Facebook Ad Blaster Review

Welcome to my Facebook Ad Blaster Review. Can you really get 5,000 unique clicks for only $25?

Yes, you can but there is a huge downside to this dirt cheap traffic source which is that the traffic you will be getting is incredibly low in terms of quality. Does that mean that Facebook Ad Blaster is useless, and you will just end up wasting your money? Probably yes, and here is why.

Even if you do end up getting 5K clicks overnight, if the traffic is not well-targeted, it will do nothing for you, and you will have a pretty low chance of generating sales.

The only way for you to truly make any profit with Facebook Ad Blaster if you earn revenue by pageviews only when the overall income is higher than what you’ve spent to get that traffic.

Keep in mind that even if you have a similar structure in place, you are still way better off when you get traffic from people who are actually interested in your website, and it’s content.

This approach can lead to natural traffic coming your way when people who have gained some value from your website show it to others who might benefit from it as well.

The sales page says that they guarantee sales with this method, but that’s just not true, and I will prove that to you in this review today.

Facebook is one of the most expensive ways to generate paid traffic because you can accumulate a lot of laser targeted traffic waves filled with people who are interested in what you have to offer.

If you’re trying to generate sales, then you will be way better off with 100 clicks from targeted traffic than 5K from people with zero interest in what you have to offer.

Facebook Ad Blaster Review Summary

Product Type: Traffic Generation Platform

Product Creator: Unkown

Price: $25

Recommended: No!

Overall Score: 4/100

Summary: Facebook Ad blaster is a traffic generation software that promises to get you 5K clicks from Facebook with guaranteed sales.

They even have a refund policy in place that backs up that claim however, there is one BIG catch to the policy which is that they will only consider giving back your money if they fail to deliver on their promise, which is to get you 5K clicks to your website.

If you end up not making any sales, they will get you, even more, clicks but that’s about it. Those are some shady tactics, and people could easily be misled by similar claims.

On top of that, huge traffic spikes can harm your website’s overall performance and slow your website. This can lead to numerous issues with user experience and can harm your Google rankings too (if you have any).

Facebook Ad blaster is nothing more than a low-quality traffic generation tool, and you will be way better off spending $25 on something else. The good thing is that there are lots of opportunities out there, and you’re definitely not limited to one or two options.

There are lots of traffic generation platforms, and only a small number of them can provide you with high quality targeted traffic at a considerably low price. That traffic won’t be coming from Facebook either.

What is Facebook Ad Blaster?

In order to have a clear answer to the question of what is Facebook Ad Blaster, you must realize that this is not some kind of revolutionary gold mine that’s going to make you wealthy overnight.

There’s a good reason for that traffic to be that cheap, and that’s because it won’t be targeted towards what you have to offer, which means that if you’re trying to generate sales, you won’t be able to do that by paying for Facebook Ad Blaster. According to their sales page, your link will be seen by 50+ million subscribers that are ready to buy your offer.

If that was really the case, and everyone that has used this platform, came out of it successfully, then a lot more people would be using it. Facebook Ad Blaster doesn’t have much info on their sales page about anything else except their hyped-up claims that you will generate sales from today if you buy their traffic.

This cannot be further from the truth, and many people that have tried, and tested their traffic sources have the same thing to say about Facebook Ad Blaster. Take a look at the video below.

Their traffic is irrelevant, and will just flood your website with people who have no idea how they got there in the first place, and guess what’s the first thing that they will do. That’s right, they will click away from your website, and it’s offers because they will not be interested in them.

Is Facebook Ad Blaster a Scam?

Facebook Ad Blaster Review scam

Facebook Ad Blaster is not a scam. They will not take your money and run away, but you will most likely not get the results that you were expecting either. That’s why I would have to say that this platform is too exaggerated, and many people have ended up being disappointed with the quality of traffic that they got.

You will be getting most of the traffic from adult websites, that have clicked on a popup. What this means is that many times the users will have clicked the pop up by mistake and they will leave your website before even giving it a chance to load. This will still count as a click, so be mindful of that too.

If you think that you will be making sales by the hour with Facebook Ad Blaster, then you should think again. You will end up generating up to a few sales in the rare event that you are extremely lucky, and some of the people who land on your website are interested in what you have to offer. This can happen by pure chance only.

In general, the traffic that you will receive from Facebook Ad Blaster is of incredibly low quality, so you shouldn’t expect any positive results with it.

Who Created Facebook Ad Blaster?

If you take a look at their sales page, there is absolutely no information about the product’s owner. There’s no about me page, and no one is standing proudly behind this program. I wonder why is that?

Isn’t it a bit unusual to come across an online product without knowing where it comes from, who made it, etc? Often this means that the product is a scam or of low quality. No one would want to put their name on a bad digital product because these things tend to stick like glue.

If a product is good, and it actually does help people, then there would be people who are backing it up. The creators will make sure to be known so that the buyer can have a sense of credibility, and they will have someone to hold accountable if there are any misleadings or issues with the product/service.

What’s Inside Facebook Ad Blaster?

Inside Facebook Ad Blaster you will get a single form that you should fill out. Over there you will leave a link to your website where you want the traffic to be directed to. You will have to leave your username and email/receipt number too.

facebook ad blaster review inside

That’s it. There is nothing else that you have to do to get your traffic going. They will send out emails to 50+ millions of Facebook users, with your link on them.

Each Facebook Blast will generate you 5K clicks, and you have a sales guarantee from Facebook Ad Blaster, which is not reliable at all. The only reason for that statement to be placed there is so that more people can buy into the program and pay for the traffic. 

Facebook Ad Blaster Price & Refund

Facebook Ad Blaster costs $25 per launch. This means that for every 5K clicks you will have to pay $25. There’s a refund in place, and it states that if you don’t meet their guarantee, you will be refunded. The refund guarantee states that you are eligible for a refund ONLY if they fail to deliver the number of clicks that have been promised in the first place.

In the likely event that you don’t make any sales, they will do another Facebook Ad Blast free of charge. If you don’t make any sales the second time there is nothing else to expect from them.

The truth is that this money-back guarantee is in place just so that people can think that they have the option of getting their money back if it doesn’t work when the reality is that once you pay them, you won’t be seeing your money back… ever.

Can You Benefit From Facebook Ad Blaster?

The only people who can benefit from Facebook Ad Blaster are the ones who made it. The unknown owners of this platform are profiting from each and everyone who pays for this kind of low-quality traffic.

These kinds of cookie-cutter websites don’t offer any real value to anyone using them. There are dozens of similar platforms out there, and they all promise you the exact same thing and deliver the same low-quality traffic.

What I Like About Facebook Ad Blaster

Facebook Ad Blaster Review Pros and Cons

There’s nothing good about this platform, and I wouldn’t recommend this or any other similar websites to anyone. It’s a pure waste of money and can do you more harm than good.

What I Don’t Like About Facebook Ad Blaster

There’s a lot of things that are wrong this platform, and I believe that people should know what they’re getting themselves into beforehand. Here is everything that can go wrong when you use this platform.

1. You Won’t Be Getting Any Sales. Forget about the guarantee that you will land sales because you won’t. It doesn’t really matter the quantity of traffic that you will be getting.

Nowadays if you want to be successful with any kind of online business, you need to have a loyal following that’s filled with people who are interested in what you’re website is all about. I don’t see that happening with Facebook Ad Blaster any time soon.

2. Unrealistic Claims. The sales page is doing whatever it takes to get you to become a paying customer. They lure you in with fake claims, and in some instances, they straight up lie about things. That’s not only unethical, but it’s plain wrong in my book. 

3. Low-Quality Traffic. You won’t be able to achieve much even when thousands of people come to your website unless they are interested, and become engaged with what you have to offer as a product or service. This is definitely something worth considering before you invest money into Facebook Ad Blaster.

4. Misleading Money Back Guarantee. The refund guarantee policy applies only if you don’t get 5K clicks for each Facebook Ad Blaster package that you get. They have tools and programs that track these things just so that they can prove that they have delivered on their traffic promise. 

My Recommendation

My recommendation is that you do not get involved with Facebook Ad Blaster because you will most likely get disappointed with the results that you get.

Not to mention that if you decide to take upon their guarantee, and ask for a refund, you will go through a long process and the end result will always be with you not getting your money back.

There are other more reliable ways to generate traffic to your offers. One of them is by doing SEO, and ranking content on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

Not only is this kind of traffic free, but it’s laser-targeted because only people who are interested in your offers are going to find them.

If that sounds interesting then you should check out how these people are banking profits using a simple yet incredibly effective blueprint that so many neglect and lose out because of that.

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