Iman Gadzhi Educate Review

Welcome to my review. Iman Gadzhi’s newest platform, Educate io, can teach you to be a successful agency owner.

It includes 3 MAIN specializations that everyone in the industry should know and master.

Copywriting, selling, and the fundamentals of a marketing agency.

Each one of these skills is taught by a different mentor inside Educate. The first program is led by Paul, the CEO.

He will go over remote selling, who it is for, and what to expect. The second program is all about copywriting, even if you’re not good at writing.

You will learn from Luis, the CMO of Educate.

The third program is led by Iman Gadzhi. He goes over his Agency Navigator program and breaks down the entire agency model.

When you’re done with this review, you will know exactly what you’re getting into, what other members are saying about the platform, how much it costs, and my own personal intake about the program (from a full-time internet marketer).

What is Iman Gadzhi’s Educate io Platform?

Educate is Iman Gadzhi’s platform, where he teaches agency owners, copywriters, and potential remote closers about the newest ways of running a business in the industry.

The program comes with 15+ weekly coaching calls for every member. There are a dozen mentors inside.

Each one covers an area of expertise they excel in. Expect to learn about copywriting, media buying, sales, outreach, client acquisition, scaling your business, accountability, mindset, and more.

You will also get a dedicated coach that will be available for a one-on-one session. They will customize a plan based on your specific needs and wants. Expect to get follow-ups from them on a regular basis.

Networking is essential in almost any aspect of life, including here. That’s why you get instant access to a community of entrepreneurs and business owners.

All members of the same platform or Iman’s other courses.

Six-Figure Sales Rep

Paul Doley

This is the first program inside Educate. It consists of five modules. Module one is all about meeting your instructor. Paul Daley.

The second module talks about selling ethically without deceit and manipulation. The third module is all about figuring out if this model is for you or not. Not everyone can be a seller.

Some people are drawn to it. Others, not so much. Go over a series of questions to find out if you can be a great sales agent or not.

Module four covers the pros and cons of making money by selling. No passive income potential, for example, can be considered a con in this business.

The fifth and last module of this program is all about understanding the standard of quality you need to keep. It’s crucial for your success to adhere to that standard.

Pen to Profit


Pen to Profit is Luis’ course on copywriting. He will show you how to write your way to $10K+ in profit.

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You will access 6 consecutive modules. The first one talks about why this is the best business model.

The second module goes over how to make good money with writing, even if you suck at writing.

The third one is all about debunking myths about how you need to be creative to make it work.

You don’t have to be. The fourth one covers the process of creating high-converting copy from scratch.

The fifth module is about following proven structures and templates that successful copywriters have mastered. No need to reinvent the wheel.

The last module will show you the game plan to $10K/month with actionable steps you can take every single day.

Agency Navigator

Iman Gadzhi

This is one of Iman Gadzhi’s courses. He used to sell this for thousands of dollars. Now you can get it as a bundle if you join Educate.

The first module is about the program principles. The second one breaks down the new agency model that’s suitable for 2024 and beyond.

The third module covers niche discovery and how to choose your own segment of the market. The fourth module is about service selection.

After picking a niche, it’s time to choose a service you will perform in that niche. Find what problems people in your niche face and help them solve them.

In module five, Iman talks about the Code of Honor and how to use your newly found skills to actually help people.

In the sixth module, he will show you all the software tools and additional extensions that you will need for your business to run smoothly.

The last module is all about adding the finishing touches to launch your brand-new agency.

From covering the legal aspects of setting up a company and picking an agency name to creating your website and Facebook Business manager.

Is Iman Gadzhi’s Educate Course a Scam?

Iman Gadzhi Educate review legit or not

Iman Gadzhi’s course is not a scam. It’s a legit training program that covers REAL business models and ways to make money online.

It’s very expensive, which can lead to a lot of disappointment and frustration from people if they don’t succeed. In reality, most businesses end up failing.

That’s why you should spend your hard-earned money ONLY if you’re willing to risk losing them.

Alternative: The Cost-Effective System I’m Using to Earn Passive Income Online

What Do People Say About Iman Gadzhi’s Educate Course?

Iman Gadzhi is a very well-known internet personality. He has accumulated millions of dollars over the course of a few years and has amassed a HUGE following.

While he does have a significant impact, not all of it is positive. According to some users on Reddit, he is a scammer with no moral compass.

Apparently, his agency was some sort of front

Negative Comment on Reddit

Some people even say that his backstory is not legit. That user claims that Iman Gadzhi contradicts himself regarding his childhood and more.

Iman Gadzhi comment on Reddit

On the other hand, there are many positive reviews and user comments about Iman and his programs.

Are they fabricated? Who knows?

One thing is certain. Iman Gadzhi is a remarkable figure in the online world. He has multiple businesses and has made millions already.

How Much Does Educate io Cost?

Access to Educate io costs $1,497.00/year. You can schedule a call with one of the representatives of the program if you have any additional questions, discuss payment plans, etc.

Can You Get a Refund?

Yes. There’s a 7-day money-back guarantee. You have 7 days to ask for a refund, and you will get one as per the terms of service.

What I Like About Iman Gadzhi’s Educate

Iman Gadzhi Educate review pros vs cons

1. High-Quality Content. Compared to other courses similar to this one, Educate comes with top-notch quality content.

2. One On One Coaching Calls. You get a mentor who will follow up with you constantly. This can be very beneficial for your success.

3. Live & Recorded Content. You can participate in many of the weekly live coaching calls and watch all the recordings at your convenience.

What I Don’t Like About Iman Gadzhi’s Educate

1. It’s Expensive. You can spend thousands of dollars on this course and all the additional tools you will need and still end up with less money at the end. Success is not guaranteed, and you can easily end up failing. Remember that.

2. Iman Gets a Lot of Hate. There are entire Threads online about Iman and how he is a scammer. This is a lot of negative press.

3. Not The Best Alternative For Beginners. I think that this is NOT the best way to start a profitable online business.

It’s too risky and expensive. On the next page, I will show you the simple, cost-effective blueprint I’m using to bank up to $1K per SINGLE sale using other people’s products and services.

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