This is How to Make Easy Money Online For FREE

When it comes to making money online there are a ton of different ways that you can go about it.

The opportunities are virtually limitless. You’re only limitation is your imagination.

 It would be nice not having to go to work five days of the week, wouldn’t it?

It’s completely possible to have more money, more FREE time and not having to leave your house to achieve that.

Stick to the end of this article as I will be revealing the best and EASIEST FREE method of doing that. 

We are going to start from the easiest way and will slowly go up from there to the more advanced and of course, more rewarding ways.

This is how to make easy money online for free, no joining fees, there will be no spending money upfront and no bollocks.

money floating between two hands

Stick to the end of this article as I will be showing you my number one recommendation for making $10k+ a month online.

Starting with the most common and probably the EASIEST way for making a few bucks online…

1. Complete Online Surveys

Companies are willing to pay ordinary people like me and you for completing simple online surveys.

They are always looking out for their customers needs andonline surveys want to get some consumer insights.

These surveys can vary and you are given questionnaires that can literally take a few minutes to complete and BAM, cash in your pocket.

Sounds easy right?

The only downside to this type of money making is that you need to complete a lot of them to get some decent money out.

You are most likely going to have to register in a number of websites as well.

Some of these companies will reward you with points which you can then convert into things like prize vouchers, gift cards or straight up cash.

Here are the top 3 survey sites that you can join to start making money now.


It’s a great way to earn something extra on the side but keep in mind that some people are dissatisfied and say that it’s too hard to earn money.

Well, it’s not difficult at all to earn some cash, but you cant really expect to become a millionaire when completing surveys.


This one is my personal favourite, it one of the most popular survey sites and people seem to be very satisfied with this website.

You can search the web and get pad over there too.

I even have an in depth review of Swagbucks that you can check out by clicking HERE.



It’s quite a decent website, and you have a welcome bonus upon registration.

2. Become a Website and App’s Tester.

website testers

There are a ton of new websites and apps online that are
being created on a daily basis.

The owners usually would like to test their performance.

Your job is quite easy.

You download an app and start playing around with it, giving your feedback about the performance and the quality of the product and you get paid for it.

The same thing goes with testing websites, you are testing the speed, quality and they can even ask about your opinion on the design itself.

You should always try to be as honest as possible.

When it comes to these types of things there are no right or wrong answers.

If you don’t like something, express your opinion, after all that’s what they are paying you for.

Sounds fun doesn’t it?

3. Play Video Games and Earn Cash.

This is for all you gamers, i know you’re out there.

You can get paid to play UNRELEASED games to the market and test out different kinds of things like performance, smoothness of the game play look out for any glitches, etc.

Now, that’s not the only way to make money online by playing video games.

If you are a hardcore gamer, you can get paid to boost people’s ranks in different games like League of Legends, Dota 2, CS Go, etc.

Yes people are willing to pay YOU for literally playing your favourite games.

If that’s not cool then i don’t know what is.

People actually make a decent amount of money by boosting other’s game accounts.

4. Build an Online Business

arrows for growth hacking
Have you ever thought about having your own business?

What about an online one?

Does it sound like an impossible thing to do?

Let me make a few things clear here.

You DON’T need a degree for that.

You DON’T need to know anything about having your own business or marketing at all.

All that you REALLY need is willingness to learn.

Can you imagine waking up one day to find out that you just made a couple thousand $ within a few days of work?

Yes, you can achieve that but it’s not going to be as easy as completing a few surveys here and there.

You don’t need to be ultra smart either, I know I’m not.

Let me get you in on a little secret.

It’s never actually been easier to start your own online business as it is now.

Nowadays everything is automated and there is a plugin for everything.

Here’s another fact for you.

Years ago it would take weeks if not months to make a website and you would need to know how to code programs.

Nowadays you can do it in a matter of minutes with the click of a few buttons.

Yes, it’s that easy, check out How to Build Your Own Website For Free in Less than 30 Seconds Here.

See where I’m going with this?

The internet has made hundreds of thousands of people to become financially free and that number keeps on growing.

The future is in the digital world and I strongly believe that.

If that sounds interesting to you and you want to give it it try then I recommend that you start off by learning more about Affiliate Marketing Here as this is the easiest business model and can generate you a consistent amount of money. 

5. The Online Opportunities are Endless

Today we’ve covered a few of the ways to make money online.

I hope that by reading this post, you have found something that might be of interest to you.

As always if you have any questions or comment’s don’t hesitate to leave them below.

I will be responding to each and every one of you.

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