Is Perpetual Income 365 a Scam

Welcome to my Perpetual Income 365 review. According to the sales page, you can leverage this “done for you” affiliate program, and start banking daily commissions.

Is this a scam program, or something that can truly help you achieve financial freedom? Apparently, you can tap into the lucrative wealth growing algorithm that has brought big piles of cash to a small group of people, by taking advantage of this program. 

Here’s what you need to know. Perpetual Income 365 is an affiliate marketing training, that teaches you how to promote products, and services that you do not own, directly to people’s emails. In other words, this training is focused more on the email marketing side of things.

Despite all the crazy talk about cracking Netflix and all the other fast, and easy money claims, I do believe that this program is not all bad, and it can help certain kinds of people.

By the time you go through this review, you will know for sure if this is the right program for you or not.

Perpetual Income 365 Review Summary

Product Name: Perpetual Income 365

Product Type: Affiliate Marketing Program

Product Creator: Shawn Josiah

Product Price: $47/ Month + Upsells

Recommended: Yes & No!

Overall Score: 50/100

Summary: Perpetual Income 365 is an all in one affiliate marketing training plus you have some of the hard work done for you, like landing pages, squeeze pages, email copy, etc. This can be a time-saver, especially if you’ve never dealt with building landing pages before.

With that in mind, you should realize that you won’t start banking commissions from day one with this program. If you’re new to affiliate marketing and making money online in general, then it could be some time, before you start seeing profits.

The training inside is focused more on paid ads, so you would have to be prepared to invest in that as well. There’s a few upsells along the way, which will be discussed in more detail further along in this review, however, they are not mandatory. 

What is Perpetual Income 365?

Perpetual Income 365 is an affiliate marketing training program that teaches you how to leverage email marketing to promote this product and earn a percentage of the purchase price when people buy this program through your email marketing efforts.

Apart from the training, you will get a bunch of premade landing pages, squeeze pages, and email swipes. This program is similar to other “done for you” products out there such as CB Profit Sites, and Commission Magnets. The downside to this is that you will be using the same landing pages like many other people who don’t want to create their own inside Perpetual Income 365.

This means that there is a risk of spamming your email subscribers with landing pages, and offers they’ve seen before. Especially when you consider the fact that you will be encouraged to promote the same product that everyone else inside this program is promoting.

All of the hyped-up claims that they’ve cracked this groundbreaking, wealth building algorithm, is just loud noises to get your attention. This is a form of marketing that works very well with beginners, and those that have no experience dealing with similar digital products before.

In other words, it can be really easy to fall into the “shiny object syndrome” and start buying one exaggerated product or service after the next, without really progressing at all. 

Is Perpetual Income 365 a Scam?

perpetual income 365 review legit or not

Perpetual Income is not a scam, and you can save some of the time that it takes in building landing pages, because you will have “done for you” pages, which you can use to capture leads and promote your affiliate products.

With that in mind, you should realize that the sales video is a bit hyped up, meaning that it can leave people with the wrong impression of this program.

This can lead to disappointment, because people will realize that they will still have to put in the work (and money) in order to succeed online, instead of just pressing a single button, and start making these commissions. 

There is a strong emphasis on how beginner-friendly Perpetual Income is, and how anyone that’s starting out can benefit from this program. That’s because beginners are more likely to get lured into the shiny promises and buy into the bold claims that come out of this product’s sales page.

Who Created Perpetual Income 365?

Shawn Josiah is behind Perpetual Income 365. He is an experienced affiliate marketer, digital product creator, and ClickBank Platinum member. The idea behind this product was conceived when Josiah decided to help other people unleash their true potential, and remove the shackles of modern slavery AKA having a job, by simplifying the process that it takes to make money online.

What’s Inside Perpetual Income 365?

perpetual income 365 review inside

Inside Perpetual Income 365 you will be asked to create your free account on ClickBank (if you don’t have one already) and incorporate your affiliate ID inside the program. Then, you will have to set up GetResponse, which is the default autoresponder embedded inside the system.

When you’ve done all of that, you’re set. Inside Perpetual Income 365 you will get 2 instant, done for you landing pages, email followup sequence for up to 31 days, and a manual for running solo ads. Let’s breakdown everything that you will get inside the program.

Squeeze Page

You will get a pre-build squeeze page that’s designed to capture its visitor’s emails for you. There are two options when someone comes to your squeeze page.

They would have to either give their email, and take the lead magnet, which should be some kind of unique bonus that can be found only here, or they can leave the page. It’s laser-focused, with one intent in mind, to capture these leads.

There are no ad banners on the side or any additional buttons that you can click to go somewhere else. It can be time-consuming to build a great, high converting landing page, that’s why you will get one that’s already built for you inside Perpetual Income 365.

Free Email Swipes

These are 30+ pre-made email swipes, that you can use for your email campaign. There’s no need to think of what kind of promotional letters to send out your email list because you can use the ones provided inside the program.

Solo Ads Traffic

This is a training series on solo ads traffic. You will learn how to use other people’s email lists to promote your own affiliate offers (for a price). This can be a much cheaper alternative to spending money on ads on platforms like Facebook, and this training will show you how to take advantage of solo ads traffic to make commissions. 

Bonus Products

Once you become a member of Perpetual Income 365, you will get the following bonus eBooks, that will help you in your online journey.

Tiny Subscriptions Big Profits. This eBook is focused on building up subscription memberships and charging members a small fee. If done right, this can be a really good source of income.

Income Commander. These are tips, and tricks that help you in earning income online.

Recurring Revenue Master Plan. This eBook is focused on teaching you more about creating a master plan for your recurring revenue subscription strategies.

You can get support by contacting the support team inside Perpetual Income 365 or by becoming part of their private Facebook group, where you can contact the right people faster. 

Perpetual Income 365 Price, Upsells & Refunds

Perpetual Income 365 comes with a price tag of $47/Month. Apart from that, you will have to invest in GetResponse about $12/Month otherwise you won’t be able to run your email campaigns.

The first month of GetResponse is free, so you won’t be charged until the second month of your subscription. There’s a bunch of upsells that come along with this program. Let’s do a breakdown of each one, and see what they can do for you.

Upsell #1 Perpetual Asset Multiplier ($127)

With this one, you can unlock all 7 landing page designs, instead of only 2. That’s good because it can give you more options to choose from, which will decrease the chances of having the exact same landing page as someone else inside the program.

Upsell #2 – 5 Click Profits ($197)

Here, you will unlock 5 plugins that can further enhance your landing page, and make it more hypnotizing, to ensure more leads, and sales. These plugins cover the following features:

Visitor Tracking

Button Tracking Automation

Display Visitors Country & Flag 

Date Display Bar

Social Bars

Limited Spots Available Warnings

Upsell #3 – Email ATM

This one can allow you to fully integrate GetResponse with Perpetual Income 365 so that you can control all of your email marketing campaigns from within the program’s dashboard.

There’s an integrated tool inside that can cloak your affiliate links so that your emails don’t go into your subscriber’s spam box, but it doesn’t work a100% of the time.

There’s a 60-day money-back guarantee that anyone can take advantage of if they decided to refund this program. You would have to fill in a form with a detailed description of why you want to get your money back.

What I Like About Perpetual Income 365

perpetual income 365 review pros vs cons

1. You Can Save Some Time. If you don’t know how to build your own landing pages, then you can make use of these done for your pages, specifically designed for sales and conversions. This means that you can easily start promoting your affiliate links out there, without wasting any time on anything else.

2. Money-Back Guarantee
. This can remove the initial fear of losing your money because this program is offered on the ClickBank marketplace. This means that it automatically comes with a refund guarantee, and even in the rare case scenario of the product vendor not wanting to approve your refund requests without good reason, ClickBank will cover your refund on their behalf.

3. Email Marketing is Legit
. The methods taught inside Perpetual Income 365 are all about email marketing which is a really good way to make money online. With this alone, many people have managed to create huge email lists, and make this a full-time income thing.

What I Don’t Like About Perpetual Income 365

1. Hyped Up Sales Page. There’s no algorithm hack that you’re going to steal and use for your benefits. That’s just hype that’s focused towards beginners, and those that don’t have any real experience in dealing with similar digital products online. These marketing tricks, and attempts of creating an irresistible offer, have turned the sales page into a big hoax.

2. Done For You Services Are Not Reliable
. In general, most automated landing pages, and sales funnels converters are being used by many people at the same time. This means that you can easily send an affiliate link with the SAME offer, and the same type of landing page design. This can lead to multiple spam issues because no one want’s to see the same ad, email, or promotional letter over, and over again.

3. Upsells
. I’m not a big fan of upsells, because they are simply additional charges that you never expect, but are somewhat fulfilling in many ways, making it very hard to not buy into them.

My Recommendation

My recommendation is that you approach Perpetual Income 365 with the mindset that you will have to spend way more than $47/Month to become profitable with this program.

That’s because you will be focusing on running solo ads, which means that you will be constantly paying for your traffic.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but even with the amount of training on the topic that’s inside Perpetual Income 365, beginners can still struggle when they start out, which means that it takes some time to become profitable.

Another thing that you should realize is the potential spam issues that can occur when you’re using the same promotional methods as everyone else inside this program, and you’re using similar landing pages.

Heck, you’re even encouraged from the get-go to promote Perpetual Income 365, which means that people can easily come across the same promotional stuff multiple times, and report them as spam. That can lead to a lot of issues and unnecessary problems that you have to deal with.

In my opinion, there are better, more suitable ways for beginners to start their online affiliate marketing business, and that’s by leveraging free traffic from search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and using that business model to earn passive income online. 

If that sounds interesting then you should check out how these people are banking profits using a simple, yet incredibly effective blueprint that so many neglect, and lose out on that opportunity forever.

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