CB Profit Sites Review [Don’t Buy Before You See This]

Can you really get your very own DONE FOR YOU affiliate site that is profit ready with only a single click of a button even if you’re a complete newbie? According to Glynn Kosky, the creator of this program you can.

This CB Profit Sites review is going to reveal everything you need to know including some hidden extra costs that you don’t find out about untill after you make the initial purchase.

Before we continue, I would like to point out that unlike many of the reviews that I stumbled upon while doing my product research, this one is not trying to convince you how great the program is for the sake of making a commission. On the contrary, it’s completely unbiased and transparent and will outline both the good and bad side of it for the sole purpose of making sure that YOU can make an educated decision on whether or not this service is for you.

Disclaimer:  I’m not affiliated with CB Profit Sites in any way. This product review has been researched with testimonials and/or information that is available in the public domain. Any recommendations and conclusions are opinion based and may not apply to or agree with all persons and situations. 

With that out of the way, let’s find out what CB Profit Sites is really all about.

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CB Profit Sites Review Summary

Product Name: CB Passive Sites

Created By: Glynn Kosky

Product Type: Automaton Software

Price: $21.97 + Upsells

Recommended: Not unless you’re willing to buy into the upsells

Overall Score: 45/100

Summary: CB Profit Sites is an exaggerated software that promises to start generating you a lot of money on complete autopilot with just a few simple clicks. In reality, things are way different. The front end price is there just to warm you up for all the upsells that you will meet along the way and most of them are essential if you want to have any chance of success with this program.

What is CB Profit Sites About?

This bit here will show you exactly what is CB Profit Sites all about. The program is focused on auto-generating a 100% profit ready affiliate website that’s full with reviews of high selling ClickBank products. That’s what the CB stands for in the product’s name.

According to its sales page, by following 3 simple steps you can start earning commissions easily and effortlessly. It’s all set up for you, so you don’t have to or in other words, is a DFY (Done For You) system.

You will be granted with high authority, easily customizable website with a number of product niches to choose from. Basically, it’s an app that removes all the hard work of Affiliate Marketing, making it incredibly easy to start earning revenue and it’s entirely beginner-friendly.

I don’t know about you, but to me, it all sounds a little too good to be true. Unfortunately, I’ve seen exaggerated claims such as this one on many other products and most if not all of them did not live up to the hype. I have to hand it to Glynn Kosky though, he does know how to market his product.

In his 10 minute video, he points out all the struggles and problems that an affiliate marketer can come across and says that by using his product they can all disappear. This is a marketing tactic that many people tend to use.

It’s simple, point out a problem that people have in a certain industry, focus a bit more on that issue and then provide an all-time solution for it which is exactly what Glynn Kosky does in his video presentation. Usually, seasoned Affiliate Marketers will catch on to those exaggerations while the inexperienced and those that are just getting started in this industry will not.

Clearly, this product’s main target audience are “newbies” with no experience. Does that mean that CB Profit Sites has no value and is out to get your money without giving you anything useful in return? 

Is CB Profit Sites a Scam?

cb profit sites review
Even with all the hyped-up claims that you can automate absolutely everything and start making money almost instantly with no effort as an Affiliate Marketer with this system, I think that CB Profit Sites is NOT a scam and here’s why.

First off, you will definitely get something out of buying this program such as a list of high selling products on ClickBank and a bunch of other stuff that can be useful to you which I will talk more about later on. Second, CB Profit Sites is made by a REAL person that has a reputation to maintain.

If Glynn Kosky is labeled as an online SCAMMER and a fraud, this will stick to him like glue and it can become extremely difficult to get out of that sticky situation
. By putting his name and personal brand on this product, this gives it credibility and insurance that you will no just get scammed out of your money. Let’s find out more about Glynn Kosky and his personal story.

Who is Glynn Kosky?

Glynn Kosky is a platinum vendor at ClickBank and a super affiliate inside WarriorPlus. His online journey started way back in 1999 when he got his first computer. The first money that he saw online was when he decided to take advantage of the uprising of eCommerce by selling computer games and software through his very own website.

More than a decade later and after creating a few successful online businesses he decided to go full time online in 2013. Just like many other digital marketers, Glynn discovered the power of creating info products and services that can help people make money online and haven’t looked back since. 

What's Inside CB Profit Sites

CB Profit Site is cloud-based software, so you won’t be downloading anything. Inside you will get access to a bunch of things and they are:

1. Done For You Website With 15 Professional Reviews

2. Free Hosting and No Domain Costs

3. Article Spinner That Produces SEO Content On Autopilot

4. Pre Selected Evergreen Products That Never Get Old or Outdated

5. Automatically Imputed Ads on Your Site for Extra Ad Income

6. One-Click Social Sharing Plugins

7. High-Quality Banners, Call To Actions and Graphics For Increasing Conversions

8. Added Bonuses That You Can Manually Adjust for Your Preference

You also get some additional bonuses such as:

1. Access to a Private Facebook Group

2. CB Profit Sites Checklist That Shows You How To Customize Your Site and Get It Up and Running Fast

3. Live Access to a Workshop Where Glynn Talks About Different Strategies to Use for Success With This Software

4. eBook on Free Traffic Generation Methods

CB Profit Sites Price and Upsells

At the time of this review, CB Profit Sites is with a price tag of $21.97 and has a few upsells along with that and they are as follows:

Upsell 1 – Unlimited Upgrade. For $47 you will get the opportunity to create an unlimited amount of review websites using CB Profit Sites. Alongside that, there are additional website themes that you can choose from. Without that upgrade, you will not get tech support in case anything goes wrong with the automation of your sites.

Upsell 2 – Done For You. For $67 you will have access to a library of done for you websites and conversion focused themes and additional menu and theme adjustment options. Also, with that upsell you can unlock the options of creating your own reviews and a few more essential features for your success such as one-click autoresponder integration. Without that, the income potential is reduced significantly.

Upsell 3 – Traffic Automation. This upsell comes with a price of $67 and includes training on how to generate traffic to your website.

Upsell 4 – Conversion Boosting Tools. At an additional $47 payment you can unlock the option to integrate Facebook pixel onto your website. This will give you the chance to retarget each and every visitor to your site with paid ads. Another feature that you will be able to unlock is adding Facebook comments onto your website as social proof.

Upsell 5 – Bonus Page Builder. For $47 you can get access to a drag and drop page builder which can allow you to manually create your own product review pages. 

Upsell 6 – Licence Rights. For $97 you will get rights to resell the Give-Away Profit Software and everything else that’s included. In other words, if you pay up, you can get the right to sell and distribute this program and get to keep 75% of the profits.

Can You Get a Refund on CB Profit Sites?

CB Profit Sites comes with a 100% money back guarantee but ONLY for the front end price of $21.97. If you buy any of the upsells and end up changing your mind, don’t expect to get your money back.

What I Like About CB Profit Sites

cb profit sites review pros and cons
A few things come to mind when it comes to the things that are good about this program and they are:


1. There are no hosting charges and you get a free domain. That’s always something good in my book. Also, the done for you website can save up a couple of hours of your time to manually create and build one.


2. You can get access to a list of all the top-selling ClickBank products. This is something that you can obtain by yourself manually if you know what to look for, but the fact that they provide that for you is convenience.


3. I like the fact that your website comes with a preapproved Ads license. This can serve as an extra form of income.

What I Don't Like About CB Profit Sites

The things that are wrong with CB Profit Sites far outnumber all the good ones and here is why.

1. Too hyped up. The sales page leaves you with the impression that all you need to do is buy their software and you will “steal” their website which is generating them $1K a month. If you are inexperienced in the make money online industry, you can easily fall for that and be left thinking that you can make easy money with no effort at all on complete autopilot and that’s just not the case. 

2. The front end price is there to sweeten you up for all the upsells. Without them, there is basically no sense in purchasing this software.

Nowadays, it’s really easy to build your own free website and it can take you anywhere from a few minutes up to a couple of hours to set up everything and build it out the way you would like it to look. Furthermore, your access to a lot of opportunities for monetization is limited.

3. There’s a ton of restrictions. With the front end price, you get a lot of restrictions on your DFY website. If you want to reap the benefits of this program to its fullest and make it worthwhile for your investment, you need to buy most of the upsells which significantly increases the money that you need to spend in order to make this thing work for you.

For example, you can’t integrate an autoresponder, which is an essential part of your email marketing campaign and unless you buy the upsell that allows you to do that, you will be WAY better off creating everything manually.

Another one of the restrictions is the fact that you can’t add your own reviews, which is absurd because article spinners usually produce low-quality content that can sometimes even be classified as duplicate by other people who generate product reviews using the same article spinner software as you. This, in turn, ruins all your SEO and free traffic opportunities.

My Recommendation

My recommendation, especially for newbies in this industry is to not fall for the “shiny object syndrome” and automated software tools that promise you financial freedom with little to no effort. Starting with affiliate marketing is easy, but it DOES take a lot of upfront work in order to become successful.

Absolutely no automation software or anything else for that matter can change that. If you’re ready to do what it takes to make a full-time income online, then I invite you to check out how these people are banking profits using a simple, yet incredibly effective 4 step blueprint that so many people neglect and it’s costing them money because of that.

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