Is Ariix a Scam

Is Ariix a scam that everyone should be avoiding? The short answer to that question is, no, Ariix and their products are not a scam.

Does that mean that it can help you live the lifestyle you want and be financially free? Not necessarily and this review will show you why.

Ariix is an MLM (multi level marketing) company, which means that in order to be successful with them, you will have to recruit other people and get them to join the network. If you’re not good at that, it can turn out to be a bit difficult to see any progress. 

If someone has tried to recruit you into joining Ariix, you should always remember that sometimes, these people can make this opportunity sound like it’s too good to miss out on.

It’s what they do, and some recruiters try very hard to be as convincing as possible. Often times this leads to people getting their hopes up, only to realize that the reality is a bit different than what they’ve been pitched.

Online success can come in many different forms, that’s why it’s important to do the research and find YOUR way before you invest time, money, and resources into a seemingly good product or service.

Ariix Review Summary

Product Name: Ariix

Product Type: MLM

Price: $335 – $2,000+

Product Creators: Fred Cooper, Mark Willson, Jeff Yates, Riley Timmer, Deanne Latson, Wenhan Harry Zhang, Ian Chandler

Recommended: Only For Those That Are Good at Recruiting and Don’t Mind Investing in a Pricey Joining Fee

Overall Score: 40/100

Summary: Ariix is a big company that has its roots spread out throughout the world. The opportunity they offer is to create your own business using their help, products, and becoming part of Ariix’s MLM network. Like most Multi Level Marketing companies, you will start out at the bottom of the chain.

You will then have to work your way in progressing further by recruiting more people and creating a team of your own. Alongside the recruitment opportunity, you will also be able to sell and market a variety of different products that Ariix has to offer.

Keep in mind that most of these products will be more expensive than the industry’s average for each type.

Ariix is recommended only if you’re good at selling, getting people to join your network, or you don’t mind learning these skills. Keep in mind that it can be difficult for beginners to progress in the MLM industry because the competition is fierce and everyone is going to try to outperform everyone. 

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What is Ariix About?

Ariix is all about providing people with an opportunity to run their own business selling different products and getting other people to join the network. Ariix is an MLM company that was founded back in 2011.

Since then it has grown into a company that does $200+ million in sales revenue. Based in 23 countries in the world, they have proven themselves over the years with having great quality products, which is part of the huge success that Ariix has seen over the years

Their product line consists of natural supplements and various health products. Most of the time, Ariix will outsource their product creations to other companies such as Nutrifili and Revive. Due to the nature of this business (MLM) they have to sell their products at a higher cost, which is why the product quality has to be of the highest quality possible.

With Ariix, you can be sure that the real money lies within recruiting other people to join. By doing that, you can earn a percentage of their recruiting efforts for yourself. In other words, the more people you get to join this network, the more money you could make.

Of course, you will have the opportunity to sell all the different health and nutritional supplement products, but you will be strongly pushed towards recruiting more people. That’s just the nature of all MLM’s.

Who Created Ariix?

The people behind Ariix were all former senior executives of another MLM company called USANA, which was based in the same city where Ariix was founded, Utah. Not only that, but USANA’s product line was incredibly similar to what Ariix has now.

The only significant difference that we can see is that Ariix uses outsourcing for their products. This way, recruiters and IBO’s (Independent Business Owners) will have a wide range of choices when it comes to choosing the right products to distribute and sell.

Combined together, they have more than 100+ years of wealthy experience in the field of MLM which made this an incredibly powerful team of people. It’s safe to say that these people know how to build and run a successful business.

Each one of Ariix’s founders undertakes a different role in the whole management process of the entire organization. What brought them together was the drive to help other people achieve their financial goals and live their dream lifestyle.

Is Ariix a Scam?

is ariix a scam

Many people consider that Ariix is a scam that no one should be dealing with. This is usually because of the shady nature of most MLM‘s out there, and the “aggressive” recruiters that exaggerate about a lot of stuff and overpromise.

It’s safe to say that Ariix is definitely NOT a scam, however, not everyone can benefit from this company. In fact, most people that invest in MLM end up losing money. It can be extremely difficult to become successful if you can’t recruit people or don’t have anyone that can show you how to do things right.

Even then it can take a lot of time to master everything, and as time goes on you will be pushed towards investing even more money into the network for various things such as buying your own products to make sure that you know what you’re selling to people.

Another good thing about Ariix is that it’s a large and stable company, which means that you won’t have to stress out about if and when this company is going to collapse and you will lose all your money. Ariix is actually one of the more SAFE and reliable MLM networks. You can see the same thing when it comes to an MLM company called Amway as well.

Many people label Ariix as a pyramid scheme that’s just waiting to collapse, whoever that’s definitely NOT the case with this particular MLM program. A pyramid scheme is when people recruit others by promising them monetary rewards in exchange for getting more people to join.

In other words, there is no actual product that is being sold or distributed. As I already mentioned, Ariix has a wide variety of products that you can sell and market to people, which is why this program is NOT a pyramid scheme. A good example of a cash gifting pyramid scheme is Abundance Network.

What Are People Saying About Ariix?

According to Glassdoor, there is a mixture of opinions when it comes to Ariix. Some people label this as a pyramid scheme, while others seem to be extremely satisfied with their business investments.

While doing my research, I managed to find a lot of reviews about Ariix, and everyone had their own personal opinion of this company. Some people think that this is one of the few LEGIT MLM‘s out there, while others label this as just another waste of time, money, and efforts. 

Can You Benefit From Ariix?

There is something important that you need to realize about Ariix. This is an MLM company and the way that you will be earning most of the money will be by getting others to become members and recruiting them.

In other words, you need to be comfortable with promoting and selling Ariix and it’s a business opportunity to others. Another thing worth mentioning is this. The BIG money goes to those at the top levels of the MLM structure, AKA the founders, and the first few members.

What this means for you is that if you truly want to make a significant amount of money with Ariix, you need to be prepared to climb up the ladder and progress towards the upper ranks of the membership levels.

The only true way that you can benefit from Ariix is if you’re willing to spend about $300/month to maintain your active membership and manage to recruit enough people so that, you can cover all your expenses. If you know that you can get more people to join your downline and get them to invite more people, then you will benefit from Ariix.

What’s Inside Ariix?

You can become an Ariix member by completing the enrollment form and creating an account. The membership levels include Member, Business, Elite, and Ultimate. Each membership costs a certain amount of PV (Personal Value) points that can be bought with real cash. To become a member, you will need at least 200 PV.

If you have joined via a representative, you are now part of their “downline” which means that hey will earn money every time you recruit someone new or make a sale. Once inside the membership area, you will be presented with the option to create and manage your own personal eCommerce store, where you can list all the products that Ariix has and sell them online.

You can also list these products on Amazon & eBay. Every month, you will be required to purchase 200PV worth of merchandise, meaning that if you don’t start making sales quickly, your expenses can stack up over time.

That’s the only way to maintain your active status within the platform. Right off the bat, when you become an active member of Ariix, you will have to attend mandatory training that’s free of charge.

Over there, you will be introduced to the Ariix opportunity and how to take advantage of it at it’s fullest. You will be explained how everything works, how to be a great recruiter and many more useful things that can help you on your journey. On top of that, you will get access to 9 different training modules that you can watch and learn from.

1. Connect To Company. This module will teach you how to complete all the necessary admin tasks that you will have to complete, and how to manage the backend of your website the right way.

2. Getting to Know Your Company. This module will introduce you to everything that you should know about Ariix including more info about the founders.

3. Getting To Know Your Products. You will be introduced to the vast majority of products that you can promote buy and sell.

4. Knowing Your Visions. This module is all about goal setting and how to write down your goals and the things that you have to do in order to get there.

5. Knowing Your Industry. Due to the fact that most Ariix products are considered as health products, you will get to know everything about the health industry within this module.

6. Know How To invite. This module will teach you all about how to approach people when you want to recruit them into becoming part of Ariix.

7. 10 Communication Skills To Master. This module will show you 10 different communication skills that you should master in order to get more people to join. These are communication tactics that you have to implement for maximum conversion rates.

8. Generating Leads. You will learn all about finding leads and getting them interested in your offer.

9. Campaign. This module will show you how to properly run a campaign to attract more leads and getting them to convert.

Ariix Price, Extra Costs & Refunds

In order to join Ariix and becoming an active member, you need to buy a product package. It can be any product package that you decide to buy, the product line of Ariix is wide, so you will have a big variety of choices. Packages come at about $335 and you will have to buy one every month in order to maintain your active status.

With your first package, you will have to get the Business Orientation System or BOS, and it costs an additional $34.95. Below are all the levels within Ariix, their price, and all the benefits that you can get along with each one:

1. Member. This is the basic membership that opens all the doors for you and it costs 200 PV ($335). You can choose from different packages for that cost, and you will be presented with a 15% discount offer if you decide to put all your future package payments on a “cycle” which is once every month.

2. Business. You can become a Business member for the price of $748 which translates into 500 PV within Ariix. 

price tag is ariix a scam

There’s a bunch of different packages that you can choose from that have a value of at least 500 PV, and they all come with different bonuses such as flex time ordering, early product access, and more.

3. Elite. The Elite membership costs $1430 or 1000 PV. You can buy different packages that are within that frame, and depending on the package you decide to get, you will receive numerous different items. With this membership, you can earn money from all the members you invite that have below Elite membership. 

4. Ultimate. This is the most commonly promoted and pushed product because it’s the most expensive one and brings the most amount of features. Every package that has the Ultimate status costs about $2080+ or 1500PV and included inside, you will see the following bonuses:

– Ultimate Business Enchanhsments.

– Up to 80 unique different physical products in one package.

– The chance to build a portfolio of products inside your Ultimate membership area.

Regarding product and package refunds, you can always ask for one and they will give it to you as long as it’s within the 30 day money back guarantee time frame.

What I Like About Ariix

is ariix a scam pros and cons

1. The Training is Good. Most MLM’s don’t provide good quality training resources. With Ariix that is not the case, because they introduce BOS (Business Orientation System) to each member. Over there, you will learn all about becoming a great recruiter from scratch. Overall, there are 9 different training modules that you can watch and learn from.

2. Ther is an Abundance of Products. You have a huge choice of products when it comes to Ariix, which means that you can expand your reach and target different types of people. This can significantly increase your sales, just because more people can get interested in Ariix and their range of products.

3. The Products Are High Quality. The product quality with Ariix is really high which is why people can be more easily convinced into spending more money on different health products. 

What I Don’t Like About Ariix

1. It Can Be Expensive. Let’s start with the obvious one by pointing out that you will have to put a bunch of money upfront and hope for the best. It’s no guarantee that you will ever get your money, so you are essentially at risk of losing. It can be quite expensive to stay active inside Ariix as you will have to purchase a package each month that’s worth $335. 

2. Some Recruiters Exaggerate A Lot. This can lead to people spending money on something that they don’t want. You see, a lot of people have complained over the years that they have been presented with an MLM offer that’s basically too good to be true.

The sale’s pitch makes this opportunity look like the best thing that could happen to you. That’s exactly how a lot of people end up wasting away a bunch of money and learning a valuable lesson. If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

3. Saturated Market.
The health and wellness industry is an extremely saturated market, and you will be selling more expensive products compared to the industry’s average, which will make your job that much more difficult. It can be hard to stand out amongst all that competition that’s out there.

My Recommendation

Statistics show that most people who get involved with MLM programs, lose their money. This is a very specific business model that can work well for certain people ONLY. If you’re not good at marketing and don’t know how to recruit people, even with the good training that Ariix has on the topic, it can be really difficult to see any progress.

My recommendation is to approach this business model only if you’re skilled at these things. If not, then you should look for an alternative.

Luckily, we live in a digital age where there is an abundance of opportunities to make money online, you just have to find the right one. Check out how these people are banking profits using a simple yet incredibly effective blueprint that so many neglect and lose out because of that.

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