Daily Digital Club Review

Welcome to my Daily Digital Club Review. If you’re wondering if it’s a scam, then I can help you with that. This is a cash gifting pyramid scheme disguised as an affiliate marketing program.

Let me be completely transparent by letting you know up front that I’m not affiliated with Daily Digital Club in any way or form, so I won’t be trying to sell anything to you today.

Instead, you can find everything that you need to know about this program, and by the time you go through this review, you will be able to make an educated decision if it’s worth it or not.

Can you really make up to $2,500 every week as it says on their official website’s sales page?

Time to find out…

Daily Digital Club Review Summary

Product Name: Daily Digital Club

Product Type: Affiliate Marketing Program

Product Creator: Peter Wolfing

Product Price: $25/Month Or $100/Month

Recommended: No!

Overall Score:15/100

Summary: Daily Digital Club is a fake affiliate marketing program that’s focused on getting more people to join, and register.

When they do that and become a paying member, you will earn a commission for your affiliate marketing efforts.

The twist with this particular program comes with the fact that you’re strongly encouraged to get as many people to become part of this as you possibly can.

The monthly membership can be a bit hefty, plus you won’t be earning from every commission sale that you generate.

Your second sale will go to the person who referred you to this program, which is what gives this program that pyramid scheme aspect of things.

The only reason that Daily Digital Club is not closed by the Federal Trade Commission is because they offer a bunch of low quality digital training courses in the form of PDFs and videos.

These training materials are nowhere near worth paying $100 every month, and everyone who is a part of this program is there for only one reason.

To make money online by recruiting others into the system, and encouraging them to do the same because you can also earn from the efforts of those that you refer to the system.

The business model is not sustainable, and it closely resembles a cash gifting pyramid scheme.

The company’s been around for a couple of years now. In my opinion, it’s only a matter of time before they get shut down. The sales video on their website has the quality of a late ’90s movie. Even the sound effects sound outdated.

I can’t recommend this program to anyone, simply because I think that the majority of people who get involved with Daily Digital Club will lose more money than they will ever earn.

What is Daily Digital Club?

Daily Digital Club is a cash gifting pyramid scheme that’s disguised as an affiliate marketing program in order to get more people to join.

The whole concept behind this program is that once you become a member, you have to invite as many people as you can if you want to be profitable.

Given the fact that the monthly membership is so expensive, you can say that there is a good motivation for you to recruit as many people as you possibly can. 

The problem is that if you’re new to the online world of making money, then you will most likely struggle with bringing traffic (internet users) to your affiliate offers, which means that you will operate at a loss of at least $100 every month until you learn how it all works.

The training materials inside can be helpful for newbies but it won’t be enough to become profitable just by going through all of the training.

Once you become a member, you have to keep paying every month in order to keep your membership active and qualify for commission payments.

These kinds of schemes are not new, and most if not all of them have a short life span. Some of the cash gifting schemes that you should avoid include Instant Cash Solution, CB Money Vine, and Abundance Network.

Is Daily Digital Club a Scam?

daily digital club review legit or not

I would have to say that Daily Digital Club is a scam and the sales page is very exaggerated. Their business method is more than questionable.

Anyone that’s looking to make money online long term should stay away from this program. Their shady tactics involve getting people to pay for monthly memberships just so that they can be able to invite others into the system to do the same, earn from them, and so on.

This is exactly how a cash gifting pyramid scheme works, and that’s illegal in many places. The only reason for those digital products that you will get access to once you become a paying member, is so that they can say that you’ve received something in exchange for your money.

We all know that no one is paying that much for some low-quality training materials on various different topics.

Everyone who is part of Daily Digital Club is a member with the idea of making money online. The only way to do that is by getting others to join.

It looks like this program is fading away. Slowly but surely. There are barely enough people inside to pay for the servers’ resources and keep the website online.

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Who Created Daily Digital Club?

The owner of Daily Digital Club is nowhere to be seen on their official website. You can’t find anything about him over there. That’s a huge red flag, and any digital product or service owner that is hiding their identity means that they don’t believe in their own products. 

Some very clever people found out that the owner of Daily Digital Club is actually a serial online scammer that’s popular with his low-quality, and close-to-illegal online services, and products.

His name is Peter Wolfing.

He is known to be connected with various other cash gifting schemes such as Turbo Cycler, Ultimate Cycler, Business Toolbox, Infinity 100, and many other pyramid schemes that have all failed because this kind of model is not sustainable at all.

What’s Inside Daily Digital Club?

digital club review inside

Inside Daily Digital Club, you will have access to the referral program, which will let you earn commissions from the people that you invite into the program.

Because they call their compensation plan the Reverse 2-up, you will have to give out your second and fourth commission payment to the person who invited you to this program. This is what the process looks like:

– First Person That Joins With Your Affiliate Link. You will get to keep the commissions for yourself.

– Second Person That Joins With Your Affiliate Link. You will pass on that commission to the member that recruited you in the first place.

– Third Person That joins With Your Affiliate Link. You will keep the commissions.

– Fourth Person That Joins With Your Affiliate Link. The fourth person’s commission will be transferred to the person who referred you to this program.

– Fifth Person That Joins With Your Affiliate Link. From now on, you get to keep the entire commissions from each of your invites all for yourself.

This goes both ways, so anyone that you invite will have to give out their second and fourth affiliate sale to you.

Alongside all of that, you will get access to a bunch of training videos, and pdf files that include a lot of things about affiliate marketing and making money online such as:

– Basics of Video Marketing.

– List Building Basics.

– Facebook Marketing Basics.

– Facebook Ad Basics.

– Email Marketing Basics.

– Native Ads Basics.

– Mobile Marketing Basics.

– Affiliate Marketing Basics.

– SEO Basics.

– Affiliate Recruiting.

– Web Design Basics, and more.

There are a lot of different topics that are being covered in these training materials. The thing is that they all cover only the basics of each one, which means that you can get all of the info and knowledge that’s inside, but for free on platforms like Youtube. 

Daily Digital Club Price & Extra Costs

Daily Digital Club comes with a price tag of $25/Month or $100/Month. Keep in mind that if you decide to start with $25 a month, all the commissions that you will be making, are going to be transferred to the person who invited you to this program if they are on the $100/Month membership.

In other words, the only REAL chance that you have in making money online with Daily Digital Club is by getting straight into the highest membership level from the get-go. 

It’s also worth noting that with the $25 membership your training resources inside will be limited, while with the $100 membership, you will unlock the entire library of training materials.

If you’re in it for the training content, you’re way better off with browsing website like Youtube for more up to date and higher quality training materials that are free.

What I Like About Daily Digital Club

daily digital club review pros vs cons

There’s nothing that I like about this program. Given the fact that they’ve launched in March 2020, I strongly believe that, even if there was a window of opportunity, it’s long gone, and most people will end up losing their money just like with many other similar Ponzi schemes.

By the looks of it, the program hasn’t been updated or changed in years. It’s probably long abandoned.

What I Don’t Like About Daily Digital Club

1. Too Hyped Up. On their sales page, you can see claims that you can start earning as much as $2,500 per week, fast and easy.

The reality is that you will most likely end up losing a lot of money instead, just because the method works in favor of those that have joined very early on which accumulates for about 10% of the people who are using this platform. The other 90% are just losing money over, and over again.

2. It’s a Pyramid Scheme
. Every member of Daily Digital Club is there with one purpose. To make money by recruiting others.

In other words, everyone inside is paying for the chance to get other people to pay them for joining that same platform. There are no products or services being exchanged, it’s just people giving cash to each other.

That’s what a pyramid scheme is, and most if not all of them have a very short life span.

3. The Owner Is a Known Scammer
. It’s no wonder that he wanted to hide his identity, which is why we can’t see anything about the owner of Daily Digital Club on their official website. Many of his previous scams strongly resemble this one with very slight differences.

My Recommendation

My recommendation is that you don’t waste your time with similar barely legal online business models. The truth is that Daily Digital Club is a cash gifting pyramid scheme, that’s disguised as an affiliate marketing program.

It’s currently only a few months old, and just like all the other previous scammy digital product launches made by Peter Wolfling, this one is bound to fail, and take a lot of money from all the users of this program along the way.

Daily Digital Club only pretends to act as an affiliate marketing program, when in reality it’s just a big pyramid scheme. The truth is that Affiliate marketing is a legit method for making money online, and it’s how I make money online. 

If you want to learn the real way of earning passive income by promoting other people’s products then I suggest that you check out how these people are banking profits using a simple yet incredibly effective blueprint that so many neglect and lose out on that opportunity forever.

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