How to Build a Website for FREE

How can you build any kind of website in under a minute for FREE without any technical or coding skills?

Build your own website using WordPress, the easy way.

Get instant help & support for all of your websites from one of the best website hosting platforms.

How to build a website for free?

That’s how…

Full In-depth Video Tutorial on How to Build a Website for FREE in Under 30 seconds
Build a wordpress website for free

Wealthy Affiliates is truly becoming a recognizable force on the internet for website hosting. The features offered here in terms of WordPress hosting and technical support are unmatched. Build in SiteSpeed software that is made to speed up any WordPress website and make it more user-friendly. No additional plug-ins needed.

Free site SSL,  to ensure visitors data protection is at place at all times. Full spam blocker called Site Protect, the name says it all, it blocks any type of spams.

“Double hosting” feature never seen before, so even if for some reason your website goes down, you always have a backup version that is created and updated automatically from the initial moment of building your site.

Features Included

  • Site Health See your site performance and overall health to ensure that you are properly indexed in search engines like google, yahoo, bing etc. It’s essential if you want to generate free website traffic.

  • Site Support – 24/7 Technical support for your website, every issue and question is handled or answered within minutes of your queries.

  • Site Comments – Boost your rankings even more by gaining comments and engagement to your website through the community based inside the Wealthy Affiliate platform. Engagement on your website helps a lot for google rankings.
    The more engaged a website is the closer it gets to be on the first page of google search and other similar engines.

  • Site Feedback – Learn some insights and get feedback on your website and its content from some experts and other members of the WA community.

  • Site Security – Website security is in place to secure and protect from bot attacks, hacking and various types of malware.

how to build a website for free

Anyone can join for FREE and see what its really all about. Traffic to your website = $$$$.This is a platform packed with unique and handy features that can help in building your website and getting it indexed by Google and other similar search engines ( a must for generating traffic). Hundreds if not thousands of videos and walk through tutorials on everything that you need to know to make money online. 

Here are some pros and cons for you to consider:


  • A lot of additional content including training videos, webinars, classrooms and it all revolves around building, maintaing and growing your website.
  • Free Unlimited Trial
  • Great team and community support
  • Exclusive protection within the platform and an SSL Certificate


  • Free Trial does not give access to everything offered within the platform, there are some restrictions.
  • With the Free Trial, you are entitled to only two websites on the SiteRubix website builder

Here is a Detailed Diagram of the Membership Options offered within Wealthy Affiliate.

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