Top 5 Best Long Tail Keyword Software Programs

Top 5 Best Long Tail Keyword Software Tools

Finding great keywords for our websites is the core foundation of achieving online success.

This article is going to show you the top 5 high-quality long tail keyword software’s that will help boost your organic traffic and will get your content ranked quickly and efficiently on the first page of Google.

But first a brief explanation as to why these types of keywords are important for everyone that has their own online business.

They are not that competitive, it’s easier to get ranked with them and if you’re using the right long tail keyword software, they should bring a decent amount of traffic to your website.

Here’s our first recommendation.

There’s a bonus at the end that reveals to you a way to use one of the most accurate keyword tools out there for FREE.

Be sure to check that out.

1. Long Tail Pro

This keyword software offer’s it’s users a great way to “flood” your website with traffic.

Are they really that good though?

Let’s examine this research tool with a brief overview using Pro’s and Con’s.

: Easy to navigate.

: Spot on rank tracker that’s easy to use.

Pro: It shows you how competitive a long tail keyword can be and it’s really accurate.

: Low limit to manual keywords.

: Same thing with seed keywords

: The competitor analysis could be displayed better.

This is how a typical search for keywords looks like with this software…

long tail pro keyword researcher

The thing that I like the most with Long tail pro is that if you click on a specific keyword it gives you the option to examine long tail pro

your competitors in depth.

Here is how this looks like…

Another really cool option that they provide for you is the ability to track how much traffic a specific keyword can generate you if you achieve first page rankings.

They also come with a 10 days guarantee so if for any reason you don’t like it you can get your money back (37$ a month) You can go ahead and try it out below…


2. CleverGizmos Keyword Researcher

This is a different kind of keyword finder as it comes with quite a few decent add ons and they include:

– Help with generating high quality keywords.

This tool can produce thousands of long tail keywords with the click of a few buttons.

Let’s say that you have a bicycle website and you are looking for “bike related item’s that people are searching for”.

The software will produce a large number of keywords and phrases related to your query.

Literally from A to Z.

–  A lot of different SEO tools that will help you get ranked quicker.

– You can track competition rates.

– Article Writing Tool. You can assign keywords into your article’s and “White List” Them.keyword researcher

– The Best thing is that this software is FREE to use.

– It has a WordPress integration

You can find more info and a 4 minute video that explains how everything work inside the CleverGizmos keyword researcher by clicking BELOW…

3. KWFinder

It’s a pretty simple platform to use but at the same time provides with extensive research value.

Strictly for research purposes only.

It does not have an option to analyse your competitors keywords, unlike the previous tools that we reviewed.

This is how the metrics look like

Kw finder

On the upside, it has an extensive FREE SEO Guide that will help people get a better understanding of search engine optimization plus you get a certificate upon completing the 9 chapters of this mini course.

it’s never a bad thing to refresh your already built knowledge and who knows, you might even learn something new from it.

It’s got quite a cheap price on the keyword software.

The interface is good, I really like it. You should give it a go with this FREE 10 day trial that you can get by clicking below.


Unlimited long tail keyword suggestions

Get access to a ton of keywords that you can use for your niche website.

Keyword Tool Dominator extracts long tail keywords from platforms like Youtube, Amazon, Ebay, Etsy and more, Plus…

  • Unlimited daily keyword searches.

    Look for keywords without any limitations in numbers.

  • Niche keywords .

    Search for specific niche related keywords.

  • Keyword ranking by popularity.

    From top to bottom.

  • Extension that you can add to your browser for instant access to your keyword researcher.

    Integrates with Chrome.

  • Lifetime updates

    Keyword Tool Dominator

5. Jaaxy

Jaaxy is one of the best keyword research tools out there that provide a tremendous amount of value to their users. It cant get any easier and faster when it comes to finding long tail high quality keywords.

Jaaxy 4

– Brain Storm. It’s self explanatory, helps you produce more keyword ideas.

– Alphabet soup technique. It basically generates high quality long tail keywords for you using the alphabet. Literally every possible combination from A to Z.

– Very well placed metrics system. Some of the keyword tools out there give way too much unnecessary metrics to look more complex, but the reality is that you only need these 4 listed below.

– Avg. This is the total number of searches a keyword receives.

– QSR. This is the quoted search results AKA all the websites that compete for that specific keyword.

– KQI. That’s the keyword quality indicator

– Traffic. The estimated amount of visits that you will get if you rank on the first page for that keyword.

I have a full in depth review of Jaaxy which you can take a look at below.

All of the above mentioned keyword tools have their own way of producing great results for your research.

It’s up to you to choose which one you want to go with.

Now as I promised, I will be showing you how to get access to one of the best keyword research software tools for 
FREE without being restricted to only 20 search results, instead of it’s usual price $49.

 It’s quite simple actually.

There is a platform that teaches people affiliate marketing.

That same platform is integrated with Jaaxy.

If you are member, you get to use it for free of charge.

Now the joining fee for this program is 

You can create yourself a 
FREE account.

I will post a link below where you can find more information about WA and once you become a member you can take advantage of Jaaxy without having to pay for it.

Decent, right?

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