Is rNetwork a Scam? Save Your Money!

Is rNetwork a scam that everyone should be avoiding? In this review, you will find out exactly that plus everything else about this MLM.

If you were left with a great impression by any of their sales videos, then I’m sorry to disappoint you but you will not be able to change your financial lifestyle with rNetwork, and start banking insane amounts of revenue.

If you decided to skip on rNetwork then you will NOT be missing out on this “Once in a Lifetime” opportunity, and I will show you why.

Here’s what you should know. The rNetwork has an affiliate commission system in place that pays people to promote it.

So, if you ever come across a post, video, or anything else that just praises this network like it’s the best thing that’s ever happened on the internet, know that they are most likely people who are trying to push this product for the sake of landing a commission.

If they are not providing any REAL value that can actually help you make an educated decision, and are just saying how great of an opportunity this is over, and over again, they are most likely unethical affiliates who are trying to make money off of you.

Online Success can come in many different forms, that’s why it’s important to do the research and find YOUR way before investing time, and money on something.

Now, let’s find out what this network can do for you and if you can really make any money online with it.

rNetwork Review Summary

Product Name: rNetwork

Product Type: Money Saving MLM 

Product Creators:  Richard Smith, Trent Walker, Roger Taylor, Kevin Wiscombe, and Troy Muhlestein

Price: Free or $50/Month

Recommended: Not Really!

Overall Score: 45/100

Summary: rNetwork has a different range of products that you can access inside their platform. The idea is to conduct all your transaction through rNetwork.

By doing that you can save up some money on all kinds of things such as shopping, booking travel trips, phone usage, etc. It’s all about becoming part of this network and getting more people to join AKA recruiting.

This is not something new and most MLM’s out there have a strong emphasis on their recruitment efforts. This one is no different, and if you want to take advantage of the money-making opportunities by becoming part of the referral team, then you should be prepared to spend $50/Month to get that “privilege”.

Unless you’re really good at recruiting other people, and getting them to join rNetwork, and become paying customers, you will not be able to make a significant amount of money. At the very best, you can save up some money on some of the things mentioned above.

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What is rNetwork?

rNetwork is a Multi-Level Marketing company that offers people in its network discounts on various different kinds of online purchases. The money opportunity lies in their recruitment reward scheme.

You can earn revenue from each individual that joins through your promotional efforts. You can create your own team of recruiters which can further increase your profit potential.

It’s important to note that you will be earning $25 per referral which is typically low for an MLM company when you consider the fact that recruiting people to similar programs can be more challenging than you’d think. This means that the earning potential is limited.

The reward system is currently unknown because they are yet to launch a fair number of their products. The rNetwork was launched in 2019 so it’s still quite new. This means that there can be a lot of potential issues that can come across if you decide to get involved with them.

In general most MLM websites that come out, tend to fail fairly quickly. In other words, this model is not really that sustainable which means that the risk for it all to crumble is higher than with other make money online opportunities.

What’s Different With rNetwork?

Unlike your usual MLM scheme like Amway, Ariix, or Bocannaco that require you to promote different types of products in higher than average prices, with rNetwork you will be doing the opposite of that.

You will be helping other people save money and by doing that you will be making some as well. The whole concept behind this particular MLM is to help other people save money on different kinds of payments that an everyday person can come across.

Is rNetwork a Scam?

is rnetwork a scam is it all just a big scam?

To answer the question is rNetwork a scam you should first realize the potential drawbacks that you can stumble on. One of them is that you’re earning potential is limited to recruiting people only.

This can make it more difficult to earn a decent amount of income online compared to other MLM’s.

On that note, rNetwork is not a scam, and even if you don’t want to become a recruiter and start referring people, you could still find their discount incentives useful for one thing or another, so that’s definitely something worth checking out.

Most People Who Are Part of an MLM Fail To Make Money!

That’s not just me saying it, the statistics show it’s true. There was a survey done in 2018 which showed that about 73% of people who get involved in a multi-level marketing scheme end up not making or losing money.

Often times, these MLM opportunities are presented as something they’re not. This can mislead a lot of people into thinking that they can make easy money which is pretty far fetched.

Who Created rNetwork?

The rNetwork was founded by five people, Richard Smith, Trent Walker, Roger Taylor, Kevin Wiscombe, and Troy Muhlestein. Each one of them contributes to something, and together they have formed this money savings network.

The president of the company Richard Smith is highly experienced with direct selling and apparently he has launched 4 different companies and managed to generate billions in sales. Roger Taylor has experience in executive management and marketing.

Trent Walker is the official founder of another company called Netchain2, however that website is no longer online, which leads me into thinking that this company is no longer in existence. Kevin Wiscombe has a background in the mortgage industry and excels in finance.

Troy Muhlestein is in charge of the executive management process and has experience in manufacturing. Together, they described themselves as ” A diverse band of brothers who came together to create something truly special” and their goal is to get the “little guys” paid as much as the “big bank guys”.

What’s Inside rNetwork?

Inside rnetwork you can find a wide variety of different products in various industries and niches. Here’s everything inside rnetwork. 

Product Line

The product line covers all sorts of money-saving incentives and you can save money when you pay your phone bill, buy a car, book a trip, dine out, and you can even save on prescription medicines.

R Perks

These discounts that I mentioned above are called R Perks and become available after you become a paying member of rNetwork. You should know that they are available only in the USA & Canada.

R Travel

This is a place specially designed for different travel coupon discounts, and great deals on traveling. You can save money on flight tickets, hotel bookings, transport and more.

R Network Concierge

This service is for people who want someone to personally make sure to find suitable deals, coupons, and discounts. In other words, you will have your own personal Concierge who will make sure that you’re always up to date with the latest discounts and deals according to your preferences.

R Meds + R Pet Meds

You will get a prescription card that will help you with your medical bill savings. All you have to do is present this card to a pharmacist and they will apply the discounted code to your pharmacy profile. You can do the same thing with your pet whenever you have to visit the vet.

R Mobile

You can save money on your phone bill and find phones at a discounted price.

R Autos

With this one, you can save some money on your auto purchases. This is a Concierge car buying service.

In other words, they make it extremely easy, and convenient to purchase a car without ever having to leave your office, home, or workspace. Instead of dealing with sales people at the car dealer, you can get a Concierge to that for you.

R Mortgage

This is a Concierge mortgage lending service. Through rNetwork you can apply for a mortgage without having to leave your house.

R Network Bank

They are opening their own bank which will offer the traditional services of all other existing banks. You can create savings accounts, Debit Cards, Credit Cards, and everything else.

Compensation Plans

As with most MLM’s the compensation plan can be a bit confusing, that’s why I’m going to break it all down for you so that you can get a better understanding of the ways that you can get compensated for your time and money inside rNetwork.

If you want to qualify for a compensation plan, which is how you can make money online with this program, you have to be a Charter Member. In other words, you have to pay for this kind of access. Let’s start with the first incentive which is:

– T3 Bonus. This is a performance type of bonus that rewards you with $50/Month for every 3 members that you recruit when each of them becomes a paying member as well.

– Power3 Rank. If you manage to recruit 3 Charter Members AKA to get them to pay within 7 days of when you first become a Charter Member, you will qualify for the Team Building Structure and the Power 3 Rank bonus.

– Founder Rank. When you get 10 people to join under you, you will be awarded the Founder Rank. This will open up a fair bunch of new opportunities for you.

– Personal Enrollment Network. This is where you can track all the people that you’ve referred so far and see what kind of different bonuses you qualify for with each new referral enrolled

Fann Club

This is the free version of rNetworks, and everyone that joins under you will be seen by you inside your dashboard. There is no limit on the number of Fann’s that you can enroll.

Price, Upsells & Refunds

The rNetwork is free to join however, you have the option of paying $50/Month to get extra benefits. Let’s see how much does it all cost when we break it down.

Charter Members

For an extra $50/Month you can become a Charter Member which will give you access to their Facebook groups where they reveal training materials, resources, and social gatherings. Not only that but you will also be able to recruit people into the network and earn commissions from your promotional efforts.

For refunds and cancellations, you can contact customer support on 1-800-889-1716. There is not much more info about whether or not you can get one, and how to actually qualify for one.

What I Like About rNetwork?

is rnetwork a scam pros vs cons

1. It’s Different Than Most MLM’s. I like the unique approach that the people behind rNetwork have chosen. Instead of selling expensive products, you are actually helping people save on money with various different promotions, discounts, and deals.

2. You Can Try It Out For Free. You can test drive the network, and see if it’s a good fit by taking advantage of the FANN membership. This will unlock phone bill deals, and meds.

What I Don’t Like About rNetwork?

1. It Can Be Classified as a Pyramid Scheme. If there is too much emphasis on recruiting people, and getting them to sign up and pay money without receiving anything in return can be classified as a red flag, then it runs the risk of the FTC to shut them down.

FYI the Federal Trade Commission has shut down more MLM pyramid schemes that you could imagine. This means that there is a higher risk of losing all your money due to the network shutting down.

2. Way Too Hyped. The videos inside their website, present rNetwork like this once in a lifetime opportunity to live the dream lifestyle.

The truth is that this is just a lot of exaggerations pilled up one after the other. This is a common marketing tactic to make the product seem way more appealing and useful than it actually is. I don’t approve of this method, but I’ve seen many websites do it.

3. Can You Really Save Money? If you’re paying $50 a month, is it worth it in the end? If your savings have increased after joining rNetwork, and you know that you’re saving way more than $50 each month then sure, this can be of value to you.

But if you’re not spending money all the time on different things, then you won’t be saving any money with such a monthly price tag, and that diminishes the whole point of rNetwork in the first place.

My Recommendation

If you’re interested in making money online with rNetwork then you should first realize that this is a brand new MLM which means that the risks of losing your money are greater because we don’t know yet if this is a sustainable business model or not. With that in mind, you should also know that the only way to earn with them is by becoming a paying member yourself. 

If you’re good at recruiting or don’t mind getting into the competitive field of MLM where MOST people end up not making any money, then why not. Go for it. 

If you’re looking for a more durable way of earning passive income online without the added risks, and pressure to recruit more and more people, then you should check out how these people are banking profits using a simple blueprint that so many neglect and lose out on money because of that.

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