Ecommerce Empire Builders Review

Welcome to my Ecommerce Empire Builders review. Can you really start and run a profitable eCommerce business online, or is this another scam you should avoid?

Here’s what you need to know. The foundational program called Ecommerce Empire Academy is an expensive, high ticket training course.

That’s why you should know exactly what you’re getting into before making the buy or not decision. 

By the time you’re done here, you will know everything about this opportunity, what the business model is all about, what it takes to succeed, and how much money you’d have to spend to get started the right way.

Let me point out that I’m not affiliated with Peter Pru or any of his programs, so don’t expect a thousand low quality bonuses for joining through my links because you won’t find any. 

No hype or exaggerated claims of income either.

Ready? Let’s get started… 

Ecommerce Empire Builders Review Summary

Product Name: Ecommerce Empire Builders

Product Owner: Peter Pru

Product Type: eCommerce Online Business Course

Product Price: $1,997

Overall Score: 70/100

Recommended: Not For Everyone!

Summary: Ecommerce Empire Builders has a bunch of different offers that you can take advantage of.

The main one is Peter Pru’s high ticket course. The first add on consists of a starter pack with ready made plug and play programs, templates, niches, and ads.

Then you have the Empire Insiders. These are weekly live training videos, which you can get access to by becoming a paid member.

They aren’t necessary for your success, but they can help. If you’re a beginner interested in starting your own online business, selling products in a digital store, this course may be for you.

On top of paying for this training, you will have to invest in things like ads, sales funnel software, and outsourcing some of your daily tasks. 

If you prefer to avoid dealing with customer service, refunds, chargebacks, complaints, spending money on paid ads, and selling your own products, you can see this cost effective alternative below.

What is Ecommerce Empire Builders?

Ecommerce Empire Builders is a training course that can teach you how to leverage the power of subscription funnels and launch your online business the right way. The sales page says you can replace your full time income in 30 days. 

You don’t need any particular skills or experience. The 7 week long program starts with the basics of eCommerce and advances into detailed techniques for massive growth.

Since you will be leveraging the power of sales funnels, you will probably end up getting pitched one of the most popular tools for creating them. This will cost you between $97 and $297 every month. 

Then, you will have to think about getting traffic (web visitors) that will go through your process and possibly buy your products.

Ecommerce Empire Builders teaches Facebook ads for traffic generation, Influencer marketing, and a less expensive alternative that involves acquiring traffic for free.

For every successful student that reaches anywhere from $10K to $50K+ per month, Peter Pru sends them an award in the form of a trophy. You can see some of them displayed as proof of concept on the sales page.

Is Ecommerce Empire Builders a Scam?

ecommerce empire builders review legit or not

Ecommerce Empire Builders is NOT a scam. It’s a legit course created by a successful internet marketer Peter Pru.

It’s definitely not for everyone, which is why you need to consider the business model and what’s expected from you as an online store owner.

Many similar training programs can help you launch, grow and scale your online business with eCommerce, like Passion Product Formula, or Click Start Digital.

Ecommerce Empire Builders has a unique approach to establishing a profitable online store that involves leveraging sales funnels.

Most online course creators teach the same traffic generation methods, Facebook ads, and Influencer marketing on Instagram.

The first method is self explanatory. The second one involves paying for exposure and getting your brand or products featured in profiles with a huge following base.

In my opinion, following your passion when picking a niche market and a product to work with is very important.

However, I do think that there are better ways to get started as a beginner and avoid a lot of the hurdles that eCommerce store owners deal with daily.

Who is Peter Pru?

Peter Pru

Peter Pru has built multiple 6 and 7 figure online businesses in different industries. Right now, it looks like he is making a big portion of his income through selling his online course.

He is also the proud winner of multiple rewards for making earning more than a million in sales with one sales funnel.

Peter Pru youtube

He has a growing Youtube channel that currently consists of almost 50K subscribers. The value provided inside Peter Pru’s channel is exceptional.

This may be part of the reason for his growth. It’s definitely worth checking out if you are passionate about building an eCommerce business.

What’s Inside Ecommerce Empire Builders?

Inside Ecommerce Empire Builders, you will get access to 7 modules that will be your main source of knowledge.

Peter Pru reveals his exact step by step strategy for launching an eCommerce online business and creating sales funnels to convert an audience into buyers. 

Your main sources of traffic will likely be Facebook ads and contacting Influencers in your niche. Let’s break down each module provided inside to see what to expect inside.

Module 1 – Mindset

The first module is dedicated entirely to your mindset shift. When you’re starting something like an online business, there will be some things you need to consider.

The way you look at things in perspective can define whether you succeed or fail. That’s why here you will learn how wealthy business owners think and how to adopt a similar mindset.

Module 2 – Markets & Offers

The second module is all about picking your niche. Not every market can be profitable, which is why Peter Pru focuses on exposing the most worthwhile opportunities when picking a product to sell and an audience that’s interested in your inventory.

One of the lessons inside is all about stealing your competitors’ customers. Then you will get to know more about the different pricing strategies to maximize your income potential.

Finally, you will learn a bit about copywriting and conveying the right message to your audience.

Module 3 – Funnels & Continuity

Here you will learn how to get access to high converting plug and play store templates, which will allow you to launch your website fast.

The next lessons are all about teaching you how to get the most out of every single client you get. By getting repeat sales and you sign clients for monthly payments, you can significantly increase your flow of revenue.

Module 4 – Email Marketing

This module is all about automating your selling process. You will learn different methods for growing an email list, sending messages on autopilot, and monetizing your audience.

To get people hooked, you need to provide them with well crafted email copy. By sending out a systematized sequence of messages to your audience, you can create a process for converting leads into sales. 

Module 5 – Influencers & Organic Marketing

The first lesson here is all about creating a solid social media presence on all platforms. This can allow you to connect with people in your niche and to learn more about them.

In other words, you can create a presence around your brand, attract a group of people interested in your content, and conduct your market research at the same time. 

Then, you will learn how to get in touch with influencers and arrange a deal where both parties are satisfied with the terms.

When you find the right people to work with, it’s wise to create some form of relationship with them. That way, you can maintain a certain level of growth and brand awareness.

Module 6 – Facebook Advertising

This is a step by step guide into the world of running Facebook ad campaigns. You will learn how to create great, high converting ads and how to keep earning more from your winning ads.

Everything inside this module is about preparing for and helping you launch your first paid campaign on Facebook. If you have no experience, this can be a great way to get familiarized with the entire process from start to finish.

Module 7 – Scaling & Sales Channels

The first thing about scaling your business that you need to remember is you can’t do it alone. Knowing where to find virtual assistants (VA) and what parts of your work to outsource can help you with growing your online business.

Branding your products is an important part when it comes to getting recognized. By increasing your brand’s worth, you can increase your product prices and maintain a stable flow of customers whilst you keep expanding your exposure channels.

You will also get Peter Pru’s personal notebook where he shares his contacts, suppliers, manufacturers, accountants,  advertisers, and fulfillment centers.

How Much Does Ecommerce Empire Builders Cost?

Peter Pru’s flagship program, Ecommerce Empire Academy costs $1,997 (one time). You can also pay in 5 monthly installments of $497, which will increase the total price to $2,485.

The add on programs are the Empire Pack, which is $49, and Empire Insiders at $9.95/month. 

Can You Get a Refund on Ecommerce Empire Builders?

The main training course can be refunded within a 30 day period. If you don’t get a positive ROI within 30 days, Dan Pru will give you $997 for wasting your time.

However, you need to prove that you did the work and failed. If the team can’t fix the issue for you, they will issue a refund.

What I Like About Ecommerce Empire Builders

ecommerce empire builders review pros vs cons

1. The Founder is Legit. Peter Pru has a lot of experience and success in running an online store, and he can definitely teach others how to get there.

2. You Will Learn Sales Funnels.
This can help you with converting your audience into repeat sales. Especially with the added email sequence that can be fully automated.

3. Done For You Components.
You will get access to a number of templates, copies, ad campaigns, and other things that can otherwise cost you time and effort in creating.

What I Don’t Like About Ecommerce Empire Builders

1. It Can Be Costly. I don’t mean just the price for getting access to the course. You will need to think about a steady budget for your ad spend, and you will have to invest in a bunch of different software tools. 

2. The Same Paid Traffic Generation Methods Can be Seen in Competitor Courses.
Most people in the industry teach the same Facebook ad and influencer marketing strategies.

3. Not The Best Business Model For Beginners.
I think that there are easier ways to start a profitable online business without taking on too many things at once.

Is There a Better Alternative?

If you’re interested in starting or growing an online eCommerce store and you know exactly what you’re getting into, then Ecommerce Empire Builders can definitely help you a lot.

However, I think that there are better ways to start an online business as a beginner. Instead of worrying if the product you’ve picked will sell and dealing with customers, refunds, and complaints, you can promote products or services that people love.

They are already in the market, and people are highly interested in them.

By leveraging the affiliate marketing business model and implementing the 4 step system that you will see on the next page, I was able to earn as much as $1K from a single sale.

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