like using keywords the right way, using Jaxy(that looks super helpful), alt tags for images (which I wasn’t doing at all!) and even how to sell items on my own site.  I am bookmarking this page and your site for future reference because you have so much good information here, thank you so much for sharing!

    • I am so glad that you have learned something new from my article. That’s why I write them, to share what I know with others. 

  2. I didn’t know that you could manually ask Google to index your site. I’ve begun affiliate marketing and only have a couple of post’s. Would that be enough to get noticed? I think I will also have to take a look at Jaxy. You said it is a free service? 

    • Jaaxy itself has an option to test it out for free but has some limitations. But if you become part of the Best Affiliate Marketing Training platform WA, you can use all its features completely FREE of charge. 

  3. Very interesting article you have written up here and surely one that I enjoyed reading. Getting google to rank my website has been my main goal since I started affiliate marketing but I’ve been closer to being called a failure rather than getting the conversion I deserve. I’m not really acquainted with maximising the use of SEO. Also, I never knew that images play an important role in getting higher ranking in google. I just make use of random images before. Thanks so much for this post.



    • We all learn and improve my friend. Every person that has a self-made success story, knows that the path of success is filled with failures along the way. The only thing that distinguishes those that make it from the res is their will to keep going.


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