Instant Cash Solution Review

Welcome to my Instant Cash Solution review. Can you really bank $3000 – $5000 a month with this system, or is it just a big scam?

The sales page can leave people with the impression that it’s going to be very easy to start making money online with their pre-written ads. All you have to do is buy the system and invest between $100 to $500, and you are good to go.

Let me tell you right now, that generating revenue online is never easy unless you win the lottery or something. 

Does that mean that this program is not legit, and people shouldn’t waste their time with it? Not necessarily, and here’s why.

Instant Cash Solution will show you how to successfully launch and publish paid ads on different platforms like Facebook, Craigslist, etc. This means that if you’re not experienced with running paid ads online or just need that extra boost, then maybe you can consider this system as a temporary solution for your problems.

But not before you realize all the potential drawbacks that come along with Instant Cash Solution.  By the time you go through this review, you will know everything that you need in order to make an educated decision on whether this system is for you or not. 

Instant Cash Solution Review Summary

Product Name: Instant Cash Solution

Product Owner: Rich Meyer

Product Price: $100 – $500+

Recommended: Not Really!

Overall Score: 35/100

Summary: Instant Cash Solution is similar to a cash gifting scheme because people are exchanging money with each other when there’s no actual product or service being sold. There are a few levels of membership, each with its own unique price tag.

In general, you would have to spend at least $100 if you want to qualify and be able to earn $100 back when you get someone to sign up using your link. The emphasis inside this system is mostly on recruiting others and getting them to join, that’s how you will be earning your money.

Much like an MLM system, you would have to chase and recruit people if you want to be profitable with Instant Cash Solution. If you’re good at that, or want to learn, and have the budget, there’s a potential to make something out of this system.

However, if you’re not into recruiting others or “selling the dream” like many of these recruiters like to do, then maybe you should reconsider investing that much money into something that may not bring any profits to you. 

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What is Instant Cash Solution?

Instant Cash Solution is all about getting you to use their “proven” ad copy for your own marketing efforts. Apparently, you can make thousands a month by implementing the exact ad copies that are inside this system.

There is a potential of earning money that way, but it’s definitely not going to be as easy as that. The idea behind these ads is to gain more exposure to this offer, and get more people to become paying members.

If you manage to do that, then you will be making money online, but on the other hand, you risk losing up to $500+ without getting anything in return. 

Instant Cash Solution is a high ticket program, so in theory, you would have to make fewer sales to be more profitable. Here’s the thing though. While it’s true that you can make fewer sales with high ticket, more expensive items, to be profitable, it can turn out to be more difficult to land these fewer sales, because many people can be reluctant into investing that much money on something that may or may not work.

Is Instant Cash Solution a Scam?

instant cash solution review legit or not

Instant Cash Solution is not a scam, however, there are many other things that you should be worried about such as, the FTC shutting them down, and you losing all your investments.

This system resembles a cash gifting pyramid scheme because there’s a strong emphasis on recruiting others and getting them to pay for different membership levels without any real product or service being sold.

Although some people can argue that you are getting a product in the form of online training, and some landing pages, the truth is that no one would pay that much money for something similar by itself.

To help you get a better understanding of what a cash gifting pyramid looks like, and how to spot one, I suggest that you watch this short video below.

What is a Pyramid Scheme?

According to Instant Cash Solution, they’re not a Pyramid Scheme because new members can get 100% of what they earn.

Unlike traditional pyramid schemes, where you would have to share your profits with those that have joined before you, which means that the most amount of money is made by the first few people that become part of such a scheme, you won’t be seeing that with Instant Cash Solution.

Who Created Instant Cash Solution?

Instant Cash Solution was created by Rich Meyer in 2018. According to his bio, he’s been involved with internet marketing for the past 15 years, has helped thousands of people to turn their lives around the live the ideal lifestyle, his passion is coaching and mentoring.

On top of that, he claims that he’s always been involved in promoting other people’s products, and has been in the leaderboards most of the time. There’s not a lot that you can find online about the guy, and his digital presence is quite limited.

This can bring suspicions from people because there are many scammers out there who use fake personas to represent their usually low-quality products. I’m not saying that’s the case here, however I do believe that you should always try, and learn everything that you can about a digital product or service’s founders.

This can help you a lot in making the buy or no buy decision at the end.

What’s Inside Instant Cash Solution

There are four membership levels inside Instant Cash Solution, the first one is the cheapest at $100, and the highest paying one is at $500. If you decide to start with the first level of membership, then you would qualify for earning commission payments only from that level.

If you decide to buy the second level membership, then you will be able to promote that, and the first level at the same time. It goes on like that untill the fourth and final level of membership, where you can take full advantage of promoting, and profiting from all membership levels.

Each, and every one of these upgrades is achieved by promoting Instant Cash Solution to others, and that’s what everyone inside is doing to earn money online.

Copy & Paste Pre Written Ads

According to Rich Meyer, in order to be profitable, and get more people to join, all you have to do is copy and paste the pre-written ads that are inside the platform. All you have to do is post these ads on websites like Craigslist, Facebook, and other social media platforms.

The thing is that, if you use the exact same pre-written ad copy, especially on Facebook, you will most likely get your ads banned before you even get the chance to reach other people. That’s because this is a spammy behavior, that Facebook and the other social media platforms penalize.

There is a chance for you to make some money that way, but it’s going to be for a short while at best. Consider this. If everyone is using the same ad copy, the same landing pages, basically the same sales funnel, then there is a high possibility for the same user to go through the exact same sales funnel multiple times.

Seeing the same thing over, and over again can result in a higher possibility of that user to have a bad experience. No website or platform want’s that for their users, which is exactly why these kinds of methods and techniques can last for a short period of time.

Earn Commissions By Recruiting Others

The goal here is to place as many ads as you can all over the internet so that you can generate the most amount of clicks, conversions, and sales as fast as possible. It’s important to note that the commissions which you will be earning, are going to be paid directly to you by the people you’ve recruited.

In other words, you’re not being paid by Instant Cash Solutions, you’re being paid by the users you’ve recruited. This is kind of like this self-servicing platform for people that want to earn money online, and they pay each other.

What this means is that there is NO REAL VALUE in anything that you’re paying for.

Unlike affiliate marketing, where you promote products or services to people who will actually have good use of them and will want to buy them purely because of the VALUE that you can get out of these items, with Instant Cash Solution, you’re basically becoming part of a large group of people that just gives each other cash in exchange for nothing AKA Cash Gifting schemes.

Instant Cash Solution Price, Upsells & Refunds

As I mentioned already, Instant Cash Solution comes with four levels of membership. Let’s go into more details about each one, below.

Bronze Membership ($100 + $29 Admin Fee)

This is the first level of membership. With this one, you can recruit others and you will earn $100 from each Bronze member that you recruit. You will also get some display ads, and classified ads training that can show you basic things about these types of online advertisements.

There’s a video training library inside, where you can get access to training videos that are being released on a weekly basis. On top of that, you will get a built-in autoresponder for your email marketing campaigns, a bunch of capture pages, and landing pages.

Silver Membership ($200 + $29 Admin Fee)

With the silver membership, you get everything inside the bronze membership plus a whole lot of additional things such as training on SMS Marketing + how to run text message ads. Not only that but you will learn why it’s important to choose a domain name that’s suitable for your type of online business and you will learn how to do sizzle calls.

In case you don’t know, these are automatic prerecorded messages that get played to different, qualified users vie their smartphones or devices. In other words, people will receive random calls on their phones, and they will hear these prerecorded messages

Gold Membership ($300 + $29 Admin Fee)

The gold membership gives you everything inside the lower level memberships plus Facebook image ads, Facebook marketing training, eBook library, email marketing training & a free vacation. If you have the gold membership, then you can take advantage of all of that plus you can earn commissions from people you’ve recruited up to a gold level membership which is $300.

Platinum Membership ($500 + $79 Admin Fee)

This is the last membership level and the most expensive one. You are going to be pushed into going all-in with this one, as soon as you become a member of Instant Cash Solutions because you will unlock everything that this system has to offer.

This includes everything from all the other membership levels plus banner ads, social media marketing training, webinar sales training, personal development training, VIP priority support, and something that they call their “Top Compensation Plan”.

It’s important to understand that you can only earn commissions from the highest level of membership that you have. Meaning that if you’re a bronze member, you can earn from that only. If on the other hand, you have a Gold or Platinum membership, then you can earn commissions from all of the lower level memberships plus the one that you’re currently on. 

What’s The Admin Fee For?

The admin fee is in place for the sake of the product creator. This is just something that goes into the pockets of Rich Meyer. Think of it as an extra payment for using his platform.

Since all the commissions that you will earn are going to be paid directly to you by the people you’ve recruited, it’s only fair if something goes into the product creator’s hands, right? Anyway, that’s the case here with the extra admin fees that are in place.

Apart from all the membership levels, there are no other additional charges. As for a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, THERE IS NONE. This means that you won’t be able to get your money back even if you end up disliking the system. 

What I Like About Instant Cash Solution

instant cash solution review pros vs cons

1. High Ticket Commissions. If you know how to work your way around high ticket items, it can become seemingly easy to earn a decent amount of money online with just a few sales.

The beauty of high ticket commissions is that, if you are able to find the exact target audience that you need, then you will be able to make money without any significant efforts. Of course, it’s easier said than done, but it does have it’s own unique advantages.

2. There is Potential To Make Money Online. Even though I think that there are way better alternatives to this system, there is potential for you to earn some money within a short period of time. You can be profitable as soon as your first couple of sales.

3. You Will Be Earning 100% of What You Promote
. This means that as long as you qualify for the sale, you will earn the entire membership price in the form of a commission for each person that you recruit into the system.

What I Don’t Like About Instant Cash Solution

1. No Money Back Guarantee. These membership levels are expensive, and you won’t have the option of changing your mind and getting a refund.

This can result in loss of money for many people because let’s face it, some of these recruiters can use shady, and misleading tactics into getting to think newbies, and inexperienced people that this business model is going to be a walk in the park when the reality is a bit different.

2. It’s Pay To Play. What I mean by that is if you want to promote this product you would have to invest at least the minimum amount ($100 + $29 admin fee) to get into the membership levels program. The only way for you to able to promote, and earn the highest commission payments is by investing in the Platinum membership level. 

3. The Method Of Promotions is Unreliable. You will be using the same ads, and copy like every other member of Instant Cash Solution, which can make these ads seem spammy.

Most platforms are sophisticated enough to spot that kind of behavior, and they instantly remove these ads sometimes without even giving them a chance to be seen by others.

4. There’s No Real Value in The Products. You will be paying a lot of money for training material, and pages that on their own, wouldn’t be worth that much, and no one would buy them.

But because the case here is different, you are essentially buying your way into a system filled with lots of people who hand out cash to each other, with the idea in mind to continue the process and get others into the system.

5. It’s Not Sustainable. This kind of business model is definitely not something that you can do long term. There are just too many things that have a high chance of getting you to lose all of your invested money.

Similar cash gifting schemes, don’t have a long shelf life. In other words, most of them fail within a few years’ time. In many cases, people lose their money simply because the system stops working, gets shut down, or because other people lose interest in the program.

My Recommendation

My recommendation is that you don’t risk your money with similar unreliable, and non-sustainable business models. Posting ads, that many other people have already used within the same target audience that you want to show it to, will lead to spammy content, that no one wants to see, which means that no platform is going to show it to people.

At the very best, you can end up generating a few ad clicks, and sales, but this won’t last long, and soon you will realize that this method no longer works for you, and you’re just burning money on ads. The concept behind Instant Cash Solution is to get into the highest level of membership that’s possible and start recruiting others.

When you do that, they will pay you, with cash, hoping that they will recruit someone else that will pay them, and so on. This is very similar to a cash gifting scheme, which is not a sustainable business model at all.

There are other, way more reliable ways of earning a full-time income online, and it doesn’t require that you invest hundreds of dollars just for getting the chance of earning some of them back. 

Luckily, we live in a digital age with so many opportunities, you just have to find the right one. It is possible for people to become successful online, but remember to not fall into all of the hyped-up, low quality, or even scam products that are out there. A pro tip to remember is this. If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

If you want to learn a real way of creating a successful online business, then you should check out how these people are banking profits using a simple, yet incredibly effective blueprint, that so many neglect and lose out on that opportunity forever.

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